ZAP – Chapter 98: Zenith Tower and Dungeon Master

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— “Repeating! Emergency broadcast! A Divine Beast has appeared in the 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower! The explorers nearby and the explorers that can fight…” 

“A Divine Beast has shown up, huh…” (Eugene)

“Yeah, again. Eugene…” (Claude)

Claude and I look at each other’s faces.

The new rule of the Zenith Tower -the random Deus Discipline in the 1st Floor.

It was announced recently by the Dungeon Master. 

It is apparently in order to increase the battle experience of the explorers by having them fight Divine Beasts. 

“Should we go see?” (Claude)

“Right. Let’s go just in case.” (Eugene)

Claude and I headed to the 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower.


There were already many explorers gathered in the 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower.

“Shoot your magic all at the same time!!” 

“Someone!! Support!” 

“Don’t stop casting spells!” 

“Is there anyone who doesn’t have enough mana potions?!” 

There’s around 50 people. 

But I feel like the ranks of the explorers as a whole is pretty low. 

It is probably composed mostly of B rank explorers. 

There’s barely any A rank and above. 

“Damn it! No attacks are getting through!” 

“There’s not a single wound on it!” 

“So unbelievably sturdy!” 

“Cast more buffs!!” 

Shouting everywhere. 

There’s barely any coordination, so they are most likely not teams but a hastily made group. 

The concentrated attacks of the explorers is not working on the Divine Beast at all.

The Divine Beast that is being bathed in the relentless attacks of the explorers is relaxing in the center of the 1st Floor without a care in the world.

—A giant turtle.

Of course, it is not just your regular turtle. It is bigger than a dragon, and there’s a single serpent wrapped around its turtle body. 

Mana is oozing out from the dark green shell, and it is shining like a magic crystal. 

Magic barriers with the shell as its center were protecting the surroundings of the Divine Beast, and not a single attack from the explorers reached it. 

This Divine Beast that excels in defense even within the other Divine Beasts is…

“…The Divine Beast, Genbu, huh.” (Eugene)

I muttered this. 

The Divine Beast that is a combination of turtle and snake. 

The turtle represents ‘longevity and immortality’ and the snake represents ‘fertility and propagation’. It is a Divine Beast that’s known widely in the East Continent as a Divine Beast of good omens. 

Pops told me that it is often portrayed in houses and gates as a guardian deity in the East Continent. 

“It is an awfully docile Divine Beast. It doesn’t attack the explorers much.” (Claude)

It is just as Claude says. Genbu is barely retaliating despite being attacked by so many explorers. 

At most, it sweeps its surroundings with its snake tail. 

“Genbu is a Divine Beast of protection, so I have heard that they are not aggressive.” (Eugene)

“I see. Then, isn’t it perfect for training?” (Claude)

“I have also been told it is scary when it gets angry though.” (Eugene)

“Oh well, there’s no lukewarm Divine Beast.” (Claude)

Claude and I watched the battle of the explorers from afar.



The explorers were sent flying by the snake tail one after the other. 

I think it is still too soon for them to be fighting a Divine Beast if they can’t avoid that speed though…

“Not looking good.” (Eugene)

“Should we help, Eugene?” (Claude)

“Let’s not. If you and I were to participate, the strength of the Divine Beast would increase to match.” (Eugene)

“Speaking of which, there was that rule.” (Claude)

The Divine Beast is currently holding back because of the rank of the challengers. 

It would be better for an S rank like me and a top A ranker like Claude to not participate in a place of B rank explorers.

“Oh, Eugene Santafield and Claude Percival, are you not going to fight?” 

Someone spoke to us from behind all of a sudden. 

I turned around quickly and there was a single little girl in red blood robes standing there.

I am already acquainted with her.

“Dungeon Master, you seem to be doing well.” (Eugene)

“So you are the Dungeon Master, Anemoi Babel…” (Claude)

The voice of Claude sounded nervous from his first meeting. 

Of course he would be…if someone who has even more mana than the Divine Beast the explorers are fighting were to show up. 

