ZAP – Chapter 32: Eugene is called by the Dungeon Union

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—Dungeon Union. 

It is the biggest organization in the dungeon city of Caliph that manages the dungeon. 

The residents of the Dungeon City are connected to the Dungeon Union in some way. 

If you want to do business in the Dungeon City, you need the permission of the Dungeon Union, and they are also the ones who collect the tax from the sales. 

The head of the Dungeon Union is King Uther. 

We arrived in front of the Dungeon Union’s building that’s bigger than the academy’s building. 

This is always full of explorers. 

“Heya there! You were alive?!”

“Obviously. I will knock down that Floor Boss next time for sure!” 

“Did you hear?! There’s apparently a legendary Magic Sword in the market.” 

“Don’t. It must be a fake anyway.” 

“Oi! How can the pay for the materials of the monsters I subjugated only amount to this much?!” 

“My apologies, but there’s no mistake in the appraisal.” 

I hear noisy conversations from here and there. 

I arrived at the reception while listening to the chattering explorers. 

From within the many reception windows lined up, I spoke to the one at the corner that doesn’t stand out. 

“Excuse me, are you available?” (Eugene)

“…Oh my? Welcome to the Dungeon Union HQ! What business has brought you here today?” 

The receptionist that was fiddling with her hair as if bored changed into a smile in one go. 

Yup, a pro.

“My name’s Eugene Santafield. I have come here due to a call from the dungeon staff. This here is my explorer badge.” (Eugene)

I say this and give her my C Rank explorer badge. 

The badge is an ID in the Dungeon Union.

“Confirming. You have recently become a C Rank explorer, right? Your appointment today is…?!!!” 

The color of the receptionist’s face changes here. 

And then, the placard ‘Closed’ was placed right in front of me. 


“Eugene-san, please come! I will guide you!” 

Looks like it wasn’t a matter that could be wrapped up in the reception window.

I was guided to the reception room on the 2nd floor.

I sit at the sofa that doesn’t have a single spec of dust. 

“Please wait for a moment!” 

The receptionist left with hurried steps after saying this. 

I was left there alone. 

Having nothing to do, I began looking at a painting in the reception room. 

There was an explorer holding a strange weapon, fighting a giant monster. 

“The highest Record Holder…Cristo.” (Eugene)

It is the painting of the legendary adventurer. 

The only one who reached the 500th Floor. 

The objective of me and Sumire. 

That said, as someone who hasn’t even reached the 50th Floor, it is presumptuous to even compare us. 

Moreover, he apparently did so solo, so that’s just crazy. 

He was apparently a really eccentric fellow. 

It is said that he would enter the Last Dungeon and explore for 1 or 2 months without issues. 

Despite there being a dungeon elevator. 

(What kind of person was he…?) (Eugene)

There’s barely any records of him, so he is shrouded with mystery. 

But there might be something about him in the grand library of the dungeon city. 

It might be a good idea to check it sometime… While I was thinking that…

“Heya! Sorry for making you wait!” 


The door was opened and a tall woman entered. 

Judging from her extravagant attire and the fancy sword at her waist, I can tell she is a lady of high class. 

Or more like, I think I have seen that face before. 

This is my first time speaking to her, but I see her often standing by the side of Principal Uther. 

12 knights in direct supervision of King Uther. 

One of them, the Flower Knight, Isolde Lismore. 

She is one of the leads in regards to the Dungeon City right after King Uther. 

I didn’t expect a big shot like her to show up. 

I reflexively stood up and greeted her. 

“Isolde-sama, I am Eugene Santafield.” (Eugene)

“Sorry for calling you here. You can relax, young boy.” (Isolde)

Saying this, she sat on the sofa in front of me. 

She looks like she is slouched there, but there’s no openings.

…This person is quite the skilled one. 

I waited a while for her to speak.

But she is watching me with a grin as if finding it amusing. 

“…What may be the matter?” (Eugene)

“I heard you fought off Cerberus. How about it? Can you show me that magic swordsmanship of yours? At the training grounds of the Dungeon Union…” (Isolde)

“Y-You must not, Isolde-sama! The rules state that the 12 knights should only directly coach A rank explorers and higher! You must not give special treatment!” 

The receptionist that guided me here came in to stop her before I could answer. 

“You are so stiff. Can’t be helped, let’s get done with the main topic.” (Isolde)

Isolde said this and gave me one paper. 

It seems to be a document with detailed words lined up. 

