ZAP – Chapter 69: Eugene and Childhood Friend

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“Hey…I really do need you, Eugy. Please come back to the Empire and support me…” (Airi)

Airi said this with a meek attitude unthinkable of the childhood friend I know from long ago. 

Her deep blue eyes like sapphire were piercing me straight. 

“Airi…” (Eugene)

“Eugy…” (Airi)

By the time I noticed, we were staring at each other in close distance. 

It has been 2 years since I have been this close to Airi. 

There has been a wall between me and Airi since the time we reunited. 

I was most likely the one who created that wall. 

I didn’t approach Airi more than necessary. 

But I feel like that wall has crumbled today. 

Airi also didn’t approach me more than necessary. 

But I feel like that wall has crumbled today, too. 

(However, I can’t return to the Empire yet.) (Eugene)

I made a promise with my partner Sumire. 

And there’s also my relationship with Sara.

My current place to be is the Lykeion Magic Academy. 

I don’t know what to say here…

The hand of Airi slowly moved towards my cheek. Just before those white slender fingers touched me…

“Excuse me for intruding☆ Eugene Santafield-sama who has subjugated the legendary Great Demonic Beast.” 

The one who spoke with a beautiful high voice reminiscent of singing was the Destiny Oracle Orianne-sama who is wearing pure white cleric clothes. 

“…What may it be, Orianne-sama?” (Airi)

Airi’s expression turned sour in an instant. 

(Airi is currently 1st place in the throne succession rights. In other words, she went as far as to interject despite knowing this would displease the coming sovereign?) (Eugene)

There’s no doubt she has some sort of aim here.

And so, I direct my gaze at the Oracle-sama.

(Geh.) (Eugene)

I saw Sara and Sumire behind Orianne-sama.

I am sure I will get reproached -is what I thought and braced myself, but it is looking strange. 

Sara’s expression is blank. 

It is as if she is not here. 

Sumire seemed to be worried about Sara as she directed a dense gaze at me. 

It is okay, Sumire. 

I won’t break my promise. 

“What brings you here, Orianne-sama?” (Eugene)

I was the one who was called by name. 

I can’t ignore it. 

“Fufufu, I have something to talk about in regards to Sara. This is something that was decided yesterday. It was something I haven’t told you because of the preparations for the battle against the Great Demonic Beast. Come here, Sara.” (Orianne)

“Y-Yes!” (Sara)

Sara, who was behind the Destiny Oracle-sama, takes one step to the front.

The Destiny Oracle-sama directs a meaningful look. 

On the other hand, there’s Sara looking at me worried.

(…What is it?) (Eugene)

That question of mine was answered soon after with the words of Orianne-sama.

“Actually…it has been decided that the Holy Maiden Candidate Sara will now be an Upcoming Holy Maiden. Thus, Sara Iglesia Lodis will be changing her name to Sara Ilia Caldia. Please take care of the Holy Maiden Sara as her husband, okay☆?” (Orianne)

“…Eh?” (Eugene)

“Wa?!” (Airi)

Me and Airi were dumbstruck by this.

“Sara?” (Eugene)

“I-I didn’t know! I was told just recently too…” (Sara)

That’s why she was acting weirdly for a while now, huh. 

“What do you mean by husband?” (Eugene)

I asked.

Sara and I may be a couple, but…it is not like we are engaged. 

“You have done it now, Orianne-sama.” 

The one who cut into the conversation was Prime Minister Catherine.

“Prime Minister?” (Eugene)

The Destiny Oracle-sama answered.

“There’s a certain rumor being spread in Caldia: The Upcoming Holy Maiden Sara and her boyfriend, the young swordsman of the Empire Eugene, defeated the Great Demonic Beast Haagenti.” (Orianne)

“Orianne-sama, please don’t be so barefaced. We have heard from our intelligence division that the source of the rumors comes from the Goddess Church.” (Catherine)

Prime Minister Catherine said this straight up. 

Orianne-sama was simply all smiles, not admitting or denying it. 

“Eugene-kun, are you going to marry Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

“Sumire, I myself also heard this just now, so I am as confused…” (Eugene)

I was flustered by what Sumire said. 

“Fufufu… There’s no issues, Sumire-san. Even if Sara has become an Upcoming Holy Maiden, all the current 8 Holy Maidens are still healthy. Sara will most likely become a Holy Maiden in a decade or so. Take your time conquering the Zenith Tower until then☆.” (Orianne)

“I-I see…” (Sumire)

Sumire nodded, agitated. 

No, that’s not what it should be about. 

“Eugene-kun is a Legendary Hero of the Empire. It is troubling that you are deciding what he does on your own volition.” (Catherine)

The Prime Minister said this before I did. 

But Orianne-sama’s smile stayed plastered on her. 

“Of course. When speaking of the wife of the Empire’s Legendary Hero, there would obviously be the need to give him the highest standing in Caldia. The marriage between a Legendary Hero and a Holy Maiden will most definitely become a good bridge between the Grandflare Empire and Caldia which is the axis of the Sacred Union☆.” (Orianne)


She said me and Sara were political tools without a single blemish in her face. 

Not being treated like a human to this degree is instead refreshing in its own way. 

—The Holy Maidens of Caldia are wicked.

This is beyond the rumors. 

The Destiny Oracle-sama is scary.

