ZAP – Chapter 49: Everything of Eugene is exposed

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Sumire and Sara were frozen at the Demon Lord that appeared again.

“…Eh?” (Eri)

Eri also has her mouth wide open.

Short pants and a disheveled shirt. 

Loungewear I am used to seeing. 

I can see bandages wrapped around haphazardly here and there. 

Her complexion doesn’t seem to be bad.

I am relieved that she is not weakened because of the cut I gave her. 

“Eri-senpai~! It has been a while-ssu~. It is Rita who was under your care in the newbie training-ssu! Man, I was scared when you were chosen for the trial of the Floor 100, Senpai~. Moreover, you were not going back at all. You shouldn’t do that-ssu yo. Interfering with the system of the Zenith Tower. I handled it for you, so praise me, okay~? By the way, I want to inquire a bit about the trial of just now—hm? What’s the matter-ssu ka, Eri-senpai? Your eyes are scary.” (Rita)

“Stop the cameras in the dungeon.” (Eri)

A fearsome voice rang.

“Heh?” (Rita)

“Did you not hear me?” (Eri)

“Y-Yes, at once! Eyes-chan, sleep mode!” (Rita)

The eyes of the dungeon made a low ‘whoon…’ sound and fell on the ground.

“E-Eri-senpai~? What’s the matter-ssu ka?” (Rita)

“You…!!” (Eri)

“Gyaaaaaaah!! Ouch ouch ouch! My head is going to pop-ssu!” (Rita)

The Demon Lord was grinding the head of the Angel-san with her fists.

“Hey…Eugene-kun…” (Sumire)

“Eugene, what are we being shown here?” (Sara)

“Are the Demon Lord and the Angel-chan friends?!” (Sumire)

“Hmm…that seems to be the case.” (Eugene)

I could only nod. 

I have heard from Eri that she was in charge of training the newbie angels before.

At that time, I was half-listening there, but she really was a senior, huh.

“Oi, boy! Don’t just watch and save me. You are the buddy of Eri-senpai, right?” (Rita)


“Geh.” (Eugene)

Sumire and Sara reacted before me to the words of Rita-san.

“Eugene-kun…is the buddy of the Demon Lord?” (Sumire)

“A-Angel-sama, what are you saying…?” (Sara)

“E-Excuse me! Please wait.” (Eugene)

I hurriedly ran there to stop Rita-san from spouting any more weird stuff.

“Oh, boy, you have quite the fearless face now that I look closely at you. Not my taste, but the type that Eri-senpai would like-ssu ne.” (Rita)

Rita-san had slipped out from the headlock of the Demon Lord by the time I noticed and was in front of me. 

“What does that mean?! What’s that about Eugene-kun being the partner of the scary Demon Lord?!!” (Sumire)

“Angel-sama, there’s things that can and can’t be joked about! There’s no way Eugene would be in a contract with such a filthy Demon Lord! The Demon Lord was sleeping in the Sealed Underground Prison!” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara were showing an incredibly threatening attitude. 

The eyebrows of Eri twitched when Sara said ‘filthy’.

“Oh? You two on the same stage didn’t know? That’s not good-ssu yo. Your party members are practically your family, so there should be no secrets. I clearly saw that you and Eri-senpai are tied up by a Body Contract after all.” (Rita)

“Wa?!!!” (Eugene)

This damn angel! 

She spilled out everything! 


The air froze.

I felt chills run down my spine. 

I am scared of looking at the faces of Sumire and Sara. 

“Ahaha, a Body Contract is that, right? Also called the Love Contract. You are so funny, Rita-chan~. The Demon Lord-san is a super old granny, so there’s no way she would have a relationship like that with Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

“Yeah, it is just as Sumire-chan said. I was almost about to believe it. So even Angel-samas joke, huh.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara were smiling brightly…brightly at a glance.

…The face of the Demon Lord changed when Sumire said ‘granny’.

The Demon Lord disappeared.

She used Teleport and appeared right above me without making a sound.

And then, she hugged me from behind.

“Hey, Eugene, the wound from when you cut me still hurts… Can you comfort me like you usually do?” (Eri)

“E-Eri?!” (Eugene)

She was different from the Demon Lord mode until just now. 

