ZAP – Chapter 70: 3rd Arc’s Epilogue

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“E-Excuse me…Eugene-kun? Uhm…” 

The friend of Airi was looking over here and fidgeting. 

She had dark brown hair tied up to the back, and her purple eyes were looking at me. 

Her name and given title is…Camilla Veina. 

I remember her being a low class noble’s second daughter. 

“Got some business?” (Eugene)

I let out a cold voice despite myself. 

I have spoken with her a decent amount of times in military school, but my last impression of her was so bad that she is someone I would like to forget. 

“You know…I said something a bit harsh the last time we met, so… I am sorry.” (Camilla)


I stood up without saying a word once she apologized frivolously.

And then, I head out of the venue. 

“W-Wait! Are you still mad?!” (Camilla)

Speaking of which, she was a woman who couldn’t read the atmosphere since way before. 

I left with fast steps and the friend of Airi, Camilla, chased after me. 

I thought she would give up after ignoring her for a while, but it seems like she plans on following me endlessly. 

I walked in the hall for a while and stopped there. 

There’s no one around.

“U-Uhm…what should I do for you to forgive me?” (Camilla)

She is still saying that. 

“Hey, Eugene-kun, take a hint. This is an important period for the Oracle Airi. It would be troubling if weird rumors were to arise from being together with a talentless like you, right?” 

—“Pfft… A mere white failure becoming the Imperial Sword…?” 

(This woman…) (Eugene)

Those annoying words from 2 years ago replayed in my mind. 

Looks like even Camilla managed to notice my threatening gaze.

“I doubt that’s the case, but…could it be that you dropped out of the military school because of me?” (Camilla)

“IT IS because of you!!” (Eugene)

I ended up shouting at how dense she is.

“You gotta be kidding!” (Camilla)

“Why do you think I am kidding?! I dropped out the very next day you said that!” (Eugene)

“Eeeeeh?! But the Imperial Sword-sama came to the military school after you left and said: ‘My son has left on a journey for training at the Lykeion Magic Academy. Please let him be for a while’, so I thought ‘Aah, is that so’.” (Camilla)

“Pops did…?” (Eugene)

This is the first time I have heard of this. 

But I was rotten the whole time for around 1 year after the results of the Selection Exam came out, so I don’t think I would have wanted to even see the faces of my acquaintances from the military school even if they came to see me. 

That’s why the consideration of Pops was correct. 

“But Airi and everyone from the military school said ‘my words were unbelievable, so you should apologize afterwards’… So here I am… Teehee☆ Forgive me♡.” (Camilla)

That sly apologetic gesture annoyed me again.

“D-Don’t make such scary eyes. Y-You know, I will do anything if you forgive me!” (Camilla)

“Anything?” (Eugene)

Even if you tell me that…

There’s nothing in particular I would like her to do…

That’s when I suddenly noticed…the military uniform that Camilla is wearing. 

It doesn’t have the national emblem of the Grandflare Empire, and it is extremely plain. 

It at a glance looks like that of a commoner…

“You entered the intelligence division?” (Eugene)

“T-That’s right! My fighting capabilities were low and I am stupid, but I can get along with anyone and everyone, so the teacher told me that maybe I am suitable as a spy. That’s why I have a pretty wide information network! Ask me anything you want to know.” (Camilla)

“……I see.” (Eugene)

I heard those words and thought of something.

“Camilla, come here.” (Eugene)

“Eh?” (Camilla)

“You are going to listen to anything I want, right?” (Eugene)

“Y-Yeah.” (Camilla)

I went through a complicated hall without hesitation.

I know the places where no people walk around inside the Einherjar Palace. 

I explored the hell out of this place together with Airi when we were children after all. 

We eventually arrived at a vacant room.

I turned the doorknob and…the lock was broken as I remember, so I managed to enter the vacant room. 

I entered the room first and urged Camilla to do the same.

“E-Eugene-kun, this place is…?” (Camilla)

“It was apparently used to lock up prisoners from the Empire a long time ago, but it is not being used anymore.” 

I said this as I cast a barrier on the door with a broken lock.


The doorknob made that sound as it was fixed in place.

With this, no one can enter this room and can’t go out either. 

Camilla must have felt that too, she moved away from me. 

“Eugene-kun, could it be…” (Camilla)

“It is something I don’t want others to hear after all.” (Eugene)

When I said this, Camilla made a surprised face and hugged her own body with both hands.

“So that’s how it is… Got it.” (Camilla)

“…? I haven’t said anything yet though.” (Eugene)

I was wondering what she was saying here and Camilla placed a hand on the button of her own clothes…and began to undo them one by one.

(…Eh?) (Eugene)

I was dumbfounded by this, and the front of her coat was opened, showing her skin and her underwear. 

She was about to put a hand on the zipper of her skirt, but I hurriedly stopped her. 

“W-Wait! Why are you taking your clothes off?!” (Eugene)

“Eh? You didn’t bring me to an unpopulated location because you wanted me to get naked in order for you to forgive me?” (Camilla)

“No! Put your clothes on!” (Eugene)

“I don’t really mind it. Not like I am losing anything anyways.” (Camilla)

Camilla put her arms behind her and looked at me with an upward gaze while her front was still open. 