It seems like she is restraining her presence so that the explorers fighting don’t feel it, but Claude and I can feel that monstrous mana she has. 

“Fufufu… This is my first time meeting the Hero-kun of the Dragon Country, right? Nice to meet you, I am the dungeon master of this Zenith Tower, Anemoi.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master smiles suspiciously. 

“…This is…crazy…” (Claude)

A drop of sweat went down Claude’s cheek.

He is somewhat overwhelmed by the pressure of the Dungeon Master.

But this is not my first time meeting her, and there’s something I would like to ask her. 

“Anemoi-san, isn’t there something else you should be saying?” (Eugene)

I looked down at the small girl and she made a peeved face before erasing her suspicious smile and looking away. 


The Dungeon Master is not speaking. 

I get even closer and she directs cold eyes at me. 





No one was opening their mouth and a time of silence went by. 

“Whew, you really helped out in the matter of the Hydra! Let me thank you!” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san said this while still facing away. 

This woman…

She apparently is over a hundred years old, but her attitude is that of a brat just like her appearance.

“Eugene, you are awfully close to the Dungeon Master.” (Claude)

“I have already forgotten how many times I have spoken with her.” (Eugene)

“Hey! Do you think you -a mere explorer- are an equal to me, the Dungeon Master?! Just for your information, I can smash you to a pulp in a heartbeat if I were to get serious!” (Anemoi)

“But thanks to the regulations of the Last Dungeon, you can’t attack the explorers directly, right?” (Eugene)

“Ugh… T-That’s right! There’s a damn rule that states I can only meddle directly with explorers who have gotten over floor 500! Geez, who was the one that made a rule like that?!” (Anemoi)

You begin getting direct trials from the Dungeon Master of the Zenith Tower from floor 500 and onwards. 

This is something that Principal Uther, who has researched the Last Dungeon for years, has taught me. 

The only one who has reached floor 500 in history has been the number 1 record holder, Cristo. 

This is a record from 500 years ago. 

In other words, the Dungeon Master has been waiting the whole time in the top floors of the dungeon.

It can’t be helped that they would get tired of waiting. 

The trend has been that reaching Floor 100 is already an achievement after all. 

At that moment…

— “The Deus Discipline will end now~”.

The Angel Voice rang with a lax tone. 

A voice I am familiar with. 

“Hm? Why is Rita-san also giving announcements for the Trial of Gods in the 1st Floor?” (Eugene)

She should be in charge of Floor 100.

“Hm? I am having her do it while at it.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san said as if nothing.

“The work of Rita-san has increased…” (Eugene)

Even though she seemed busy before, too.

“That was close!” 

“Yeah! We were this close to defeating it.” 

“We are definitely winning next time!” 


The explorers that failed the Trial of Gods were looking back at the fight just now.

Well, no one died, so there’s probably no need to take it so badly, but…

“Yup yup, gotta get the explorers stronger.” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san said in a good mood.

This fight is being broadcasted to the Dungeon City and the main cities of the South Continent.

It seems like there’s more and more explorers by the day after hearing that they can now challenge the Divine Beasts without much worry. 

Fighting a Divine Beast is a big achievement, and if there’s the off-chance they win, they wouldn’t be troubled with putting food on their table for the rest of their lives.

It looks like a good system at a glance, but…

“Nothing like what happened before will happen again, right? I don’t want what happened with the Hydra, you know?” (Eugene)

I am a bit worried.

“What, Don’t worry. I learned from the Hydra incident and have tinkered with the system of the Zenith Tower so that the Power Restriction of the Divine Beasts will work even in the 1st Floor. I have also simplified the summoning by using a backdoor to make it easier to call the Divine Beasts!” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san puffed her chest out proudly. 

“Haah, I don’t really get it, but it sounds impressive.” (Eugene)

“Wow, simplifying a Divine Beast summoning…” (Claude)

Even someone like me and Claude who don’t know much about summoning magic can understand that that’s a godlike feat. 

I don’t have the knowledge, but is it really okay to make it easy to call Divine Beasts?

Well, we are talking about the Dungeon Master that works the angels like slaves, so it is probably fine.

