ZAP – Chapter 48: Eugene meets an angel

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The angel managing the Zenith Tower Babel.

Pristine white skin, sparkling blonde hair like that of stars, warm wind hits my cheeks each time her pure white wings flapped.

“Man~ that was incredible, boy☆. To think you would defeat that Eri-senpai… Oops, it is hard to speak frankly when the eyes-chan of the dungeon are close, so move a bit away, okay~☆?” 

The angel was speaking with a casual tone that didn’t fit her elegant appearance. 

The Eyes of the Dungeon, who sent the footage to the Satellite System, had approached us after defeating the Demon Lord, but they moved away again.

Looks like they follow the orders of the angel. 

Even so, I don’t know about them listening to even the orders of the Fallen Angel Eri though.

“A-Angel-sama?!” (Sara)

In Caldia, angels are incredibly holy beings. 

Sara hurriedly kneeled.

I followed her example. 

Sumire is still sleeping.

“Fufufu…no need to be so formal~. You guys are the highlight today. Should I wake up the girl from another world too? …Tei☆.” 

When the angel waved her small hand, sparkly light wrapped around Sumire. 


Sumire opened her eyes.

“Heya there~, Sumire-chan☆. How are you feeling? You were unlucky there, getting caught up in the venting of Eri-senpai-ssu ne.” 

 “…Eh, who are you? Wait, wa?! An angel! There’s an angel, Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“O-Oi, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Sumire-chan?!” (Sara)

Sara and I were flustered at Sumire who wasn’t perturbed by this at all.

“Ooh, nice reaction-ssu ne~. The children in this world are all way too reserved-ssu yo. Even though it is fine to be more friendly. Hello, Sumire-chan. I am the one in charge of the Zenith Tower all the way to the 100th Floor, my name’s Rita-ssu. You can call me Rita-chan-ssu yo.” (Rita)

“Rita-chan? Nice to meet you~, I am Sumire.” (Sumire)

“I am Sa-Sara Iglesia Lodis.” (Sara)

“Eugene Santafield.” (Eugene)

Sara and I also introduce ourselves after sumire. 

Rita smiled after hearing us. 

“Now then…good work on overcoming the Trial of Gods. The Destiny Goddess, Illia-sama, is greatly pleased with your accomplishment.” (Rita)

The angel’s way of speaking changed.

Her tone also changed.

Golden mana covered the body of the angel and she is releasing a holy atmosphere.


I don’t know what Sumire felt, but she fell silent with that. 

Sara has been silent for a while now. 

I am also nervous here, but I felt something off from this angel. 

The mana around her feels familiar…

“The most esteemed Sun Goddess, Althena-sama, who ordered the creation of the Zenith Tower Babel said this: ‘When the diligent residents of the Mortal Realm aim for the heavens and overcome the trials, they should be rewarded accordingly’.” (Rita)

The scenery of the 100th Floor changed with the words of the angel. 

The black forest wilted, and trees and flowers began to grow at astounding speed.

There’s fruits of vibrant colors like those of gems growing on the golden trees. 

“W-Wow…” (Sumire)

Sumire voiced her astonishment. 

I could hear Sara gulping. 

I was speechless at the sight in front of me. 

I have seen it before in the Satellite System, but seeing it in person really is a different beast.

The place we are in became an ephemeral space shining golden here and there in an instant. 

“You are free to take as much gold, gems, and magic crystals from here. You probably won’t have to worry about putting food on your table for the rest of your lives if you were to take this.” (Rita)

The angel Rita said this kindly. 

This is the reward of the explorers who have overcome the Trial of Gods in Floor 100.

This is one of the reasons why the explorers in the whole South Continent aim further up in the Zenith Tower.

—And also why it is called the one other trial.

“Eugene-kun! We get this?!” (Sumire)

Sumire pulled my sleeve.

“Yeah, that’s how it goes.” (Eugene)

I answered briefly.

“Sumire-chan, calm down.” (Sara)

“But but, Sara-chan! It is okay to take as much as we want, you know?!” (Sumire)

Sara and I have seen in the Satellite System over and over what comes after this. 

