ZAP – Chapter 33: Zenith Tower – Floor 50

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—Zenith Tower Babel – Floor 50.

There’s a spacious wetland and a dense green forest. 

There’s thick mist wafting about and the vision is bad. 

You can even get hit by rain if you are unlucky. 

I could even forget we are inside a dungeon if I am not careful.

“…We have arrived at the 50th Floor.” (Eugene)

“…Yeah.” (Sumire)

“Be careful Eugene, and Sumire-san while at it.” (Sara)

Sumire glared at Sara when she said that.

“Yes, I will be careful not to mess up and hit Sara-san with magic.” (Sumire)

“…So the Fireballs that sometimes fly my way really are on purpose!” (Sara)

“Eh, that’s not true~. Can you please stop the baseless accusations~?” (Sumire)

“Lies! You must be thinking it would be better if the magic hit me, right?!” (Sara)

“What about you, Sara-san? Why is it that you react slower only when it is to assist me?” (Sumire)

“…Y-You are just imagining it.” (Sara)

“Definitely a lie! There’s definitely a difference from the times when it is with Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“I treat everyone equally as a Holy Maiden candidate.” (Sara)

“Equally, huh. I see.” (Sumire)

“Have something to say?” (Sara)

“Not really~.” (Sumire)

They have begun quarreling at the back. 

If you only listen to what they are saying, it does sound as thorny as always, but the teamwork of Sumire and Sara has gotten drastically better these few days. 

If a monster shows up, Sumire and I deal with it at close range, and Sara is in charge of the mid range. 

We were attacked by powerful monsters like Wyverns and Griffons until Floor 49, but we managed to get through them without getting heavily injured.

But this is the domain of the Floor Boss.

And the 50th Floor Boss is on a different level from the bosses until now. 

I have been feeling a slimy gaze on us for a while now. 

“…We are being watched by the Floor Boss.” (Eugene)


Sumire and Sara fall silent at what I said. 

“…It is because you are noisy, Sumire-san.” (Sara)

“…You were being noisy yourself, Sara-san.” (Sumire)

Correction, they didn’t fall silent. 

“It is not because of you two. It was aware of us for the whole time since coming to the 50th Floor.” (Eugene)

“Really, Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“Yeah, your mana as an Ifrit is massive, and the pressure of Sara’s Holy Sword is quite the thing. Most wary monsters would notice.” (Eugene)

“But…why isn’t it attacking us then?” (Sara)

Sara tilted her head.

“That’s…” (Eugene)

The moment I opened my mouth…


A huge roar made the air tremble. 

“Kya!” (Sumire) 

“Hm!” (Sara)

Sumire let out a short scream and Sara gulped. 

“It is saying: I will wait for you, so come already.” (Eugene)


Sumire and Sara nodded silently. 

I unsheathe the sword at my waist and move towards the denser part of the mist.

The slimy gaze was coming from here.

*Splash Splash*

The sound of water rang. 

Sumire and Sara followed slightly further behind.

My sword is already out. 

“Eugene-kun! Wait.” (Sumire)

Sumire came close to me and pulled my arm.

And then, she grabbed the handle of my sword.


It felt as if blood pulsed through the sword.

The blade began to shine a brilliant red. 

The Mana Enchant of the Ifrit mana that I have been helped out on a lot already. 

I swung the Fire Blade lightly. 

A red trail was drawn in the air. 

The enchantment of Sumire has gotten even more polished lately now that she is getting used to magic.

“Thanks, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Be careful, Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

“Yeah, I leave Sumire to you, Sara.” (Eugene)

With the worried Sumire and the serious face Sara at my peripheral, I advance deeper inside. 

It is in order to become bait for the Floor Boss.

(…Barrier Magic: [Wind Armor].) (Eugene)

I protect my own body with barrier magic in order to block a surprise attack. 

I still can’t see the Floor Boss because of the dense mist. 

However, I can hear low groaning every now and then. 

And the sound of big wings flapping. 

The Floor Boss is definitely at a not so far distance. 

I suddenly noticed that my C rank badge was flickering. 

We’ve entered the Territory of the Floor Boss.

“Eugene Santafield is challenging the Floor 50 Boss.” (Eugene)

I declare this in a low volume. 

The voice of the Dungeon Admin rang in the dungeon, acknowledging this. 

— “Explorer Eugene’s challenge has been accepted. Godspeed.” 

The next instant, a gale raged and the mist cleared. 

Vast puddles of water spread like a lake at the place I was standing in.

What appeared there was a giant blue dragon.

“Storm Dragon!!” (Sara)

I heard the voice of Sara behind me. 

The Floor Bosses of Floor 50 are all dragons without exception.

Dragons will not appear on floors below the 49th. 

That’s apparently how the God that created this Zenith Tower designed it. 

Rank B is a rank that’s given to the people who have overcome Floor 50.

Also, all B rank explorers are Dragon Slayers. 

That said…

(That’s big… A Colossal, huh.) (Eugene) <Changed Super Large to Colossal>

The 50th Floor has been overcome recently by a different explorer party. 

