ZAP – Chapter 63: Great Demonic Beast Subjugation Plan

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“Your Imperial Majesty, I have a plan to subjugate the Great Demonic Beast.” (Eugene)

When I said this, everyone in the room reacted at once. 

Surprise, anger, contempt. 

They directed varied gazes at me. 

The ones that are especially angered here are the tacticians and Imperial Court Mages of the imperial army that proposed the last plan. 

“You are saying our plan will fail?!” 

“Show us proof! We won’t forgive half-baked information!” 

“Even if you are the son of the Imperial Sword-sama, your rudeness is out of bounds!” 

They do have a point. 

A youngling that suddenly intruded in the place is telling them their plan is going to fail. Couple that with this being in front of the Emperor and of course they would burst in anger. 

(But if this plan fails, many people of the Empire will die, and the one who will die first would be…Airi.) (Eugene)

I glanced at the face of my childhood friend, and she was confused here. 

“Fumu… I am interested in the subjugation suggestion that Eugene has brought, but there’s the need to hear the basis as to why you state this time’s sealing plan will fail.” 

The place turned silent again with the words of the Emperor.

(The possibility of failing was information I was given from Mother in the Divine Realm, but I can’t say that here.) (Eugene)

Mother and Pops have told me to keep silent about it. 

That’s why I prepared a ‘plausible’ lie. 

The lie that this is information from the number one mage in the continent, Principal Uther. 

I have gotten his permission to use his name via transmission magic before coming here. 

“Hahaha! Things have gotten interesting. Go ahead and use my name as you please. Tell me the story when you come back.” -is what he said as he agreed.

As expected of the academy principal.

He is really understanding. 

“That’s…” (Eugene)

When I was about to tell them…

“Your Imperial Majesty, excuse the intrusion in the middle of your meeting! An emergency transmission magic, Hotline, has come from Caldia!!” 

A soldier came in while heaving, opening the door with a ‘bang!’.

A Hotline is a special transmission spell that can only be used by the rulers of the Grandflare Empire, the Holy Nation of Caldia, and the Blue Waters Federation.

It is said that the only times it is used are when a national level threat happens. 

“Connect us.” 

The Emperor ordered without any agitation. 

A ‘wuoom’ sound was made and a broadcast showed in midair. 

The one that showed up was a young and beautiful silver haired woman. 

The place turned noisy.

“?! Orianne-sama!” 

I could hear Sara gulping behind me. 

Orianne Ilia Caldia.

That name is one that anyone in the South Continent knows. 

One of the 8 Holy Maidens that are the top of Caldia which is the leading power in the Sacred Union.

Normally, in order to reach the position of Holy Maiden, you would need to climb all the way from an apprentice. 

And then, at the end it is decided with an election, so most Holy Maidens chosen are mainly in their prime. 

However, there’s one sole exception.

The one who is not chosen by the people, but by the Destiny Goddess Ilia-sama. 

That’s the Destiny Oracle. And the name of the present generation Oracle is Orianne-sama. 

“My apologies for the sudden call, Emperor of Grandflare.” (Orianne)

“You went out of your way to use the Hotline. What brought this call?” 

“Fufufu, I heard a deeply intriguing thing, you see. You are apparently planning on resealing the Great Demonic Beast. However, the current plan is most likely going to fail, you know?” (Orianne)


Shock ran through the throne room. 

And then, the eyes gather on me.

…Hm? Isn’t this bad? 

With this, they might misinterpret it as me having connections with the Holy Nation.

“Eugene, you were a lackey of the Sacred Union?!” 

“Speaking of which, isn’t the one behind him a Holy Maiden Candidate?!” 

“How can this be?! To think our classified information was being leaked.” 

I was thinking about saying something regarding this, but…

“By the way, I learned of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation plan from Ilia-sama.” (Orianne)

The place went silent again at the words of the Destiny Oracle.

The Oracle is the only one who can hear the voice of the Goddess. 

That’s why she is special and her words carry a lot of weight. 

“…Does that mean Ilia-sama has said our plan is going to fail?” 

