ZAP – Chapter 89: Last Day of School Festival – Part 3

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“The winner of the special match is Eugene Santafield!!!” 

The voice of the commentator-san and the cheers of the people in the arena. 

Both of those sounded like far off things disconnected from me. 

I did stop the bleeding with healing magic, but I bled too much. 

My vision is going black. 

I can’t put strength in my body. 

“Eugene-kun!!” (Sumire)

“Eugene!” (Sara)

I could see Sumire and Sara running towards me from the spectator seats at the corner of my eye.

Leona and Teresia are together with them.

But the one who came faster…


A graceful landing sound rang and the one who came in front of me was a blonde blue eyed woman. 

“Airi… You jumped down from the VIP seats? That’s dangerous.” (Eugene)

“You idiot!!! This is not the time to be saying that! W-We have to treat your arm quickly…” (Airi)

“Right, Eugene. Come here, I will cast my healing magic…” (Uther)

Airi was on the verge of crying and Principal Uther seemed worried about me, but I…

“Principal Uther, I am fine, so check on Claude please. The curse of the Dragon God Spear has eroded his body. Airi, can you please pick up my arm?” (Eugene)

“U-Umu…got it. It is true that Claude is also gravely injured.” (Uther)

Principal Uther began to cast a spell I haven’t seen before on Claude after saying this. 

A faint green light enveloped the body of Claude. 

It is most likely a curse dispelling spell. 

“E-Eugy! By a-arm, is this good enough?!” (Airi)

Airi brought me my arm that was lying on the ring. 

“Eugene-kun, we have to quickly go to a doctor!” (Sumire)

“Eugene, what are you spacing out for?! You are gravely injured, you know?!” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara arrived where I am. 

“…Can you keep my arm in place?” (Eugene)

“O-Okay! M-More importantly, you should show this to a doctor just like Sumire says…” (Airi)

Airi is panicking while still holding my arm. 

“Give that to me! Eugene, I will use healing magic, so—ah! Geez, I can’t concentrate!” (Sara)

Sara snatched my arm away from Airi and stuck it at the severed location. 

I placed a hand over the wound on my arm and activated a spell. 

“Healing Magic: [Resurrection].” (Eugene)

I cast healing magic on my own body. 

A white warm light covered my arm. 

My wound was visibly healing and the sliced off part returned to how it was. 


Sumire, Sara, and Airi let out dumbstruck voices. 

I slowly stretched my arm that was severed a few moments ago, and opened and closed my fingers. 

It is a bit numb still, but there doesn’t seem to be any issues. 

“Alright.” (Eugene)

“Don’t give me that ‘alright’, Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“Eugy…uhm, is it really healed?” (Airi)

Sumire and Airi looked at my stuck arm and made faces as if looking at something weird. 

“Why can you use Resurrection which is a spell that only a few can use even in the Holy Union…? This man…” (Sara)

Sara crossed her arms slightly annoyed. 

It is always like this when I use healing magic. 

Sara is a Holy Maiden Candidate, but she is bad at using healing magic after all.

“Eugene is currently in the superior rank healing magic lessons, right?” (Uther)

“That’s right.” (Eugene)

It seems like Principal Uther has finished healing Claude, he asked this.

“You will be attending the saint rank classes from next semester.” (Uther)

“Not monarch rank?” (Eugene)

The magic ranks are: saint > monarch > superior > high > intermediate > elementary. 

There’s also god rank, but this is magic that can’t be used by humans. 

“That’s right. Why is a guy who can use Resurrection chantless still in superior rank classes?” (Uther)

“The exams are hard…when it comes to the ones above superior rank.” (Eugene)

“Theory is also important. Magic has a lot of depth.” (Uther)

“Well, I will study bit by bit.” (Eugene)

“Hmm, having low motivation is bad. Alright, I will choose the optional subjects for you next time, Eugene.” (Uther)

“Please spare me from that. Also, you are a busy man, aren’t you, Principal Uther?” (Eugene)

“Hahahaha, don’t worry about me.” (Uther)

He is trying to increase the difficulty of my exams next semester. 

That’s troubling. 

I want to master swordsmanship in actual combat rather than my book smarts. 

