Tsuki – Chapter 463: The cold depths where light doesn’t reach

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The ocean is an unexplored region in this world just like the wasteland. 

They not only don’t know what lies at the end of it, they also don’t even know if there’s a different continent lying ahead. 

The bottom of the ocean is also the biggest unexplored region in modern Earth, too. 

It is completely untouched in the world of the Goddess, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is an inexistent place for the hyumans. 

Moreover, it is a blindspot that people don’t direct their eyes at or even pay attention to. 

You could say it is an area where not only the major powers don’t have an information network in, but even the Kuzunoha Company. 

The latter should be able to form an information network if they were to direct their attention to it at least though. 

(As always, here I am, asking myself where I am.) 

The one who is currently feeling unsettled and creeped by the lack of ability to grasp the information of their current location is a demon. 

Moreover, it is one of the demon generals that’s said to be the highest executives, Rona. 

(Even though this is my 3rd time here, there’s buildings made of materials I have not seen before, and it is always night no matter when I come. There’s not even the light of the moon.) (Rona)

She was together with her lord in all 3 visits. 

Zef would come together with one of the demon generals every time he came, but he hasn’t spoken the details of the place not even once. 

The one who has come the most is Mokuren, but he also doesn’t know the person Zef is negotiating with or the details of the place. 

What they know is that this is an important location for negotiations. 

“In the end, not a single one of the demon generals could notice the truth of this place.” (Zef)

Zef laughs in amusement, holding no blame in his words. 

He was relaxed on the sofa in this room that he was guided to. 

He is relaxed to a degree unlike a Demon Lord. It is as if he were going to have a chat with an old comrade.

“…A separate dimension that has a barrier around it; you denied it, Your Majesty, but I seriously think this is the correct answer.” (Rona)

“It is completely wrong, Rona.” (Zef)

“I am definitely going to solve this mystery one day.” (Rona)

“No no, this will be the last day we will be coming here. Also, you will most likely reach the answer today.” (Zef)

“The last day?” (Rona)

“Umu. I got a call from Mokuren. It will be completed soon.” (Zef)

Rona opened her eyes wide at the statement Zef spoke all casually. 

“Is it what you spoke of before… The weapon that will ‘smite the Goddess’?” (Rona)

Her pulse accelerates. 

Rona knows that’s the trump card of the demons. 

The weapon that was stated with confidence by none other than Zef as a trump card.

A classified plan that not even demon generals have a clear picture of. 

They only faintly know about its existence. 

The only ones who know about this are Mokuren, who is in charge of the development, the Demon Lord Zef himself, and his direct subordinates. 

It obviously hasn’t been leaked to hyumans at all.

Even if the hero has Charm, they don’t even know about its existence to begin with, and there’s not even traces about such information in the places where they take action. 

“Yeah, it was an arrangement for a short period of time, but we managed to reach this phase. Their top apparently might come today if they have the time, but who knows.” (Zef)

“They don’t send their lord even once despite you coming personally every time, Your Majesty… Don’t tell me this is a secret meeting with Kuzunoha?” (Rona)

The existence of the aforementioned creepy company crossed Rona’s mind. 

“The Kuzunoha Company, huh. That would be the best if it were possible, but that’s not it.” (Zef)

Zef wanted to continue speaking, but he sensed a presence and stopped talking. 

Someone knocked on the door afterwards. 

Rona allowed them to enter, and the moment she saw the person who entered, she gulped unconsciously. 

“Sorry for the wait, Demon Lord Zef-dono.” 

“…No, I am the one who is asking for the unreasonable here, so please don’t worry about it, Prime Minister Amon-dono.” (Zef)

“His Majesty unfortunately couldn’t get time, so I will be in charge of this last meeting. My apologies.” (Amon)

Rona was scrutinously observing the person that was elegantly bowing, but in a way that’s not rude. 

A fish. 

He is pretty peculiar. Putting it bluntly, it is an ugly fish. 

She feels like it is a demi-human that she is not sure if to call a fishman, since it is not a merman. 

There’s no fishy smell coming from him.

His voice is the same as a normal person, and he is speaking in common language. 

He is tall and wide, so he gives off a strong presence. 

He has several warts and protuberances on his face, his mouth is big, his eyes are googly, and there was something that looked like a soft horn different from that of a demon hanging down from the upper part of his forehead. 

You could say Rona has wonderful mental resilience just from the fact that she didn’t go ‘ah’ or ‘uuh’.

By the way, if Makoto were here, he would have reacted with ‘a tall goosefish’ and would have reflexively gotten the motif right. 

Prime Minister Amon and the Demon Lord Zef exchanged pleasantries first and had an amicable chat. 

That sight of theirs was no different from that of normal people. 

“If I remember correctly, you are the demon general, Rona-sama, right? I will be doing the last guiding. A pleasure to work with you.” (Amon)

“Yes, nice to meet you, Amon-dono. Likewise, it will be a pleasure to work with you.” (Rona)

Rona greets him amicably to match him.

But Amon stopped for an instant at the state of Rona, and then he soon showed a smile again. 

Rona assumed from the atmosphere and movements of Amon that that must be his smile. 

“This is not our first time meeting, Rona-dono.” (Amon)

“Eh?” (Rona)

“I couldn’t greet you the first time you came, but I was the one in charge of guiding you.” (Amon)

Amon said this and his appearance changed to that of a hyuman in an instant. 