The Emperor asked in a slightly displeased tone. 

“She said the chances are high with how things are going. But she also said that a young swordsman of the Empire would be showing them a new path.” (Orianne)

Their eyes gather on me again.

(This is…most likely the doing of Mother…) (Eugene)

Last night, the most difficult thing when we were thinking about the plan was how to correct the trajectory of the already moving plan. 

Looks like Mother has spoken directly to the Goddess. 

“I see… Got it. Looks like there’s a need to recheck our plan.” 

The Emperor said heavily. 

“Please wait, Your Imperial Majesty! Then why did Eugene keep silent about the failure of the plan?! He spoke of it only after it was right by the end! We can’t trust him!” 

Someone voiced a good point.

When I looked closely, the one who spoke was the fiancee of Airi, General Ber-something.

“Right. Eugene, I shall ask again. How did you learn that our plan would fail?” 

Slimy gazes gathered on me with the question of the Emperor. 

I pushed my chest out and answered proudly with a lie.

“Last night, Principal Uther of the Lykeion Magic Academy called me with transmission magic. According to his Clairvoyance, danger was approaching the Empire, and he told me the way to stop it.” (Eugene)

I tell them the answer I prepared beforehand without any hesitation. 

“The number one mage of the continent… King Uther’s Clairvoyance, huh. I see, I see.” (Orianne)

Orianne-sama directed a meaningful smile at me. 

This person should know everything, but it seems like she will be taking my side here. 

“Your Imperial Majesty, we already know that King Uther is close to Eugene Santafield. We are also aware that he is the only one who is allowed to enter the cages where the treasured  mythological creatures of the aforementioned king are kept in custody.” 

The one who spoke in a volume that allowed everyone in the place to hear was a man who is wearing the armband of the intelligence division of the Empire. 

It is true that, if it is them, they would be aware of my actions in the Dungeon City. 

That said, the real answer is that I am the only one who can enter those cages though.

“Got it. It seems like I now owe quite a lot of places, but I appreciate your consideration. Prime Minister, please send my thanks under my name to the Dungeon City later.” 

“Understood.” (Catherine)

The Prime Minister nodded courteously. 

“Then, let’s hear this ‘subjugation proposal’ that Eugene has brought.” 

I nodded at the Emperor and spoke. 

“Yes!! Then, allow me to brief everyone on the details!!” (Eugene)

I tell them about the plan that I thought of all night together with Mother and the others.

◇Last Night◇

“Mother, is there any good method to seal the Great Demonic Beast?” (Eugene)

“Even if you ask me for a good method… I was bothered by it and investigated, but it is a Star Beast that has accumulated miasma for 200 years, right~? It is going to be rough to seal it without any casualties.” (Laila)

The voice of Mother was transmitting her vexation.

“So it really is impossible…” (Eugene)

“Hmm, I understand your feelings though, Eugene.” (Laila)

“But at this rate, Airi is going to…” (Eugene)

Just when I was feeling dejected here…

“Hey, Laila-senpai~. There should be a way, right? You could just tell him☆.” 

A familiar and awfully cheerful voice echoed. 

Looks like she was listening in on my conversation with Mother. 

But that’s something I couldn’t just ignore. 

“Eri, what’s this method you speak of?” (Eugene)

“Hey, Erinyes! Don’t just say whatever you want! A method to oppose a Star Beast that has grown this much is just—” (Laila)

Eugene just has to become the bait. That way no one will die.” (Eri)

Eri said this nonchalantly. 

“M-Me…?” (Eugene)

“Don’t speak nonsense! There’s no way I can let Eugene do something that dangerous!!” (Laila)

My agitated voice was erased by the loud voice of Mother. 

“Hey, your voice was way too loud there, Laila-senpai.” (Eri)

“It is because you are saying stupid stuff! Eugene, you must not listen to what this idiot is saying.” (Laila)

It doesn’t seem like Mother agrees here, but I want to listen to what she has to say. 

“Eri, can you please tell me?” (Eugene)

“W-Wait, Eugene?!” (Laila)

“Fufufu, okay☆.” (Eri)

Eri laughed impishly as always when she heard what I said. 

