ZAP – Chapter 74: Eugene meets the president of the school festival commitee

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“Nice to meet you, I am Rebecca J Walker. The president of the magic academy’s school festival committee. Nice to meet you, Legendary Hero-kun that defeated a Demon Lord☆.” (Rebecca)

The red hair elf beauty gave me a big smile. 

The mana her body was emitting was abnormal despite her small body. 

She must be quite the powerhouse. 

“Nice to meet you Committee President Rebecca, I am Eugene Santafield.” (Eugene)

“Of course I know! You are famous after all. And so, there’s something I would like to talk with you about as someone of your stature.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-san slid her way towards me and leaned her body against mine. 

Her big eyes were looking up at me like a cat.

“W-What is it?” (Eugene)

“About the upcoming martial arts tournament…” (Rebecca)

It really was about that.

“I heard I will be fighting the winner of the tournament.” (Eugene)

“That’s right! Exactly that!” (Rebecca)

She grabbed my hand.

Rebecca-san’s temperature is high.

Or more like, it burns. 

“I haven’t agreed though.” (Eugene)

“Please!! We have already sold out the tickets! If you don’t show up, I don’t know what will happen to me…” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-san was already close as she was, but she pushed her body onto me as if she were going to hug me. 

“W-What would happen?” (Eugene)

“I wouldn’t be able to return the astronomical debt and would have to sell myself! If that happens, a beauty like me would have to end up as the sex slave of rich dudes every night…” (Rebecca)

“…Eh?” (Eugene)

Is she seriously saying that? 

Or more like, is the school festival committee president going to go that far? 

I was flustered here and Committee President Rebecca wrapped her arms around me. 

“If I am going to be the partner of someone, I would prefer a fearless man like you~☆. How about it? If you participate in the martial arts tournament, you can do as you please with my bo—” (Rebecca)

I was listening to the outrageous words of the girl and…

“M-Move away.” 

“Rebecca-senpai, you are getting way too close to our Eugene.” 

Sumire and Sara interjected. 

“Oh, the girlfriends of Eugene-kun. Pulling charm tactics on him in front of you two was uncouth, huh.” (Rebecca)

“It is a bad joke.” (Eugene)

When I said this, Rebecca-san gave me a sidelong glance while still holding my hand. 

“What I said just now wasn’t a joke though.” (Rebecca)

“You must not, Rebecca-senpai.” (Sara)

“Eugene-kun, you must not listen to her!” (Sumire)

Sara and Sumire stopped me. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t put my hands on Rebecca-san.

“In the first place, I am fine with just participating in the common division though.” (Eugene)

I spoke my own thoughts. 

I did have interest in the martial arts tournament itself after all.

“Hmm, but I really do want you to fight the winner, Eugene-kun! You are the Legendary Hero that fought off the Demon Lord Erinyes that ruled the South Continent 1,000 years ago after all!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-san points straight at me. 

“So drawing in the customers.” (Eugene)

I…don’t really like being made a show of. 

That must have shown in my face.

“The final match and the special match of the martial arts tournament are on the last day of the school festival! There will be many VIPs from the Grandflare Empire and Caldia! We can’t show boring fights there! Please, I will do anything you want!” (Rebecca)

She lowered her head deeply at the end.


“Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“Eugene?” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara poke my back.

No, I wasn’t thinking about demanding something lecherous. 

What I thought of was something else.

Rebecca-senpai is a famous A rank explorer in the academy. 

We will be challenging Floor 101, so there’s a lot of things I want to ask. 

“What’s your record in the Zenith Tower, Rebecca-senpai?” (Eugene)

“Me? My record has stopped, unable to defeat the boss of Floor 150. A poor excuse of an A rank explorer. I was all conceited, saying I would overcome the record of Mother when I just came to the academy, but…it is not going well.” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-san’s face turned sad.

That’s a famous story. 

9th place in the Record Holders of the Zenith Tower: Rosalie J Walker. Record: Floor 300. 

A great senior in the Lykeion Magic Academy that was also called the Crimson Witch. 

I have heard that she is the mother of Rebecca-senpai.

Thinking about how she has her own set of difficulties shouldering the name of an outstanding parent…I couldn’t just think about it as someone else’s business. 

“Rebecca-senpai, we will be challenging the tower from Floor 101. I will participate in the martial arts tournament if you teach us about the Zenith Tower.” (Eugene)

“Are you fine with just that?” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-senpai’s eyes opened wide, most likely finding this unexpected.

“Aah, he accepted.” (Sumire)

“Eugene is just too soft on women.” (Sara)

“It is not a bad deal, right?” (Eugene)

I am the only one who has to participate in the martial arts tournament this time around.

It is not that bad of a deal if we can hear the stories of the senpai that reached Floor 150. 

“Thanks, Eugene-kun! I love you!!” (Rebecca)

Rebecca-senpai hugged me with plenty of force this time around. 

