WG – Chapter 218: Resurrection

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[Summary of what has happened until now in Nekomimi Neko]

The Nekomimi Neko world should have attained peace after defeating the Demon Lord, but the resurrection of the Evil God Dis Aster, which was unimplemented in the game, finally began. 

While investigating about the Evil God, they discovered that the masked chuunibyou mage Sazan was the Seal Priestess, and after Souma learned about her environment and resolution, followed her plan, and dropped the Evil God Fragment from the Sky City, going splat!

Having the lifelong desire of her family fulfilled, she fell into tears. 

But just when they thought their Evil God Fragment subjugation started well, the author suddenly went missing right after! 

Just what awaits Souma and his party…!!


We were extremely troubled by Sazan who wouldn’t stop crying after that, but we discovered that she can switch personalities when she puts on the mask or takes it off. 

By quickly putting on and taking off the mask, we destabilized her mental state to have her forget about the Evil God Fragment, and she finally stopped crying. 

No, now that the Evil God Fragment has died, there should be no effect like changing the personality with the mask, but because she has had that on for years, she ends up slipping into a Sazan-like personality.

Well, I myself feel closer to the haughty Sazan than Mitia who acts decently femenine as the Seal Priestess, so I would endorse it instead.

Anyways, Having succeeded in diluting the matter of the Evil God Fragment’s fall death, I immediately suggested to land on the south solitary island which is the home of Sazan in order to divert the topic even further. 

The eyes of my comrades when I was talking about that felt like they changed into cold ones as if they were looking at an Ugly Stray Slime at the side of the road, but it is most likely my imagination.

…Also, it happens pretty often recently, so it is okay! 

Having obtained strong mental fortitude from the long days of battle and the heated battles against strong enemies, I decisively decided to move on without faltering at the cold gazes of my comrades, and landed the Sky City. 

That’s right. I have finally arrived at the south solitary island which has been the dwelling of the Seal Lineage that has sealed the Evil God Fragment for generations. 

We got down from the Sky City, and we immediately were welcomed by a whole lot of residents from the island. 

“D-Don’t move! Drop your weapons!!” 

“N-Not a single step further! If you do, we will judge you as hostiles!” 

We were surrounded by a number of brawny residents, pointing their spears at us to show their warm reception.


Let’s stop averting my eyes at reality. 

They are totally on guard against us.

Regardless of methods, we are the ones who have fulfilled their lifelong desire, so taking such an attitude is pretty horrible, but I do get how they feel a little bit. 

I just have to look at this from their perspective. 

Everyone would be worried if a weird island were to float on top of them all of a sudden, and the Evil God Fragment that was the reason for them living in this island went hyuun and splat, so they would obviously get surprised, huh.

“D-Don’t joke around! This is not only on the level of being surprised! You…! Do you even understand the effects of what you have d—” (Sazan) 

My thoughts leaked out from my mouth, and Sazan began making a ruckus in her still agitated state. 

This caused a change to the situation. 

“You…are Mitia?” 

The one who said this with eyes wide open was a man with a rock-like strict face.

The head of the family that I saw in the memories of Sazan. 

—The father of the Seal Priestess Mitia.

From there, Sazan and her father, Shud, mediated the situation and things somehow calmed down.

Well, Sazan is in a way the reason for this island’s existence, and what Sazan is wearing are the treasure tools of this island. 

Things were smooth sailing after she took up the stage. 

Seeing Sazan talking all haughtily while wearing the mask, the residents whispered stuff like ‘that mask is…’, ‘her mind has been taken over’, ‘Dear lord…’, but let’s just act as if I didn’t hear it. 

I don’t know which is more cruel, to tell them that that’s not the fault of the curse, or that that’s actually her real self now.

Well, the former priestess Nadia is truly the mother of Sazan. She was looking at Sazan who was making poses and laughing with pained eyes different from those of the residents, and at the same time was honestly happy that Sazan had come back. 