That’s why we are not merry here. 

“But…” (Rita)

Angel Rita made a wicked face here. 

“You can’t use the Resurrection Drop on Floor 101 and onwards. The monsters will also become more cunning and vicious… Many more trials and tribulations will come your way. That’s why we have prepared the Sacred Treasure of Grace for the ones who have overcome Floor 100’s Trial of Gods.” (Rita)

Saying this, a small rock pedestal appeared where the angel pointed at.

There were 3 swords stabbed there.

“Hey hey, what’s that, Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“That’s…” (Eugene)

“Fufufu, Sumire-chan, that is what would be the right to obtain a weapon or armor that will help you aim even further to Floors 101 and up~☆. By the way, the Sacred Treasure of Grace is for your exclusive use, so there won’t be any worth in selling them. It would be trash for other people.” (Rita)

The way of speaking of the Angel-san returned.

This is most likely her original way of speaking. 

“Uhm, then, does that mean we get both the gold and the weapon?” (Sumire)

Here’s where the eyes of the angel shine. 

She must have been waiting for that question.

“Then, let me ask you. Which one will you choose? Assured fortune for the rest of your life, or a weapon to aim further up?” (Rita)

“…Eh?” (Sumire)

Sumire was dumbstruck.

“That’s how it is, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“You can only get one or the other, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

“Eeeeeeh?!” (Sumire)

It is such a nasty thing to do. 

In the current South Continent, all Floor 100 record holders are welcomed as high officials in any nation. 

Moreover, you will be given fortune that will feed you for a lifetime. 

This is the point that has the most drop outs. 


“Please give me the weapon, Angel-sama.” (Eugene)

I answered without hesitation.

What I need to aim for Floor 500 isn’t gold but weapons. 

With this, I should finally be able to bid farewell to the lifestyle of losing a weapon every time I use Mana Sword…probably.

“Please provide me with armor, Angel-sama.” (Sara)

Sara said.

Most likely because she already has the Relic Sword.

“Is that okay, Sara? You said you planned on stopping the dungeon exploration after getting past Floor 100, right?” (Eugene)

I asked her. 

This is what she told me before. 

Sara has been given 2 missions by the Holy Nation of Caldia.

First is to get outstanding results in the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

She has fulfilled that after becoming the student council president. 

The one other mission is to reach Floor 100 and become an A Rank explorer.

Those are the conditions to become a Holy Maiden.

In other words, aiming for Floor 101 and up is unnecessary for Sara. 

On the contrary, having funds after graduating from the Academy and becoming one of the 8 Holy Maidens in Caldia should be a welcomed thing. 

That’s why I thought for sure she would ask for gold.

“The explorers who ask for gold here don’t get decent results in their explorations later on. Any student in the academy knows that, Eugene. We are aiming for Floor 500, right?” (Sara)

“Right.” (Eugene)

Looks like Sara has resolved herself. 

As for Sumire…she seems to be pondering. 

“Sumire?” (Eugene)

“Sumire-chan?” (Sara)

The one who I thought would hesitate the least, Sumire, had a hand on her lips and made a complicated face.

“Fufufu, looks like you are troubled, Sumire-chan from another world.” (Rita)

“N-No, that’s not it…” (Sumire)

Rita-san approached the thinking Sumire while flapping her wings. 

“There’s no point in hiding it~☆. Even if I have just become one, I am still an Archangel after all. You must be lost here, right? Do you really want to return to your original world? Or live in this world…?” (Rita)

“T-That’s not it! I came all the way here…because I wanted to return to my world!” (Sumire)

Agitation was mixed in the voice of Sumire.

“But that’s talk of right when you arrived in this world. A lot has happened since then. You made friends, have a person you like, have had a lot of fun…” (Rita)

“T-That’s true…but…” (Sumire)

Rita-san was pressing Sumire with a grin.

I thought I felt something familiar from that attitude, and then I remembered it resembles that of Eri.

Do angels tend to have this kind of personality? 