“As I said, you can’t!” (Sumire)

“Senpai, you must not!” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara immediately tore her away. 

This is how one of the events I would be participating in has been decided. 


“In the end, you ended up joining the martial arts tournament? You are such a softie, Eugene.” 

Eri was baffled by me. 

I am currently at the 7th Sealed Prison. 

The forbidden place where dangerous mythological creatures including Eri are sealed in. 

“It is okay. I wanted to participate in the martial arts tournament to begin with.” (Eugene)

I haven’t come here since the time I went to the Empire, so I took my time checking the place. 

The room of Eri was especially dirty now, so I am cleaning it up. 

“Hey, hey, it has been a while, so pamper me.” (Eri)

“Don’t pull my clothes. Then, please line up the empty wine bottles at least.” (Eugene)

“I don’t wanna~. Such a pain. I was bored without you, Eugene~! Come on~, come here~.” (Eri)

“Uwa!” (Eugene)

Eri pulled me while I was cleaning up and was pushed down onto the bed. 

That fearsomely pretty face was looking down at me. 

Her shining silver hair fell onto my cheek. 

She licked her bright red lips seductively. 

Her beauty is something that I can’t get used to seeing no matter how many times I see it. 

But the Demon Lord seems to be somewhat in a bad mood. 

“In the first place, it is unbelievable that you would be the partner of those little chicks, but leave me for later. Do you get it, Eugene?” (Eri)

“Little chicks, you say…” (Eugene)

Everyone would be considered that compared to Eri. 

“Also, I have a contract with you, Eugene, so I can tell when you are doing it with another woman. Do you understand this frustration?! I will have you be my partner a whole ton, so be prepared.” (Eri)

Eri said this and her long fingers traced down my neck.

“…Hm?” (Eugene)

I had a bad feeling at the words of Eri. 

I have a contract with a Demon Lord. 

And that also goes for Sumire and Sara.

“Hey, Eri…” (Eugene)

“What?” (Eri)

“A Body Contract is…uhm…” (Eugene)

“If Eugene cheats with another woman, all of it will be known to the ones that have made the contract. Did you not know?” (Eri)

“I-I didn’t know.” (Eugene)

“Hmph, then, we have to clearly notify those little chicks that we are making love here♡.” (Eri)

“H-Hey…is there a way to not have them know?” (Eugene)

“You can’t. That’s what a Body Contract is after all.” (Eri)

“W-What a fearsome contract.” (Eugene)

I remember having read in a book that having a contract with several people is not recommended. 

So this is the reason why…

“Hey, don’t think about other women and look at me.” (Eri)

The eyes of the Demon Lord are more red than usual.

(This is…going to spell trouble.) (Eugene)

This has happened a number of times in the past. 

This is the sign of when Eri has pent up desires. 

—That night I wasn’t allowed to sleep until morning.

“…It is about time to go.” (Eugene)

I stood up from the bed after having a short sleep. 

I am glad the morning class is self-study. 

I hear someone sleeping from behind. 

I thought for sure it was Eri sleeping, but…

“See ya, Eugene. You will be resuming your dungeon exploration today, right?” (Eri)

It seems like she was awake.

“Yeah, we will be checking it out. We have just gotten new weapons after all. We plan on exploring for real another day.” (Eugene)

“Be careful on Floor 101. You will die in an instant if you lower your guard.” (Eri)

“…Got it.” (Eugene)

The tone of the Demon Lord was the very definition of serious. 

“The current Dungeon Master is a young one, so they are not good at holding back.” (Eri)

“Really?” (Eugene)

“They are apparently annoyed that there haven’t been any explorers recently who have updated their record.” (Eri)

“Even if you tell me that…” (Eugene)

I bid farewell to Eri and left the 7th Seal Prison. 

The sun is already high up. 

It was a battle against drowsiness after I returned to the dorms, changed clothes, and took the morning lessons. 

They were fortunately all classes to move your body, so I didn’t fall asleep. 

After that, I slept for a bit and headed to the meeting spot. 

Zenith Tower: 1st Floor. 

I will be meeting Sumire and Sara here. 

I came slightly earlier than promised, but the two were already waiting. 


Sumire had her arms crossed behind her and was staring at me intently without saying anything. 

Sara was crossing her arms and looking at me coldly. 

“Y-You two are early.” (Eugene)


What came back were even colder eyes. 

Sumire and Sara drew closer to me, towards both of my sides, and they grabbed my arms tightly. 

“S-Sumire? Sara?” (Eugene)

I couldn’t ask ‘What’s the matter?’.

There’s no need to ask.

“Eugene-kun.” (Sumire)

“Eugene.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara said together.

““You had a lot of fun last night, huh.””

I was lectured for an hour while on my knees afterwards. 

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It was all about the mother of Rebecca-san. 

■Author’s Comment: 

Twitter is down? 

I can’t advertise…

I will go to sleep for today.

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