ZAP – Chapter 73: Eugene is notified

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“The one that wins in this martial arts tournament…obtains the right to fight the hero that subjugated the Demon Lord, Eugene Santafield! -I had no idea that happened.” (Sara)

I was confused by the words of Sara and asked.

“Why did such a thing happen?” (Eugene)

“The school festival committee president decided on their own! That person is seriously…!” (Sara)

Sara is fuming here.

“The school festival committee president…if I remember correctly, they are an upperclassman from the Legendary Hero Department?” (Eugene)

I remember what happened last year. 

A famous person.

I only know their name. 

I think they are noisy. 

“That’s right! They love festivals and overblow anything! Even though we already have no budget.” (Sara)

“Is that…going to be okay?” (Eugene)

Not having money should be fatal. 

“That’s why! They hurriedly prepared a ‘super VIP seat’ in the martial arts tournament, made a special match, and sold one ticket for 1 million G! With no prior notice to the student council! They used your name to draw in customers.” (Sara)

“I-I see…” (Eugene)

It is weird to say this myself, but my fame is currently pretty high. 

Looks like they are using me well. 

“And so, I will be rushing into the headquarters of the school festival committee. You come too, Eugene.” (Sara)

“Got it.” (Eugene)

I am a bit tired after coming back from the Zenith Tower, but I couldn’t refuse the intensity of Sara.

The headquarters of the school festival committee are located at a corner of the training grounds. It is the giant tent there. 

I gave her the Sacred Treasure of Grace that I got from Rita-san while we headed there. 

“Eh?! A Heaven Lion Mantle?! Yay!” (Sara)

Sara’s eyes were sparkling. 

It is the same equipment as the legendary Holy Maiden Anna-sama that saved the world in the past. 

Looks like she is overwhelmed with emotions here. 

“Hey, Eugene, does it look good on me?” (Sara)

Sara immediately put the mantle on and spun. 

“It does.” (Eugene)

It looks good on Sara with her long hair. 

“Really?! I’m so happy!” (Sara)

“O-Oi, Sara.” (Eugene)

She hugged me. 

I felt gazes on us, but Sara doesn’t seem to mind it. 

She was enthralled by the Sacred Treasure of Grace for a while, but she must have remembered the main topic, we began moving. 


Sara’s steps were light. 

I told Sara about the white sword on our way there. 

“Ooh, then you can explore on your own now, Eugene.” (Sara)

“Yeah, it will be a great help.” (Eugene)

“Hmm.” (Sara)

“Sara?” (Eugene)

“Nothing. Let’s go.” (Sara)

She directed a meaningful gaze at me, but she didn’t say much and just walked ahead. 

We arrived at the tent of the school festival committee as all of that happened. 

There’s a big sign that has written: [Lykeion Magic Academy – Headquarters of the School Festival Committee].

There are many people coming and going from the giant tent’s entrance. 

“Let’s go, Eugene.” (Sara)

“Okay…” (Eugene)

Sara and I crossed the entrance of the tent and entered. 

There’s a large amount of students working busily. 

But there was a reaction soon after seeing Sara. 

“Council President Sara?” 

“Is something the matter?” 

“Going all the way here to the headquarters.” 

Several of them came to us after seeing Sara. 

“Is the Committee President Rebecca here?” (Sara)


The several people there looked at each other’s faces. 

“She hasn’t been showing herself in the headquarters since yesterday.” 

“She said: ‘I am going to make up for the budget we are short of~!’” 

“Why…is the one in charge not where she is supposed to be…” (Sara)

“We also have something to consult about, but that person is like the wind…” 

“Haaah…” (Sara)

Looks like the committee is also troubled here. They are all making sour faces. 

They didn’t react at all to me, but…

“Hm? Could it be that you are Eugene-kun?” 

It seems like one of the members noticed me and spoke to me. 

“Yeah.” (Eugene)

“Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in the special match of the martial arts tournament! You really saved us there~!” 

“Eh?” (Eugene)


I was dumbstruck by what he said and he also made a dumbstruck face. 