“Guh…” (Eugene)

She has messed up my pace. 

This is impressive if she is doing this on purpose.

(Well, not like that matters though.) (Eugene)

I stealthily cast a magic circle on the ground in a way so that Camilla doesn’t notice. 

The type of magic circle is that of a contract. 

I learned it in the Lykeion Magic Academy, and Eri taught me how to use it. 

I didn’t think there would be a time when I would use it though. 

You really gotta learn everything seriously.

“Then, let’s redo this. Camilla, there’s something I would like to ask of you. You said ‘you would do anything’, right?” (Eugene)

“Yeah, I will do anything~☆.” (Camilla)

Camilla said this without much care.

(She gets zero points when it comes to having a conversation with a mage.) (Eugene)

She would definitely get a failing mark and have to retake the exam in the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

The magic you learn in the military school is mainly direct offensive magic and healing magic to heal those injuries. 

That’s why they are not too aware of how important your ‘words’ are in a conversation with a mage. 

“Then, please bring out your right hand to the front.” (Eugene)

“? Okay.” (Camilla)

She didn’t show much suspicion and gave me her hand. 

 I grabbed her hand.

“W-What’s the matter, Eugene-kun?” (Camilla)

“Camilla Veina.” (Eugene)

“Y-Yes?” (Camilla)

Camilla’s expression turned to a nervous one once my tone changed to a serious one. 

“Report all the information that the intelligence division gets to Eugene Santafield, and hide that fact from everyone.” (Eugene)

“W-What are you saying? There’s no way I can do something like tha—” (Camillla)

That’s right. There’s no way she can do that. 

You can’t leak the information you get from the intelligence division to the outside. 

That’s why I use the blue mana I borrowed from Eri. 

“Eugene Santafield will make a contract with Camilla Veina.” (Eugene)

“Hau!” (Camilla)

The body of Camilla bends heavily. 

When I looked closely, there was something that looked like a tattoo of black wings. 

(In the end, she saved me the work of confirming thanks to her taking her clothes off.) (Eugene)

The contract is successful.

“E-Eugene-kun?! Just what in the world did you do to me?!” (Camilla)

“A contract through curse words. You said you would do anything I tell you, right?” (Eugene)

“And what if I were to break the promise or try to undo the curse…?” (Camilla)

“How about testing it out?” (Eugene)

When I said this, Camilla frowned. 

If I remember correctly, she didn’t have good grades in magic. 

It shouldn’t be possible for her to undo it by herself. 

“Uhm…but what should I tell you, Eugene-kun? I am a newbie in the intelligence division, so I am not involved in such deep information…” (Camilla)

“That’s okay. What I want to know is about Airi -information about the guys that might become her enemies.” (Eugene)

“Airi’s?” (Camilla)

Camilla tilted her head. 

“But there’s information circling around with the intelligence division that you didn’t agree to returning to how things were before with Airi just now though?” (Camilla)

“Isn’t that way too fast?!” (Eugene)

“Airi is going to become the next sovereign, so it is natural.” (Camilla)

“So that’s natural, huh.” (Eugene)

Becoming a ruler is a tough job, huh. 

“Hmm, so is it fine to just tell you the information about Airi?” (Camilla)

“Yeah, tell me if anything happens. I will return to the Empire at those times.” (Eugene)

I can’t stop the exploration of the Zenith Tower. 

I have my promise with Sumire. 

But if Airi is in trouble and wants help, I would like to rush to her side. 

But Airi will most likely not ask for help herself. 

That’s why I need someone to provide me the information. 

Pops would work too, but he is busy with his Imperial Sword job. 

Camilla is the perfect one for the job as someone who is affiliated to the intelligence division, owes me, and even said she would do anything.

“Now then, let’s return to the venue.” (Eugene)

“W-Wait a moment.” (Camille)

I undo the barrier on the door and went out to the hall, and Camilla hurriedly followed after me. 

Of course, after fixing up her clothes. 

Camilla spoke to me while I was walking the hall. 

“Hey, hey, Eugene-kun. What do you think of Airi anyways?” (Camilla)

“None of your business.” (Eugene)

“It is. You are the person the next sovereign loves.” (Camilla)

“I am impressed you can still speak to me like that. I casted a curse on you just recently.” (Eugene)

“Hmm, I honestly thought you would do something more horrible to me~. I was surprised by how you didn’t put a single finger on me at all.” (Camilla)

“What would have happened if I did?” (Eugene)

“I have the confidence of wringing you out all the way to your bones♡.” (Camilla)

She looks at me with an upward glance. Those eyes of hers looked serious.


I vowed to never put a hand on her no matter what. 

I feel like nothing good will come out of it. 

We had aimless banter for a while and got near the venue. 

“See ya~! I will contact you later☆.” (Camilla)

Camilla directed a smile at the person that cursed her and ran off. 

I would like to learn of her toughness. 

