ZAP – Chapter 59: Eugene meets his mother

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“Uhm…are you really my mother…?” (Eugene)

I somehow calmed down my pure white head and asked this. 

“That’s right, Eugene.” 

The Angel-sama (mother) answered with a big smile. 

She is as tall as my chest. 

Pretty small. 

She looks 12-13 by appearance alone.

Her slender shoulder width is totally like that of a child.

Beautifully kemp faint golden hair that doesn’t reach her shoulders. 

There’s two big orange eyes on her child-like face.

And yet, she had mana and Aura so strong it made it hard to breathe. 

She is an incredibly unbalanced being. 

There’s a mountain of things I want to ask, but the first thing that bothered me was…

“You look completely different from the appearance Pops told me about…” 

The portrait of my mother that’s decorating the house and was drawn with recording magic gave a more mature feeling and she was a lady with long black hair. 

“Aah, that. Angels have spiritual bodies, so they can’t act in the mortal realm with this appearance. I met Ju-kun with my Artificial Body used for investigation purposes in the mortal realm.” 

“…A-Artificial body?” (Eugene)

“Well, let’s just say it is a magic doll that was made elaborately. The difference between that and humans is lower than 0.00001%, so it is practically human, you know?” 

“…I see.” (Eugene)

I don’t really get it, but this apparently means that my mother in the portrait was a temporary form and this angel form is her true form. 

In that case, the next question surfaces. 

“Why did you come to the mortal realm in the first place when you are an angel?” (Eugene)

She went as far as creating a doll that’s similar to a human. 

“Fuh… Nicely asked, Eugene! We angels have to work odd jobs for the Goddesses day in and day out, and keep an eye on the mortal realm. That in itself is a fruitful job, but…Ilia-sama pitied that and told the angels this! ‘Is there anyone here who would want to go to the mortal realm?’, you see!” 

“So the one who took this offer was you, Mother?” (Eugene)

“That’s right! There’s no other means for an angel to go down to the mortal realm aside from something like becoming a Fallen Angel, so being able to travel the mortal realm freely was like a dream come true…” 

Mother spaced out as if reminiscing. 

“And it was unlucky that she ended up landing on the East Continent that’s always having wars.” (Jubei)

Pops said this. 

“What are you saying? That’s how I met you, Ju-kun☆.” 

Pops’ name is Jubei, so it is Ju-kun, huh.

This is the first time I see someone calling him like that though.

“Well, I managed to meet Laila thanks to that, so I have to be grateful to the Destiny Goddess.” (Jubei)

“Geez~, acting all cool! Just because you are in front of Eugene. You can let me pamper you like always.” (Laila)

“O-Oi! You are sticking too close to me. Eugene is watching.” (Jubei)

“Isn’t that fine♡? Parents getting along is a good thing☆.” (Laila)

(Ooh…Pops is embarrassed.) (Eugene)

Pops always just ignored the many women that tried to approach him in the Empire. 

He really has been loyal to mother the whole time. Just thinking about that made me happy. 


(A man who looks over 40 and a girl who looks around 12 are flirting around…) (Eugene)

I don’t know why…but this looks criminal. Or more like, this really would look criminal in the Empire where 15 years old is considered an adult. 

And then, a question surfaced when hearing that conversation. 

“You met Mother often, Pops? You could have told me that then.” (Eugene)

I said this as if sulking. 

I am actually a bit sad that I was the only one who didn’t know. 

The expression of the two clouded at my words.

“I truly do feel bad about that one. But according to your mother, there’s apparently Divine Realm Regulations, so they couldn’t allow an angel from the Divine Realm to meet a human even if they are parent and child.” (Jubei)

“Sorry for making you feel lonely, Eugene… I actually wanted to meet you the whole time, but even Ju-kun, I could only meet once a year…” (Laila)

“Once a year… Is that so.” (Eugene)

A couple only being able to meet once a year is rough. 

Of course they would want to talk without anyone in between. 

That’s when the face of Mother turned bright. 

