ZAP – Chapter 101: Holy Capital of Arshaam

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◇Sumire’s POV◇


The path we walked on had clean white stone squares laid about, and the buildings with white walls lined up on both sides were of the same design. 

It is a beautiful city…but isn’t it hard to remember your way? 

“I feel like…I would get lost in this city…” (Eugene)

I heard this mutter from Eugy-kun by my side. 

It really makes you think that, right~?

“Sara-chan, guide me in the city later, okay~?” (Sumire)

I say this to Sara-chan. 


“Sara-chan?” (Sumire)

Sara-chan hasn’t been speaking much since arriving in the holy capital. 

Or more like, she is completely silent. 

Her back is straight, both arms crossed in front of her chest, and her head was lowered, expressionless as she walked. 

It seems like she is guiding us since she is walking ahead of us. 

“Travelers, care to check my wares?!” 

“The nights are cold. I’ve got warm gloves and mufflers!” 

“I got some fresh fruits and vegetables~. Check them out~.” 

“There’s some rare magic tools here from the Zenith Tower!” 

“Our place is the only one where you can buy imported goods from the West Continent!” 

The place was lively with street stalls when we got into the main street. 

The designs of the buildings were uniform, but the billboards of the street stalls were colorful and interesting. 

They are selling food and accessories that I haven’t seen before, and it made me want to check them out for a bit. 

But the place we are heading to is the Grand Church in the center of the city where the requesters of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation are in, the 8 Holy Maidens. 

Gotta do the sightseeing some other time. 


“Check it out~!” 

“I will strike a bargain for you!” 

We were walking within all the calls of the many merchants. 

At that moment…

— “Everyone, it is time to worship the Goddesses.” 

The voice of a woman and the clanging of a bell echoed.


I unconsciously raised my voice. 

Eugy-kun was looking around in wonder. 

The tumult stops. 

All the people in the city went on their knees at the same time. And then, they put their hands together and began to pray. 

Sara-chan, who was walking ahead, did the same.

{Sumire, we should do that, too.} (Eugene)

{Y-Yeah, Eugy-kun.} (Sumire)

I was taught this by Sara-chan, so I know about it. 

It is the time for the mass worship that happens 3 times every day. 

I copied the people around: went on my knees, put my hands together, closed my eyes, and prayed.

Eugene-kun is doing the same pose. 

By the way, it is apparently normal to go on one knee in the Empire. Eugene-kun did that in the academy, but he is following the style of this nation. 


Silence ruled the city. 

The noise until now is completely gone. 

It went on for probably more than 5 minutes. 

— “The time of worship is over. Offer your thanks to the Goddesses.” 

The tolling of the bell stopped and all the people began moving again. 

It returned to how noisy it was.

“That’s impressive…” (Eugene)

“Yeah…” (Sumire)

I nodded at the words of Eugene-kun.

Praying to the Goddesses has been included in their lifestyle. 

A custom that wasn’t present in the Dungeon City or the Empire. 

Sara-chan has been silent the whole time. 

(She isn’t looking too energetic despite having returned after a while.) (Sumire)

There’s no response even when I talk to her. 

Is she in a bad mood? 

But she was normal until we entered the city though.

We walked for a while and reached a big church. No, is it okay to just call it a big church?

A giant construction that’s as big as a 10 story building. It is also very wide. 

It is more like a castle than a church.

—Saint Anna Grand Church.

The head temple of the Goddess Church in the South Continent. 

Anna-sama is the person that made the religion of the Goddess Church, so the name of the church is also taken from her.

The people in front of the Grand Church are most likely people from there. 

Priests and priestesses were lined up.

Could it possibly be for us who have come to assist in the Great Demonic Beast subjugation?

Even if so, that’s a bit too grand…is what I was thinking but…

““““““We have been waiting for you, upcoming Holy Maiden, Sara-sama.”””””””

They all lowered their heads at the same time to Sara-chan.

Sara-chan simply responded with an ‘I am back’ without getting flustered.

“Please leave your luggage here.” 

“We will guide you to your room.” 

“Allow me to take your coat.” 

They were all talking to only Sara-chan one after the other.

It seems like me and Eugy-kun are not even in their vision.

