ZAP – Chapter 71: Eugene returns to the academy

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“See ya, Eugene. Be careful with your body.” 

“Yeah, I am off, Pops.” 

I have come to the Flying Ship stop to return to the dungeon city. 

Pops normally doesn’t move away from the side of the Emperor, but he came here today to see me off. 

And there’s also other people aside from Pops who have come here.

“Eugene-kun, ‘the thing you told me before’, I will be passing it on to the ears of His Imperial Highness.” 

“I am honored, Prime Minister Catherine.” (Eugene)

I lowered my head lightly.

What I saw in the mirror that shows the future, the Akasha Mirror. 

—The state of the war between the imperial army, the Holy Union, and the Blue Waters Federation. 

I don’t know what was the onset, but there’s no doubt a big war was happening in the South Continent. 

I reported this to my Pops -the Imperial Sword- and the Prime Minister. 

“But this is pretty troubling… To think the Akasha Mirror that hasn’t been activated in a hundred years would show such a future…” (Catherine)

The Prime Minister placed a finger on her mouth as if finding this vexing. 

“Now, now, Catherine-sama, the Legendary Hero of the Empire and the Upcoming Holy Maiden of our country will be tied in order to avoid such scenarios.” 

The one who is all smiles here is the Holy Maiden of Caldia and the Destiny Oracle, Orianne-sama. 

By the way, there’s apparently a high chance for ‘a war to happen’ according to the Clairvoyance of the Destiny Goddess-sama. 

This information is apparently a state secret…

“So Eugene-kun is the bridge for peace, huh.” 

“The Great Demon Lord will be resurrecting soon after all. The Empire and the Holy Union should be good neighbors from here on.” (Orianne)

I can’t read any emotions from the Destiny Oracle-sama as if she doesn’t have any other expression aside from a smile. 

“It may be far in geographical terms, but there’s the Demon Lords that rule the North Continent as well as the resurrection Great Demon Lord. Not only that, there have been rumors of sightings of the world’s strongest Great Demonic Beast, the Darkness Dragon Glasya Labolas, in the Antarctic Continent. Also, it is said that there have been constant small-scale Stampedes in the Last Dungeon of the Arctic Continent, the Abyss… This is not the time for humans to be fighting amongst themselves.” (Catherine)

“That’s totally right. Counting on you, Eugene-san☆.” (Orianne)

“O-Okay, I will do my best.” (Eugene)

I hurriedly nodded to the Destiny Oracle-sama’s words.

(She basically told me to not treat the Upcoming Holy Maiden Sara badly.) (Eugene)

Of course, I didn’t plan on doing that though. 

I felt a gaze at that moment. 

I have actually noticed it for a while now. 

Big blue eyes were looking intently at me. 

“Eugy…so you are leaving.” (Airi)

“Airi, I will come back.” (Eugene)

My childhood friend is going to be the next sovereign. 

I have told Airi that ‘I will continue challenging the Zenith Tower’. 

I got the proposal of supporting Airi in the Empire, but my promise with Sumire comes first. 

“You definitely must come back if I call you.” (Airi)

“Got it.” (Eugene)

Airi grabbed my hand. 

Her beautiful shining blonde hair was right in front of me.

Her face is so close. 

A distance that would just take one more step and we would end up kissing…

{Hey, Sara-chan, isn’t that bad?} 

{It is indeed dangerous. Let’s go, Sumire-chan!} (Sara)

{Eh?! W-Wait.} (Sumire)

I heard whispers and the sound of footsteps approaching. 

“Eugene, it is about time for us to depart.” (Sara)

Sara called me. 

Airi’s face turned serious. 

“Got it. Sara, we are about to—” (Eugene)

“You must not, Eugy. Stay longer.” (Airi)

Airi grabbed my arm tightly.

She even placed a hand on my shoulder and I couldn’t move anymore. 

Sara looked over here troubled. 

Airi’s eyes were also swimming while still grabbing my arm. 

(W-What should I do…?) (Eugene)

I was troubled about what to do next. 