An alluring tone like when she is in the Sealed Underground Prison.

She directed a charming gaze at me and traced her finger onto my neck.

{Oi, is it okay to do this in front of people?} (Eugene)

I speak to Eri in a low voice.

You are the Legendary Demon Lord feared in the South Continent, right?! 

“What’s the matter, Eugene? Getting all embarrassed. Hey, it is not like this is our first time, right♡?” (Eri)

Eri hugged me even tighter.

Her soft breasts were pressing my back.

“Demon Lord, get away from Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“Let go of Eugene, you Fallen Angel!” (Sara)

The right hand of Sumire was burning bright red.

Sara unsheathed her Relic Sword again and the blade began to shine. 

“Oh my, how scary. Eugene, save me~.” (Eri)

“Sumire, Sara, calm down. The Trial of Gods is over.” (Eugene)

I tried to calm down the two, but when Eri rubbed her cheek against mine, the face of the two grew even more dangerous. 

“Eugene-kun, move! I am going to burn her!” (Sumire)

“Devouched Demon Lord, I am going to slice you up!” (Sara)

“Fufufu, do you think your joke attacks can reach me?” (Eri)

The Demon Lord provoked the two for some reason.

I want to stop Eri by force, but I cut her just recently with the Mana Sword, so I can’t be too overbearing here. 

In that time, the atmosphere between the Demon Lord, Sumire, and Sara was getting even more dangerous. 

I feel like…one more battle is going to be happening at this rate. 

“What do we do about this?” (Eugene)

I spoke to the source of all this evil, the Angel-san. 

“Oof…this is quite the pickle, ain’t it?” (Rita)

“Don’t speak as if you’ve got nothing to do with this!” (Eugene)

“Now now, leave it to me. Ooi, Dungeon Master-chan~! Please stop Eri-senpai~!” (Rita)

The Angel-san shouted above. 

(A Dungeon Master in the Zenith Tower?) (Eugene)

I have not heard anything about that in the academy. 

The angels weren’t the administrators?

“In the first place, a granny seriously going after a young man is lame, isn’t it, Sara-chan☆?” (Sumire)

“True, Sumire-chan. She is called a Demon Lord, but maybe she is now the ruler of the succubus?” (Sara)

“…Those are some big mouths you got there. Looks like you are in need of a spanking.” (Eri)

A vein popped out from the forehead of the Demon Lord.

…Oi oi, that Eri, isn’t she seriously angry here?

Just when I felt it was about time I step in…


Giant walls appeared between the Demon Lord, Sumire, and Sara.




Eri wasn’t flustered by this. 

As for Sumire and Sara, they both moved back in surprise. 

Angel-san jumped in between there. 

“You must not tease the youngsters-ssu yo, Eri-senpai. Also, you two must show respect towards your trial opponent-ssu yo~.” (Rita)


Eri, Sumire, and Sara seemed to want to say something, but went silent for now. 

The 3 of them glared at each other for a while. 

“So, Rita, what is it you wanted to ask me?” (Eri)

The one who said that as if finding this a pain is Eri. 

“Hmm, this is an investigation of whether you were giving preferential treatment to this boy because you are in a contract with him. Of course, I don’t think Eri-senpai, who was called a drill sergeant, would pull any punches-ssu yo?” (Rita)

The Demon Lord sighed at what the Angel-san said. 

“Listen here, Rita, Eugene has already fought Cerberus-chan in Floor 20 and had his strength recognized, you know? It is enough that Eugene should be able to get a free pass in the Floor 100 trial. You are not going to tell me you are not even aware of that, right?” (Eri)

Eri glared at the Angel-san and she made a surprised face. 

…Eh? Did she not know? 

“Y-You’ve got it wrong-ssu yo! The previous one was removed because of the blunder of Cerberus being mistakenly summoned in the 20th Floor! That’s why this position wasn’t properly succeeded… Uhm, wait a moment please… I will check the recording… Aah!! The boy certainly has fought Cerberus and has been acknowledged! Then, he has cleared without any issues!” (Rita)

The Angel-san laughed cheerfully with an ‘ahaha!’.

Looks like she has a pretty carefree attitude.

“Good grief. I will be leaving now then. The wound Eugene made still hurts after all…” (Eri)

Eri held her stomach.

