ZAP – Chapter 50: 2nd Arc – Epilogue

◇Dungeon City: Round Council◇

—“Victory of the challenger~☆.”

The video and audio sent from the Satellite System of the Last Dungeon had the Angel Voice echoing in a more cheerful tone than normal. 

The 12 knights surrounding the round table were silently listening to this. 

And then, a sparkly light descends on Eugene and his group inside the screen.

The figure of the divine angel doesn’t show up in the footage. 

The only ones who are allowed to see that figure of theirs are the people who have overcome the Trial of the Gods. 

That said, everyone in the Round Council are Record Holders who have overcome Floor 100.

There’s no one jealous of this. However…

“Eugene-kun has won…against the Demon Lord.” (Isolde)

The 7th Knight, Isolde, said this slightly dumbfounded. 

“What’s with him? Why is a guy like that still in B Rank?” (Vlad)

“He is the son of the Grandflare Empire’s Imperial Sword, you know?” (Charlotte)

“Whichever the case, that is from the Normal Department! That’s just weird!!” (Vlad)

“Even if you tell me that…” (Charlotte)

The 6th Knight Vlad and the 5th Knight Charlotte were talking in a loud voice. 

“…We really should be reconsidering his class.” (Colin) 

“Won’t he instead be called back to the Empire now that he has fought off the Demon Lord?” (Byron)

“He was expelled from the military school, so his position is that of a commoner. I doubt that will happen.” (Colin)

“To think they would expel him. Is the Imperial Army unexpectedly blind?” (Byron)

The 9th Knight Colin and the 8th Knight Bylon were looking at the screen with interest. 

“But if we leave him be, the Sacred Alliance and the Blue Waters Federation will try to recruit him, you know?” 

“Well, they would. He is the one who will be making the choice, so isn’t it fine?” 

“How about recommending him to be a candidate for the 12 Knights?” 

“Bring him in? …It would be a valid option if he was an outstanding student.” 

The Round Council was noisy to an unusual state. 

King Uther didn’t say anything and was watching the screen with an amused look and his chin resting on one hand. 

At that moment…

“Knights of the Round! The 1st Knight Claire-sama will be arriving soon!!” 

A dungeon staff jumped into the meeting room out of breath. 

The Knights of the Round is the other name for the 12 Knights. 

The knights look at each other’s faces.

“Alright? That’s pretty quick.” 

“Shouldn’t she have taken more than half a day?” 

“About that, it seems like she came back by using Teleport by herself.” 

“It seems like…we have made her overexert herself here.” 

“I will meet up with Claire-san.” (Isolde)

Isolde left the meeting room together with the dungeon staff.

“Speaking of which, the Heroes of the Empire and Sacred Alliance will be showing up, right?” 


‘Now that you mention it’ -is the kind of cumbersome voice let out in the meeting room.

“Kukuku…let’s have them return at once.The Demon Lord is not here anymore.” (Alistar)

3rd Knight Alistar said this while laughing. 

“We can’t do that… Big countries came here with the pretext of helping the Dungeon City. We must provide adequate hospitality. Can’t be helped. Me and Claire-dono should be the ones dealing with this…” (Abram)

When the oldest of them, the 12th Knight Abram, said this…

“No need to worry, leave that part to me.” (Uther)

King Uther spoke. 

“Is that okay?” (Charlotte)

Charlotte said surprised.

It is rare for the king to stick his head in such troublesome matters.

He is the type that doesn’t spare a moment for things he has no interest in after all.

“Let’s try asking them how they feel after coming all the way here to fight the Demon Lord, but it has already been defeated.” (Uther)

“Ahahahahahaha! That’s a nice idea!” (Alistar)

The one who laughed at what the king said was Alistar.

“““Please don’t!!!!!!”””

The other knights hurriedly tried to stop him.

“It is a joke. They are probably going to be asking about the security of the Dungeon city, about our military, and the administration. They have come here under the orders of the Emperor and the Oracle of the Goddess after all. They won’t be leaving with empty hands. They would be more satisfied if I were to deal with them as the king.” (Uther)

“I am deeply moved, King Uther.” (Abram)

Abram lowered his head.

“Now that it has been decided, it is time to prepare the banquet! We are celebrating Eugene defeating the Demon Lord in a grand manner! Let’s invite all the guests of honor from the foreign countries.” (Uther)

“Understood. Shall we invite the explorer party students too? I am 100% sure that they will be surrounded and showered with questions, coupled with scoutings though.” 

“Right… If they want to participate, they can do so.” (Uther)

“Understood. Then, let’s make the reason for this celebration be the Demon Lord being defeated by the students of the academy.” 

“I leave the details to you.” (Uther)

King Uther brushed his beard.

“““Yes m’lord!”””

