ZAP – Chapter 102: Eugene has an audience with the 8 Holy Maidens

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“Esteemed 8 Holy Maidens, the support team from the Dungeon City’s magic academy have arrived!”

We arrived at the Saint Anna Grand Church that could easily fit more than 1,000 people.

The priests and sisters of Caldia are lined up in a row.

And then, the Holy Knight Order that were wearing silver armor were looking at us as if applying pressure.

Behind them, there’s…

8 people looking down at us from a step higher.

The highest authorities of the Holy Union, the 8 Holy Maidens.

“Welcome, seedlings of Legendary Heroes from the Lykeion Magic Academy.”

The first one to speak to us was the Destiny Oracle, Orianne-sama.

The Destiny Oracle-sama is showing a smile filled with affection like usual.

Or more like, this Oracle-sama doesn’t stop smiling to the point that it makes me wonder if she has any other expression.

“We of the Holy Union will henceforth be subjugating the abhorrent Great Demonic Beast, the Bird of Darkness Raum.”

The next one to speak was the oldest of the 8 Holy Maidens: Angelica-sama.

If I remember correctly, she should be over 100 years old, but her voice rang clearly in this church.

“The Curse of Death that the Bird of Darkness has is a threat…”

The third one to speak was…the Holy Maiden Katarina-sama.

Could it be that they are going to be speaking in order here?

“We must all join forces in order to defeat it…”

Another Holy Maiden-sama spoke.

“But the Destiny Goddess-sama will definitely guide us to victory.”

The 5th Holy Maiden-sama said this and…

“The crusade will begin from here on. We forbid entrance to the mountain where Raum is living in, Shishapangma.”

The one who said that was…Holy Maiden Natalia-sama, I think.

She is a Holy Maiden-sama that doesn’t show much in public.

“The brave holy knights have declared their participation in this dangerous crusade.”

The one who said this was the Holy Maiden Shifei-sama.

If I remember correctly, she is a Holy Maiden-sama that was born in the East Continent.

“Holy citizens, please pray for the victory of the brave holy knights.”

The 7th one that spoke was the Holy Maiden Matrona-sama who visited the academy in the school festival.

“Let’s believe in our radiant victory!” (Orianne)

I could hear thunderous cheers not only from the church but outside too after the loud declaration of the Destiny Oracle-sama.

(I see… This is being broadcasted to the people of Caldia.) (Eugene)

Looks like the last members of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation were us who came from the academy.

I did think it was an awfully grand welcome for us.

“Now then, we will now be telling you the details of the Great Demonic Beast subjugation. This way, warriors.”

We were guided by a holy knight from the big church to a conference room.


“Now then, everyone…”

The Holy Knight Order was lined up in a slightly cramped fashion with their silver armor in this big conference room.

It seems like the students of the academy are being treated as special guests, we are seated at the frontmost seats.

The one at the podium of the conference room leading the meeting is the secretary-general of the Holy Knight Order.

It is said he was the strongest swordsman of the Holy Union in the past and should already be over 50 years old, but the aura that’s wafting out from his body doesn’t lose to that of the Sword Hero-sama who is the strongest fighting force of the Empire.

The one other strongest fighting force, the Imperial Sword…my Pops always erases his aura, so I don’t really know how strong his aura is.

“What I want to say first is…we won’t be defeating Raum. I shall make that clear here.”

The secretary-general said heavily.

Most of the people there nodded without being surprised.


The one who shouted here was Sumire and gazes gathered on her.

Speaking of which, Sumire didn’t know.

{Sumire, I heard from Sara that the Great Demonic Beast subjugation this time around is just a performance.} (Eugene)

{Is that so… Then, was there any point in us coming here?} (Sumire)

{Well, we do owe them for having helped in the subjugation of the Great Demonic Beast of the Empire…} (Eugene)

The Empire apparently wanted to send someone if possible.

I planned on coming here without being told though.

{I see. Speaking of which, Sara-chan is not here.} (Sumire)

{Yeah, she apparently went somewhere else because she was called by a Holy Maiden-sama.} (Eugene)

Sara said she had business elsewhere after she guided us to the conference room.

{I wonder when Sara-chan will come back.} (Sumire)

Sumire was kicking her feet while sitting.

It seems like she lost interest in this fake subjugation.

As for me, I didn’t feel like listening seriously to a subjugation plan for the sake of deceiving their people.

◇Sara’s POV◇

(It has been a while…since I have been in the space of the holy maiden.) (Sara)

This place is the room used by the 8 Holy Maidens to discuss matters of utmost importance.

It is also the place where important trials are being given to the people affiliated to the church.

I was told to enroll in the Lykeion Magic Academy here by the Holy Maidens.

Around a dozen of Holy Maiden Candidates were called here and are waiting for the Holy Maidens to come.