I was thinking about how to escape the proposal of Principal Uther and…

“Claude, are you okay?!” 

“Hey, can you answer?!” 


It seems like Claude has just woken up. 

Leona and Teresia are speaking to him by his side. 

“So you are awake now, Claude.” (Eugene)

“I…lost, huh. Seriously~?” (Claude)

Claude languidly got up. 

“It was close, Claude.” (Eugene)

“Don’t lie. How can you even retaliate after having your arm cut off?” (Claude)

“The result of my training, I guess.” (Eugene)

“Don’t joke around. Moreover, weren’t you aiming for my neck at the end?” (Claude)

“Aah, a habit of mine. I was thinking about stopping right before.” (Eugene)

“You are crazy, Eugene.” (Claude)

“Haha, no need to praise me, Claude.” (Eugene)

“I am not!” (Claude)

“Eugene and Claude, don’t you have something to say to the people that you worried about before babbling on?” (Sara)

Sara spoke in a cold voice at us having a leisure chat. 

When I looked around, there was Sumire, Airi, Leona, and Teresia glaring at us with half-closed eyes. 

“S-Sorry for worrying you.” (Eugene)

“Sorry, everyone.” (Claude)

Claude and I apologized obediently. 

By the way, the Dragon God Spear is still lying on the ground. 

Principal Uther picked it up.

“It is a terrible curse and miasma. I am impressed the Dragon Country is using something like this.” (Uther)

“That’s the only holy spear in our country despite appearances… Guh…” (Claude)

It seems like Claude is still not completely back in form. 

Leona and Teresia seem to be worried.

“Eugene and Claude, you two go to the infirmary to get checked. Good grief, you are a handful…” (Uther)

Principal Uther was speaking with a wry smile and then…


An ominous alarm rang in the whole Dungeon City. 

“W-What’s this, Eugy?” (Airi)

“Eugene-kun, this sound…” (Sumire)

“It is the emergency alarm of the Dungeon Alliance. Did something happen?” (Eugene)

How loud and how long the alarm is decides the degree of the emergency. 

But this is the first time I have heard it this loud. 

“This is bad… I will return to the Alliance. Princess Airi, please evacuate at once. Students, obey the instructions of the teachers. Eugene and Claude, you are wounded, so make sure to also evacuate. Sara-kun, it would be better if you were to group up with the Enforcement Division.” (Uther)

“Principal Uther, what’s going on?!” (Sara)

“Sorry, I would like you to hear the details from the announcement of the Alliance.” (Uther)

Principal Uther disappeared with Teleport right after answering Sara’s question.

“Hey, Eugy, what was that just now…?” (Airi)

“Ssh, Airi, they will be explaining soon.” (Eugene)

The announcement of the Alliance rang in the whole Dungeon City. 

— “A large-scale Stampede has happened in the 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower of Babel. The guests that have come from outside the country and the civilians, please evacuate swiftly under the guidance of the dungeon staff. All explorers and the ones who can fight against monsters, please gather in the 1st training ground of the Lykeion Magic Academy.” 

“A Stampede?!” 

“W-We have to run away…!” 

“Everyone, please act calmly!” 

“Oi, don’t push!” 

“You are the one that bumped onto me!” 

“Oi, this isn’t the time to be fighting!” 

The cheers of just now made a complete turn into blood curling panic. 

“I will carry Claude!” (Leona) 

“Please, Leona. President Sara, let’s return to the student council building.” (Teresia)

“Yeah… What about you, Eugene?” (Sara)

“Sara-chan, I will look after Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“Right, please do. Let’s go, Teresia-san.” (Sara)

“Can you walk, Claude?” (Leona)

“Yeah…I am okay. Sorry, Leona.” (Claude)

Sara and Teresia left with quick steps. 

Claude was moving while borrowing the shoulder of Leona. 

The ones staying are me, Sumire, and Airi. 

“Airi-sama, we have to evacuate quickly!” (Camilla)

One of her bodyguards, Camilla, ran here. 

She must have jumped out from the vip seats and chased after Airi.

Airi looked calm in contrast to Camilla.