The 12 Knights left the meeting room. 

And in this way, a grand party was decided under the orders of King Uther.

◇Eugene POV◇

A night has passed since the battle against the Demon Lord.

About the people that were captured by the Demon Lord, the S Rank explorer, Michelle-senpai, and the student council members were hospitalized.

The 2nd Knight Lloyd-sama is already back to his normal duties.

How tough.

Sumire is currently having a health checkup in the academy’s infirmary. 

It seems like she consumed quite a large amount of stamina and mental strength wearing magic equipment she wasn’t used to and being under the pressure of fighting a Demon Lord. 

“…My body feels sluggish”, is what she said, so she said she will be lying down on a bed in the infirmary for a while after the health checkup.

Sara has gone to visit the student council members at the hospital. 

After that, there’s apparently important people coming from Caldia, so she has to go around to greet them. 

Being a student council president and Holy Maiden apprentice is really busy. 

And the last one is me, but…

“Eugene, you don’t even have a scratch though?” 

“I healed them myself.” (Eugene)

“Are you feeling fine?” 

“Completely.” (Eugene)

“…Did you really fight the Demon Lord? No, I was watching the Satellite System, but you know…” 

“You could say I was…” (Eugene)

“You can go now.” 

The nurse of the infirmary that has a foul mouth was baffled at me. 

And so, I was healthy and didn’t have any plans, so I was swinging my sword alone to train.

The Lykeion Academy is temporarily closed.

There will apparently be a whole lot of important people coming from foreign countries to the Dungeon City, so the dungeon staff and the academy teachers have to assist too.

Because of this, the whole Lykeion Academy -no, the whole Dungeon City is stirred up. 


I looked up at the sky from the training grounds.

The usual vast blue sky was cramped. 

It is because of the Flying Ships that float anchored around the Zenith Tower as if surrounding it. 

I watch a few tens of ships with familiar designs.

The hull is red like blood and there’s the crest of a black sword illustrated there. 

It is the Grandflare Empire. 

The ones manning that ship are the prided force of the Empire, the Golden Knights, and the Heaven Knight leading them.

On top of that, there’s even one of the strongest forces of the Empire, the Sword Hero.

When I heard Heaven Knight, I remembered my childhood friend Airi, but the one who came was a different person. 

I knew the name but it is a person I am not acquainted with.

At a slightly separated position from the Empire’s fleet.

There’s Flying Ships colored mainly in white as a whole and a green bow as their crest. 

It is the flying fleet that the Sacred Alliance pride on, the Holy Knights. 

There’s around 20 ships. 

They are winning against the Empire by a slight margin. 

I somewhat feel like their numbers are intentional. 

I heard that the Bow Hero of Caldia is within the envoys that came from the Sacred Alliance. 

Sara apparently went to greet that Hero. 

As for the last, I directed my gaze to the fleet that’s not from the Empire or the Sacred Alliance. 

Contrary to the other two, this Flying Ship fleet doesn’t have uniformity. 

But they all had a blue line on their hull and a blue shield crest. 

It is the Blue Waters Federation fleet. 

It is apparently a fleet that was formed in order to subjugate a Great Demonic Beast close to the Blue Waters Federation territory, but hurriedly came here due to the resurrection of the Demon Lord.

The 1st Knight called the Sword of the King, Claire Lancelot-sama, was also participating in this Great Demonic Beast subjugation, but she has also returned.

The 3 major powers of the South Continent: Grandflare Empire, Sacred Alliance, and the Blue Waters Federation. 

I don’t know how long it has been since the armies of these powers have gathered to this degree. 

I have never heard of such at least. 

Their objective is…

(Heeh~, so many gathered for me~.) (Eri)

The carefree voice of Eri resonated in my head.

(It had turned into quite the big deal, huh.) (Eugene)

(Well, aside from Great Demonic Beasts waking up every now and then, it is a peaceful land after all. The Demon Lord resurrecting must have been big news.) (Eri)

(It is not like you were resurrected though.) (Eugene)

(People outside think that I was sealed and am sleeping, so they are surprised just from me being awake.) (Eri)

(Is that how it works…?) (Eugene)

I am always talking with Eri, so that doesn’t click for me. 

By the way, there’s apparently going to be a celebration banquet because certain students of the Lykeion Magic Academy defeated the Demon Lord in the Trial of Gods.

Those certain students being our exploration party. 

“Are you going to participate, Eugene-kun?” (Isolde)

Isolde-san asked me just recently. 

By the way, Sara will be participating.

Sumire was tired so she isn’t.

“I won’t.” (Eugene)

“Is that okay? This is a really rare opportunity to appeal to the tops of the countries though…” (Isolde)

“I plan on staying cooped in on the Zenith Tower for the near future after all.” (Eugene)

“…I see. Your objective is Floor 500.” (Isolde)

Isolde-san smiled faintly and left. 

