ZAP – Chapter 85: School Festival – 6th Day

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—Dungeon City’s Round Council.

It is a place where normally only King Uther and the 12 knights, who are the guardians of the Dungeon City, can be allowed to be present. 

But there’s a rare outsider in this council today. 

One of the highest authorities in the Holy Union, the Holy Maiden Matrona and the High Holy Knight. 

The princess of the Gold Country, Tifania Crystal, who holds high authority even within the Blue Waters Federation, and the young dragon knight. 

And then, from the Empire which prides on having the most territory in the South Continent, there’s the Prime Minister, Catherine, and the future Empress, Airi Grandflare. 

The one leading this meeting is the oldest within the 12 knights, the 4th Knight, Abram.

King Uther is making a rare complicated face and keeping silent. 

“Then, you are saying a Stampede will be happening again?” 

“The academy student…Eugene Santafield apparently heard this directly from the Dungeon Master.” 

“That man again…? Why does he always draw troubles?” 

“It seems like he is loved by trouble.” 

These words made Princess Airi furrow her brows. 

“Now now, it is not like he is at fault for that.” 

“2nd Knight Lloyd-dono, don’t you have your own thoughts in regards to the battle against the Demon Lord?” 

“…Well, isn’t that fine already?” 

“But I have never heard of the Dungeon Master interfering directly.” 

“The Zenith Tower has been acting weird lately. It wouldn’t be strange for anything to happen.” 

“How about calling the aforementioned student here and asking him in detail?” 

“We interrogated him for the whole night. We did something bad to him.” 

The 7th Knight Isolde said this apologetically.

“The problem is the scale of the next Stampede.” 

“The Dungeon Association managed to deal with the previous one alone, but…” 

“We most likely should deal with the next one using all the explorers in the Dungeon City.” 

The youngest of the 12 Knights, Geoffrey, proposed with a strong tone. 

“That would mean the school festival would be suspended.” 

“We have no choice.” 

“The students will be disappointed…” 

“It would be too late once something happens!” 

The Prime Minister of the Empire, Catherine, interjected in this indecisive council.

“And so…leaking this information to the outside would mean that we should be evacuating the city, King Uther?” 

Their gazes gather on King Uther at that statement. 

King Uther brushed his beard as he answered.

“Hmm, no. I am thinking of leaving the decision to the other countries.” 

“…Is that okay, King Uther?” 

The 4th Knight, Abram, asked dubiously. 

He thought he would suspend the school festival. 

The other knights seemed to have thought the same, they were all showing surprised expressions.

“It would be one thing if it was a sudden Stampede, but we should be able to make countermeasures for one that we know is coming. Isn’t that right, Hero Claude-sama?” 

“…Yes, Princess Tifania-sama. The members of the Legendary Hero Department and the school festival committee will be forming an anti-stampede emergency team and will coordinate with the Dungeon Association.” 

“Then, there’s nothing to worry, Hero Claude-sama.” 

“However, we would like the royalty to evacuate if something bad is going to happen… Also, I am not a hero yet, but a hero apprentice.” 

“Fufufu, being modest again.” 

“No, it is not modesty…” 

Claude, who is from the Blue Waters Federation, conceals his usual frivolous attitude and calmly tells this to Princess Tifania. 

The princess is smiling gently. 

“Well, I won’t stop you if you want to run away. We of the Holy Union don’t fear mere monsters.” 

The Holy Maiden Matrona glanced at the two of the Empire. 

“I do think that it would be more prudent to avoid known danger though…” 

Prime Minister Catherine acts as if she didn’t notice the provocation of the Holy Maiden. 

“What do you think, Princess Airi?” 

Princess Tifania asks.

Princess Airi Grandflare, who has been silent until now, speaks. 

“It is impossible for the people of the Empire to escape, without any regards to the other countries. Catherine, how much of our forces are in this land?” 

“There’s one division of the Golden Knight Order acting as bodyguards of Airi-sama.” 

“Then, call the Silver Knight Order nearby here. Better to have more military to prevent the harm of a Stampede spreading to the civilians.” 

“I shall do as so, Princess Airi.” 

Prime Minister Catherine answered shortly. 

(Is that good…?) 

Those words now were not exactly her will, but a response she thought her father would say in a situation like this. 

Princess Airi was trying to not show her unease in her face.

“Then, you will be staying until the end of the school festival, Princess Airi. We will be able to spectate the finals of the martial arts tournament which is the main event of the school festival.”

Princess Tifania showed a smile. 


‘She is acting so familiar despite this being our first time meeting’ -is the feeling Airi didn’t show outside and just responded with a vague smile. 

“My fiance Claude here is participating in it. He might even end up fighting your friend, Eugene-sama. I heard that Claude and Eugene-sama are good rivals in this academy, so wouldn’t it be wonderful for them to face each other in the tournament?” 

“I see…so you are Eugene’s…” 

That’s when the dragon knight at the back of Princess Tifania got interested in Princess Airi.

“It won’t happen.” 

There was someone who cut into the conversation of the Emperor’s daughter and the princess of the Federation. 