“I can do this alone, so it is alright. Please return to your work.” (Sara)

Sara-chan said this and the people left reluctantly. 

“Eugene, Sumire, go ahead.” (Sara)

Sara-chan walks ahead of us. 

(This is the first time she called me Sumire.) (Sumire)

It was always Sumire-chan.

Also, her attitude is a bit weird. 

Eugy-kun is also making a perplexed face. 

The inside of the Grand Church is complex, it feels like a labyrinth. 

There’s also a lot of corridors and rooms. 

It seems like the neighboring building is serving as a lodging for the clerics. There’s something that resembles dormitories lined up outside the window.

We were guided to what looked like a big guest room with the guidance of Sara-chan.

Sara-chan opened the door that made a heavy sound with one hand, and closed it slowly. 


A loud sound of locking the door rang. 

“Aah~!! That was tiring!!” (Sara)

Sara-chan collapsed onto the sofa of the room.

“Ah, the usual Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

I said this and…

“Sorry, Sumire-chan, Eugene.” (Sara)


Sara-chan apologized for some reason.

“I was acting weird, right?” (Sara)

“I get it, Sara. We were being watched the whole time since the moment we entered the city.” (Eugene)

“Eh?!” (Sumire)

I was surprised.

“Yeah… I was surprised too. To think they would keep such a tight surveillance…” (Sara)

“W-Wait! What’s going on?!” (Sumire)

I asked for an explanation.

“There were several people observing us soon after we entered the capital. I couldn’t see them though.” (Eugene)

“The warriors that protect the holy capital, the Guardian Soldiers. They look the same as normal citizens…or more like, the people of the holy capital are all wearing the regulated clothes of the Goddess Church, so they have the same appearance.” (Sara)

“That’s why I couldn’t find them even when I looked…” (Eugene)

“Eh? You can’t wear the clothes you want?” (Sumire)

I asked this and Sara-chan answered with a face as if saying this is natural. 

“That’s right. The Goddess Church supplies all the clothing. In the capital, that is. That’s why I have to change clothes when I am here.” (Sara)

Sara-chan said this and began undressing.

“W-Wait! Sara-chan, you are doing that in front of Eugy-kun!” (Sumire)

“Why worry about that at this point in time?” (Sara)

“Aah, that’s true.” (Sumire)

Speaking of which, Eugy-kun has already seen me and Sara-chan naked.

“I will change too, I guess~. White clothes for this city, right?” (Sumire)

“Want me to lend you my clothes? I have several of the same.” (Sara)

“Really? Yay~! I had a bit of a desire to wear sister clothes, you know.” (Sumire)

I say this and begin taking my clothes off.

“No… You two, at least hide it a bit.” (Eugene)

Eugy-kun looked away.

So honest. 

Well, that’s a good part of him though.

“Are you not going to change, Eugy-kun?” (Sumire)

“You can borrow male clothes for the holy capital, you know?” (Sara)

When we asked, he said ‘I am fine with my uniform’.

I wanted to see Eugy-kun in ascetic clothes for a bit. 

I changed into the sister clothes I borrowed from Sara-chan. 

◇Eugene’s POV◇

“You can turn around now, Eugy-kun.” (Sumire)

“Or more like, you could have watched, Eugene.” (Sara)

Sumire and Sara have finished changing into the clothing the holy capital provided…apparently. 

When I turned around, there was Sara who was wearing the attire without any issues, and Sumire in ascetic clothes. 

“How is it, Eugy-kun?” (Sumire)

“It looks good on you.” (Eugene)

Sumire spinning in place was cute. 

“You shouldn’t do that, Sumire-chan. If you move like that here, it will be seen as uncouth.” (Sara)

“S-So strict…” (Sumire)

“Even that can’t be done…?” (Eugene)

“Well then, we have to greet the Holy Maidens in the evening, so we will be moving freely until then…” (Sara)

“I am tired, so I will sleep~.” (Sumire)

Sumire seems to have been exhausted from walking all the way here, she collapsed on the other sofa.

And then, I heard her breathing grow calm soon after. 

“What about you, Sara?” (Eugene)

“I will be greeting an acquaintance.” (Sara)

“I see. Should I go, too?” (Eugene)

I asked this and she made a dumbfounded face.