“Are you okay, Eri?” (Eugene)

I ended up speaking to her. 

“Are you worried?” (Eri)

“O-Obviously.” (Eugene)

Eri grinned and placed a hand on my cheek.

The mana and aura coming out from Sumire and Sara behind me is scary, but I decided to not worry about it for now. 

But I couldn’t ignore that my arms were grabbed from both sides.

“Hey, Eugene-kun, you seem to be awfully close to that Demon Lord-san there.” (Sumire)

“Eugene☆, will you explain in detail?” (Sara)

The voices of Sumire and Sara were the lowest I have heard of them until now. 

“Senpai, I will be treating your wounds~.” (Rita)

“…You…do you not get that I am a Demon Lord?” (Eri)

“It is okay-ssu yo. I am the only one watching Floor 100.” (Rita)

“You operate at your own tune as always…” (Eri)

The Angel-san and Eri are talking to each other. 

Looks like the Angel-san will be healing the wound of Eri. 

And then there’s Sumire and Sara at both of my sides. 

…Looks like I can’t escape from this one. 

—I spilled the beans about everything.


“…………Lies. Those are lies.” (Sara)

Sara was swaying to-and-fro between me and Eri with her still unsheathed Relic Sword. 

Uhm…she won’t be coming at me all of a sudden, I hope.

“Eeh…then, the Demon Lord-san and Eugene-kun are…uhm…in a lewd relationship…?” (Sumire)

Sumire looked at me and Eri with a red face.

“Fufufu, that’s how it is☆. Too bad, Sumire-chan, Sara-chan. I have taken the first time of Eugene-kun.” (Eri)

Eri answered with a big smile. 

“Oi, Eri, don’t say anymore.” (Eugene)

Stop it, please stop.

“Kuh…I am going to abolish the Animal Club with my authority as the student council president! I have to free Eugene from the Demon Lord!” (Sara)

Sara said something outrageous. 

“Principal Uther is the advisor of the Animal Club, so it is most likely impossible.” (Eugene)

I tell Sara who has lost her calm.

“Then I will negotiate directly with the Academy Principal! In the first place, why are you the only one that has to do this?!” (Sumire)

Sumire shouted.

“Only the Academy Principal and I can go into the 7th Seal Underground Prison. It was apparently possible for other members to go in in the long past though.” (Eugene)

“Eeh…why has something like that…” (Sara)

“The main reason is that that stupid Principal is throwing in mythological creatures in there as he pleases. Miasma so dense residents of the Mortal Realm can’t even breathe in permeates the place. There’s actually no other one that can take the job, so it can’t be helped.” (Eri)

Eri shrugged her shoulders as if saying ‘good grief’.

“Ugugu…no way.” (Sumire)

“Hm? But Sumire-chan is a Half-God, so shouldn’t she be able to-ssu ka?” (Rita)

“Eh?” (Sumire)

Sumire turned back at the words of the Angel-san.

“Also, with the effect of Sara-chan’s Relic Sword, she probably would be okay even if she were to enter the Underground Prison-ssu yo.” (Rita)

“R-Really, Angel-sama?!” (Sara)

“Is that true, Rita-san?” (Eugene)

“There’s no doubt about it-ssu yo. My eyes are so good, I have been praised by the Goddess-sama, you know~.” (Rita)

This is surprising.

Even Claude with his Hero Class has to do his all to even approach it. 

It seems like Sumire and Sara can go in.

“Yoouuu!! Why are you saying unnecessary stuff?!!” (Eri)

“Eh?! Was that a bad thing to say?!” (Rita)

“Obviously! Even though that place was exclusively for me and Eugene!” (Eri)

The Angel-san was being pressed on by Eri.

“Demon Lord-san, I will be going there to hang out (get in your way) next time, okay~☆?” (Sumire)

“You don’t need to come!” (Eri)

Sumire is provoking the Demon Lord.

…Y-You are so strong, Sumire.

The body of the Demon Lord began to shine golden at that moment. 

“Eri-senpai~, I have heard what I wanted, so it is already fine-ssu. I will go say hi sometime, okay~?” (Rita)

“You don’t have to come either… Well then, see you later, Eugene.” (Eri)

Eri winked at me and disappeared.

