ZAP – Chapter 46: Fallen Angel Lord – Part 2

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—The Fallen Angel Lord Erinyes takes a stance with her ominous black spear. 

I held the handle of the sword burning bright red. 

There’s no opening on Eri. 

I have heard Angels can use any weapon like masters since the moment they were born, because they have obtained flesh as envoys of the Gods.

The Demon Lord and I look at each other for a few seconds. 

“Are you not coming, Eugene? That’s not like you.” (Eri)

The Demon Lord tilted her head with a surprised face.

“…No, I will.” (Eugene)

I remember what Eri said before.

Eri, who had been sealed for more than 1,000 years, said before ‘I would like to move my body outside with all my strength every once in a while~’.

“Twin Heavenly Resona—” (Eugene)

Before I could unleash my technique…


That sound of cutting wind sliced my cheek and ear.

The barriers covering my body were pierced through altogether. 

“Slow~☆. Geez, Eugene, you are going to make me yawn.” (Eri)

Pain ran through me.


I can’t hear from my left ear. 

I couldn’t even mind the fact that hot blood was flowing down my cheek. 

There’s the Demon Lord about to swing down her black spear. 

I barely avoid the blade aiming at my left chest accurately.

“Dark Magic: [Black Drizzle].” (Eri)

Black blades came down at me like rain. 

At the same time, I saw the figure of the Demon Lord at the corner of my eye trying to unleash a thrust at me. 

(…No good. I can’t avoid it.) (Eugene)


Those letters floated in my mind. 

At that time, the voice of the Academy Principal replayed in my mind. 


“If I remember correctly, you are a descendant of a Sword Saint household of the East Continent, Eugene.” (Uther)

In the middle of our break from training, the Academy Principal said this. 

The Academy Principal had smashed me with his swordsmanship, and I answered short of breath.

“If I remember correctly, until my grandfather, the Seihara household called itself Sword Saints, but my Pops didn’t succeed that. As for me, I wasn’t even old enough to know about any of that.” (Eugene) 

“Eh?! Really, Eugene? This is my first time hearing this! Why didn’t you say anything?!” (Sara)

“Eugene-kun, what’s a ‘Sword Saint’?” (Sumire)

“Sumire-chan, learn more about history.” (Sara)

“It has not been long since I came to this world!” (Sumire)

Sara and Sumire joined in.

“The Sword Saint was a hero that was temporarily lost in the war 500 years ago at the East Continent. In the end, after that hero disappeared, the fires of war burned again, so it was just temporary peace though.” (Eugene) 

“I see! Then, you are the descendant of that Sword Saint, Eugene-kun?” (Sumire)

“I wonder about that. Having ‘Sei <Saint>’ in my family name is apparently the proof of being the descendant of the Sword Saint, but there’s a bounty of people in the East Continent that call themself that, so…honestly, I have my doubts.” (Eugene)

“Right…I don’t know much about the East Continent, so I didn’t know.” (Sara)

I explained to Sumire and Sara.

“Fumu, I wonder about that. I thought the swordstyle of the first Sword Saint I remember was similar to that of the Twin Heavenly Resonance Style. But they used a dual sword style, so that point is different, huh.” (Uther)

(Hm? …Could it be that Principal Uther has met the first Sword Saint…? No, that was someone from 500 years ago, you know.) (Eugene)


There’s no way. 

“Why are you saying something like that so suddenly?” (Eugene)

When I asked this, the Academy Principal looked up while brushing his beard as if remembering something. 

“I don’t think there was a set style for the sword that the first used. That Sword Saint’s battle style changed the whole time. According to the first ‘there’s no set path for the sword. Just switch it depending on the one you have to cut down’. They would say that while slicing Great Demonic Beasts and Demon Lords.” (Uther)

“No style…?” (Eugene)

“The one you are going to be fighting against is Erinyes who ruled the South Continent 1,000 years ago, Eugene. The monster that even the True Hero Abel that saved the world had no choice but to seal. Don’t try to solve it with the techniques you have at hand. Observe the enemy and find a weak point. Then, innovate. The chance of winning is on the pathless road.” (Uther)

Sumire has magic tools. The Academy Principal told Sara how to use the Relic Sword. 