And then, she chuckled.

“Right. I will introduce you to my parents eventually. But I will be going by myself today, so please be by the side of Sumire-chan.” (Sara)

“…Got it.” (Eugene)

The parents of Sara… If I remember correctly, they are people with a decently high standing in the Holy Union.

I said this lightly, but that would definitely make me nervous. 

“See you, Eugene. Ah!” (Sara)

She was about to leave the room, but she came back as if she remembered something.

“Forgot something?” (Eugene)

“You must not do anything lewd to Sumire-chan even if it is just the two of you in the room, okay?!” (Sara)

“…Sumire is sleeping though?” (Eugene)

“Like pranking Sumire-chan while she is sleeping…” (Sara)

“I won’t!!” (Eugene)

“Good.” (Sara)

Sara put unbelievable suspicions on me and then left the room. 

Only the peaceful breathing of Sumire was filling the sounds of this big guest room. 

I put an exploration blanket that I brought on Sumire. 

(What should I do…?) (Eugene)

I want to explore the city, but I can’t leave Sumire in the room alone. 

And most of all, Sara told me just now.

(The warriors that protect Alshaam, blended into their populace: the Guardian Soldiers…) (Eugene)

I felt gazes, but they erased the trail of their presence. 

They are extremely proficient. 

They say it is to protect and keep an eye on the upcoming Holy Maiden Sara, but their original objective isn’t only that but also to eliminate foreign enemies. 

I feel like they are not palace guards, but more like assassins. 

Those kinds of people are everywhere in the city…

It might be dangerous to just wander around carelessly.

I meditated obediently in the room and waited for Sara to come back. 


Sara came back when it was close to evening. 

Sumire is still asleep. 

“Haah~, it took longer than I thought.” (Sara)

The expression of Sara when she came back had palpable fatigue. 

“Welcome back, Sara.” (Eugene)

“I am back, Eugene. Sumire-chan is…eh? She still hasn’t woken up?” (Sara)

“She must be tired from the long journey.” (Eugene)

“Even if so… Geez, making such a carefree face~.” (Sara)

Sara pulled the cheek of Sumire.

“Hn… Hnn~.” (Sumire)

“Wake up~, Sumire-chan!” (Sara)

It seems like she isn’t waking up even with that.

“…Hn~. Geez~, Eugy-kun♡. Keep it a secret from Sara-chan, okay♡?” (Sumire)


Sumire’s sleep talk rang with an awfully clear tone. 

“Eugene?” (Sara)

Sara looked over here.

“Complain to the me in her dream.” (Eugene)

I am getting unjustly accused here. 


Sara put a hand inside Sumire’s clothes and shook her.

“Hiyaah!! What, what?! …Eh? I was asleep?” (Sumire)

Sumire finally woke up. 

“There was no need to wake her up so roughly.” (Eugene)

I said this and…

“It is almost time to meet the Holy Maidens.” (Sara)

“Ah, right.” (Eugene)

Being late is not allowed.

“Crap! What should I do?! My hair is a mess now!” (Sumire)

Sumire was flustered right as she woke up.

“Sumire-chan… Water Magic: [Make-up].” (Sara)

Sara used magic and her bed hair was fixed. 

“Waah! Thanks, Sara-chan.” (Sumire)

“How about learning it too, Sumire-chan? It is an essential spell for exploration, you know?” (Sara)

“…I am not good with water magic.” (Sumire)

“Speaking of which, that’s true.” (Sara)

“Then, shall we go?” (Eugene)

“Yeah, let’s go, Eugene.” (Sara)

I asked this and Sara nodded.

The 3 of us exited the guest room and locked it. 

The ones we are going to be meeting now are the requesters of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation, the 8 Holy Maidens. 

—The top leaders of the holy nation of Caldia.

■Comment Response:

>Sumire-chan and President Sara are getting along better compared to the beginning.

-They are friendly lately, right? 

>A religious city on top of a high mountain… Is it Tibet? 

-It might be close to that.

■Author’s Comment: 

Now then, I have to decide the names of the 8 Holy Maidens… 6 more to go.

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