“Calm down, Cami. There’s a lot of citizens in the Dungeon City. The imperial family can’t run ahead of them.” (Airi)

“B-But…!” (Camilla)

“Don’t worry. I am one of the strongest forces in the Empire, a Heaven Knight. I won’t be defeated by a mere monster. More importantly…what will you do from now on, Eugy and Sumire?” (Airi)

Airi looked over here and asked this.

“I will bring Eugene-kun to the evacuation spot, Airi-chan! Right, Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“Aah, yeah. Right.” (Eugene)

Sumire and Airi have grown awfully close without my knowledge.

I gave a vague response.

“Hmm, Eugy, are you really going to evacuate?” (Airi)

“A-Airi?” (Eugene)

The big blue eyes of my childhood friend were looking straight at me.

“Obviously, Airi-chan. Eugene-kun was heavily injured…” (Sumire)

“You don’t get it, Sumire. Eugy has no intention of evacuating.” (Airi)


Sumrie and Camilla raised her voices in surprise.

“What are you saying, Airi? Principal Uther instructed me to evacuate just now, right? I plan on following those orders—” (Eugene)

Before I could finish saying that…

“Eugy, you liar.” (Airi)

She concluded.

“Eugene-kun…could it be that you are planning on heading to the 1st training ground?” (Sumire)

Even Sumire began to suspect me.

…Well, I actually planned on going there though.

“They announced that all explorers should gather, right?” (Eugene)

“An injured person is a different story, right?! Are you an idiot, Eugene-kun?!” (Sumire)

“Airi-sama~, your childhood friend is a bit crazy.” (Camilla)

Not only Sumire, even Camilla is treating me like a weirdo.

But Airi wasn’t really surprised.

“Then, I guess I will act together with Eugy.” (Airi)

“Airi-sama?! What are you saying?!!” (Camilla)

She began saying something weird.

Camilla obviously got flustered.

“You are not an explorer, Airi.” (Eugene)

“The announcement also mentioned people who can fight against monsters.” (Airi)

“I think that was referring to mages and retired explorers in the Dungeon City.” (Eugene)

“Let’s leave the details for later. Guide the way already.” (Airi)

Airi pulled the arms of both me and Sumire, and began walking.

“Eugene-kun, Airi-chan?!” (Sumire)

“Are you serious, Airi-sama?!” (Camilla)

Camilla followed after.

It can’t be helped, so I head to the 1st training ground.

“Airi, don’t push yourself, okay? Promise me you will evacuate at once when it gets dangerous.” (Eugene)

“If you won’t be reckless, I can promise that.” (Airi)

“Oh well, let’s just say we will try…” (Eugene)

I gave up on the promise at Airi who fully knows my personality.

“Eugene-kun, you definitely must not be reckless like in the patch of just now, okay~? I will seriously get angry~.” (Sumire)

“S-Sumire, your hair is getting red! Calm down.” (Eugene)

“Aah, is that the 1st training ground? There’s a lot of explorers.” (Camilla)

I directed my gaze in the direction Camilla pointed at, and there were certainly thousands of people from the Dungeon City.

And there were more gathering there.

We were on our way there as well.

A voice echoed in the academy with voice amplification magic.

— “Good to see you have gathered.”

A clear and manly female voice.

The owner of that voice was standing at the podium together with the leaders of the Dungeon City.

It must be the long haired female knight at the center.

There’s no one in the Dungeon City who doesn’t know that face.

1st Knight, Clair Lancelot.

Also known as the Sword of the King, and the strongest swordswoman of the 12 knights.

She continued speaking:

— “A threat never heard of before is approaching the Dungeon City. We need the assistance of all of you.” (Clair)

The explorers were listening to that voice in silence.

There’s no one who is panicking like in the audience of the coliseum.

But that was until the next words.

— “According to the Clairvoyance of King Uther…the Dungeon City will be swallowed by more than a million monsters.” (Clair)

Words of despair came out from the 1st Knight.

■Comment Response:

>Why did Eugene try to slice off the head of Claude?

>Will it be made clear next chapter?

-He apparently aims for the neck reflexively because of his father’s teachings.

‘Slice off the head of your enemy’ is common sense in the East Continent.

The East Continent is scary.

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