Did I shock her there? 

I was remembering that while swinging my sword and…

“Ooi, Eugene, what is the main lead doing at a place like this?” 

“Hm?” (Eugene)

Claude called me.

“Lead? Me?” (Eugene)

“Oi oi….you are the talk of the town, you know? The swordsman that defeated the Demon Lord.” (Claude)

“I didn’t defeat her, I fought her. Also, the Demon Lord wasn’t serious.” (Eugene)

“…That was her not being serious?” (Claude)

“Apparently.” (Eugene)

—“I thought using Clairvoyance and Time Stop might be unfair in the Trial of Gods of Floor 100.”

The words of Eri replayed in my mind. 

Looks like even enemies like that show up as you climb the Zenith Tower.

(What should I do…?) (Eugene)

I was getting ahead of myself thinking ‘I will conquer the Last Dungeon with Mana Sword alone!’, but it doesn’t seem too realistic.

“Also, there’s that. The confession. That one is the talk of the whole academy, you know? The student council members are searching for you with bloodshot eyes.” (Claude)

“…That, huh.” (Eugene)

—“I like you, please go out with me.” 

—“I love you, be my boyfriend.” 

Sumire and Sara confessed to me. 

In front of the Satellite System of all things. 

Because of this, it is known by the whole continent. 

(………Aah.) (Eugene)

Indescribable emotions welled up from me when I remembered that moment. 

It is not like I regret my decision, but…

“Alright! Then, that means you and I are the same!” (Claude)


I can’t say anything. 

I was baffled by Claude who was double-timing Leona and Teresia the other day. 

But right now I am going out with both Sumire and Sara.

I have no right to say anything to Claude.

(Three-timing if you add me☆.) (Eri)

The Demon Lord said this as if teasing me. 

…Is that how it works?

“There’s no need to worry about it that much, right? Polygamy is accepted in the Empire.” (Claude)

“That’s not the issue…” (Eugene)

What I am worried the most about isn’t the Empire, but…

“Oi, Eugene-kun!” 

“So you were here. I have been searching for you.” 

Two female students appeared.

Leona and Teresia. 

“Heya there, Leona, Teresia-chan! Did you come to see—ouch.” (Claude)

Claude tried to hug both of them, but Leona kicked him and Teresia pinched his cheek. 

(…Wow, Claude.) (Eugene)

I am impressed they can do that in front of people. 

Should I learn from them? 

(Stop it.) (Eri)

Not recommended by Eri it seems.

“You come later, Claude. I have a message for you, Eugene-san.” (Leona)

“I have been entrusted with a letter here.” (Teresia)

Leona and Teresia seem to have business with me.

“An important person from the Empire said they had something to talk with you about, Eugene-kun, so to please come to the banquet at night.” (Leona)

“…Got it.” (Eugene)

Someone’s calling me, huh.

Well, can’t be helped.

I decided to accept.

“Next is me. Here, I was told to give this to you.” (Teresia)

“Thanks, Teresia-san.” (Eugene)

The letter had a magic circle for Teleport and the characters for Santafield. 

This writing is…

“Pops, huh…” (Eugene)

“Ooh, by Pops are you referring to the Imperial Sword?! What’s written in it?” (Claude)

“Claude, stop prying.” (Leona)

“It might be top secret. We are talking about the hand of the Emperor after all…” (Teresia)

Leona and Teresia were being reserved in contrast to Claude who was peeking with interest.

I opened up the envelope right there.

And then, unfold the letter. 

I do get letters every now and then, but they are mostly unimportant stuff.

It is usually stuff like ‘You got enough gold?’ or ‘How’s your exploration going?’ with no real purpose.

I looked down and checked the contents of it without worrying too much.

What was written in the letter was simple.


To Eugene:

Congratulations on getting through Floor 100.

You did splendidly.

By the way, it will soon be the anniversary of your mother’s passing. 

You weren’t there last year, so come back to this one. 

P.S: If possible, with your girlfriends Sumire-san and Sara-san.

From your father.



I am feeling dizzy. 

Even though it is simple, I could for some reason feel pressure that didn’t allow a no for an answer.

Looks like I have to come back home with Sumire and Sara.

■Author’s Comment: 

It is about the announcement I told you about the other day. 

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That’s all I can say, but I am looking forward to your continued support.

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The reason for this is: 

-The 3rd Arc is beginning, so I have to work on the plot.

-November 25th I have to publish the chapter of Zero Believers. 

-I actually have begun work on the manuscript of this series.

I barely have any room anymore.

It is not like I am slacking here, so I will be going at a realistic speed.

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