More importantly…

“Excuse me, Rita-sama.” (Eugene)

“Oh, what is it, Eugene-kun?” (Rita)

“Wouldn’t it be better to have as many explorers aiming for Floor 101 and beyond? If Sumire were to settle here, she won’t have any reason to aim for Floor 500, you know?” (Eugene)

“Ah!” (Rita)

When I pointed this out, the Angel-san made a face as if saying ‘Crap!’.

…So she didn’t notice.

“S-Sumire-chan, how about aiming for Floor 101…?” (Rita)


Sumire crossed her arms and was thinking.

“Sumire.” (Eugene)

“…Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

I tapped the back of Sumire lightly. 

“Go with whatever you want. If we go to Floor 101 and higher, there will be enemies…not like the Demon Lord of just now…but I am sure you will face dangers. You can just quit if you are scared. You have already gotten used to this world after all, right?” (Eugene)

“Hey hey, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

When I said this to Sumire, Sara poked my back.

“What should we do if Sumire-chan decides to stop exploring?” (Sara)

Sara puckers her lips in displeasure. 

“I will be aiming for Floor 101, even if it has to be alone.” (Eugene)

“Really? Then, I guess I will go with you, Eugene♡. Our duo party is back then☆.” (Sara)

I see. So that’s how it would end up.

“I am also choosing a weapon!” (Sumire)

Sumire announced loudly.

“Aah, so you really have come, Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

“I am counting on you from here on too, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

Sumire and Sara smile at each other. 

We have returned to our usual members. 

The Angel-san sighed in relief. 

“Well then, the weapon and armor of the Sacred Treasure of Grace is order-made. I will be checking the mana and constitution of you 3, okay~☆? They will be arriving at the Dungeon Union within 7 days~.” (Rita)

The Angel-san grabbed the hands of Sumire and Sara in that order as she explained this. 

It seems like she is checking the mana of the people while giving them a handshake. 

The moment she held my hand, the face of the Angel-san changed.

“…Hm?” (Rita)

“What’s the matter?” (Eugene)

“You…could it be that you have formed a contract with Eri-senpai?” (Rita)


She found out?! 

Of course she would. 

I am dealing with an Angel-sama here. 

There’s no way I would be able to hide it completely. 



Sumire tilted her head as if she didn’t really get it, and Sara made a dubious look. 

“Hmm…the opponent you go against in the Trial of Gods is your contractor… This is…valid, I guess? There’s no precedent for this… I should confirm with the Goddess-sama first… No, if I am to take time from the Goddess-sama, I will have to investigate this further first…” (Rita)

The Angel-san mumbled.

She furrowed her eyebrows and her gaze swam around.

Then, she hammered her hand as if she thought of something. 

“Alright! Let’s have a direct talk with senpai~? Eri-senpai~! I am going to summon you~!” (Rita)


We were surprised at what the Angel-san said. 


The Demon Lord…again?! 

(Eh? …Wa! Wait a…! Now?!) 

While at it, there’s a flustered voice echoing in my head.

Ah, it seems like it was unexpected for Eri too. 

A golden magic circle appeared with a *pah!*.

The one that appeared solemnly from inside of that was…different from the majestic figure of before. 

It is Eri who has changed into her usual sloppy loungewear.

■Comment Response: 

>It is funny how the kouhai angel appeared all happily the moment her superior got her ass kicked.

>You can tell she has a nice personality just from that. 

→Not a superior but a senpai. 

However, there’s a really big age gap, so Eri is a super senpai. 

■Author’s Comment: 

Next chapter’s false preview.

Eri: “Oi, stop the cameras of the dungeon”.

Rita: “S-Senpai?! Your eyes are scary!” 

The 10th Volume of the Zero Believers Goddess unfolding in the same world will be going on sale on October 25th, 2022. 

If the 11th Volume comes out, Erinyes will be showing up for a bit in her Demon Lord times 1,000 years ago. 

By the way, the girl in the illustration is the White Great Sage-sama that showed up in the discussion of the Round Council at Chapter 43: Fallen Angel Lord.**

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