ZAP – Chapter 86: Eugene Trains

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◇Sara’s POV◇

“How’s the Lykeion Magic Academy, Holy Maiden Matrona-sama?” (Sara)

“Let’s see… I feel like it is way too free compared to the capital, but all the students are exemplary. It was a fruitful visit.” (Matrona)

The Holy Maiden Matrona said this and I was internally relieved. 

Matrona-sama is known to be one of the strictest even within the 8 Holy Maidens. 

I was prepared to get complaints this time around too, but it seems like she has credited the high quality of the students of the magic academy to me who is the student council president. 

“By the way, upcoming Holy Maiden Sara…” (Matrona)

“Y-Yes?!” (Sara)

I straighten my back in response. 

“The student called Eugene, who is your boyfriend…when are you going to break up with him?” (Matrona)

“……Eh?” (Sara)

I couldn’t understand what she said for an instant and froze in place. 

Of course, I have no intention of breaking up with him. 

“Uhm…what do you mean by that?” (Sara)

“Exactly as I said. You call yourselves a couple, but it is only in the time you are a student, right? Don’t tell me you -an upcoming Holy Maiden- are thinking about marrying someone from the Empire.” (Matrona)

“Is it…not allowed to marry him?” (Sara)

“Obviously not. Of all people, the son of the Imperial Sword…?” (Matrona)


My irritated face must have shown faintly. I remember the history of the Holy Maiden-sama in front of me at the same time. 

(Matrona-sama is a personage who lost her family in the war against the Empire…) (Sara)

The previous Emperor, Johan Grandflare. 

He was an extreme believer of hegemony. He spend most of his time on the crown in war, and ended up being called the Bloodshed Emperor or the Steel Emperor. 

The ones around the age of Matrona-sama have all experienced the invasions of Emperor Johan. 

Maybe it is due to that that she is extremely anti-Empire. 

I don’t think she would change her thoughts with just some words of mine. 

Even if so, I can’t just accept this obediently. 

I thought for a moment and…

“You seem to want to say something, Sara.” (Matrona)

“Orianne-sama herself has told me that the upcoming Holy Maiden forming a tie with the son of the Imperial Sword will lead to strengthening the relationship between both nations…” (Sara)

I bring out the name of the Destiny Oracle Orianne-sama who is vouching for us. 

“…What does a lass who has not experienced war even know?” (Matrona)

Matrona-sama didn’t even spare a thought to the words of Orianne-sama. 

(I did hear that the 8 Holy Maidens are divided in two factions: the Anti-Empire ideology and the Mutual Prosperity Ideology…) (Sara)

Matrona-sama is without a doubt the former and Orianne-sama the latter. 

Matrona-sama softened her expression after seeing me fall silent. 

“Oh well, that’s fine. It is important for a Holy Maiden to widen her views.” (Matrona)

“Does that mean you acknowledge my relationship with Eugene?” (Sara)

I was confused by the sudden change of attitude.

“It is not like I hate all the people from the Empire. I was too narrow-minded to state things without even seeing him once. I would like to try talking to him in person, so can you bring him to me?” (Matrona)

“Y-Yes, understood!” (Sara)

“I shall be waiting.” (Matrona)

It seems like we are done talking. 

I extended my gratitude to the Holy Maiden-sama and the Destiny Goddess-sama, and exited the room.

I pass by the lively school festival. 

I thought he was in the training grounds, but I don’t see any familiar shadows. 

(Where’s Eugene?) (Sara)

It seems like it would be faster to go to the student council room to check the Satellite System rather than searching blindly. 

I thought this and headed to the student council building. 

That’s when a familiar female student approached me.

“President Sara, thanks for your hard work in guiding the Holy Maiden Matrona-sama.” (Teresia)

“Thanks, Teresia-san. You came at just the right time.” (Sara)

The female student was the student council member of general affairs, Teresia-san. 

“Is there an urgent matter?” (Teresia)

“Yeah. Matrona-sama said she wants to talk with Eugene. Do you know where he is? We are talking about Eugene here, so he must be training somewhere though.” (Sara)

“Aah, Eugene-kun… I know where he is.” (Teresia)

“Where?” (Sara)

Let’s go call him at once.

Will Eugene accept having an interview with the Holy Maiden-sama? 