“Uhm, Airi-ojousama? It is time for the Flying Ship to depart…” (Sumire)

Sumire hesitantly cuts in. 


Airi made a dissatisfied look, but she let go of my arm after wavering for a bit. 

“See ya.” (Eugene)


“Airi?” (Eugene)

“Shut up! Conquer the Zenith Tower quickly and come back!” (Airi)


She smacked my shoulder real hard. 

I could have avoided that one, but I didn’t.

Thanks to that, I was hit with the full brunt of it and it hurts.

“Aah, to be young.” (Catherine)

“Don’t really admire that he has so many though…” (Jubei)

“Oh my, you are too stiff, Jubei-sama. Heroes like variety.” (Catherine)

“Muh…” (Jubei)

The conversation of Pops and the Prime Minister was hurting my ears. 

I waved my hand at my childhood friend that’s glaring at me and got on the Flying Ship heading to the dungeon city. 


“Waaah, so high~! Feels so nice~!” (Sumire)

“The Flying Ships of the Empire are a decently comfortable ride.” (Sara)

Sumire was as merry on her way back as she was on her way there. 

Sara is calmer than that, but she is still excited. 

“Want to go to the dining hall, you two?” (Eugene)

I thought we would get scolded again if we were too noisy here, so I invited them to have a meal. 

“Okay, let’s go~!” (Sumire)

“Right. Let’s go before it gets crowded.” (Sara)

I got them to agree. We head to the dining hall of the Flying Ship.


We went at a pretty weird time, so the dining hall was empty. 

I grabbed bread and a thick steak. 

Sumire went with bacon and tomato pasta. 

Sara ordered fried fish and salad. 

The seasoning is different from the Empire and was closer to that of the dungeon city. 

The 3 of us chatted for a while as we enjoyed our meal. 

“Hey, Eugene-kun, that broadcast is from the Zenith Tower, right?” (Sumire)

There was a big screen -the Satellite System- in the direction where Sumire pointed at. 

The screen showed students of the Lykeion Magic Academy fighting a Floor Boss somewhere. 

“It seems so. They are most likely from the spearmanship club judging from the weapons they are using.” (Eugene)

The members of the exploration party are all wielding spears. 

When the weapons are so uniform like this, it is most often the case that they are club members. 

“They are most likely challenging the Floor 50 Boss. The requirement to participate in the martial arts tournament is to be an adventurer that has gone beyond Floor 50 after all.” (Sara)

“You know a lot, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

“I am the student council president. It is natural for me to know.” (Sara)

“The martial arts tournament of the school festival, huh…” (Eugene)

I wasn’t qualified to participate last year. 

I had no means to attack in the first place. 

But if it is now… Those feelings might have shown in my face. 

“Eugene, you want to participate?” (Sara)

Sara peeked at my face. 

“I…don’t know what to do. You participated last year, right, Sara?” (Eugene)

“That’s right. I lost in the semi-finals.” (Sara)

“Ooh, there’s people stronger than Sara-chan?! You can’t use your Holy Sword?” (Sumire)

“I couldn’t win even when using the Sword of Mercy, Curtana. The high ranked members of the swordsmanship club are a gathering of monsters.” (Sara)

“Aah, Leona-chan did say the swordsmanship club is strong.” (Sumire)

Hearing that makes me want to participate. 

According to Sara, you can register to participate in the martial arts tournament on the same day it happens. 

I should try participating if I feel like it. 

We finished our meal and decided to make it free time. 

That said, Sumire and Sara invaded my room, so I had no alone time though. 

The sky journey continued while maintaining the noisiness of it. 

◇Next Day◇

The Flying Ship we were on arrived at the dungeon city of Caliph.

“We are finally back~!” (Sumire)

“The ground really is most comforting.” (Sara)

Sumire stretched widely her whole body and Sara stretched her arms. 

I couldn’t do much sword training since we were in a Flying Ship. 

I look up, itching to head to the training grounds. 

The Last Dungeon that pierces the skies, the Zenith Tower. 