“But you know, Eugene, the Goddesses of the Divine Realm saw your achievements this time around! They were praising you~. They were really happy when I told them you are my son I am so proud of. That’s why I can boldly meet you now!” (Laila)

“The Goddesses?!” (Eugene)

I was surprised by what Mother said. 

“You defeated Cerberus-kun after all! It has been the talk of the Divine Realm too.” (Laila)

“Me the talk of the Divine Realm…?” (Eugene)

It is so grand that it just doesn’t click with me.

The Goddesses are praising me…

“But…there’s something I have to apologize to you about, Eugene.” (Laila)

Mother’s face turned sad. 

“W-What is it all of a sudden?” (Eugene)

The face of Mother changes so busily. 

“It is about your constitution.” (Jubei)

“Constitution…? The fact that I only have white mana?” (Eugene)

I asked back at the words of Pops. 

“Yeah, about that… You most likely inherited that from me as an angel. The mana of angels has the limitation that it can’t hurt others. That’s why, when fighting an enemy, there’s the need to use a weapon exclusive to angels. In my case, it would be this.” (Laila)

A white spear appeared in the air. 

It is a simple spear with no ornaments. 

But I felt even more mana from it than the Holy Sword that Sara has. 

“Wait, but you were in an Artificial Body that was practically the same as a human when you gave birth to me though?” (Eugene)

Wouldn’t it be weird to inherit the constitution of an angel with that? 

“That’s what I thought too, but…it seems like you have indeed inherited the mana of your mother who is an angel…” (Jubei)

“Sorry about that, Eugene… There’s barely any precedent of a human and angel having a child, so it took time to ascertain the reason.” (Laila)

Pops and Mother lowered their heads and apologized.

“It is okay, it doesn’t bother me.” (Eugene)

If it had been 2 years ago…I might have been more sulky about this. 

But thanks to this constitution, I ended up attending the Lykeion Magic Academy, met Sara, and decided to aim for the Zenith Tower with Sumire. 

I may not have been able to become a magic swordsman that lines up with Pops in the Empire, but I don’t hate my current self. 

“Thanks…for growing into a wonderful son.” (Laila)

“You really gotta have them journey off. Eugene’s face is now that of a man.” (Jubei)

Mother hugged me and Pops ruffled my hair. 

They are totally treating me like a child here. 

Not like I hate it though.

At that moment, Mother’s expression turned serious. 

“Mother?” (Eugene)

“Hmm?” (Laila)

She moved her nose closer to my body as if she were a dog. 

“Hm? Hey, Eugene, your body has the smell of a different angel on you…” (Laila)

“Eh?” (Eugene)

I jolted.

What came to mind was a certain Fallen Angel. 

But I gave out the name of a different angel.

“Uhm…maybe it is the angel of the 100th Floor, Rita-san?” (Eugene)

“Ooh, you have met other angels aside from your mother, Eugene? That’s a Last Dungeon for ya.” (Jubei)

Pops gave an impressed reaction, but Mother’s face was still serious. 

“No…it is different from the new angel Rita-chan. It is a more veteran angel… Most likely the same as me or a bit younger…” (Laila)

“Aah, found me out, huh. It has been a while, Laila-senpai~☆.” 

That voice echoed in this small church.

This voice is…

“Eri?” (Eugene)

“You…are you possibly Erinyes?!” (Laila)

My voice and the voice of Mother overlap.

“Hey, Eugene, is this possibly the Fallen Lord that you fought in the 100th Floor?” (Jubei)

“Y-Yeah…that’s right.” (Eugene)

“Hoh, I was imagining a scarier voice.” (Jubei)

Pops gave a carefree opinion.

“But why is the voice of Eri echoing here?” (Eugene)

“I felt the presence of Laila-senpai descending, so I was thinking that maybe I should greet her as a junior.” (Eri)

“J-Junior?” (Eugene)

“She was an underclassman in the days at the angel school. I was an angel for investigations and surveillance, and Eri was in charge of battles, so we have gone to Hell to investigate as a pair a number of times… To think she would end up Fallen! Don’t you feel bad towards the Goddesses?!” (Laila)

Mother shouted.

Or more like, there’s an angel school? 

I didn’t know.