“That said, it is pretty simple logic, you know? The Star Beast is composed mainly of minus energy from the lifestream, which is black mana. But if it is someone who specializes in white mana like you, Eugene, you can resist it. You must not go in half-baked. It is exactly because you have pure white mana that you can do it.” (Eri)

Eri added: ‘See? Simple, right?’.

“Then, it would be possible for me to endure the attacks of the Great Demonic Beast…?!” (Eugene)


So my constitution composed solely of white mana that brought me despair in the Selection Exam when I was 15 will be of use here? 

I was excited by this and…

“Listen here…a Star Beast isn’t only composed of black mana. There’s also the indigo mana with the traits of poison and curse, and also the purple mana with its trait of death. Eugene has no resistance to those, so he would obviously die. Stop speaking thoughtlessly.” (Laila)

Mother pointed out, baffled.

But those words made it click for me.

Indigo mana and purple mana; the one who has both of these manas is…

“Aah, if it is about that, I am in a contract with Eugene, so there’s no issues.” (Eri)

“………Hah?” (Laila)

“Geh.” (Eugene)

She is gonna reveal it? 

But I would worry Mother if I don’t tell her, so…it can’t be helped, I guess?

“W-W-W-W-W-W-What’s the meaning of this?! Explain, Erinyes!” (Laila)

The pretty flustered voice of Mother echoed.

“A-About that…calm down, Mother.” (Eugene)

“Fufufufu, me and Eugene have simply formed a body contract. That’s why Eugene has resistance towards my black mana, indigo mana, and purple mana. Therefore, he can face the Star Beast-chan. Rather, wouldn’t it even be possible to expend its mana to defeat it?” (Eri)

“B-Body contract…?! You put a hand on my son?!” (Laila)

“Thanks for the meal☆, Laila-senpai.” (Eri)

“I will kill you! I will choke you dead once you return to the Divine Realm, so get ready!” (Laila)

“So scary, Laila-senpai. Looks like I won’t be able to return to the Divine Realm for the foreseeable future~☆.” (Eri)

“…Eugene, how did you get caught up by this woman?” (Laila)

“T-That’s not it, Mother. I only had white mana and had no choice but to give up on the path of a magic swordsman and was despairing from it, but Eri saved me. That’s why Eri is a benefactor for me.” (Eugene)

“Eugene…” (Laila)

“Right, right, Eugene is cool, yet has a low evaluation of himself. So I simply thought about showing him a bit of skinship. I didn’t expect him to be the son of Laila-senpai though☆. Can I call you Mama Laila from here on?” (Eri)

“DON’T!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!” (Laila)

My ears rang at the loud shout of Mother. 

After that, I managed to obtain the approval of Mother to become the bait for the Great Demonic Beast after a lot of complaining. 

“Haah… In that case, I can understand why Eugene is the best for the role of bait. But the Star Beast is hungry after being sealed for a long time, so in order to become the ‘bait’, you will need a lot of mana, and someone who has mana close to that of the Divine Realm or a Goddess which is hated by the Star Beasts. Isn’t Eugene missing that?” (Laila)

Mother points out the next problem. 

It is true that my own mana is average and I am not an experienced Goddess believer, so I don’t fulfill those two conditions. 

The current plan they have is to supply that massive mana with the death-row inmates. 

The plan was formed around Airi, who is a believer of the Victory Goddess Althena-sama, and the Heaven Knights being bait.

The royal family have been experienced Althena-sama believers for generations.

“Aah, if I was near Eugene, I could have supplied Eugene with my mana, but…I do have candidates. You know too, right, Eugene?” (Eri)

I was told this by Eri and immediately came to the conclusion.

“The Ifrit, Sumire, and the Holy Maiden Candidate, Sara, huh.” (Eugene)

“Pinpon~☆. The Ifrit Sumire-chan with infinite mana, and the experienced Destiny Goddess believer and Holy Maiden Candidate, Sara-chan. If you form a Mana Link with those two, you can clear both conditions.” (Eri)

“……Haah…” (Laila)

Mother sighed heavily. 