That means that we are the first ones fighting against a new Floor Boss.

Looks like our draw for the boss is a powerful one, meaning the short end of the stick. 

In terms of size alone, this Storm Dragon is even bigger than the Divine Beast I fought in the 20th Floor. 

I doubt it goes as far as being an Ancient Dragon that has lived more than a thousand years, but it is without doubt an aged adult dragon.


A gale struck from the side together with the roar of the Storm Dragon.

And then, a downpour stole away my vision.

I could feel the dragon directing killing intent over here.

(Alright! It is targeting me.) (Eugene)

I worried for a moment there that it would target Sumire and Sara, but it seems like it has set its sights on me as its prey. 


The next roar was a spell in itself. 

A blue beam was shot from the mouth of the dragon. 

— “Twin Heavenly Resonance Style: Wind Form – [Wind Step].” (Eugene)

I somehow manage to avoid the roar of the dragon. 

The ground I was standing on had been gouged out greatly. 

I am inside a storm, but the Ifrit Magic Sword is still present. 

However, there’s distance between me and the dragon. 

I have to get close first and foremost. 

The moment I used Wind Step again…


That explosive sound bursted in my ear and my vision blurred.


Something impacted on my body next. 

I think I heard the scream of Sumire at my back.

(…[Heal].) (Eugene)

I cast healing magic on me. 

A big shadow approached. 

Two sets of claws.

But my body is numb.

I won’t make it in time to dodge, and no time to place a barrier. 

I have no choice but to take it with my sword.

“Twin Heavenly Resonance Style: Mountain Form – [Dimension Slash]!” (Eugene)

“Holy Sword Magic: [Light Saber]!” (Sara)

Sara matched my sword art with her light blade.


A loud sound was made and the claws of the dragon broke. 

But I was also sent flying at the same time. 

I rolled on the ground several times and mitigated the fall. 

I hear footsteps of people running towards me. 

“A-Are you okay, Eugene-kun?!” (Sumire)

“Any injuries, Eugene?!” (Sara)

“……Yeah, I messed up.” (Eugene)

I answer Sumire and Sara. 

I still feel numb. 

But it is not on the level where I can’t move. 

The storm is getting more and more violent. 

And then…*Bachin!* a loud sound rang. 

At the same time as it did, strings of light ran. 

Sparks flew off from the scales of the Storm Dragon. 

Looks like ‘that’ is what I was hit with just now.

“Lightning magic…huh. That’s troublesome.” (Eugene)

“Eugene-kun, lightning hit you directly just now. Can you move your body?” (Sumire)

“Eugene…your barrier magic is impressive, but don’t be reckless.” (Sara)

“I was simply surprised.” (Eugene)

I try to act tough by smiling so the two don’t worry. 

But I really might have lowered my guard there. 

My barrier magic weakened because I was switching on the offensive. 

I will block it next time. 

I held the Magic Sword shining bright red. 

The Storm Dragon with its broken claws seems to be wary of us, it is not pursuing. 

However, the rain is getting stronger and stronger.

At this rate, our body temperature will lower, and our movements might become dull because of it. 

That’s when I noticed.

“Sumire, are you okay in the rain?” (Eugene)

Wouldn’t this rain be bad for the body of Sumire as an Ifrit? -is what I thought, but…

“Hm? What?” (Sumire)

Sumire looks completely fine.

The rain was evaporating before it touched her body. 

Looks like she will be okay. 

“What’s even with your body, Sumire-san…” (Sara)

There’s some sort of light curtain around the body of Sara while she was saying that baffled.

It seems to be automatic defense magic from Curtana. 

(Looks like there won’t be any issues with the two.) (Eugene)

I still have mana in the Mana Sword…

I have not attacked once in the first place.



I could hear the big flapping sounds mixed with the sounds of rain. 

The Zenith Tower is a dungeon, but the inside is fearsomely vast. 

It is to a degree where even a colossal dragon can fly freely around. 

Looks like it has gotten wary because of mine and Sara’s attack just now.

“It has escaped into the sky, huh… How is it, Sara?” (Eugene)

“Sorry, Eugene. It might be difficult from this distance.” (Sara)

Sara made an apologetic look at my question.

The Holy Sword Magic of Sara isn’t strong at long range. 

The dragon most likely knows that too. 

In that case, the remaining method is…

“Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Yes, leave it to me☆.” (Sumire)

Sumire raised her hand.

What she is holding is a cheap staff a mage apprentice would use. 

According to Sumire: ‘This is the easiest one to use, you know’.

Sumire has been improving greatly as a mage with the magic lessons lately. 

That said, she still has a long way to go when it comes to the complicated spells, and it is mostly rough on the edges. 

“Hum~♪~♪.” (Sumire)

Sumire waved her staff in the air, and the mana from the staff appeared as complex patterns.

Sumire is waving her staff while looking at what’s most likely written notes.

(Solid magic circles drawn in midair…) (Eugene)

Magic circles that would require mages to be pretty strong before being able to do it. 

Also, you apparently need a lot of mana, but that won’t be a problem for the Fire Half-God Sumire. 

