ZAP – Chapter 12: Eugene gets requested

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“Please help us out!” 

The captain of the Federation exploration unit prostrated before us.

Even if you tell us that all of a sudden…

I made a troubled expression.

“You must not, Captain. We were saved from the Floor Boss. We have to pay for the aid from before first… The Dungeon Staff is watching from the Satellite System.” 

“R-Right… Then, how much should we pay…?” 

“I am a student from the Lykeion Academy, so there’s a window counter exclusive to the academy. Once you leave the dungeon, please discuss the details for the payment of the aid there… By the way, leaving unpaid is against the law, and if such infractions are repeated, the explorers from your country will be prohibited from entering the Last Dungeon. I think you already know that though.” (Eugene)


Judging from the expression of the Captain, he didn’t know that either…

He really is a beginner.

“Got it. We will properly be paying for the aid of before. But aside from that, we would also like to borrow your strength in subjugating the Floor Boss. I apologize for the belated introduction, but we are explorers from the Tormore Kingdom affiliated with the Blue Waters Federation. I am the Vice-Captain, Daniel.” 

The Vice-Captain Daniel-san seems to be a person with a good head on his shoulders.

This is the first time I hear of the Tormore Kingdom.

The Blue Waters Federation has more than 100 countries.

It is probably one of them.

“I am Eugene Santafield, affiliated to the Lykeion Academy. This one here is Sashiogi Sumire from the same academy.” (Eugene)

“N-Nice to meet you, I am Sashiogi Sumire!” (Sumire)

Sumire lowered her head. 

“And so, what is that about wanting us to help you out in defeating the Floor Boss? Is there a reason for the hurry?” (Eugene)


According to what they say, the Tormore Kingdom is currently on its dredges economically. 

In order to solve this, they formed an exploration unit with the remaining gold they had, and went to the Last Dungeon. 

“If we fail…we won’t be able to face His Majesty. We currently owe a certain country in the Federation a great deal of debt, and if we don’t pay it back by the stipulated date, the territory placed as collateral will be confiscated…” 


Sumire and I furrow our brows hearing this. 

I see… In the end, this is to save themselves from a dire situation, huh. 

Of course they would charge recklessly like that. 

“Eugene-kun, why can they return their debt if they go over the 10th Floor…?” (Sumire)

Sumire whispered to me stealthily. 

“When you defeat the Floor Boss, there’s cases when treasure spawns. Also, you can carve out materials from the Floor Boss, so maybe they are aiming for that?” (Eugene)

“Not only that. If we go to the 11th Floor and up, you will be able to obtain valuable magic nuts. If we sell those, we could at least pay back the interest…” 

Daniel-san showed a grim expression.

He is having it rough…

“Please, I am begging you here!” 

The Captain once again asked us. 

This Captain-san has only been prostrating here for a while now.

Basically on his wit’s end…

But I am weak to requests like this.

“Eugene-kun, what do we do?” (Sumire)

“Even if you ask me, I can only use barrier and healing magic.” (Eugene)

“Really? But that technique you showed when repelling the Troll without a scratch…if you cooperate with us…” 

The Vice-Captain doesn’t seem to have given up, but it is most likely impossible.

I normally watch footage from the Satellite System of the explorers that have cleared the 10th Floor. 

With the attack power of the people here, they won’t be able to defeat the Troll. 

Even if I were to assist with barrier and healing magic, it would be difficult to break through here. 

Sumire seemed to be directing me a gaze filled with half unease but half in expectation. 

Will I disappoint her if I were to refuse here? 

I look up at the ceiling of the dungeon and think for a bit. 

I would normally refuse here. 

I have no mana that allows me to attack after all. 

It is only white mana for healing and defense.

But…there’s something I want to test after seeing the fire mana of Sumire just now. 

“Sumire, can you lend me your strength?” (Eugene)

“Eh? M-Me?” (Sumire)

“Is that girl going to be fighting too?” 

The Vice-Captain raised his voice, flustered.

“M-Me, against that Troll?! I-I can’t, Eugene-kun!” (Sumire)

“It is okay. I am the only one who will be fighting.” (Eugene)

I grabbed the hand of Sumire. 