(I am glad I came back to the Empire.) (Eugene)

I managed to clear away the bitter memories from 2 years ago in the Selection Exam. 


“Ah, Eugy! That’s where you were!” 

Someone called me. 

I don’t even need to turn around to know who it is, but I still turn around. 

It is my childhood friend glaring at me. 

“Airi, you know…” (Eugene)

“…Hmph. It is fine. Now that I think about it, you are lovers, so I can imagine you doing stuff like that. More importantly, come here for a bit.” (Airi)

My childhood friend pulled my hand. 

A place that’s strictly guarded even within the Einherjar Palace. 

There’s always several people on patrol, and it is a place I haven’t gone to even as a child. 

“Airi, this place is…” (Eugene)

“The treasury room. Did you forget how we tried to sneak in when we were young and we got scolded?” (Airi)

“I remember.” (Eugene)

I unconsciously chuckled. 

If I remember correctly, they have traps that can instantly kill intruders, so we were on the verge of dying. 

We were scolded by a whole ton of adults afterwards. 

“Why here?” (Eugene)

“I was told by my father just now: ‘It would be bad manners to have the Legendary Hero that defeated the Great Demonic Beast go back empty handed, so let him choose a Treasure Tool that’s rank 3 or lower from the treasury’.” (Airi)

“I am fine though. I already got the God Katana.” (Eugene)

“That’s something that was given to you beforehand. Take what’s given to you.” (Airi)

Airi went ahead while saying this. 

We eventually arrived at a thick iron door. 

There’s complicated magic circles drawn on the door. 

It is a seal that doesn’t fall short to the forbidden 7th Seal Prison in the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

“We are going in.” (Airi)

“Yes, Airi-sama!” 

The soldier said this and the gate opened after waiting for a while. 

Me and Airi cross the thick door. 

The inside was overflowing with golden light. 

“This is…” (Eugene)

“Impressive…” (Airi)

Airi and I were at a loss for words.

The inside of the room is spacious; around the size of the grand auditorium of the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

And inside of this, there’s mountains of gold, gems, and countless magic tools. 

I asked Airi who was dumbfounded by this. 

“Is this your first time coming in here?” (Eugene)

“T-That’s right! I am now 1st place in the throne succession rights, so I was told by Father that I should check out what’s in here beforehand…” (Airi)

“I see…” (Eugene)

I once again look around the inside of the treasury that’s filled up with treasure tools. 

This is certainly crazy. Or more like, is it okay for an outsider like me to be here…? 

If the Emperor says it is fine, I guess it is though.

“Come on, check it out as much as you want.” (Airi)

“Even if you tell me to look as much as I want…” (Eugene)

There’s way too many valuable things. 

I doubt I will be able to see everything in a single day. 

I was wondering what to do as I walked around the room. 

It seems like Airi was interested in the accessory magic tools like necklaces and rings. She is looking at them with serious eyes. 

(What’s that…?) (Eugene)

There was a conspicuous Treasure Tool left deep in the room as if it had been forgotten there. 

A big mirror. 

I thought it was a wall at first. 

It is easily twice as big as me. 

A size as if made to reflect a giant. 

“Hey, Airi, what’s that big mirror?” (Eugene)

“You must not take that back with you. It is a rank 1 Treasure Tool after all.” (Airi)

“I won’t.” (Eugene)

How would I even carry it? It is such a gigantic mirror.

“That’s the Akasha Mirror. It is said that it reflects the future or that it reflects the truth, but it hasn’t moved at all for 100 years… But it is said to be a Treasure Tool that has saved the Empire countless times when in peril.” (Airi)

“I see.” (Eugene)

This is the first time I hear of this. 

I approach that magic mirror. 

The surface is pitch black despite being called a mirror. 

I approach it, but not even my face is reflected in it. 

“What are you doing, Eugy?” (Airi)

“I was wondering if it would reflect something.” (Eugene)

“I told you it has been more than 100 years since it hasn’t shown anything.” (Airi)

She said as if baffled.

At that moment…

………Waaah! Waaah! Waah! Waaah! 

………Gacha gacha gacha gacha gacha.

………Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don!

I heard low sounds.

It is coming from inside the mirror.

“Hm?” (Eugene)

I strain my eyes and something was being faintly reflected in it. 

“O-Oi, Airi! There’s something showing inside the mirror!” (Eugene)

“Eh, really?!” (Airi)

Airi ran over here in surprise and made a dubious look.

“There’s nothing showing.” (Airi)

“Hm?” (Eugene)

It looks like only I can see it.

“What do you see?” (Airi)

“That………eh?” (Eugene)

The image was steadily getting clearer.

I saw that and let out a dumbstruck voice.

The Akasha Mirror that shows the future. 

What was showing there was the armies of the Grandflare Empire, Sacred Union, and the Blue Waters Federation clashing and killing each other… It is showing a war.

■Comment Response: 

>I can already imagine a scene where Airi suddenly comes when Eugene is leaving the Empire.

>Then kisses him and says she is not going to give up.

It didn’t go that far in the 3rd Arc.

■Author’s Comment: 

Next one will be the 4th Arc. 

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