“C-Could it be that…you didn’t agree?” 

“I only heard about it just recently.” (Eugene)

“N-No way… The committee president said she went to you personally to get permission though.” 

“We are here to ask in detail about that.” (Eugene)

“Uwaah… The committee president went ahead with it on her own again, huh…” 

The member scratched his head. 

“Listen here… Eugene and I returned from the Empire just this morning, you know? There’s no way she could have gotten his agreement.” (Sara)

Sara sighed heavily. 

“Sara, it seems like she is not present right now. What should we do? Wait here?” 

“No, she apparently hasn’t returned since yesterday, so it might be pointless to wait. Let’s search for her.” (Sara)

“Got it.” (Eugene)

Sara and I exited the tent. 

But the Lykeion Magic Academy is big. 

Bigger than your average village. 

We won’t be able to find her even if we search blindly. 

“Where should we begin from?” (Eugene)

“It can’t be helped. Let’s ask for the cooperation of the student council members too and—” (Sara)

Sara was about to say that, but…


A loud sound rang and a giant fire pillar rose. 


Sara and I looked at each other’s faces.

(That’s the…high rank fire spell: Firestorm?) (Eugene)

The spell itself is not rare. 

There’s a good amount of people in the academy that can use high rank magic. 

The issue is the power.

Raging fire that feels as if it could burn even the heavens. 

I can’t see the top of the fire pillar. 

You normally wouldn’t use it in this way. 

If you are going to bring out such power, it would be more efficient to just use superior rank and monarch rank magic after all. 

And yet, a high rank spell has been activated on monarch rank quality. 

In other words, the user of this spell has excessive amounts of mana

“That fire magic just now…” (Sara)

“Seems to be Sumire.” (Eugene)

I can somewhat tell the quirks of her fire magic. 

“Geez, Sumire-chan! Using a big spell like that in a place that’s not the training ground!” (Sara)

“Let’s go check it out. Her magic might have gone awry.” (Eugene)

“…Right. I am worried about Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

The face of Sara turned serious. 

But what I was worried about the most was the people around rather than Sumire herself. 

The magic of the Ifrit Sumire burns everything. 

(If I remember correctly, she was going together with Leona to check the performance of the martial arts club.) (Eugene)

The members of the martial arts club know the power of Sumire’s magic, so I think it should be okay, but…my steps ended up accelerating. 

The fire pillar had gotten a lot smaller by the time we arrived. 

Even so, it was still burning even now. 

It is Firestorm with outrageous power. 

Looks like a crowd has formed and I could hear people talking. 

“T-That’s amazing, Sumire-chan! There’s no doubt you will draw the gazes of the guests with this power!” 

“Ehehe, really?” (Sumire)

“Uhm, vice-president, sorry to say this, but using way too offensive spells is prohibited by the rules of the school festival, you know?” (Leona) 

“What are you saying, Leona-kun?! Sumire-chan is a student from the Legendary Hero Department that came from a parallel world, right? They will surely turn a blind eye to a bit of rule breaking!” 

“No, I am from the Normal Department…” (Sumire)

“W-What?! And yet you have that much power?! Wonderful!” 

“As I said, vice-president, we can’t use the special privilege of the Legendary Hero Department.” (Leona)

“Don’t worry, Leona-kun. We go ask Principal Uther at times like this! That personage will surely close his eyes to a bit of craziness if it is interesting.” 

“The actions of the Academy Principal require the agreement of the student council and the committee, you know? Council President Sara is pretty strict.” (Leona)

“Hahaha! That’s why I will leave the agreement of the student council for last! Hell, we could pull it and then apologize afterwards!” 

“It will definitely get discovered in an instant. We are talking about that firepower, you know?” (Leona)

“As if I could be the vice-president of the martial arts club by fearing the student council!” 

“Don’t blame me for what happens.” (Leona)

I heard that conversation.

“……I see.” (Sara)

Sara was smiling faintly by my side. 

The people of Caldia are really strict when it comes to rules -including Sara. 

That conversation just now was totally an out. 