“Mother?” (Eugene)

“How is it, Laila-senpai?” (Eri)

Me and Eri asked.

“…That’s the only option.” (Laila)

Mother answered reluctantly.

“Then, I will go consult with Sumire and Sara.” (Eugene)

“Aah, if only I was nearby~.” (Eri)

“Thanks, Eri. You were a great help.” (Eugene)

I thank the Demon Lord who was grumbling. 

It was gratitude that came from the bottom of my heart.

“You can thank me with your body♡.” (Eri)

“I-I will try.” (Eugene)

“…You two, what are you saying in front of one’s mother?” (Laila)

I hurriedly shut up at the pissed tone of Mother. 

Talking about this here is dangerous. 

“Thanks, Mother.” (Eugene)

“Yeah. I will go report to the Destiny Goddess-sama just in case. Weaken the Star Beast as much as you can just as Eri said. It is true that you are the only one who can achieve that, Eugene. But don’t lower your guard. Run away at once if it gets dangerous. It is not something a resident of the Mortal Realm should face alone after all. Also, there’s no knowing whether you will be believed even if you were to bring this talk to others all of a sudden, okay? Just for your information, you must not tell others in the Mortal Realm about what you have spoken about with angels. This must absolutely be upholded, okay?” (Laila)

“Got it, Mother.” (Eugene)

Mother warned me strongly. 

Thus, the Great Demonic Beast subjugation plan was formed with an angel (Mother) and a Demon Lord (Eri).


I spoke to an angel and a Demon Lord, consulted with an Ifrit and a Holy Maiden Candidate, and told that plan in the Emperor’s throne room.

Of course, I have hidden a number of circumstances though.

I can’t tell them about Mother and Eri, so the details of the plan are being told as if they were a suggestion from Principal Uther.

The tacticians and imperial court mages, who directed eyes of doubt at me at first, seem to have had their interests piqued.

I couldn’t read the emotions from the cold eyes of the Emperor.

“Eugy…that’s…” (Airi)

My childhood friend was flustered to an exaggerated degree. 

“So the plan of Eugene-dono would bring out the least casualties, huh…” 

“But isn’t it relying too much on the strength of an individual…?” 

“It means that, at worst, only one person has to be sacrificed.” 

“But can Haagenti really be defeated?” 

“It is fine even if it isn’t! If we can reseal it with the first casualty, the plan would succeed.” 

“That’s right. This plan is splendid!” 

“Umu, as expected of the son of the Imperial Sword-sama!” 

The place turned noisy. 

Even the people who were directing a hostile atmosphere at first were now speaking words close to approval.

“It is a good plan. It is exactly as the Destiny Goddess-sama told me.” (Orianne)


The words of the Destiny Oracle settled it. 

“So we have reached an agreement. We will go with the plan of Eugene. The details will be briefed to the tacticians and imperial court mages.” 

The Emperor agreed.

“Eugy!!! Why?!!” (Airi)

Airi had been listening silently until now, but she jumped at me. 

“Sorry that I am doing something akin to stealing your limelight.” (Eugene)

“That’s not it!! Being the bait alone is insane!” (Airi)

“Didn’t I say it? My constitution being solely white mana is perfect against a Great Demonic Beast.” (Eugene)

“But, even if so…I-I will go too! Two is better than one—” (Airi)

“You would just be dying pointlessly. Nothing will change just from one person being added to the equation, you know?” (Eugene)

“B-But…why… Just…why…?” (Airi)

“Because I don’t want you to die, Airi.” (Eugene)

“But…I abandoned you…Eugy…” (Airi)

My childhood friend groaned as if she couldn’t understand at all. 

I wonder why.

In the past, my feelings would transmit even without saying anything. 

There’s no way I would want to see my childhood friend dying, right?

I was wondering how to explain this and…

“Wait, Eugene Santafield!! If we are going to go through with this plan, prove your strength!! I challenge you to a duel!!” 

The one who suddenly challenged me to a duel was the fiancee of my childhood friend…General Berthold.

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