It is a sight I am used to seeing, but it feels nostalgic. 

“Well then, let’s split here…” (Eugene)

Just when I was about to say that…

“Council President Sara~!” 

Someone ran our way. 

The girl with long hair and elegant glasses was…

“Oh my, Teresia-san? What’s the fluster about?” (Sara)

It was Teresia from the general affairs of the student council. 

“Are you seriously asking me that?! There’s a mountain of work because you stayed for longer than planned!” (Teresia)

“Aah, yeah…” (Sara)

“Come on, let’s go! I will help out, too!” (Teresia)

“Eugene~! Sumire-chan~!” (Sara)

Sara had a sad face as she was dragged away by Teresia. 

Sumire and I could only watch her go. 

“Ooi, Sumire-chan, Eugene-san, welcome back~!” 

“Leona-chan! I am back~!” (Sumire)

The next one to show up was Leona from the martial arts club. 

I thought for sure she had business with Sumire, but she came to me. 

“Eugene-san, the dungeon guide called Amarilis-san left me a message for you. They said they want you to show up at the dungeon alliance.” (Leona)

“Amarilis-san?” (Eugene)

She is the girl that has become the exclusive dungeon guide of our exploration party.

“What is it?” (Eugene)

“Hmm, I didn’t hear anything specific, but it is apparently something serious.” (Leona)

“Got it. I will go check it. Thanks.” (Eugene)

I thanked her. 

“You’re welcome~. Sumire-chan, do you have any plans? There’s a lot of classes canceled in preparation for the school festival.” (Leona)

“Really?! What should I do~?” (Sumire)

“The martial arts club will be doing a performance. Want to come help out? It is called the human power amusement park.” (Leona)

“What’s that?! Sounds interesting!” (Sumire)

“Then, come to check it out. We wanted a person that could use fire magic.” (Leona)

“Fire magic… Ah, me?” (Sumire)

Sumire and Leona left while having a merry talk. 

They seem to be having fun. 

Speaking of which, that reminds me that the Animal Club always does a ‘circus’ in all the school festivals. 

(Well, the seniors will be doing their own stuff there, so I have nothing to do though.) (Eugene)

The 7th Forbidden Seal Prison  I am in charge of is full of mythological creatures that can’t be taken out. 

For now, I head to the building of the dungeon alliance alone. 


It has been a while since I have come to the dungeon alliance. 

It is full of explorers as always. 

What’s a bit different from usual is that there aren’t as many magic academy students, I guess.

The students must be busy with the preparations of the school festival. 

I searched for Amarilis-san, but there was no need for that. 

Amarilis-san found me and dashed towards me in an instant. 

“Eugene-san, I have been waiting for you! Come here, quick!” (Amarilis)

My hand was pulled and I was brought to a room. 

Was there an issue? 

“What’s the matter?” (Eugene)

“Eugene-san, please look at this! It is a letter from the admin of Floor 100!” (Amarilis)

“Admin…?” (Eugene)

I thought for a moment and then the face of the energetic angel showed up. 

The admin of Floor 100, the Angel Rita-san. 

I take the letter from Amarilis-san and check what was written. 

This is what was written in big letters:

[—Why is it that you are not coming to get the Sacred Treasure of Grace from Floor 100 that I went through the trouble of making?!!!

From the admin of Floor 100, Rita Archangel.]

“…Ah.” (Eugene)

“What’s written there?” (Amarilis)

Amarilis peeked with curiosity. 

I couldn’t answer her immediately. 

(It is not like I forgot about it though…) (Eugene)

It was simply postponed. 

What’s in my hands is the letter of complaint from an angel. 

■Comment Response: 

>Camilla-chan is a pretty interesting character! It is fine to treat such a character roughly, so she might be useful in a lot of places. 

→I actually had no plans on having her appear again, but there were a lot of comments about people wanting to see the friend of Airi, so I wrote it. 

■Author’s Comment: 

If you see the light novel in your bookstore, please buy it (of course, the e-novel is fine too). 

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