It is most likely about the Great Demonic Beast subjugation (fake) though…

The giant stained glass serving as background for this room shows the Brave Abel-sama and the Saint Anna-sama leaning on each other.

If Eugene and I were to leave our names in history like that… Ah, I am getting a bit too hasty there.

I was thinking this and…

“Sara…you’ve outdone yourself.”

A Holy Maiden Candidate standing by my side spoke with a thorny tone.

“Outdone myself?” (Sara)

I ask, playing ignorant.

“You were ejected to a remote place like the Lykeion Magic Academy, so I thought you had already given up on becoming a Holy Maiden~.”

“To think you would seduce the son of the Imperial Sword.”

“Aah, I should have requested to go to the academy.”

“It would be impossible for you. You are not sexy enough.”

“Hah? I am sexier than you.”

(Aah, they are at each other’s throat. It is the same as always in that front.) (Sara)

This is nostalgic.

The Holy Maiden candidates are always being compared and made to compete against each other.

It is not allowed to pull each other’s legs with underhanded means, but exchanging insults like this is a daily occurrence.

(Oh well, I have already gotten out of that though.) (Sara)

I have the recommendation of the Destiny Oracle-sama, so I am an upcoming Holy Maiden.

That’s why I can listen to the conversation of my past candidate compatriots calmly…

“Hey, Sara, you are making an unfazed expression, but is that okay?”

“Oh, okay with what?” (Sara)

I answered with composure.

“Your man called Eugene is also in a romantic relationship with the otherworlder that came to the academy, right?”

“He does have the face of a playboy~.”

“He is with a woman right now, isn’t he?”

“Maybe they are having fun at this very moment.”

“I guess I should greet him later☆.”

“Me too~. Where was the man of Sara staying?”

“You people, I won’t forgive you if you put a hand on Eugene!” (Sara)

I unconsciously put a hand on the handle of my Holy Sword at my waist.

“Oh, you finally showed your true colors.”

“That’s how you should be, Sara.”

“You were all saint-like there, so I didn’t know who you were for a second.”

“…Kuh!” (Sara)

My past candidate comrades easily took away my calm.

They have been together with me since I remember, so they know my personality completely.

I managed to play the perfect girl in the student council though…

That won’t be possible in the Goddess Church.

“Fufufu, you all seem to be getting along nicely.”

The door opened and the one who entered was the Destiny Oracle-sama.

The Holy Maidens entered one after the other afterwards.


All the Holy Maiden candidates closed their mouths all at once.

It is not because it would be bad for them to hear our conversation.

It is just a rule that you can’t speak unless given the permission to in front of the Holy Maidens.

“…At ease.” (Angelica)

We relax a bit after the words of Angelica-sama.

The oldest within the 8 Holy Maidens.

A legendary personage that has been a Holy Maiden since before I was born.

But it seems like she can’t win against age, she has been showing up less in public lately.

“I think you already know, but I will be stepping down from my position as a Holy Maiden soon… There has been a recommendation for the next Holy Maiden from the Destiny Oracle just recently, but I thought that we should decide on a number of upcoming Holy Maidens as well… I think things will be getting rowdy in the world from here on after all…” (Angelica)

We silently listen to the words of Angelica-sama.

The difference in position between a Holy Maiden Candidate and a Holy Maiden Successor is big.

There’s around a thousand Holy Maiden candidates.

There’s trust votes, but the Holy Maiden Successors that have been nominated by current Holy Maidens are practically guaranteed a seat in the future.

There has been no changes in the line-up of Holy Maidens for years.

That’s why me being chosen as a Holy Maiden Successor was big news in the Holy Union.

“The next Great Demonic Beast crusade…go to the mountain of death, Shishapangma, together with the Holy Knight Order. If you show outstanding results there, you will be considered a Holy Maiden Successor.” (Angelica)

The words of Angelica-sama stirred us.

The Great Demonic Beast subjugation this time around is fake in all intents and purposes.

Yet they are telling us to bring about results there…

“Fortunately, the Empire has lent us the Legendary Hero that subjugated Haagenti☆. Use his fame well, okay?” (Orianne)

The Destiny Oracle-sama said something outrageous as if nothing.

(I-I have to protect Eugene.) (Sara)

I steel myself secretly and…

“Aah, by the way, you are prohibited from participating in the crusade, Sara-chan☆. Stay back home, okay?” (Orianne)

“Eh?!” (Sara)

I raised my voice reflexively at the heartless statement of the Destiny Oracle-sama.

■Comment Response:

>Is it 8 Holy Maidens because they are dealing with all directions?

>Shouldn’t it be 7 Holy Maidens if it is to match the number of Goddesses?

-It was originally 7 Holy Maidens to match the number of Goddesses, but the appearance of a Destiny Oracle made it 8 in the end (centuries ago).

There have been 8 Holy Maidens since then.

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