ZAP – Chapter 68: Eugene is confessed to

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“I am deeply sorry, Eugene-san!!”

“Eh?” (Eugene)

General Berthold bend his body 90° and lowered his head.

A General is a rank basically comparable to a Marquis in terms of nobility.

And most of all, his current demeanor makes it hard to believe he showed so much hostility toward me before.

“Uhm…General Berthold? Please raise your head. I wasn’t bothered by that.” (Eugene)

“No, you defeated the Great Demonic Beast and became a Legendary Hero of the Grandflare Empire! Also, there’s no need to add ‘General’ before my name! I am most likely going to be absolved from my position and sent to a remote region anyways.” (Berthold)


He said something pretty painful as if nothing.

The pity might have shown in my face.

“This is actually a good opportunity. I felt the limits of my own strength after having a duel with you, Eugene-san! I will go train myself all over again!” (Berthold)

General Berthold said this in a refreshing manner. Is he really the same person as the one the other day?

“But…that would be rough for Princess Airi then.” (Eugene)

If her fiance is heading off to a remote region, there won’t be anyone to support my childhood friend.

When I said this, General Berthold made a hard to describe face.

Was I a bit too nosy? Did I get on his nerves? I was worried about that, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

General Berthold stared at empty space for a while and his gaze swam as if wavering about something, and then walked close to me.

He then whispered something to me.

“…Excuse me, Eugene-san.” (Berthold)

“What is it?” (Eugene)

I was flustered by that distance.

“You know about how the Grandflare Empire’s Emperor is often assassinated, right?” (Berthold)

“Of course. There’s rumors the former one was also assassinated.” (Eugene)

The grandfather of Airi loved war a great deal and was said to have died a natural death while young, but it is often rumored that he was actually assassinated.

The actual truth is unknown though.

“The Grandflare Empire considers the unification of the South Continent as a great cause and would wage war every so often, so they are hated by small countries. That’s why the Emperor is always hated.” (Berthold)

“…It is common knowledge.” (Eugene)

What is he trying to get at? -I couldn’t understand the sentiments of General Berthold here.

“Have you heard the rumor that the Emperors of history would be wary of assassinations, so they would always have several illegitimate children, Eugene-san?” (Berthold)

“Well, I have at least heard about it.” (Eugene)

I do think it is possible.

The Emperors would originally have more than ten Empresses and would have many children.

Even with that, it is still a very plausible possibility that they would do such a thing in preparation for the eventuality of assassination attempts from small countries and rebellions happening.

This is where General Berthold moved his face closer and told me in a whisper.

“Eugene-san, please keep this conversation a secret.” (Berthold)

“……What is it?” (Eugene)

From the flow of the conversation until now and this degree of reminders…

The possibility surfaced in my mind.

“…I am a bastard son of the Emperor. In other words, I am the half-blood related to sister Airi.” (Berthold)

“…Eh? Eeeeeeh?!” (Eugene)

I let out that dumbstruck voice despite myself.

“You definitely must keep this a secret, okay?” (Berthold)

“…But in that case, why did you get engaged with her?” (Eugene)

I asked the obvious question.

“That’s because Nee-san <sister> smacked all the fiances prepared by my father with her sword. Basically as if saying ‘I have no intention of accepting any men weaker than me!’.” (Berthold)

“That…does sound like Airi…” (Eugene)

I can easily imagine that.

Me and Airi were the immovable top two in terms of swordsmanship.

Airi pretty much monopolized everything else aside from swordsmanship.

My childhood friend is without a doubt a genius.

Men stronger than that are pretty limited.

“But it wasn’t good for her to not have anyone set to marry her when she is trying to succeed the throne after all. And so, I had no choice but to serve as a ‘stand-in’.” (Berthold)

“Then, it is not like you are actually marrying Airi…?” (Eugene)

“I can’t. The imperial law forbids the marriage of siblings. We planned on scrapping the engagement when we found a good moment.” (Berthold)

“I see…” (Eugene)

It did feel off that they were not acting like a couple, but that makes sense now.

Something bothered me here.

“Then, why were you so aggressive towards me?” (Eugene)

I thought this whole time it was because he saw me as an enemy since I am a childhood friend of hers for the longest of times.

But if their engagement was fake, then the story is different.

When I asked this, General Berthold looked at me begrudgingly.