That said, I wouldn’t like not putting my input here.

“That’s—” (Eugene)

“I won’t allow this!” (Airi)

My words were cut off by my childhood friend. 

“Oh my, oh my, Crown Princess Airi, are you not going to give your blessings to the Upcoming Holy Maiden of our country and the Empire’s Legendary Hero?” (Orianne)

“D-Deciding such a thing arbitrarily will only trouble Eugy! Isn’t that right, Eugy?! Right?!” (Airi)

Airi said this and the Destiny Oracle-sama grinned.

“Then, you are saying Eugene-sama’s feelings are more important?” (Orianne)

“T-That’s right! Right, Eugy?! It is too soon for marriage, right?!” (Airi)

The gazes of the Destiny Oracle-sama and my childhood friend moved to me. 

No, there’s also Sara, Sumire, and the Prime Minister. 

“I…” (Eugene)

I was about to talk here, but…

“But that goes without saying☆.” (Orianne)

The Destiny Oracle-sama once again interjected.

Oi, let me speak already.

“Excuse me, Orianne-sama…” (Eugene)

I tried to complain here, but…

“Because he had such a heated night with Sumire-san and Sara the other day☆.” (Orianne)


The explosive statement of the Destiny Oracle-sama froze the place.

“Orianne-sama?!” (Sara)

“Holy Maiden-sama!!” (Sumire)

Sara and Sumire had bright red faces. 

“Eugene-kun…did you put a hand on the Upcoming Holy Maiden…?” (Catherine)

The Prime Minister sighed heavily. 

She wasn’t the Upcoming Holy Maiden though…wait, that’s not the issue here.

I felt chills run down my spine at that moment. 

(B-Bloodlust?!) (Eugene)

There was no need to think about who it was. 

“Eugy… I see…so that’s how it was…” (Airi)

“A-Airi…” (Eugene)

There’s no light in the eyes of my childhood friend. 

Her expression is gone. 

Airi takes a step towards me. 


The next instant, a kick came at me on the side of my head like a flash. 

I guarded myself on reflex, but I was still sent flying. 

It has been a while since I have been hit by a kicking technique of the Twin Heavenly Sword Style. 

I rolled on the ground a number of times, and by the time I had mitigated the fall, Airi had run off. 

The people around grew noisy, wondering what happened. 

“A-Airi…” (Eugene)

In the end, I couldn’t respond to the question of my childhood friend. 

“It can’t be helped…” (Catherine)

The Prime Minister left for where Airi went. 

“Eugene…” (Sara)

Sara tried to come towards me with unsteady steps. 

“Sara, I have something to talk to you about later. Also, bring Sumire-san if possible☆.” (Orianne)

The Destiny Oracle-sama grabbed the hand of Sara and Sumire.

“Eugene~.” (Sara)

“Eugene-kun~.” (Sumire)

The two were dragged away.

Why even Sumire…?

I could only see them off. 

I stood dumbfounded there for a while and…

“Hey, Eugene. Airi-chan ran off crying just now. What did you do?” 

“P-Pops?!” (Eugene)

Pops suddenly showed up behind me. 

Since when? 

“I heard you were seriously injured though.” (Eugene)

“Healed already.” (Jubei)

From what I can see, he doesn’t seem to be that injured. 

Well, it is great to see he is fine.

“Oi, Eugene Santafield!” 

Someone smacked my shoulder from the opposite side. 

The one there was the blonde blue eyed handsome man…General Berthold.

{Nee-san was crying. What did you do?} (Berthold)

He asked me in a whisper. 

{…There’s just so much to unpack.} (Eugene)

{I am the one who is going to suffer from her venting though.} (Berthold)

{I…am sorry about that.} (Eugene)

I have seen the sorrow of a little brother with a tyrannical sister. 

I was spoken to by a lot of people afterwards. 

Airi didn’t show up at that time. 



I slipped out from the crowd of people and sat on a chair at the corner of the party venue. 

Now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten anything at this party. And so, I take a number of small dishes around. 

I bring some simple side dishes into my mouth. 

The salty taste made me want to drink something. 

There’s cocktails and wines lined up on top of the big table, already poured for you. 

I was wondering which one I should take.


Someone spoke to me.

The voice of a young woman. 

It gave off a timid impression.


I couldn’t tell whose voice it was for an instant. 

But I have heard it before. 

I turned around before I could remember…and froze. 

On the unforgettable Selection Exam 2 years ago…

At the time when I thought I had been abandoned by my childhood friend because of my result as having only white mana…

“I-It has been a while… It seems you are doing well…” 

“…Yeah, it has been a while.” (Eugene)

The one who is looking extremely awkward here is an acquaintance of mine from my military school days. 

The friend of Airi who made the statement that made me leave the school. 

■Comment Response: 

There were a lot of comments about Ber-kun. 

It would have been better for me to have put more foreshadowing about him being an illegitimate child. 

■Author’s Comment:

A rough sketch of Princess Airi. 

She gives off that princess aura. 

Her image changed completely in the 3rd Arc though. 

This is the front cover of the Zero Believer Goddess-sama 11 that will be going on sale today. 

It is the volume where Eri from 1,000 years ago shows up.

And here’s also the front cover of the 6th volume of the aforementioned story in its manga version.

The drawing is of Princess Sofia and Makoto. 

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