There’s a whole lot of numbers lined up at the lower part. 

The upper part of the paper has the royal family’s crest.

“This is…?” (Eugene)

“The Cerberus head was sold. The service fee taken from the Dungeon Union has been listed here too.” (Isolde)

I once again checked the document after her words. 

What bothered me was the big number down the document. 

“……200,000,000G?” (Eugene)

“20% for the service fee was taken from that, so your share is 160,000,000G. On top of that, the payment for the Resurrection Drop of the other day has also been accounted for, making it somewhere around 100 million. Got any questions?” (Isolde)


I was shuddering at the fearsome number. 

Looking after the Demon Lord and being the guardian of Sumire, on top of exploring the Last Dungeon and selling the materials we have obtained from there, but this time around it is on a whole other level.

“Just who in the world bought it at such an outrageous amount? If I remember correctly, it was an auction, right?” (Eugene)

It must have been a high noble or royalty somewhere -is what I thought as I asked this. 

Judging from the crazy number, it might even be a high noble that came from the biggest nation of the West Continent, Highland? 

There should be a lot of rich people there. 

The answer given to me was an unexpected one.

“It was from the Emperor of the Grandflare Empire. He said there’s no way he wouldn’t buy the achievement of one of the Empire’s citizens.” (Isolde)

“Eh?” (Eugene)

I was surprised by those words.

His Imperial Majesty did…?

“It is not weird. It has been several decades since we have gotten materials from a Divine Beast. It will become a boost in power if used to make powerful magic weapons, and it would be unthinkable to pass it onto another nation. Don’t you think so too?” (Isolde)

“That’s…true.” (Eugene)

It has been more than a year since I moved away from the Empire. 

I have not returned to the Empire once since enrolling in the academy. 

But it seems like the Divine Beast materials I got will be of benefit for the Empire. 

It felt somewhat weird.

“Now then, Eugene-kun.” (Isolde)

“Y-Yes!” (Eugene)

The tone of Isolde-san changed. 

“You have become a millionaire as a student. How do you feel?” (Isolde)

“Uuh, I don’t really have anywhere to use it though…” (Eugene)

If I had to mention something, it would be to buy exploration tools and spare swords, but to be honest, I am not troubled by money.

“I see. But the people around you won’t think the same.” (Isolde)


I fall in thought at those words.

Me fighting off Cerberus is already known through the Satellite System.

And the savvy ones will know about the auction eventually. 

“And so, I am thinking of taking care of your assets…especially what you earned from the Divine Beast’s materials. Of course, you can tell me at any time you want to use it. Just think of the reason I will manage your assets as deterring the scammers.” (Isolde)

“That…would be a great help.” (Eugene)

There’s no doubt weird people will be gathering with a single student having such a surplus of money.

But if that money is being safeguarded by the close aide of King Uther, Isolde-san, I am sure they would give up.

“But why are you going that far for me?” (Eugene)

I am not acquainted with Isolde of the 12 knights.

I may have a father of a pretty high up rank in the Empire, but my social class is commoner. 

Pops himself is a noble since he is the Imperial Sword, but that isn’t passed down. It is just that person alone. 

That’s because the Imperial Sword will be reelected once the Emperor changes.

“That’s of course because you are the son of the Imperial Sword…is what I would want to say.” (Isolde)

Isolde-san sighs here. 

“This is actually something King Uther proposed. ‘It would be pitiful if Eugene got hampered in his explorations because of the money he got from the Divine Beast, so I will safeguard it!’ -is what he said.” (Isolde)

“K-King Uther himself?!” 

The receptionist raised a dumbstruck voice. 

No, I am surprised too.

Don’t you have a lot of other things you have to do, Academy Principal? 

“We can’t let His Majesty do that himself, so I -as the one who lost in the raffle- am going to take that role. Ahaha!” (Isolde)

The Flower Knight Isolde-san laughed heartily. 

So it was a raffle…

“Why has King Uther taken so much of a liking to you, Eugene-san?” 

The receptionist tilted her head.

“That’s obvious. It is because he announced to the whole continent ‘I will aim for the 500th Floor and surpass King Uther’. His Majesty likes challengers.” (Isolde)

“I am aware it is a reckless endeavor.” (Eugene)

My current record is the 45th Floor after all.

The record of King Uther is the Floor 451. 

It is more than 10 times the difference.

