ZAP – Chapter 77: Eugene promises

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—Robert Crown.

The club president of the strongest faction of the Lykeion Magic Academy.

He is from the Sacred Union’s leading power: Caldia.

In other words, the same as Sara -or at least that’s what I remember.

I am by no means short, even so, he is so tall I have to look up.

Also, he has wide shoulders.

He gives off quite the pressure.

“I have something to talk with you about, Eugene Santafield.” (Robert)

We shouldn’t be that far apart in age, but his lower and clearer voice than mine made him sound far more mature than me.

“What is it, Club President Robert?” (Eugene)

“I think Olvo has spoken to you before, but how about joining our corp?” (Robert)

“In the 1st corp of the swordsmanship club?” (Eugene)

It is the party that has advanced the most in the exploration of the Zenith Tower in the academy.

If I remember correctly, they are close to overcoming Floor 200…

The ones who pass Floor 200 are called S Rank explorers.

There aren’t that many active student explorers who have reached S Rank even in past history.

I don’t think this is a bad offer.

“How is it?” (Robert)

“Thanks for the offer, but I will have to refuse.” (Eugene)

“Can I hear the reason?” (Robert)

“I want to test my own strength. I would like to challenge the tower with my current party of 3 people.” (Eugene)

“You…are you underestimating A Rank explorers?! What can you do with just 3 people?!” (Olvo)

Olvo-kun, who is by his side, spoke out.

“Even if you say that, the Record Holder for Floor 500 was solo, right?” (Eugene)

“As if that can be imitated!” (Olvo)

“I see, got it. I will respect your decision.” (Robert)

“Is that okay?!” (Olvo)

Club President Robert yielded more easily than expected.

“But I have a request. If someone from the swordsmanship club manages to win against you in the coming martial arts tournament, can you rethink it?” (Robert)

“Meaning that you will participate?” (Eugene)

Club President Robert was the winner of the previous year’s martial arts tournament.

He is the one with the highest probability of being pitted against me since I am supposed to fight against the winner.

(Is this basically that…?) (Eugene)

Come to my camp if you lose?

It is put in a milder manner, but it is basically a challenge to a duel.

“I will take you on.” (Eugene)

“Fuh! I am looking forward to it.” (Robert)

The strongest man of the swordsmanship club said this and left.

Fuuh, he is gone.

I am a bit tired just from talking to him face to face.

That’s when someone tapped my back.

“Hey, Eugene-kun, that person just now looked strong. Can you win?” (Sumire)

“Eugene…are you okay? Robert-senpai is the person that’s said to be a future captain of the Holy Knights.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara looked at me, worried.

“Well, I simply accepted the challenge.” (Eugene)

I didn’t promise to join the swordsmanship club.

I will consider it though.

“But you hate losing, Eugene-kun~.” (Sumire)

“You must not join the swordsmanship club for your own convenience.” (Sara)

“I won’t.” (Eugene)

I can’t deny I hate losing though.

This is how the chance of me fighting the swordsmanship club president increased.

…I have to train.


“Hey there, Eugene, I heard about it. You are going to be fighting the club president of the swordsmanship club in the martial arts tournament?”

“Why do you know that, Claude?” (Eugene)

Floor 104 of the Zenith Tower.

I am currently training there with Claude of the Legendary Hero Department.


A giant fist came down from above.

We are currently surrounded by a ferocious pack of trolls.

The boss of the 10th Floor appears here as a pack.

“There!” (Eugene)

“Uo, close!” (Claude)

Me and Claude were avoiding the attacks as we killed the trolls one by one.

“It was shown as an extra in the academy newspaper. It is tough being famous.” (Claude)

“Seriously…?” (Eugene)

There weren’t that many people in the cafeteria at that time though.

Can’t really match the word-of-mouth.

The number of trolls we are fighting were lowered by around half.

Claude and I had each other’s backs, facing the trolls that were coming at us.

“Speaking of which, Claude…” (Eugene)

“What is it, Eugene?” (Claude)

“Are you not going to be participating in the martial arts tournament?” (Eugene)

“I did participate last year, but…it was an order from my homeland. I don’t know what I will do this time around. I have registered in the warrior category of the Blue Waters Federation, so I can participate if I want to.” (Claude)

“I see.” (Eugene)

Claude is strong.

He has the talent of Hero Apprentice, and is top tier within the academy when it comes to spearmanship.

But it seems like he is not that interested in his ranking within the academy, and is always putting his efforts mostly on his womanizing behavior.

“Alright, this is the last one!” (Claude)

“Right.” (Eugene)


We defeated the biggest remaining troll.

“It is about time for me to go back. What will you do, Eugene?” (Claude)

“I will continue training alone for a bit more.” (Eugene)

“Keep it moderate, okay?” (Claude)

Claude chuckled and left towards the direction where the dungeon elevator is while waving his hand.

I went around checking whether there were any strong monsters for a while, but the exploration that day unfortunately ended peacefully.


Today is my work day at the animal club.

I am heading to the 2nd Sealed Prison.

Its other name is: Last Dungeon’s Floor 0.

I opened the seal’s lock and entered the giant barrier.




(It is noisy today…) (Eugene)

There’s more cries of monsters than usual.

The 2nd Seal Prison is made in a way that surrounds the Zenith Tower.

It is in order to capture the monsters that escape from the Last Dungeon.