Just as he said, the appearance of the guide matched the one in her memories. 

“This was by no means a test. It was a request from Lord Zef. He said we should all be in our original appearance.” (Amon)

“Original appearance?” (Rona)

“Yes. We are a race called Neptunes. We are cooperating with Lord Zef due to a connection of sorts. Also, we are in our country. Would it be easier to understand if I say it is historic ruins that only a selected few are allowed to come to? Oh well, that’s basically how it is.” (Amon)

“Neptunes… I am sorry. I didn’t know with my limited knowledge.” (Rona)

“Makes sense. The only ones who know about us are most likely Zef-dono, a few high ranked Spirits, and Supreme Dragons.” (Amon)

Amon returns to his original form. 

Is it a transformation using magic or a special tool? – Rona couldn’t tell at all and was slightly vexed by it. 


(There’s a race like that in this world…? Judging from his appearance, he is a race from underwater…from the ocean?) (Rona)

“You have judged what kind of Demon Lord I am from our meetings. It may be a strange coincidence, but…it is fate.” (Zef)

Rona was shocked by how talkative Zef was about himself. 

Rona was feeling surprise, happiness, and the unease that something big is moving here. 

“Fate, huh. We can’t really tag along with the demons to the very end, but I personally will be praying for your resolve to be reciprocated, Lord Zef -as a friend.” (Amon)

“Thanks, Amon-dono.” (Zef)

“Now then, let’s take our time on the way. You two, please follow after me.” (Amon)


Rona wasn’t sure what was going on here.

The usual pattern the last time she came here was to negotiate here, then get some documents in another room and leave. 

She remembered it being a place that resembled the atmosphere of a library. 

“Aah, Rona. The request I have been asking them the whole time finally was granted today, you see. What I have been waiting for with great expectation since the first time I came here… It is to go to the center of the place that Amon-dono referred to as historic ruins before.” (Zef)

“Understood, Your Majesty. Thank you very much and excuse my intrusion!” (Rona)

Rona felt regretful at having her lord explain to her. 

Zef simply guessed the thoughts of Rona from her face and did that on his own, but she was ashamed that it showed on her face. 

“Hahaha, Rona-dono, there’s no need to be so on edge. Being too nervous would be dangerous instead.” (Amon)

“Dangerous?” (Rona)

Rona was getting more nervous contrary to those words of consideration. 

“Yes, this is a special environment after all. Just follow me together with Lord Zef, please. I can’t assure you of your safety if you make any weird moves.” (Amon)

“Even if you tell me that…” (Rona)

(I don’t know where I am and am only told it is dangerous. As if I can do that in a place where Zef-sama is present!) (Rona)

“Could it be Lord Zef…?” (Amon)

Amon looks at Zef as if saying ‘there’s no way you didn’t tell her what kind of place this is, right?’.

Zef answered with a bright smile and a thumbs up. 

“…Hahaha, kinda. I ended up not being able to say it while I was quizzing her.” (Zef)

“It really is just like you. But it is as if I have once again seen a glance of you sitting on the Demon Lord throne and it got me a bit nostalgic. Not bad.” (Amon)

Amon softened up a bit. 

But the bodyguard of the Demon Lord not knowing necessary information is a big problem. 

Amon changed his slightly baffled expression to a serious one and faced Rona. 

“Rona-dono.” (Amon)

“…Yes?” (Rona)

“We are in the depths of an ocean trench somewhere. The pitch black bottom of the ocean where not even light reaches.” (Amon)

“Osian turensh… Bottom…of the ocean?!” (Rona)

“Yes. The bottom of the deep ocean is a special environment that is hard to approach even for the ones that live in the sea. That’s why we have made these constructions with a variety of techniques, tools, and special abilities to mitigate this.” (Amon)

“T-The bottom of the ocean is so deep light doesn’t even reach?” (Rona)

“Of course. Darkness rules the whole time, and not even fishes can enter if they live in the shallow sea. If I had to explain it in a way that land dwellers can get it, it would be like a snowy mountain shut out by ice…” (Amon)

“Amon-dono, it may be the correct comparison, but for demons, that’s a bit…” (Zef)

“Ah…true. In that case, maybe the entrance of the wasteland that I hear in rumors, the land devoid of green that’s flooded with active volcanoes, or the jungle where dense green rules the place…” (Amon)

“Aah, that would be easier to understand. Right, Rona?” (Zef)

“Y-Yes, Your Majesty!” (Rona)

“Cold is the best for us, so it was easier to imagine it as a rough environment, but the demons have been living in areas like that, right. That was my mistake. If I remember correctly, there was a species that had affinity inside the ocean too within the demons…” (Amon)

“The Lorelai. Their relationship with us is already thin, so they feel more like a different race.” (Zef)

“I see.” (Amon)

“Uhm, Amon-dono, thank you very much for your explanation. It was enlightening.” (Rona)

“Don’t mind it. Anyways, this is that kind of place, so please take my words as your number one priority.” (Amon)

“I will keep them tightly to heart.” (Rona)

“Now then, we are finally outside. Let’s go…to the treasury of wonders, the Wisdom of Corpses.” (Amon)

The first sensation she felt within this pitch black darkness was that of mud. 

Zef and Rona observe the back of the guide as they take a step forward.

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