It should be fine, right? 

Because he said he would treasure me…

I thought this while I waited for the words of Teresia-san. 

“President Sara, please look over there.” (Teresia)

Teresia-san pointed at the Satellite System broadcasting device of the Zenith Tower. 

We are in the middle of the school festival, so there aren’t many explorers. 

There’s naturally few students, but regular explorers are also participating in the festival. 

There’s barely any explorers showing in the broadcasting device. 

Even more so for the ones over Floor 100. 

You can’t use the Resurrection Drop once you are over Floor 100, so thorough preparation is necessary. 

It is common sense to challenge them after gathering a good group of explorers. 

—There’s no way there would be a stupid explorer who would challenge those floors with no proper equipment and only a weapon in hand. 

“…Hah?” (Sara)

It was my boyfriend Eugene surrounded by monsters while solo and still in his student uniform. 

“What are you doing, Eugene?!” (Sara)

I shouted in a loud voice that I definitely wouldn’t be able to let out in front of the Holy Maiden-sama. 

◇Sumire’s POV◇

“Uuh… The long line of customers isn’t decreasing.” 

“We are doing better than I thought for consecutive days.” 

I am helping out with the program of the martial arts club together with Leona-chan. 

The martial arts club was extremely lively even in the second half of the school festival. 

The reason is because there’s a lot of children who come back again. 

The ferris wheel and merry-go-round that’s moved by the strength of the martial arts club members is extremely popular. 

“This is good training!” -is what the men of the martial arts club would say full of energy. 

(I wanted to go around the school festival with Eugene-kun more…) (Sumire)

I muttered this inside my mind as I guided the customers. 

At that moment…

“Hey, Sumire-chan, look at that.” (Leona)

“Eh?” (Sumire)

I noticed after being told by Leona-chan. 

The members of the martial arts club and the customers were growing noisy. 

(Did a famous person show up?) (Sumire)

Like maybe Principal Uther? 

But that person is elusive, so he might be unexpectedly taking a walk in the middle of the city or the academy. 

He might not be that rare of a person to stumble upon. 

I got the answer of the ruckus soon enough. 

“Look, it is a princess of the Empire.” 

“Princess Airi from Grandflare, huh…” 

“She is so beautiful.” 

“Is this the time to get all fascinated here? She is going to be the eventual Empress, you know?” 

“Hm? Wasn’t the next to the throne a man?” 

“The succession rights placements changed recently.” 

“Uhe…my head will fly if I am rude.” 

“…You definitely must not be the one attending her.” 

I heard that conversation. 

What laid beyond the eyes of everyone was the daughter of the Emperor, Airi Grandflare… The childhood friend of Eugene-kun.

She is looking around restlessly with good posture and shining blonde hair waving around. 

She directed her gaze over here.


(Wa! She is coming here!) (Sumire)

Princess Airi came to me with hasty steps. 

“You are…Sashiogi Sumire-san, right? So you are a member here.” (Airi)

“Y-Yes! Welcome~.” (Sumire)

“What kind of store is this one?” (Airi)

“It is a human powered amusement park. Do you want to have a ride?” (Sumire)

“Right. Can I ask you to guide me?” (Airi)

“Then, buy a ticket first before I guide you—” (Sumire)

“Airi-sama, I have procured the tickets. Here.” 

A girl from around the same age appeared from somewhere and gave Princess Airi a ticket. 

Uwa, I really feel like she is moves ahead. 

And then, the girl silently disappeared.

“I just have to give this ticket to you?” (Airi)

“Y-Yes! One customer coming in~.” 

I guide her to the person in charge of explaining the rides. 

My job is done. 

…Fuuh, I was so nervous there. 

I felt relieved, but…

“It would be boring to ride alone, so let’s ride that together. I just have to give two tickets, right?” (Airi)

“M-Me too?!” (Sumire)

I was surprised by the sudden proposal.

Princess Airi is pointing at the human powered ferris wheel. 

T-That’s a closed space! 

What should I talk about with a princess in a room alone with her?! 

“Uhm, I am a staff member, so…” (Sumire)

I was thinking about excusing myself here, but…

“Got it, Princess Airi! Then, I leave the guiding to Sumire-san!” 

“Eh, vice-president?!” (Sumire)

The flow rider vice-president agreed by himself. 