“About that! Please put yourself in my shoes as someone who would get nagged by her every single damn day with: ‘Eugy was more impressive’, ‘catch up to the sword of Eugy even a tiny bit’, ‘if you were Eugy’. Moreover, we train in the sword every day for several hours, you know?! It shouldn’t be necessary for royalty who doesn’t go out to the battlefield at all!” (Berthold)

“Aah, that must be because she trained every day at the dojo with me.” (Eugene)

We have continued that since the day we met. It is a daily activity for me and Airi.

“That’s right! Even without that, I also had a mountain of things to learn as a General since I was raised a commoner, and yet I was being told my ears off by Airi-neesan every single day… Every time she would go ‘Compared to Eugy, you are…’. Wouldn’t you hold a grudge too?!!” (Berthold)

“Eeh…I am sorry.” (Eugene)

It was an extremely reasonable opinion.

General Berthold sighed here.

“Eugene-san, Airi-neesan has been going terribly wild since it was discovered that you formed an exploration party with the Ifrit girl.” (Berthold)

“Wild?” (Eugene)

“She was honestly so scary I couldn’t get close to her.” (Berthold)

I can tell from the expression of General Berthold that he is not joking here.

“In that case, she could have at least contacted me…” (Eugene)

“***fly in an instant to the Lykeion Magic Academy if Eugy were to call me!’.” (Berthold)

“Having Airi come to the academy…?” (Eugene)

That didn’t cross my mind.

“You became a couple with the Ifrit girl and the Holy Maiden Candidate afterwards, right? Airi-neesan was crying the whole day.” (Berthold)

“……Eh?!” (Eugene)

Airi crying?

That Airi that’s always gallant and doesn’t mutter a single complaint?

“I was surprised. It made me think that Nee-san was unexpectedly still a maiden at heart.” (Berthold)

This is even more shocking for me than General Berthold puts it.

“Airi…about me…?” (Eugene)

When I tried to mutter those words…

“Airi-neesan has always been in love with you and only you, Eugene-san.” (Berthold)


I couldn’t say anything.

I couldn’t deny it.

I noticed by instinct that this wasn’t a lie.

It must be just as General Berthold says.

“Well, Nee-san cried for several days after that, so we had to take a break in the training which was a plus for me though…” (Berthold)

At that moment…


The door was kicked open with tremendous force.


The one standing there like the gates of hell had opened was my childhood friend.

“Airi?” (Eugene)

“…Eugy, I see you are up now. That’s a relief… Ber, what are you saying?!!” (Airi)

She directed a gentle smile at me, then instantly turned into an ogre.

General Berthold grinned at that.

“Airi-neesan wasn’t showing any hope of getting honest, so I told him in your stead. About how you were unexpectedly girly crying your eyes out when your love got stole—uboa!” (Berthold)

“Twin Heavenly Sword Style: Fire Form – [Horse Kick]!!!” (Airi)

Airi closed the distance in an instant and kicked General Berthold away with a clean roundhouse kick.

(One of the few swordless arts of the Twin Heavenly Sword Style.) (Eugene)

It is one of the techniques Pops taught her immediately for the times when she is barehanded and is attacked.

I can use it as well, but it lacks a lot in comparison to my swordsmanship, and Airi is actually stronger than me when it comes to barehanded combat.

It has been a while since I have seen the kick of Airi. It has even more polish now.

I watch how General Berthold was sent flying far away, and the nicely extended leg of Airi.

She is kicking with a short skirt, so I wasn’t sure whether to warn her about how I can see her underwear.

She really does love her red panties as always.

“What are you staring at, Eugy?!” (Airi)

“That’s unseemly, Princess.” (Eugene)

“Shut up! I am telling you to call me by my name!” (Airi)

“That’s unseemly, Airi.” (Eugene)

“Hmph!” (Airi)

My childhood friend facing away in indignation is also nostalgic.

I glanced at General Berthold and it seems like he properly mitigated his fall, so he is giving me a thumbs up while still laying down.

(I leave the rest to you, Eugene-san!) (Berthold)

(Even if you leave it to me…) (Eugene)

I could tell his intentions with just his gaze alone.

“Hey…Eugy…” (Airi)

Airi grabbed my hand.

“Airi…” (Eugene)

What General Berthold told me before replayed in my mind.

—Airi-neesan has been in love with you and only you, Eugene-san.

I might have been taking a terrible attitude on Airi.

Airi is trying to say something here.

I also have something I want to say to her.

Just when we were both about to speak…

I heard footsteps approaching the room.

They are getting close.

Airi hurriedly let go of my hand.

“Eugene-kun is awake!!”