“Fufu…do you really think that? Well, I am also watching with expectation. If you have anything you want to consult about, go ahead and ask me anytime. Do you know where I live?” (Isolde)

“Yes…your house is…the red castle in the noble district, right?” (Eugene)

“I don’t like the name noble district, but…yeah, that’s right. I will tell the gatekeeper about you. I don’t mind if you bring along friends too. I would like to talk to an otherworlder too. His Majesty brags often about it.” (Isolde)

Isolde-san left after saying that.

The door closes and the tense atmosphere dissipates. 

As expected from the presence of a knight directly under King Uther. 

And she herself is an S rank explorer who has gotten through Floor 200. 

I could feel pressure just from her mere presence. 

“Haah, that was tense, wasn’t it?” 

“Yes. It was a shock galore.” (Eugene)

The receptionist spoke to me, most likely because she felt the same way. 

Her voice should have reached just fine from where she was, but she approached me. 

…Or more like, aren’t you too close?

Why are you sitting right by my side? 

“Hey, Eugene-san, do you already have a dungeon guide?” 

She peeked at my face as she asked.

A dungeon guide is a dungeon staff that supports a high ranked explorer personally

There’s no way I would have a dungeon guide as an explorer who was D rank not that long ago.

“I don’t.” (Eugene)

“Really?! Then, I will do it☆. Here.” 

She gave me a card.

What was written there was…


Dungeon Union

Receptionist Official/Dungeon Guide

Amaryllis Fiore.



Her profession and name. 

And her ID for direct communication magic.

“Amaryllis-san?” (Eugene)

“Yes! If it is okay with you, we can finish the procedures—” 

“Ah, no, I am still a C rank explorer, so I am not at a standing where I can get a dungeon guide…” (Eugene)

“What are you saying?! You are aiming for the Floor 500, so you will need one in the blink of an eye!” (Amaryllis)

“Even if you tell me that…” (Eugene)

“Now now, no need to be reserved.” (Amaryllis)

“This is not really about being reserved…” (Eugene)

The pushing and pulling continued for a while after that too, but I managed to hold back the answer for it after telling her I will consult with my comrades.

Let’s consult with Sumire and Sara later…

◇A few days later◇

I arrived at the rendezvous point one hour before the time agreed upon by Sumire and Sara.

There’s no real reason for it.

I simply got a bit hyped and only noticed I arrived a bit too soon after the fact. 

(…What should I do while I wait for Sumire and Sara to come?) (Eugene)

No monsters show up in the 1st Floor of the Zenith Tower.

There’s many stands lined up at the entrance aiming for explorers.

There’s also a lot of explorers shopping. Same goes for the area around the dungeon elevator.

But the places aside from those are open. 

It is a very spacious grass-covered plain. 

Explorers waiting for their other party members to come; explorers who are checking their luggage to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything; explorers who are taking a nap. 

A variety of people. 

(…Let’s swing my sword.) (Eugene)

I confirmed that there’s no one around and single-mindedly swung my sword.

I am feeling good today.


“Oi! Did you wait, Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“Eugene, sorry for the wait!” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara arrived.

The two came like friends…no, they have a bit of distance.

“I didn’t wait for long. Or more like, there’s still time, right?” (Eugene)

“Sorry. Sara-san said something weird, you see. It wasted time unnecessarily.” (Sumire)

“Sumire-san, can you please not lie? I was teaching you the principles of an explorer.” (Sara)

“And what about not getting too clingy with Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“That’s part of it too! Immoral!” (Sara)

“Even if the person who hugs Eugene-kun every time tells me that…” (Sumire)

“…I have been keeping it low recently though.” (Sara)

“…No, that’s not true.” (Sumire)

It is strained as always.

But we are beginning to get coordination in the actual explorations.

That’s why it will be today. 

“Sumire, Sara, counting on you today.” (Eugene)

“…Yes, Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“…Leave it to me, Eugene.” (Sara)

The two stopped the quarrel and quickly answered me. 

“Now then, let’s go…to challenge the Floor 50 Boss.” (Eugene)

I tell the two.

Sumire and Sara nodded. 

Zenith Tower, 50th Floor. 

The ones who get through this become B rank explorers. 

I am currently C rank. 

If I overcome this, I will go up one rank. 

In other words, the 50th Floor is a floor of trial.

(We finally managed to get all the way here…) (Eugene)

My hand holding the handle of the sword strengthened. 

Sumire, Sara, and I got on the dungeon elevator. 

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