He stealthily put both hands together to apologize. 


“Come on, let’s go, Sumire.” (Airi)

My name was called by the time I noticed and my hand was pulled.

T-This girl is so pushy! 

“Two customers, coming in~.” 

I was pushed into the ferris wheel just like that.


The ferris wheel slowly goes up. 



Princess Airi and I face each other in a cramped space. 

After a while of silence, Princess Airi spoke. 

“Eugy is not with you today, huh.” (Airi)

“Y-Yes! Eugene-kun is at another location, Princess Airi…” (Sumire)

“Just call me Airi. Also, you don’t need to speak formally.” (Airi)

“Eh? Alright…” (Sumire)

Even if you tell me that…

I have studied the history of the South Continent, so I understand that the beautiful girl in front of my eyes has an extremely high social status. 

“There’s a school rule that says to ignore the social status differences in the Lykeion Magic Academy, right? I have to follow that too.” (Airi)

“I see…” (Sumire)

That rule isn’t enforced that much to begin with. 

There’s a lot of nobles who act all high-and-mighty. 

But it seems like Princess Airi wants me to interact with her frankly. 

Then, it should be fine, I guess.

“Let’s get along, Airi-chan!” (Sumire)

“…L-Likewise, Sumire.” (Airi)

I tried to talk to her in an energetic and friendly manner, but she made an unexpectedly surprised face. 


Did I make a mistake? 

—“Your sense of distance is a bit messed up at times, Sumire.” 

Is what I think Eugene-kun told me before, at the time when we were sleeping together in the same tent in our first exploration. 

Muh, let’s consult with Eugene-kun later. 

“Hey, Sumire, I would like you to tell me more about this academy.” (Airi)

“I have been in this academy for less than a year, but if that’s fine with you…” (Sumire)

Airi-chan asked me a lot of things about the academy inside the cramped ferris wheel.

She nodded with interest while I explained. 

“Hmm, it is completely different from the school in the Empire just like I heard.” (Airi)

“Is it the school for the soldiers that Eugene-kun told me he attended before?” (Sumire)

“Yeah, we were smacked awake early in the morning, and we would be made to train and study until night. It was fun for me in its own way though.” (Airi)

“Uh, I can’t handle way too strict stuff.” (Sumire)

I heard about this from Eugene-kun too, but it really does feel like a school for soldiers. 

Eugene-kun was the same as Airi-chan in that he said his previous school was more fun. 

The two of them are the physical type. 

“By the way…” (Airi)

Airi-chan opened up as if she were talking about the weather -as if she were saying this is just purely a casual chat. 

“Are things going well with Eugy?” (Airi)

She asked. 


How do I answer this to his ex-girlfriend?! 

Uuh, uuh…

The safe response. 

A way to put it that doesn’t rub her the wrong way…

“W-We are lovey-dovey~☆.” (Sumire)

I feel like I messed up. 

Was I this bad at communicating?

“Is that so? I am jealous.” (Airi)

Airi-chan was unexpectedly calm. 

“Ah. Uhm, Airi-chan, do you still…towards Eugene-kun…?” (Sumire)

“I love him.” (Airi)

She told me straight to the face.

“T-That’s…” (Sumire)

What should I say? 

“I am thinking about how to steal him back from you.” (Airi)

“…Eh?” (Sumire)

“That was a joke.” (Airi)


Those were not the eyes of someone joking at all! 


The childhood friend of Eugene-kun is scary! 

I direct my gaze outside as if escaping from the blue eyes staring right at me.

There was a familiar face in one of the screens from the whole ton of monitors showing footage of the Zenith Tower.  

The person we were speaking of. 

My boyfriend and the love of Airi-chan.

(Aah, Eugene-kun is training in the Zenith Tower again.) (Sumire)

I thought ‘he really loves training’ and I froze when I read the floor shown on the screen. 

“What’s the matter, Sumire? Oh, Eugy is showing there.” (Airi)

Airi-chan asked me who had my eyes wide open. 

Her voice reached my ears, but I couldn’t react. 


Didn’t you say the floors above 100 are dangerous, so we shouldn’t explore on our own?!! 

Sara-chan also warned that exploring alone is out of the question. 