“What may it be, Holy Maiden-sama?” 

Princess Tifania questions Holy Maiden Matrona. 

“Robert Crown of the Holy Union will obviously be the one winning the martial arts tournament. Robert’s victory won’t be shaken even in the special match afterwards.” 

Holy Maiden Matrona asserted this.

The name of the current swordsmanship club’s president, Robert, is famous. 

It is said that it is certain he will be the knight captain of some order in the Holy Union the moment he returns to Caldia. 

Some say he even surpasses the Sword Hero and the Imperial Sword.

The ones saying that are mostly people related to the Holy Union though. 

“Fufufu, the fame of Robert-sama has echoed through the whole continent after all.” 

Princess Tifania was still smiling. 

“There’s nothing certain in competitions.” 

Princess Airi was expressionless…is how it looked, but it was thorny. 

“Now now, let’s leave it at that. It would be nice if the martial arts tournament gets heated up as usual though.” 

4th Knight Abram put a stop to the talk of the VIPs of the 3 nations. 

“Now then, please enjoy the school festival while being cautious enough. This time’s Round Council will be wrapping up here!” 

This is how it was decided that the school festival will be continuing while readying for the Stampede.

◇Eugene’s POV◇

Lykeion Magic Academy – Main match venue of the martial arts tournament.

The 1st and 2nd rounds ended in the time I was investigating the Stampede, encountered the Dungeon Master and Snake Church, and ended up getting interrogated. 

The quarter-finals are happening today in the morning. 

The semi-finals will be happening in the afternoon. 

You can recover completely with healing magic even if you are injured, so it is a pretty enforced schedule. 

(Then, tomorrow are the finals and the special match, huh…) (Eugene)

The opponent I will be fighting will be decided tomorrow. 

That said, the prospective winners are clear in terms of general popularity. 

The previous year’s champion and president of the swordsmanship club, Robert Crown.

This man who is called the academy’s strongest is obviously within the people still in the tournament. 

I came here to check this tournament, but…

“Match, end! Winner, Robert!!!” 

The match was decided the moment it began. 

It was truly in the blink of an eye. 

Cheers rose. 

It is most likely the people from the Holy Union. 

I wanted to observe the swordsmanship of President Robert a bit more. 

It can’t be helped. I should rewatch the recording. 

“What’s that…? Isn’t he as fast as Juubei-ojisama?” 

I heard a familiar voice. 

I didn’t notice because I was completely concentrating on watching. 

“Airi?” (Eugene)

My childhood friend was standing near me. 

“Hey, Eugy.” (Airi)

Airi scooted closer to me. 

I checked the presence in the surroundings and confirmed that the bodyguards of Airi are present. 

It seems like she is not wandering around alone. 

Is her objective to watch the martial arts tournament? 

But why? 

“What’s the matter, Airi? What brings you here?” (Eugene)

I asked honestly. 

“Eugy, you must not lose to him.” (Airi)

“President Robert, huh…” (Eugene)

It must be her opinion after seeing the match just now. 

‘You must not lose’ must mean that Airi felt ‘Eugy might lose’.

“…How is it, Eugy?” (Airi)

Airi was looking at me with unease…with dissatisfaction at my response. 

“I won’t lose.” (Eugene)

I answered in the same way I did in the military school.

“Alright! That’s fine then! I will be spectating your fight tomorrow! Got it?!” (Airi)

Airi said this and left.

“Geez, Airi-sama! We are on a tight schedule here!” 

Camilla was near Airi by the time I noticed.

Looks like she found a space in her schedule and came to meet me.

(I won’t lose…huh.) (Eugene)

I remember the sword trail of President Robert. 

No, it is more precise to say ‘the sword trail I couldn’t see’.

The sword of the president of the swordsmanship club was too fast. 

Even so, you can estimate and deal with the attack by the stance and motions. 

I have been doing that when dealing with the ‘invisible sword speed’ of Pops. 

I have been able to get 1-2 points in a 10 point match. 

It is not like a fast sword is the strongest. 

But there’s no doubt it is strong. 

I was actually thinking about spectating the matches of the martial arts tournament, but I changed my mind after seeing the match of President Robert. 

(Let’s train…) (Eugene)

I won’t suddenly get stronger with just training the day prior. 

Even so, I should be able to polish my senses if I put myself in a spot that’s close to the actual fight. 

Let’s get myself to peak in order to fight someone above me. 

I left the martial arts tournament venue and headed to the Zenith Tower. 

I have my white katana and black katana on my waist. 

I also have the bare minimum exploration tools. 

There’s not many explorers due to the school festival.

I head to the dungeon elevator and push the button for the Floor 104 which is the highest floor I can go to. 

■Comment Response: 

>The Dungeon Master-san is extracting all the personal information.

>Eugene can’t escape from the trouble with women even in the dungeon, huh.

>It would be one thing if it is the Gods that made the dungeon, but why is it that the Dungeon Master wants the dungeon conquering to progress?

-The Dungeon Master-san’s objective is to adjust the difficulty properly so that the explorers can grow as they go up the floors. 

If there’s more updates in the records, you clear your quota.

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