“Ah, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)


Sumire found Sara.

“C-Council President Sara?!” 

The vice-president of the martial arts club that was scheming(?) just now turned blue. 

“Aah, I tried to stop him just so you know.” (Leona)

Leona shrugged and took a step away from the vice-president.

“T-That’s not it, Council President Sara! We were in the middle of writing down the papers to send to the student council for the magic that will be used in the future event…” 

“Oh my, is that so?” (Sara)

Sara smiled. 

She had pressure that didn’t allow a no despite showing a smile. 


The vice-president immediately groveled on the ground.

Yeah, that response is the correct one. 

“Hey, Sara-chan, is it not allowed to use magic in the school festival? A mean person from the swordsmanship club said that the performance of the martial arts club was plain, so they wanted to do something that stood out. I thought my magic would fit perfectly for that.” (Sumire)

Sumire asks with innocent eyes. 

“Listen here, Sumire-chan. I would of course agree if it can be used safely… By the way, how’s your fire magic control?” (Sara)

“Eh? Aah, almost perfect!” (Sumire)

“Almost is not good!” (Sara)

“Eeh, just a bit.” (Sumire)

“No!” (Sara)

“Cheapskate.” (Sumire)

“What did you just call me?!” (Sara)

I got in between the two as the usual exchange began. 

“Sumire, try holding this.” (Eugene)

“Eugene-kun…this is a staff?” (Sara)

I gave her the one other Sacred Treasure of Grace that was entrusted to me by the angel-san.

Sumire grabbed it and shone red as if reacting to the mana of an Ifrit. 

“How’s that, Sumire? The angel-san apparently adjusted it to be easy to use.” (Eugene)

“Hmm? Let’s try a test shot~. Ei☆.” (Sumire)

Sumire waved the staff lightly. 

…Chills ran down my spine. 

Sumire simply waved the staff without a care. 

And yet, I felt as if tactical magic had been directed at me. 

The magic of the Ifrit Sumire activated.

— “Kya Kya☆!” 

— “Waai☆.” 

— “Fufufu.” 

What formed there were Angels made of fire. 

“Manifestation of magic creatures…?” 

“T-They are in the form of Angels, so…saint rank magic…?” 

“Moreover, chantless…?” 

The vice-president and Leona were taken aback.

No, that was the same for me and Sara. 

Sumire is the only one going ‘Waah, so cute~☆’ and playing around with the Fire Angels. 

Only the person herself has not noticed that she has pulled off something outrageous. 

“What should we do, Sara?” (Eugene)

“…Always have an eye on Sumire-chan whenever she uses magic!” (Sara)

“Got it.” (Eugene)

That’s my duty as her guardian. 

It seems like the new staff Sumire got fits her. 

But she can now activate higher ranked magic more easily. 

I have to warn her about the appropriate use of it. 

It was at that moment…

—A magic circle appeared in midair. 

Someone showed up from inside it. 

(Teleport?) (Eugene)

It is a rare spell that not many can use.

“Oh, who was the one that shot the spell just now?” 

The one that appeared was a small female elf student with bright red disheveled hair.

She looks young at a glance, but the appearance and age doesn’t match when it comes to long living elves.

“I-It was me.” (Sumire)

Sumire raised her hand nervously. 

“Ooh! I know about you, Sashiogi Sumire-kun. I heard you came from a parallel world. I have wanted to talk to you. Do you have time? I will prepare tea and snacks, so it would be great if you could come with me…” 

“I have been searching for you, Senpai.” (Sara)

Sara spoke to the female elf student that was speaking a storm to Sumire.

“Oh, are the ones here Sara-kun and the rumored boyfriend-kun?! Right, right, I had something to talk to you about, too! This serves just right!” 

That smile with her big eyes was provocative.

Her name is…

“Nice to meet you, I am Rebecca J Walker. The president of the magic academy’s school festival committee. Nice to meet you, Legendary Hero-kun that defeated a Demon Lord☆.” (Rebecca)

Her face moved closer as she said this. 

She is the very person we were searching for. 

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