The inside of the Zenith Tower is vast, but monsters have their territories.

The monsters that have been defeated in territory fights are pushed down to the lower floor, and ultimately get driven out.

The escaped monsters of the Last Dungeon.

The 2nd Seal Prison serves the purpose of not letting them enter the city.

(Escaped monsters… Let’s defeat them.) (Eugene)

It is possible that a senior of the animal club will be coming, but since I am already here, let’s defeat them.

Just when I put my hand on my katana…

“Monarch Rank Fire Spell: [Phoenix].”

A giant fire bird passed by above me and assailed the monsters.

The screams of the monsters rang.

The escaped monsters were all burned together.

“Oh, is the one there Eugene-kun?”

I turned around after being spoken to.

“Rebecca-senpai? Why are you here?” (Eugene)

The one there was the committee president of the school festival.

There’s a lot of weak monsters in the 2nd Seal Prison, so it is open as a training spot for young adventurers with no confidence in dungeon exploration.

The Lykeion Magic Academy students are free to enter this place, but it is rare to find a veteran explorer like Rebecca-senpai here.

“Hmm, I was searching to see if there’s anything that might heat up the school festival.” (Rebecca)

“You are pretty diligent.” (Eugene)

“But there’s no interesting monsters in the 2nd Seal Prison. They are all weak. I feel like it would be fun to grab Floor Bosses and pit them together for betting.” (Rebecca)

“Isn’t that against academy rules…?” (Eugene)

The students are prohibited from organizing gambling in the Lykeion Magic Academy.

“Oops, my mouth slipped there. Please keep it a secret from your girlfriend Sara-chan, okay☆?” (Rebecca)

“Please keep it hidden properly.” (Eugene)

I sighed.

Rebecca-senpai placed a hand on my shoulder all familiarly at that moment.

“Hey, hey, Eugene-kun.” (Rebecca)

“W-What is it?” (Eugene)

“Can you let me in the 7th Seal Prison that only you and the Academy Principal can go in?” (Rebecca)

“What will you do once you are in?” (Eugene)

“I would like to see if there’s any interesting monsters!” (Rebecca)

“The ones there are all forbidden mythological creatures, so you can’t bring them out.” (Eugene)

“Muh… Then, what about the 6th Seal Prison: Calamity?” (Rebecca)

“The 6th Seal Prison is under the jurisdiction of the club president, so go talk to them for that one.” (Eugene)

“Uh… The club president of the animal club is scary though.” (Rebecca)

“The club president is a good person once you talk to them though.” (Eugene)

“Hmm…then, what about the 5th Seal Prison~?” (Rebecca)

“The 5th Seal Prison only has undead. It is the Graveyard, you know?” (Eugene)

“Undead are not cute~.” (Rebecca)

“Monsters are not cute in the first place.” (Eugene)

“By the way, what about the 4th?” (Rebecca)

“The 4th Seal Prison is called the Hospital. It is the monsters of monster tamers that are wounded and are being treated there.” (Eugene)

“I shouldn’t be putting my hand on them then… As for the 3rd, I don’t want to go in there, so that’s fine.” (Rebecca)

“The Bug Cage managed by Carlo-senpai. Carlo-senpai said there’s no visitors coming to the 3rd Seal Prison, so I think he would be happy if you were to go.” (Eugene)

“I know! We are classmates! Carlo-kun said ‘Rebecca-chan is an elf, so you must like bugs since you were raised in a forest, right?’, and is always showing me his bug monster collection! Even though I can’t handle bugs!” (Rebecca)

“Aah…I see.” (Eugene)

Looks like Rebecca-senpai can’t take Carlo-senpai.

“Can’t be helped. Let’s search somewhere else. See ya, Eugene-kun. I am looking forward to the martial arts tournament☆.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-senpai said that and disappeared somewhere with Teleport.

…What a busy senior.


“You seem to be tired today, Eugene.”

“…I trained too much.” (Eugene)

I was sprawled on the bed in the cell of the Demon Lord Eri.

I have been going to the Zenith Tower the whole time lately.

I managed to go all the way to Floor 106 thanks to that.

But the exhaustion is unbelievable.

“Keep it moderate.” (Eri)

“…I will.” (Eugene)

I answered weakly at Eri who was looking at me with a baffled face.

My body is heavy.

I should steer away from training to the point of not being able to move.

“Good grief. Sleep for a bit.” (Eri)

“Sorry…Eri.” (Eugene)

I came here to check on the Demon Lord, but I ended up worrying her instead.

I indulged in her offer and rested for a while…but…

“I am so bored with Eugene going to sleep~.” (Eri)

“Oi, Eri…” (Eugene)

“What~?” (Eri)

“You are heavy…” (Eugene)

“Oh my, that’s rude.” (Eri)

Eri straddled me while I was sleeping.

…Kuh, I can’t sleep.

Eri pulled something on me, and I don’t know if I could rest or not.

A while after spending my time lazily like that…

Eri spoke to me as if she suddenly noticed.

“Was the school festival tomorrow, Eugene?” (Eri)

“Yeah, for 7 days starting tomorrow.” (Eugene)

That’s right, we are finally right before the beginning of the Lykeion Magic Academy’s school festival.

■Comment Response:

>A little girl really does suit the image of a strong character.

-In fantasy, a little girl is the flag of a strong character.

■Author’s Comment:

I still feel under the weather. I am going to sleep.

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