“Eugene. That’s such a relief. You are awake.”

The ones that entered the room were Sumire and Sara.

Moreover, there’s the Destiny Oracle-sama at the back and the Prime Minister, too.

“It was as Orianne-sama said. Eugene-dono has woken up.” (Catherine)

“The Goddess told me after all. How are you feeling?” (Orianne)

“No issues, Orianne-sama.” (Eugene)

I answered.

“Eugene-dono, my apologies for bringing this up as soon as you woke up, but His Imperial Majesty has something to say to you. Can you come with us?” (Catherine)

“Got it.” (Eugene)

My body was a bit heavy, but I have no issues moving.

My body is pretty sturdy, huh.

“I will lend you a shoulder, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

Sumire shifted to my side and supported me.

“Thanks, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Eugy, I will support this side.” (Airi)

“Eugene, I will do it!” (Sara)

Airi and Sara rushed to the opposite side and faced each other.


After being surprised for an instant, Sara smiled.

“Princess Airi, I will see after my boyfriend Eugene. Isn’t that right, Sumire-chan?” (Sara)

“Eh? Ah, yeah.” (Sumire)

Sumire nodded over and over.

Airi smiled elegantly at this.

“No, there’s no need for that, Holy Maiden Candidate-sama of Caldia. Eugene is a benefactor of the Empire, so I will take the responsibility of taking care of him. Now, Eugy, take my hand.” (Airi)

“It is me, right, Eugene?” (Sara)

“Eugy, you get it, right?” (Airi)

“Eugene.” (Sara)

“Eugy.” (Airi)

The big eyes of Airi and Sara approach me.

What’s with this situation?

Sumire is peeking here with interest, too.

Oi, don’t get amused by this.

“I can walk alone, so I am fine. Thanks, Airi, Sara.” (Eugene)

I couldn’t choose, so I slowly walked towards the door.

“Aah, you escaped, Eugene-san.” (Berthold)

I could hear the mutter of General Berthold who had already stood up.

Shut up, Ber-kun.

“Over here.” (Eugene)

The Prime Minister was at the front as we head to the hall where the Emperor is at.


“This is…” (Eugene)

I thought for sure I would get called to the throne room, but the place we were guided to was the biggest hall of the Einherjar Palace used for parties: the Golden Mirror Space.

There were many nobles and officers wearing extravagant dresses and impressive attires as they enjoyed a banquet.

There’s an orchestra playing graceful music in the venue.

There was a mountain of wonderful food and expensive wines lined up on the tables.

“It is apparently a party celebration for subjugating the Great Demonic Beast. I was together with Sara-chan until now. I actually wanted to be together with you though, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

“I would have been a nervous wreck alone, so I am glad you were with me, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

It looks like even Sara, who seems to be someone who is used to places like this, is not used to this shocking degree of liveliness.

It is true that the party in the academy after fighting off Erinyes  was flashy too, but I think this one is several times bigger in scale.

Someone poked my head.

“Why are you making a face as if it is someone else’s business? You are the centerpiece in all of this, you know?” (Airi)

“Airi?” (Eugene)

“Come on, look sharp. Straighten that back!” (Airi)

She smacked my back.

My back straightened.

I heard Airi taking a deep breath.

“Father, I have brought Eugene Santafield with me!” (Airi)

The voice of Airi echoed through the whole hall.

Everyone in the venue faced here at the same time.

Few began to clap…then that steadily grew louder…and eventually, it became thunderous.

“Come on, let’s go.” (Airi)

Airi pulled my hand.

“Do your best~.” (Sumire)

“Good luck.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara are apparently not coming.

When I asked them, they said they had already been thanked by the Prime Minister.

By the time I noticed, the graceful dance music of the orchestra had switched into a rousing military song.

Having everyone’s gazes gather on me was somewhat uncomfortable, but I approached the Emperor and kneeled.

“Eugene Santafield has arrived.” (Eugene)

“At ease, Eugene. Your work this time around has been most fortuitous.”

The moment the Emperor began speaking, the clapping and noise as well as the musical performance stopped, bringing silence onto the hall.

“I am honored by your praise.” (Eugene)

“Tell me the reward you wish. I could elevate you to the rank of Grand General just like your father.”

The venue grows noisy.

Is he serious?

A Grand General would be comparable to the highest rank of a noble, which is a Duke.

Well, I would be able to understand if it is not to actually command the imperial army and just a position of honor though.

If that’s the case, I would be stable for the rest of my life…

The Emperor was waiting for my response without saying anything.