“Aah, so busy♪ so busy♪ Who should I call next~?” (Anemoi)

The Dungeon Master-san said this and disappeared with Teleport. 

“What should we do, Eugene? Should we return and continue training?” (Claude)

“We are already in the Zenith Tower, so wanna try going up?” (Eugene)

“Right. I will tag along.” (Claude)

“Alright, let’s go. Let’s check Floor 100 first -to see the face of Rita-san.” (Eugene)

“You go meet the Angel-sama like it is nothing. Is it okay to go empty handed?” (Claude)

“Should we bring a gift or something?” (Eugene)

Claude and I went around the stalls in the 1st Floor and bought sweet snacks for exploration use. 

Their merchant spirit is so strong despite Divine Beasts showing up. 

The price was also comparatively high. 

We get in the dungeon elevator with gifts in hand. 

Claude and I went to greet Rita-san who has increased workload and must be tired.


“Yay, I wanted something sweet~. I will pour some tea, okay~?” (Rita)

It seems like she was tired just as I imagined, she happily accepted the gifts.

“…An Angel-sama is more openhearted than I thought.” (Claude)

Claude was surprised.

He apparently has only met her once when he got through Floor 100. 

Rita-san is in her work mode when giving you the Sacred Treasure of Grace after all. 

Rita-san is friendly when you talk to her.

“Aah, it is nice that Eugene-kun comes to hang out casually-ssu ne~. Claude-kun as well, there’s no need to call me Angel-sama. You can just call me casually with Rita-ssu.” (Rita)

“Y-Yeah, nice to meet you, Rita-chan.” (Claude)

“Nice to meet you~☆ Anyways, that Dungeon Master is so tyrannical-ssu yo~. You definitely wouldn’t put all this work to just one person-ssu yo!! You have to increase personnel!! Can’t the Destiny Goddess-sama notice?! What do you think, Eugene-kun, Claude-kun?! Don’t you think she is cruel-ssu ka?!” (Rita)

The complaining of the angel-san is unending. 

“Y-You’ve got it rough.” (Eugene)

“You have it rough…” (Claude)

Claude and I ended up having to listen the whole time to this. 

She must have been pretty stressed, her complaints weren’t stopping.


The peaceful academy life continued for a while after that.

We may have joined the Legendary Hero Department, but there wasn’t any big change. 

The selected classes Sumire and I had didn’t change after all. 

If I had to mention a change, it would be…

“Hey, hey, are you free tonight, Eugene-kun?” 

“Want to hang out with us? We are going to have a party at my house tonight.” 

“I would like you to come~♡.” 

There are more strangers talking to me. 

“…I already have plans today.” (Eugene)



Sumire and Sara jumped at me soon after. 

I wouldn’t just readily go along with strangers anyways.


Also, I talk with Claude more now that we are in the same class.

“Eugene, let’s train in the Zenith Tower.” (Claude)

“Yeah, let’s go.” (Eugene)

“Let’s go visit the place of Rita-chan in Floor 100 while at it.” (Claude)

“Yeah, let’s bring some gifts.” (Eugene)

Rita-san is having it rough after all. 

Let’s bring some refreshments for the angel-san that’s doing her best in her work alone. 

…Is what I was thinking, but there was someone unexpected there.

“Oh? Isn’t that Eugene? What’s the matter?” 

“…That’s what I should be saying.” (Eugene)

The Demon Lord Erinyes was in Floor 100.


“O-Oi…Eugene, why is the Demon Lord here…?” (Claude)

Claude’s voice was trembling with his first meeting with her. 

It is a natural reaction.

“Aah, Eugene-kun and Claude-kun. Welcome~. Actually, I have been swamped with work, so when I negotiated with the Goddess-sama, it ended up with Eri-senpai helping me out-ssu yo.” (Rita)



Claude and I were flabbergasted while listening to the way too lax statement of Rita-san.

Is that okay? 

It is not like the seal of Eri has been undone. Most of her combat power has apparently been restricted with the reason that she is in Floor 100 to help out the angel-san.