“E-Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“Please give me a bit of your mana, Sumire.” (Eugene)

“Eh? O-Okay…” (Sumire)

I hold the hand of Sumire a bit tighter.

—Mana Link.

Hot mana began flowing into the hand that’s holding Sumire’s.

Mana Link is a technique that allows you to take mana from the other party. 

That said, if you overdo it, you could injure your own body because of that very same mana, so there’s the need for minute control. 

I couldn’t give up on being a magic swordsman, so I tried to Mana Link with a variety of people, but they all ended up not working. 

My White Mana always ends up overwriting it. 

But if it is the massive Red Mana of an Ifrit, maybe…

Moreover, that mana even has the enchant effect. 

The shield of Sumire shining red is proof of this. 

The mana of Sumire is slowly being poured into me…

My body feels hot. 

But it is not unpleasant heat. A mysterious heat that feels as if it enhances even my heart. 

It even created the illusion as if my blood was burning hot here. 

White smoke is coming out from my body. 

So this is the mana of an Ifrit, huh…

“Sumire, how is your body?” (Eugene)

“Hmm, it is ticklish.” (Sumire)

“Not feeling bad?” (Eugene)

“Nope, I am fine.” (Sumire)

Sumire flashes me a smile.

(Alright, this should be enough…) (Eugene)

I let go of Sumire’s hand.

“Uhm…what are you going to do?” 

The Vice-Captain was looking here in confusion.

“I will challenge the 10th Floor Boss, the Troll. Can someone lend me a sword?” (Eugene)

“G-Got it!” 

The Vice-Captain lent me the sword at his waist. 

I stared at that. 

The length of the blade is around as long as my arm. 

As for its width, it is thinner than that supplied by the Empire’s army. 

If I were to be too forceful with it, I feel like it would break pretty quickly. 

—Barrier Magic: [Material Strengthening].

I strengthen the sword with barrier magic. 

Right now this Magic Sword is a sword that can’t cut anything.


(I will use the mana of an Ifrit…) (Eugene)

—Magic Sword: [Flame Blade].

I used the Red Mana that I got from Sumire to cast Magic Sword.

The sword that I borrowed from the Vice-Captain shone red and the blade was making…strange sizzling sounds. 


The explorers from the Blue Waters Federation raised their voices. 

I looked at this sword shining red…spaced out. 

It is different from the reaction I know of. 

In the past, I have tried to do normal enchant magic countless times. 

But it didn’t work out well. 

My White Mana would always erase the enchantment magic of other people. 

As a result, a dull-edged Magic Sword would be created.

That’s why I gave up on becoming a magic swordsman. 

But right now, in my hands, I am holding the fire Magic Sword imbued with the mana of Sumire. 

I slowly pour my own mana in. 

The shine of the red blade is not changing. 

I tried hitting the side of the blade to test it out.


A high-pitched sound of mana and mana clashing resonated. 

And most of all, the Magic Sword is not turning squishy. 

The effect of the Ifrit mana is above that of my White Mana. 

(…With this, I can fight using this Magic Sword.) (Eugene)

I held the handle of the sword tightly.

“Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“Thanks, Sumire.” (Eugene)

I direct a smile at the dumbfounded Sumire. 

And then, I inform the explorers of the Tormore Kingdom. 

“I will fight the Floor Boss alone. I will pass the subjugation reward to you, so please pay the reward for our help after.” (Eugene)

“Y-You alone?!” 

“T-That’s reckless!” 

“We will go too.” 

They were understandably against it. 

But I won’t give in here. 

“My barrier and healing magic range is really short. The more people there are out there, the more of a disadvantage it is.” (Eugene)

“……Understood. Then, please do, Eugene-san.” 

The Vice-Captain nodded at my words.

“Alright. Then, I will be going.” (Eugene)

“Do your best, Eugene-kun!!” (Sumire)

Sumire placed both hands on her chest and saw me off with a loud encouragement. 

“Be careful!!” 

“Don’t push yourself!” 

I waved my hand at Sumire and the explorers and slowly stepped into the Territory of the Floor Boss. 

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