But for me, he told me pretty basic words. 

“The mindset of an explorer?” (Eugene)

It has been fed to us so much in the academy that my mouth is already sour from it. There’s 9 in total. 

■Mindset of an explorer: 

1: Always calm.

2: Prepare an escape path. 

3: Observe first.

4: Find the weak point of the enemy.

5: Fear the enemy. 

6: Know yourself.

7: Victory can’t be seen.

8: Improve yourself.

9: Open your path.

Face the Last Dungeon with the aforementioned in mind.

“That’s pretty much what I can tell you. You should be able to do something on your own, Eugene. Now then, shall we have one more bout?” (Uther)

“…Please do.” (Eugene)

I probably didn’t understand even half of the meaning of the Principal’s words at that time. 

After that, I was beaten to a pulp by the Divine Sword replica, Leivateinn, and rolled on the ground. 



The many black blades raining from the sky. 

The spear of the Demon Lord aiming for my heart. 

There’s no escape up, down, left, and right. 

My barrier magic doesn’t work on the Demon Lord. 

(…Checkmated.) (Eugene)

The moment the word ‘defeat’ showed up in my mind. 

—“As per the contract, I borrow the power of the Demon Lord.” 

My body was covered in jet black miasma in an instant. 

I normally would use it while protecting myself with barrier magic. 

But I purposely didn’t do that and let the power flowing into me take over. 

“…Eugene?” (Eri)

The Demon Lord raised her voice flustered. 

The black blades pierced me one after the other. 

But I didn’t mind that and concentrated straight on the spear of the Demon Lord.

Angels are born with plenty of fighting knowledge to work as the arms and legs of the Gods. 

But that’s all.

Angels are immortal but constant. 

The power of the Angels is set since the moment they were born and can’t grow no matter what. 

Eri told me this displeasure of hers. 

The spearmanship of the Demon Lord is master level, and her body capabilities don’t fall short from that of a mythological creature. 

What was given to her as a servant of the Gods is monotone movements. 

I ignore the blood spewing out from my whole body, and use Wind Step to match the movements of the black spear and aim for the head of the Demon Lord. 


The Demon Lord stopped for a moment in surprise, and I hurriedly took distance. 

I finally can take a breath. 

“…Healing Magic: [Ultra Heal].” (Eugene)

The black blades came out from my body and the wounds were being healed. 

I must have bled too much, my eyes grew a bit hazy. 

But my lips warped after seeing the Demon Lord. 

Fresh blood flowed from the neck of Eri. 

It bloomed like a rose within her pure white skin and jet black wings. 

“Finally a hit…” (Eugene)

“Are you an idiot, Eugene? You are going to die.” (Eri)

By the time Eri sighed, her wound had healed. 

The attack I put my life on the line for ended up like that, huh…

“Anyways, that figure of yours, Eugene. It seems like you have gotten pretty accustomed to my mana.” (Eri)

“Figure?” (Eugene)

“Have you not noticed? Look.” (Eri)

Eri snapped her fingers and a big body mirror appeared. 

That familiar body of mine had changed into darkish skin. 

“This is…” (Eugene)

I unconsciously looked at my arm and it felt as if it wasn’t my arm. 

“You only have white mana, so you get dyed easily the moment other colors are mixed. Being easily dyed is a special trait of white mana… Now that I look closely, you don’t look bad like that. You look a bit tacky though.” (Eri)

“…Tacky?” (Eugene)

I sometimes don’t get the words Eri uses. 

Is it a word from another culture? 

“Good grief. Your fighting style is so dangerous, Eugene. Well then…” (Eri)

Just when the Demon Lord was about to say something…

“Eugene-kun, are you alive?!” 

Someone jumped out from the forest. 

“Sumire?! You shouldn’t be coming here.” (Eugene)

“We have saved all the hostages! We have also lit up the forest, so it is okay now! Sara-chan told me to help you out! My mana is about to run out already, right?” (Sumire)

I take distance from Eri for now, and run to where Sumire is.

And then, her eyes opened wide.