The gazes around were gathering on me.


Sumire and Sara are looking at me.

Sumire stands out with her worried face.

(Don’t worry. I won’t stop the exploration of the Zenith Tower.) (Eugene)

I looked at the eyes of Sumire and nodded. My thoughts must have transmitted to her, she nodded back.

Other noteworthy gazes are…

(Airi…) (Eugene)

The eyes of my childhood friend.

She was looking kindly at me.

She has been doing so the whole time since the time I met her.

On that day in the Selection Exam, I thought she had betrayed me.

I thought she had been disappointed in my Ability and had abandoned me.

But that was a misunderstanding.

My childhood friend has not changed.

We have been misaligned this whole time.

(I really should have spoken out what I was thinking.) (Eugene)

I journeyed off to a foreign country after getting sulky, and Airi continued thinking of me.

I decided on what I should say and faced the Emperor.

“Your Imperial Majesty! I have only one wish!” (Eugene)

“Let’s hear it.”

I paused for a moment and told him my wish.

“I would like the subjugation of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation this time around to be reflected in the throne succession rights of Princess Airi.” (Eugene)

The people in the grand hall grew noisy.

The one who reacted heavily to this was my childhood friend.

“What are you saying, Eugy?! Don’t speak crazy here and—” (Airi)

“Fine, Eugene.”

The Emperor cut off the words of his daughter.

“Father, you must not! Stealing away the achievements of Eugy is just…” (Airi)


The Emperor’s voice echoed.

“You are now 1st place in the throne succession.”


Shock ran through the people of the grand hall.

“Your Imperial Majesty, why?!”

“I can’t accept this!”

The ones who stepped forward…if I remember correctly, are the 1st prince and 3rd princess.

They are also the ones in 2nd place and 3rd place in the throne succession rights.

No, former 2nd and 3rd.

“Fumu, is there a need for an explanation?”

The Emperor brushed his chin, looking as if he found this a pain, and answered.

“Is there anyone here who can speak of a bigger achievement than having subjugated the Great Demonic Beast Haagenti who has been hampering the prosperity of the Empire for 200 years? If there’s someone like that, I shall grant them the 1st place in the throne succession rights. How’s that?”


The royalty in the place fell silent at the words of the Emperor.

Airi is still all flustered here.


A loud laugh echoed.

It is Prince Ashton who was formerly 1st place.

“Congratulations, Airi.” (Ashton)

“A-Ashton-niisama?” (Airi)

“Father said that he would pass on the throne to the person who has contributed the most in this generation to the Grandflare Empire. It is most fitting for this seat to be given to the one who contributed the most in the Great Demonic Beast subjugation.” (Ashton)

“B-But that was Eugy…” (Airi)

“You were the one who brought Eugene to the maws of the beast. You are qualified. Now then, I shall aim to become a Marshal instead of the Emperor.” (Ashton)

Looks like Prince Ashton has accepted this result.

“Airi, devote yourself to improving even further as the coming successor to the throne. Now then, let’s go back to the banquet.”

The Emperor exited the place as he said this.

Airi was spacing out here.

But she suddenly went ‘Ah!’ and ran towards me.

“Eugy…uhm, I…don’t know how to thank you.” (Airi)

“Isn’t this great, Airi?” (Eugene)

I forgot to add her title there.

“Eugy!” (Airi)

My childhood friend held my hand with teary eyes.

Her cheeks were flushed red and her hands holding mine were hot.

Her body came close to me and I could feel how high her temperature was.

“Airi?” (Eugene)

“Hey…I really do need you, Eugy. Please come back to the Empire and support me.” (Airi)

Within this grand hall that grew noisy from the party…my childhood friend confessed to me.

■Comment Response:

>The Mana Link getting excessive when it is mutual love means that Eugene hasn’t loved the heroines until now? Then why did Sumire and Sara become his girlfriends?

-This was what was pointed out the most.

It is true that Eugene likes Sumire and Sara, so it is strange.


I have changed it to:

-Because they have had mutual love for a long time.

The Mana Link gets excessive if there has been mutual love for a long time.

Eri will be explaining in the future, but in this world, when emotions surge, you can bring out even higher power.

The ruler of this world, the Goddess of Justice Althena-sama, is a romanticist after all.

It can’t be helped.

■Author’s Comment:

A rough sketch of Sumire-chan.

She is cute.

It feels like she uses white mana in the illustration, but she is a full DPS character.

I will publish the illustration of Airi in the next chapter.

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