ZAP – Chapter 76: Eugene meets ****

“What’s the matter, Eugene Santafield?” 

The one calling my name all familiarly was a little girl that doesn’t look older than 10.

She must be an explorer. 

But I don’t see her comrades around. 

White skin like snow. 

Robe that looks like flowing blood. 

Ruby-like eyes. 

I felt dazed for an instant, stared by those red eyes of hers. 

What was emitted from the body of that little girl was abnormal mana I have never felt before. 

It is different from that of a human. 

Different from the Demon Lord Eri, the Ifrit Sumire, or the Angel Rita-san.

If I had to draw a comparison, it feels closer to that of a monster…

“Just who in the world are you…? Why do you know my name?” (Eugene)

“Me? Fufu, my name is Anemoi. Nice to meet you. Your battle against the Demon Lord Erinyes was wonderful.” (Anemoi)

“Yeah, nice to meet you, Anemoi…-san.” (Eugene)

It seems like she was one of the people that watched the Trial of Gods battle the other day against Eri. 

She is a little girl no matter how you think about it, but she gave off that majesty that made me add ‘-san’ by instinct. 

(Anemoi… That name…) (Eugene)

I feel like I have heard it before, but I can’t remember. 

The little girl releasing strange mana approached me without much concern. 

You normally don’t talk to other explorers carefreely though…

“A-Aah, wanna eat? You can have it.” (Eugene)

The girl called Anemoi sat by my side all naturally and pointed at the food for explorers that I brought. 

Ham, vegetables, and egg sandwiched in hard bread, and sauce for flavor. 

I brought 3, but I got full with 2. 

“Thanks. No~m.” (Anemoi)

(In a single bite?!) (Eugene)

The little girl ate the bread that was bigger than the spread out hand of an adult in one bite. 

I feel like her mouth opened unbelievably wide for an instant…

“Not bad.” (Anemoi)

She licked away the sauce on her red lips with her tongue.

“Hey, are your explorer comrades nearby? I will accompany you on the way.” (Eugene)

“Comrades?” (Anemoi)

When I asked this, she laughed as if finding this amusing. 

“I don’t have any comrades.” (Anemoi)

“So you are solo just like me? That’s dangerous.” (Eugene)

I can’t really say that about others, but clearing Floor 103 alone is rare. 

I myself have also decided to only challenge it in a team when I am aiming for higher floors. 

“Dangerous? You say some amusing things.” (Anemoi)

“O-Oi.” (Eugene)

The little girl calling herself Anemoi left to the shadows of the ruins. 

She is heading to the prairie where vision is good. 

A place where monsters would find her immediately. 


“That’s dangerous!” (Eugene)

The little girl walked with light steps while humming. 

I can’t catch up to her at all despite her strides being smaller than mine. 

At that moment, a big shadow passed by from above…


The ground shook and a giant monster with beautiful jade scales appeared in front.

(A Wind Dragon, and an adult one to boot!!!) (Eugene)

A giant body that’s several times bigger than that of a wyvern. 

A monster that wouldn’t be strange for it to be a Floor Boss. 


The Wind Dragon growled and me and Anemoi were without doubt within its vision. 

It looked down at us with those big eyes. 

“Kuh!” (Eugene)

I poured mana to my white katana and take the Twin Heavenly Sword Style stance. 

*Flap! Flap! Flap! Flap!*

“Eh…?” (Eugene)

The Wind Dragon didn’t do anything and just left. 

Dragons are merciless against the ones who have entered their territory. 

I was prepared to be attacked there though…

I turn back to the little girl. 

“Did you do something?” (Eugene)

“Who knows.” (Anemoi)

The little girl was still grinning. 

The dragon most likely didn’t attack because Anemoi was present. 

That’s how I felt. 

If that’s possible…

“Could it be that you are a monster tamer?” (Eugene)

“Something like that.” (Anemoi)

“Wow.” (Eugene)

I am honestly surprised.

There’s not a single monster tamer in the animal club who can control dragons. 

No, there’s not a single one even if you search all the students in the academy. 

That’s how difficult it is to make dragons obey. 

I noticed her gaze while I was thinking about this. 

The little girl was peeking at me in amusement. 

“You are wonderful. Just now, you tried to fight the dragon alone.” (Anemoi)

“I couldn’t just leave you and run away.” (Eugene)

“The explorers lately have all been a spineless bunch who would run away at the mere sight of danger. Good grief… It is boring.” (Anemoi)

“Lately, you say?” (Eugene)

Anemoi has the appearance of a little girl which feels off, but she is most likely not the age her appearance tells. 

“The moment danger that doesn’t match your own ability approaches you, escape immediately. Treasure your life. That’s the basic policy of the academy.” (Eugene)

“It is because you are all like that that the top record holders don’t change… So annoying. The policy of this so-called academy is a hindrance…” (Anemoi)

Her perpetual grinning face suddenly turned sour. 

Looks like this little girl is whimsical. 

“Oh well, fine. I did manage to meet you today. You are aiming for Floor 500, right? Do your best☆.” (Anemoi)

She left with light steps, her figure growing small into the horizon in the blink of an eye. 

(Is she using magic…?) (Eugene)

At this rate, she will disappear quickly. 

“Please wait! Who are you?!” (Eugene)

She walks around Floor 103 as if it were a walk in the park and is a monster tamer that even dragons obey. 

And yet, I haven’t heard her name as an explorer. 

“I told you before. I am Anemoi Babel. Hurry and climb, Eugene Santafield.” (Anemoi)

“Anemoi Babel…” (Eugene)

The red robe little girl disappeared as if entering mist. 