Complex magic circles were eventually made in midair. 

“Done~☆.” (Sumire)

Sumire says. 

The magic circles release a powerful light. 

*Rumble Rumble Rumble*

The ground is shaking. 

Sara and I gulped.

The magic of an Ifrit has activated.

— “Saint Rank Magic: [Fire Giant].” 

A giant made of magic fire with outrageous size that could reach the ceiling of the Last Dungeon appeared. 

The strength of the magic goes: Elementary, Intermediate, High, Monarch, and goes up to Saint which is said to be the strongest rank of magic a mortal can use. 

And yet, she managed to do it so easily…

The Storm Dragon was flustered at the Fire Giant that suddenly appeared.

“…Move, Fire Giant.” (Sumire)

Sumire orders the Fire Giant. 

She is sweating a whole lot here. 

It seems like she is having trouble controlling the spell.


The Storm Dragon roared at that opening.

The blue beam blew off an arm of the Fire Giant. 

“Gooo!!!” (Sumire)

The Fire Giant hugged the Storm Dragon under the order of Sumire.


The Storm Dragon shrieked.

It is struggling to get out from the Fire Giant, but the Fire Giant is a magic being that doesn’t have substance to begin with. 

It chased after the Storm Dragon as far as it went. 

By the way, it seems like Sumire isn’t really controlling the minute movements of the Fire Giant.

It apparently moves as it pleases after Sumire gives the order. 

The Storm Dragon that was swallowed by the fire seems to be all unsteady. 

But it hasn’t become fatal and it is trying to escape. 

Seeing this, I ran to where the Storm Dragon is.

“Eugene, the fire is still…!” (Sara)

“It is okay! Back me up, Sara!” (Eugene)

“Geez! Got it!” (Sara)

I headed to the Fire Giant without hesitation.


The Storm Dragon roared to the skies. 

A giant tornado was created and it hit the Fire Giant.


The body of the Fire Giant was slowly wilting away…and eventually disappeared like a mirage.

However, the place where the Fire Giant stood is a sea of fire.

The Storm Dragon was flying around at low altitude dizzily. 

It seems like it doesn’t even have the strength to flap its wings. It is most likely floating with magic here. 

I set a barrier and plunge into the fire. 

The Storm Dragon is right above. 

However, it is not in the range of the Mana Sword.

At that moment…

“Holy Sword Magic: [Light Sword]!” (Sara)

The spell of Sara hit one wing of the Storm Dragon.

The long range attack she is not suitable for. 

Because of that, the power was low.

But that was enough to shake the balance of the weakened Storm Dragon.


A heavy sound was made as the colossal body of the dragon crashed onto the ground. 

The moisture of the wetland is all gone because of the fire of Sumire. 

I leap off the ground with improved footing and arrived at the side of the Storm Dragon in an instant. 

I won’t let this chance escape. 

— “Twin Heavenly Resonance Style: Mountain Form – [Dimension Slash].” (Eugene)

I sliced the head of the dragon in one slash. 

The Storm Dragon’s head falls flat on the ground.

(We did it…right?) (Eugene)

It shouldn’t stand up again like the Divine Beast…I hope.

As if answering my fears…

— “Explorer Eugene’s victory. Congratulations.” 

The Angel Voice rang in the dungeon. 

“Fuuh…” (Eugene)

I take a breath. 

“Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“Eugene!” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara hugged me. 

“We did it!” (Sumire)

Sumire hugged me and wrapped her arms around my neck. 

It feels as if she would kiss me at this rate.

“As-I-said, you are way too clingy, Sumire-san! Move away!” (Sara)

Sara tried to tear Sumire away, but she wasn’t allowing it. 

She is hugging me harder and harder. 

“Don’t wanna~.” (Sumire)

“This woman… Fine. Hey, Eugene, congratulations on defeating the Floor Boss.” (Sara)

Sara smiled and kissed my cheek.

“Hey!! What are you doing, Sara-san?!” (Sumire)

“Hmph, isn’t that fine? It is between me and Eugene.” (Sara)

“You are just a temporary party member!” (Sumire)

“And you are just a newbie!” (Sara)

“What?!” (Sumire)

“What?” (Sara)

“Calm down, you too.” (Eugene)

I don’t have the right to say anything to Claude like this. 

What can I do to fix the relationship between these two…?

At that time, I suddenly felt a gaze. 

The magic device of the Satellite System was observing us here. 

Looks like this is being broadcasted.

(I feel like a lot more people are watching when it comes to a Floor 50 broadcast…) (Eugene)

The student council people might cause more trouble.

Let’s not get close to the student council’s building. 

I feel like I will be told a variety of things about Sumire, too.



Sumire and Sara are still quarreling over there. 

That said, it is not like the two are seriously angry here. It is the usual bickering.

“Sumire, Sara, wanna go eat as a celebration for getting through the Floor 50?” (Eugene)

““I wanna!!!””

The two stopped their bickering in an instant and responded together. 

…Aren’t you two actually good friends? 

And this is how we managed to get through Floor 50 of the Zenith Tower. 

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