The Eugene-kun inside the screen was surrounded by more than 100 strong-looking monsters in ‘Floor 105 – Zenith Tower’. 

The ones I was taught by in the books of the academy. 

It is also known as a Nest of Monsters or Monster House. 

I don’t think I would make it in time even if I wanted to go there to save him. 

“What is that stupid Eugene-kun doing?!!!!” (Sumire)

I stood up inside the ferris wheel and shouted towards the screen.

◇Eugene’s POV◇

—Zenith Tower – Floor 105.

“…Haah…Haah…Haah… Fuuh…” (Eugene)

I fix my ragged breathing. 

There’s more than 100 corpses of monsters by my feet. 

It took time, but I somehow managed to defeat them all. 

I am right before the stairs leading to Floor 106. 

It had become a Monster House there. 

A trap from the Last Dungeon where a monster teleport magic circle will bring monsters of varying sizes and attack you all at once. 

I was surprised at first, but it seems like they didn’t have any coordination. They didn’t only attack me but were also fighting between each other, so I took advantage of that. 

I couldn’t avoid all of the attacks from the monsters that came from all directions, but I utilized my barrier magic and healing magic to its full extent.

I was alone, so I somehow managed to deal with it. 

(It might have been dangerous if Sumire and Sara were with me…) (Eugene)

Is what I thought, but now that I think carefully about it, Sumire’s fire magic and Sara’s holy sword might have been able to wipe out the monsters. 

Anyways, it was good training. 

It was, but…

(Is my sword going to work on President Robert?) (Eugene)

That’s the issue.

Even if it is not pointless, I feel like I am taking the long route…

— (Fufu, it seems like you are at a loss, young boy.) 

A pleasing voice rang in my head. 

It is thought transmission done through mana. 

“Eri?” (Eugene)

It is Erinyes who is in the underground prison. 

It has been a while since I have been called a young boy. 

— (Training in the Zenith Tower is fine and all, but I will teach you how to use your power.) (Eri)

Eri spoke to me with an alluring voice. 


“I don’t plan on borrowing your strength in the martial arts tournament. I want to confirm my own skills in the sword.” (Eugene)

This is different from when I went against Cerberus and the Great Demonic Beast Haagenti. 

I have obtained the white katana that allows me to use Mana Blade which was a sacred treasure of grace given to me for clearing Floor 100. 

I would like to fight with my own strength. 

— (Listen here. You have the blood of an angel from Laila-senpai, and even have a Heaven Sword which is a weapon of angels, and yet, you are not using it properly at all. You reaching Floor 500 is a dream within a dream with that training method of yours, you know?) (Eri)

“…Are you saying my way of training is wrong?” (Eugene)

— “Hm~, it is not that it is wrong, but it is inefficient, I guess. What you are doing is training catered to humans.” (Eri)

“Catered to humans?” (Eugene)

That sounds as if I am not human.

— (Half of you is not human. Just come to my place already. The match is tomorrow, so there’s not much time, but I will train you.) (Eri)

“The place of Eri, huh…” (Eugene)

The 7th forbidden sealed prison. 

It is not only Eri, there’s also mythological creatures, evil spirits, ghosts, and bound souls, making it a hell of sorts. 

A death zone where a human has to keep their barrier up the whole time or they will die in just a few seconds.

(It is tiring…) (Eugene)

It is not a place I would like to go to the day before an important match. 

— (I will be waiting~☆, Eugene♡.) (Eri)

The thought transmission with Eri ended as if saying me going there is already settled. 

Her mood will most likely turn extremely sour if I don’t go. 

I can tell from past experiences.

(Also, I am curious about this training for angels.) (Eugene)

I wasn’t conscious about it until now. 

I would like to do as much as I can if there’s the opportunity, so that I have no regrets when I tackle the match. 

“Can’t be helped. Let’s go.” (Eugene)

I sheathe my white katana and head to the underground prison of the Last Dungeon where the Demon Lord is sealed at. 

■Comment Response: 

>Ooh, so a show of superiority between countries. 

>A hero apprentice, a holy knight candidate, and the son of a sword master, huh.

>Seeing these many gathered in the same school is nice.

-I have been having fun lately introducing a variety of students. 

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The cover for the 2nd volume is out!! 

Sumire is cute.

By the way, Sumire is a B cup, but…what is a B cup?

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