“Eeeeeeeeeeh?! Eugene-kun has changed his look! You have become tacky!! …But it doesn’t look bad. You look a bit like a host.” (Sumire)

“What does tacky mean?” (Eugene)

Sumire knows how to use the unknown word.

“Before that, recharge mana~☆.” (Sumire)

Just when Sumire wrapped her arms around me and was about to hug me…


“Aaah, a hindrance came in.” 


I got chills from that voice I should be used to hearing. 

A voice with clear killing intent.

Something passed by before my eyes.


A black blade had pierced the chest of Sumire without a sound.

Sumire slowly fell onto the ground knees first. 

“Sumire!!!” (Eugene)

I immediately pulled out that blade and cast healing magic on her. 

But the healing is slow.

“……Eu…gene…-kun…” (Sumire)

Sumire called my name with a raspy voice. 

“So she really doesn’t die~. My attacks are really weak against a Godkin as a former Angel. Sumire-chan is a Fire Half-God after all. Too bad.” (Eri)

“……Eri, you…” (Eugene)

“What’s the matter? I am a Demon Lord, you know? Did you think I would hold back? She can be revived with the Resurrection Drop anyways.” (Eri)

“……” (Eugene)

I regret not giving enough warning to definitely not come here. 

I thought the Demon Lord would attack further, but it seems she won’t. 

I continue casting healing magic. 

But the healing of the wound is slow.

“What stabbed Sumire-chan is a poisonous blade. She won’t be able to move for a while. It won’t be possible for her to give you mana either, Eugene.” (Eri)

“Damn it!” (Eugene)

I held Sumire up and tried to retreat from here.

“Nope☆. If you run away, I kill you both. The Trial is still ongoing.” (Eri)

The killing intent directed here was the real deal. 

I can’t run away. 

“Sumire, please wait for a bit…” (Eugene)

I slowly laid Sumire on the ground. 

Just when I was about to step forward to put an end to my fight with the Demon Lord…


My arm was grabbed.

“Sumire! You shouldn’t move.” (Eugene)

She ignored my words and whispered in a low voice.

“Hey, Fire…Spirit…-sans… Please…lend your strength…to Eugene-kun…” (Sumire)

Just when she was close to finishing her words…

*Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble…*

I heard a rumbling in my ears. 

And then, my vision turned bright red.

By the time I noticed, the surroundings of Sumire and I were surrounded by a giant fire swirl in an instant. 

And then, red mana flowed inside of my body. 

I could feel the black mana of Eri being painted away. 

The blade was beginning to dye red.

And then…

—Innovate. The chance of winning is on the pathless road. 

—Being easily dyed is a special trait of white mana.

Those past words replayed in my mind.

The mana of Sumire and the Fire Spirits is massive. 

If I use this, I am sure I would be able to fight against the Demon Lord.

But is that enough?

Enough to reach the pathless road without being bound by my style…? 

“Mana Sword: [Fire Dark Blade].” (Eugene)

The black blade is clad in crimson fire. 

I could feel black mana and red mana rampaging inside my body. 

I try to balance it out somehow with my barrier magic. 

It won’t last long. 

But I could feel strength different from anything before. 

“Dark Magic: [Black Drizzle].” (Eri)

Eri casted magic.

A rain of blades. 

I wave my sword towards the sky. 


A loud explosive sound rang, and the black blades scattered like fireworks. 

The range of the Mana Sword is unbelievable now. 

“…Haaah~, that’s troublesome. So even the Spirits are my enemies now.” (Eri)

The Demon Lord scratched her head.

“Then, let’s settle this, Eugene.” (Eri)

“……Yeah.” (Eugene)

I slowly take a stance with my sword.

“……Do…your best…Eu…gene…-kun…” (Sumire)

Sumire’s raspy voice reached me. 

I glanced at her and nodded.

My body was burning hot from the massive amount of red mana flowing into my body, but I ignored that and lowered my center of gravity for the sake of one single attack that will have my everything. 

“Eugene Santafield, forging on.” (Eugene)

“Erinyes Cherub Freya…that said, I have already thrown away my Divine Realm name, so I am just the Demon Lord Erinyes now. Come, Eugene.” (Eri)

—And so, the last clash with the Demon Lord began.

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