“Because the Wood Goddess Freya was way too selfish. I can’t stay my whole life in that workplace.” (Eri)

“Well… Freya-sama does have a bit of a troublesome personality…” (Laila)

“Speaking of which, were you not stationed with the Water Goddess Eir-sama?” (Eri)

“I was moved. Also, there was no work at the place of the Water Goddess and had nothing to do. Eir-sama almost never brings work back after all.” (Laila)

“Having a workplace where you can take it easy is so nice. I wouldn’t have Fallen if I had been there.” (Eri)

“Or more like, come back to the Divine Realm already. Haven’t you made up for your sins after being sealed for 1,000 years?” (Laila)

“The mortal realm is comfortable, so I am staying Fallen for a while more~.” (Eri)

“…You…the young angels will imitate you, so stop that.” (Laila)

A really casual talk was unfolding here.

Looks like Mother and Eri are old friends. 

Pops is going ‘Laila really is impressive~. She has even met Goddesses and Demon Lords, huh~.’. He seems to be honestly impressed. 

But I am here worried about whether Eri will say something unnecessary. 

The terrible thing is that the conversation moved there.

“Speaking of which, why do I smell your scent from Eugene’s body? It wouldn’t end up like this just from meeting you at the 100th Floor trial. You didn’t put a weird curse on Eugene or anything, right?!” (Laila)

“I wouldn’t do something like that, Laila-senpai☆. Well, once a week, Eugene and I—” (Eri)

I hurriedly interjected in that.

“Mother! Eri is confined in the 7th Seal Prison of the Lykeion Magic Academy. I would check her state as a member of the Animal Club of the academy and give her food from time to time, so the miasma might have gotten stuck on me.” (Eugene)

I gave her the most plausible explanation. 

I am not lying.

“Hmm, really? Eri has not done anything weird to you?” (Laila)

“I-It is okay, I tell you.” (Eugene)

We actually have formed a Body Contract…or more like, we are in a pretty indecent relationship, but I was feeling apprehensive about explaining this to Pops and Mother. 

Or more like, I would like to keep it a secret if possible. 

I can’t tell them my virginity was stolen by Eri. 

“Well, if Eugene says so…” (Laila)

Looks like Mother was convinced. 

“You call the Demon Lord as Eri, Eugene. Are you close to her?” (Jubei)

My airheaded Pops muttered this as if nothing.

“…Hm? Speaking of which, the only ones who called her Eri were the Goddesses or people who she has really opened up to…” (Laila)

This is bad! 

Mother is suspecting something again.

I was hesitating about whether I should deceive them here and…

“Aah, the transmission magic is about to end soon. See ya, enjoy your family time~☆.” (Eri)

Saying this, I couldn’t hear the voice of Eri anymore.

“That girl is the same as usual…” (Laila)

Mother sighed heavily. 

“Seems like you are having fun at the academy, Eugene.” (Jubei)

Looks like Pops is not suspecting anything. 

I am glad he is so carefree. 

The face of Pops turned serious.

“Eugene.” (Jubei)

“What?” (Eugene)

“This is the main topic…” (Jubei)

The tone of Pops’ voice changed.

“Main topic?” (Eugene)

We came here to meet Mother, right? 

Did we have any other business? 

But it seems like it clicked with Mother. 

“Aah, I saw it at the Divine Realm, so I wanted to say it too… It must be about that, right? There are just a few days left.” (Laila)

I noticed after those words. 

“Eugene, this is classified information, so keep it to just here… The resealing of the Great Demonic Beast Haagenti will most likely…fail.” (Jubei)

Pops told me this reality with a heavy tone. 

■Comment Response: 

>A child between a human and an angel? Is that even human, lol.

>Pops was crying, lol.

-Practically human in terms of the body. 

>Half angel…

>Of course he would be specialized in defense.

-The mystery of the zero power has been safely solved.

■Author’s Comment: 

The mother is this story’s ‘loli’ element (only in appearance).

I thought about making her an angel classmate of Eri, but I don’t know about a heroine being the same age as the mother. And so, I made Eri the kouhai of Laila.

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