She must have returned to the Underground Prison with Teleport. 

“I will return to my job-ssu ne. If you have business with me, call me on the 100th Floor, okay? I will at least bring out tea~. Bye bye~☆.” (Rita)

The Angel-san disappeared with Teleport too.

The golden forest disappeared at the same time, and it returned to an empty Floor 100.

Sumire, Sara, and I were left standing there.


A low mechanic sound rang. 

It seems like the Dungeon Eyes have reactivated.

They are floating around. 

“Let’s go back.” (Eugene)

Fatigue hit me hard in one go.

We have overcome the Floor 100 trial.

It would be better to report to the Dungeon Union.

I think they already know the result through the Satellite System though.

The moment we were about to return to the dungeon elevator…

“Eugene-kun, I have something to tell you.” (Sumire)

Sumire grabbed my arm tightly.

I was about to say ‘We can talk later…’, but I stopped. 

The expression of Sumire was way too serious.

“Y-You are going to say it now, Sumire-chan?!” (Sara)

Sara was slightly flustered.

“On the contrary, it should be now! You heard about the relationship between the Demon Lord just now and Eugene-kun, right?!! Do you really want to keep things as they are?!” (Sumire)

“It is obviously not! It is the worst! How should I report this to my nation?!” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara were shouting loudly. 

“Uhm…what’s this talk you two have…?” (Eugene)

When I asked nervously, Sumire and Sara glared at me. 

(This is…they are angry.) (Eugene)

Of course they are. 

I have been hiding from the two of them that I had a contract with the Demon Lord.

A dungeon exploration party is a one for all.

It is common knowledge to not have secrets. 

It might even lead to the disband of the exploration party. 

I wouldn’t be in a position to complain even if they were to bring that out. 

“Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“Eugene!” (Sara)

They called my name.

“Y-Yes?” (Eugene)

I responded nervously and gulped.


Sumire and Sara seemed to be troubled about something and aren’t saying the next words.

If my party with the two is disbanded, I will be returning to solo.

Floor 101 and up alone would be difficult. 

In the first place, I can’t fight properly without the mana of Sumire. 

The explorations would get rough.

But I resolved myself.

“You can clearly tell me what you want to say. I will accept anything.” (Eugene)

I answered with a gentle tone.

Even if I get thrown away by the two, it is thanks to those two that I managed to get all the way to Floor 100.

I won’t ever forget that debt. 

The days when I couldn’t even clear Floor 10 feel far in the past now.

The explorations as of recent have been really fulfilling. 

I have only gratitude towards the two. 

That’s what led me to those words.

Sumire and Sara were shocked by this though. 

“Hm? Anything?” (Sumire)

“You said ‘anything’ just now, right?” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara muttered.

“…Yeah.” (Eugene)

Even if they tell me they won’t explore with someone like me who has made a contract with a Demon Lord, I plan on accepting it. 

But I feel like we are not on the same wavelength here. 

I am being assailed with an ‘I have done it now’.

But I can’t take back my words.

Pops taught me ‘A man doesn’t go back on his words’ which is apparently a saying of the East Continent. 

(You…) (Eri)

(What?) (Eugene)

(Idiot.) (Eri)

The exasperated voice of the Demon Lord echoed in my head. 

It seems like our conversation is being heard completely.

And I am being reprimanded here for some reason.

“Eugene-kun…” (Sumire)

“Eugene…” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara grabbed my arms tightly. 

…This is not a talk about disbanding the party? 

I waited for their words.

“I like you, go out with me.” (Sumire)

“I love you, become my boyfriend.” (Sara)

It was a confession of love from the two.

■Comment Response: 

>An off-the-record Demon Lord is bad news! Carnage will happen! 

>Carnage! Carnage!

I actually wanted Eri, Sumire, and Sara to meet sooner! 

I finally managed to have a carnage-like scene.

>It still hasn’t been discovered by the 2 (yet).

Everything has been exposed.

■Author’s Comment: 

The next one is an epilogue. The 2nd Arc was long. 

There’s also an announcement about Zero Attack Power!! (I have wanted to say that at least once. There being an announcement is true)

Please look forward to it!!!

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