But the mana and miasma clad around her body is still present, so the pressure she is letting off is inhuman. 

I am used to it, but it is most likely unbearable for people who meet her for the first time. 

“Hey, Eugene, what’s that you are holding?” (Eri)

“Aah, these are gifts for Rita-san.” (Eugene)

“Hoh, show it here.” (Eri)

She snatched them from me. 

“There’s only sweets~. Is there no booze?” (Eri)

“You are in the middle of work.” (Eugene)

“It is fine. A bit of alcohol in the system would make work more fun.” (Eri)

“Oi oi.” (Eugene)

That’s way too lax. 

“You have been a great help, Eri-senpai~.” (Rita)

“Good grief, crying for just this amount of work is pathetic. In my times…” (Eri)

The Demon Lord began to talk about her past. 

Those get long… The complaints of when she was in the Divine Realm. 

It is mostly insults towards the Goddess she was serving. 

I can tell that angel work is tough. 

Is Mother also having a rough time over there…?

“Hey, Eugene, Claude! Are you listening?!” (Eri)

“I am, Eri.” (Eugene)

“Y-Yes, I am listening!” (Claude)

“Eri-senpai, you shouldn’t do that-ssu yo. Don’t intimidate the young ones.” (Rita)

Claude has lost completely to the pressure of the Demon Lord. 

It took a while before we could train that day. 

Also, it seems like Claude grew a fear towards Eri. 

…Is that okay, future hero? 

◇A certain day◇

There’s a lot of self study with the Legendary Hero Department. 

It is rare for the whole class to be present. 

But we were told to all be present today. 

“Did something happen, Eugy-kun?” (Sumire)

“Who knows. It seems like the new rules of the Zenith Tower are doing well anyways.” (Eugene)

“Divine Beasts are showing up a whole lot now.” (Sumire)

“That’s making a lot of work for the student council… Even low rank explorers are trying to challenge the Divine Beasts after all.” (Sara)

“Hoh, are they not scared, Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

“The Divine Beasts that show up in the 1st Floor are apparently docile. That’s why they are challenging them without a care.” (Sara)

“So it is just as the Dungeon Master wanted…” (Eugene)

I can imagine the loud laugh of Anemoi-san.

I hope there won’t be a weird mess up though.

At that moment, ‘pang!’ the door of the classroom opened. 

The one who entered was Principal Uther and…not a teacher of the academy, but the 1st Knight-sama. 

“Now then, future legends, are you training hard? I have something to talk about with you all.” (Uther)

The Principal scans us all with his usual theatrical behavior.

“King Uther coming all the way here means that there’s a quest for us of the Legendary Hero Department?” 

Someone in the classroom asked. 

One of the differences between the Legendary Hero Department and the rest is that you get requests not only from dungeon exploration, but also the nations of the South Continent. 

In that sense, you could say they are half students and half members of society already. 

“That’s right! Two requests for assistance have come for you outstanding individuals. Of course, it is possible to refuse, but they are both national level matters. I would like you to consider it positively.” (Uther)

Principal Uther snapped his fingers and letters showed up in the air. 

This is what was written:

<Request 1>

Employer: Blue Waters Federation – Federation Congress.

Details of the request: Subjugation of the Ruler of the Black Sea, the Mermaid Vepal. 


<Request 2>

Employer: Leading power of the Holy Union – Holy Nation of Caldia. 

Details of the request: Subjugation of the Black Bird Raum that’s nested in the Tharsis Mountain Range.




No one could speak, but I could feel the tension in the air. 


Sara, who is by my side, sighed. 

“Hey, Eugy-kun, this is…” (Sumire)

Looks like Sumire also got it.

“Are they seriously going to do this…?” (Eugene)

It was a simultaneous subjugation request for the Great Demonic Beasts

■Comment Response: 

>The Dun Mas did it again?

-This time it wasn’t a mess up.

>>Her way of calling me has changed from Eugene-kun to Eugy-kun. 

Sumire-chan is clearly being conscious of Airi and I like it. 


■Author’s Comment:

I would like an illustration of Claude. 

I have a rough idea of how he looks. 

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