ZAP – Chapter 22: Eugene makes a contract with the Demon Lord

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A hard to describe ‘something’ was crawling on my body. 

As if it were alive. 

(This is…the mana of Erinyes…?) (Eugene)

Or is it ether which is higher ranked than mana? 

However, it is also different from the Ifrit ether of Sumire. 

A completely different kind of mana. 

Even so, there’s a strange feeling of omnipotence.

(This is…the power of the Demon Lord that ruled the South Continent in the past…) (Eugene)

The fear I felt towards the Divine Beast is completely gone now. 

My body is trembling, craving to crush my enemy. 

I swung my sword lightly on the air. 


A giant energy blade sliced my front while creating a windy sound like that. 

The trees of the thicket were sliced clean as if a big scythe had cut them down. 

Such power with just a light swing. 

Just what would happen if I were to swung it at full power…? 

At that moment.

(…Guh!) (Eugene) 

Strength left my body. 

No…it is not strength, but it feels as if my lifeforce is being shaved away. 

It isn’t something I can maintain the whole time. 

I probably won’t be able to maintain my consciousness for too long. 

Fortunately, Cerberus has taken distance from me as if wary. 

I directed my gaze at my blade. 


The mana of the Fire Blade is already on the verge of running out, and the red shine is dulling. 

(I have to quickly…use the next Magic Sword…) (Eugene)

The Demon Lord and Fallen Angel, Erinyes, has 4 powers.

The Black of Violence.

The Indigo of Poison. 

The Purple of Death. 

And the last one…

(No…) (Eugene)

I am on the verge of losing consciousness.

I can’t get my thoughts together. 

I am being assailed with the feeling as if something foreign is trying to take over my body. 

(Eugene! Hey, what are you doing?!) 

The voice of Eri? 

This is bad. I am even hallucinating now…

(Who is a hallucination?! I am real! The real deal~!) (Eri)

(…Eri?) (Eugene)

(That’s right! You accepted the contract just now, right? That’s why we can talk like this.) (Eri)

(I-I see…) (Eugene)

(More importantly, use barrier magic to protect your mind at once. You won’t be able to endure my miasma in your current state.) (Eri)

(…Got it.) (Eugene)

I obediently follow the advice of Eri.

— Barrier Magic: [Steel Heart].


It is mental category barrier magic that I normally don’t use.

My consciousness grew clearer and clearer after I activated it. 

(You saved me there, Eri.) (Eugene)

(Right right, whenever you use my mana, always be sure to take care of your mind. You will be crippled otherwise.) (Eri)

It would have been dangerous without the warning of Eri.

(Thanks. I will go thank you later.) (Eugene)

(Fufufu, it is okay. With this, you are mine after all. Fufu…) (Eri)

(What did you…say just now?) (Eugene)

(Now now, don’t get distracted. There’s Cerberus-chan in front of you, right?) (Eri)

I heard something really scary there. 

I have to ask her about that later. 

But it is as Eri says. I have to deal with the Divine Beast first. 

I take a deep breath. 

— Magic Sword: [Dark Blade].

I used the dark mana borrowed from Eri to activate Magic Sword. 

The blade was dyed jet black. 

What Black rules over is plain violence. 

I don’t think I would be able to use any complicated spells with the mana of Eri right from the get-go. 

In that case, I will finish this in one go with the attack that I think has the most power. 


Cerberus growled as if wary of me. 

No, those eyes…

(It is smiling…?) (Eugene)

For some reason, it looked as if Cerberus was happy here.

(Fufu, looks like Cerberus-chan is happy to meet someone with fangs. He is normally in Hades where it reeks of divinity, and is serving the gloomy God of Death, the old man Pluto. Of course it would want to rampage to its heart’s content in the Mortal Realm.) (Eri)

Eri sounds like she is having fun too. 

(Are you acquainted with Cerberus, Eri?) (Eugene)

(Obviously. A veteran angel would come and go often to Hades, and I would often bring food from the Mortal Realm for Cerberus-chan which would make him happy. The food of Hades is not tasty-looking at all.) (Eri)

(…You are quite the incredible person, Eri.) (Eugene)

(Only noticing it now?) (Eri)

I thought I knew about how famous she was as a Demon Lord, but I didn’t hear much about her days as an Angel. 

If I safely survive here, let’s ask her about a lot of things. 

(Well then, do your best, my cute Eugene.) (Eri)

(…Yeah.) (Eugene)

I want to retort, but I have to concentrate on what’s in front of me right now. 

The power I borrowed from the legendary Demon Lord. 

I can’t lose. 


At that moment, the 3 heads of Cerberus howled. 

“Guh…!” (Eugene)

A gale raged. 

The trees of the jungle area were blown away. 

A small open area was created between me and Cerberus -as if it were a fighting ring. 

(…What of Sumire?) (Eugene)

I glanced behind me and looked at the big tree where Sumire is hiding. 

It is okay. 

That place is fine. 

Also, there’s a barrier around Sumire too. 

There’s no problem.


Cerberus lowered its center of gravity and glared over here as if aiming for its prey. 

I will also concentrate on my enemy. 

Eliminate all superfluous thoughts. 

(…Now, to a fair duel.) (Eugene)

I imitate the catchphrase of Pops in my mind. 

It is apparently a phrase used as a sign before a duel in the East Continent. 

— Twin Heavenly Resonance Style: Lightning Form.

I sheathe my black blade in my scabbard. 

And then, I lowered my posture and took a drawing stance. 

The fastest sword I can pull. 


Cerberus disappeared from sight. 

It jumped high up and I could tell instinctively that it was trying to reach me.

I am not going to avoid it, but take it on instead. 

(…Begin.) (Eugene)


A sound like that of an explosion was made as I took a step. 

— Special Technique: Kirin Blade.

I went past Cerberus who was approaching at the speed of sound. 

I could feel as if time was passing slowly around me because of my own speed.

After a small delay…


The middle head of Cerberus was sliced off. 


Cerberus screams. 

After wriggling in pain for a while, Cerberus, who was now only 2 heads…didn’t fall.


The burden in my body is unbelievable with just one swing. 

Can I use the Magic Sword one more time? 

But Cerberus has 2 heads. 

I can’t go collapsing here. 

(Get ready, Eugene… It is still…not over…) (Eugene) 

A Beast of the Gods is an immortal being. 

It won’t die even with a head cut off. 

I press my body into standing up and take a stance with my sword. 

But Cerberus didn’t move as if it had lost its fighting spirit. 

A painful time passed. 

At that moment, a giant magic circle appeared below Cerberus. 

Is that…a summoning circle? 

The remaining 2 heads faced me. 

And then, it smiled…with fangs bared at me. 

(W-What…?) (Eugene)

My hands holding the sword are trembling. 

But Cerberus didn’t attack me. 

…Good work, young swordsman. 

I felt like I heard that voice.

Cerberus disappeared within the light. 


I was left there.

Just what in the world…?

My head is in pain.

I am confused. 

— “Congratulations. It is the victory of the challenger.” 

The Angel Announcement echoed in the 20th Floor. 

I couldn’t react to those words immediately.

(Victory…?) (Eugene)


It is…over?

Strength left my body.

I fell on my knees right there. 

I undo the Magic Sword.

The next instant, the sword I got from the federation explorers crumbled without making a sound. 

I have no weapon anymore. 

But there’s no enemy either.

(I…see.) (Eugene)

I understand now. 

I…won against the unreasonable Trial of Gods…against Cerberus. 

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