That’s when I finally remembered where I heard her name. 

At the time when Rita-san pointed out what to watch out for on Floor 101 and above…


“Listen well, Eugene-kun.” 

Rita-san raised a finger and told me with a knowing face. 

Basically, the monsters of the Last Dungeon have become fiercer lately. 

Basically, the Floor Bosses lately have become bigger and more aggressive.

Basically, there’s a lot of aggressive Dungeon Folk lately. 

That’s why it would be better to not take the past records as reference. 

“Also…one last thing.” (Rita)

“There’s still more?” (Eugene)

The Angel-san’s explanation had already filled up my stomach though. 

“There’s rumors that the Dungeon Master has begun coming down to the lower floors because their mood is soured that there are no new Record Holders. The Dungeon Master can freely control the Dungeon Eyes, so even angels can’t get accurate information about them though…” (Rita)

“Dungeon Master… Just what kind of person are they?” (Eugene)

“We don’t know their appearance either. I was recently assigned to the Zenith Tower, so I haven’t greeted them yet either… At the time when I went to greet them, they weren’t at the Floor 1000’s Dungeon Master plaza.” (Rita)

“Floor 1000…” (Eugene)

The last point of the Last Dungeon. 

The sky’s summit. 

It is said that Floor 1001 is the Divine Realm where the Gods live. 

“What’s the Dungeon Master doing going down to the lower floors?” (Eugene)

“It is apparently…in order to smack some spunk into noteworthy explorers… It is just a rumor though. I also hear it is because they don’t have anything to do. I myself don’t know-ssu yo.” (Rita)

The Angel-san shakes her head to the sides.

“The name of the Dungeon Master is…” (Eugene)

“I said it before. Name is Anemoi-chan. The Dungeon Master of the Zenith Tower: Anemoi Babel. A young Dungeon Master of less than 100 years after the previous one retired.” (Rita)


Why did I forget about it? 

No, it was as if haze was clouding my mind just a few moments ago and I couldn’t remember no matter what. 

She might have casted some sort of spell on me. 

—This was my first meeting with the Dungeon Master. 

◇Lykeion Magic Academy’s Cafeteria◇

I told Sumire and Sara about what happened in Floor 103. 

“Eh?! You met the Dungeon Master-san?!” (Sumire)

“You are kidding, right? What did they look like?!” (Sara)

“Was it scary? Scarier than the Demon Lord-san?!” (Sumire)

(Come on, I am not scary!) (Eri)

Sumire and Sara came at me and even Eri retorted.

The inside of my head is noisy. 

“Uhm, the appearance of the Dungeon Master was…” (Eugene)

Just when I was about to talk about the little girl I met…

“Eugene Santafield!” 

Someone called my name in a loud voice.

It was close to a shout. 

I saw Sumire quiver at this and stood up to protect her. 

Sara was unfazed. 

“Is something the matter?” (Eugene)

I give a short response. 

I am used to such reception. 

The people in the Empire would mostly come challenging you in this fashion. 

There were several male students glaring at me just as I expected. 

When speaking of people that would come causing me trouble, it would be the student council, but the students in front of me don’t have the crest of the student council’s enforcement division, but a badge with two swords. 

The badge of the largest faction of the academy: the swordsmanship club. 

I remember having seen the male student that called my name.

If I remember correctly, he is 3rd place in the swordsmanship club…

“Ol…Olba-kun, right?” (Eugene)

“Olvo Backel!” 

A hard name to say. 

“So, Ol-kun, what business do you have with me?” (Eugene)

“Don’t shorten it! You…what happened to you participating in the martial arts tournament?! This is not what you promised!” (Olvo)

“…Promise?” (Eugene)

I tilt my head.

Speaking of which, I think I did say we should fight in the martial arts tournament. 

“Eugene-kun, did you forget your promise?” (Sumire)

“Eugene, that’s not good. Poor him.” (Sara)


The words of Sumire and Sara made Ol-kun’s face bright red and his body tremble. 

Wait, wait, it is true that I forgot, but…

“I do plan on participating in the martial arts tournament.” (Eugene)

“You are just seeded to fight the winner! Participate normally!” (Olvo)

“Even if you tell me that… This is something that the committee president Rebecca-san decided.” (Eugene)

“So you have coaxed even the committee president?!” (Olvo)

“No, she asked me.” (Eugene)

“Enough excuses!” (Olvo)

This conversation is getting nowhere.

In the end, this guy just wants to complain. 

“Olvo, I will speak.” 

I was wondering how to tell him and a single man came to the front. 

Tall and long hair. He is a size bigger than me, moreover…

(…Strong.) (Eugene)

The aura coming out from his whole body told me this vividly…

He gives off pressure on the level of a Golden Knight Captain of the Empire despite being a student, no, maybe even that of a Heaven Knight. 

I remember this man’s face. 

He is a famous student. 

He has been the winner in all the martial arts tournaments of previous years after all. 

“This is the first time we have spoken, Eugene Santafield.” 

“Nice to meet you. To think I would be meeting the club president himself.” (Eugene)

I was honestly surprised. 

The swordsmanship club’s club president, famously called one of the strongest students in the academy, was standing right in front of me. 

■Comment Response: 

There were many who saw through the identity of the little girl. 

There were some other readers who were guessing she was a vampire though. 

That would have overlapped with the previous story. I am trying to not bring out the same races as much as possible. 

■Author’s Comment: 

I want the academy to be the main setting in the 4th volume, but it is getting hectic with the increase in characters…

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