Moreover, when we told them that Sazan had defeated the sealed Evil God Fragment, the island residents cheered. 

But why did she leave it vague how we defeated the Evil God Fragment? 

There should have been people who saw it drop, so she could just tell them as it is. 

It did bother me a bit, but we turned from suspicious intruders into welcomed guests and were received extremely warmly. 

…Excluding the head of the island and father of Sazan, Shud. 


“E-Excuse me…?” (Souma)

Shud was all stern and didn’t say anything. 

Could it be that he noticed that we made her daughter cry? 

I was worried about that…

“I thank you for saving my daughter. But…” (Shud)

It seems like that wasn’t the case.

No, you could even say it was even worse.

“…But in the tradition passed down in this island, it is pointed out insistently ‘you must not face the Evil God at all cost’.

I feel like that warning holds an even deeper meaning than just being a warning to the strength of the Evil God.” (Shud)

“Even deeper meaning…” (Souma)

Shud’s face turned more severe and said this with heightened intensity. 

“When I saw ‘that’ falling from the skies, I was also there. I saw it. When it changed into light particles, they drifted to the north.” (Shud)

“North…meaning…” (Souma)

Shud nodded heavily. 

“It is most likely as you suspect, Hero-dono.” (Shud)

“The remaining fragment…” (Souma)

The north has the Evil God Fragment and the main body which is sealed in the swamps. 

If the light drifted there, the remaining Evil Gods must have strengthened even more. 

It is just as it was written in the book. 

And if that’s true, the resurrection of the Evil God…

“Hero-dono, it is true that you have fulfilled our lifelong desire. But this is not the en—” 

“I…!” (Souma)

Even though I understand this is disrespectful, I cut off the words of Shud. 

I looked straight into his eyes and declared this.

“I intend to defeat the Evil God completely.” (Souma)

Shud opened his eyes wide at my sudden words, but he eventually showed me a broad smile. 

“…I see. I thought she was a careless daughter, but it seems like she had a good eye for people.” (Shud)

And then, he fixed his posture and lowered his head at me.

“Hero-dono, I entrust my daughter to you from here on.” (Shud)

“Eh, ah, yeah. Leave her to me.” (Souma)

Now that she has defeated the fragment sealed on her right arm which was her biggest objective, I don’t know what choice she will take, but she is already an important comrade of mine. 

I naturally nodded at those words. 

“Wait, Father!” (Sazan)

Sazan was flustered by this and rushed at her father, forgetting even that she is in mask mode, and the talk ended like that. 


After that…

We decided to stay on the island for a while. 

It was in part because we wanted to give Sazan time to spend with her parents since she decided in the end to go with us to defeat the Evil God, and also in part because Mitsuki said with trembling cat ears: ‘I don’t want to go back today (own translation)’.

But to be honest, there’s also a different reason. That is…

“Iyahooooooooo!! A new maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppp!!!” (Souma)

I wanted to explore the unimplemented zone, the south solitary island, to my heart’s content! 

I should explore every nook and cranny to map it out! 

And so, this exploration will not be done with just me, but with reliable assistants. 

“Mitsuki, Ringo, have you prepared your maps?!” (Souma)

“N-No, it isn’t to the point of calling it preparation, so there’s no problem there, but there’s no need to be so excited about it…” (Mitsuki)

“…Hn. Perfect!” (Ringo)

I look back and call the two, and the two gave me contrasting responses. 

The ones I asked for cooperation in mapping this time around were Mitsuki, who can tell the location of characters with the power of the Explorer Ring and has the special ability to tell the distance by instinct, and Ringo who has an advantage in writing on the map since she has learned the Order technique from my world. 

Mitsuki isn’t carrying anything aside from her ring, but Ringo was holding a graph paper used for mapping that we got from the item shop, and she tightened her opposite hand tightly to show her motivation. 

…I asked them if they were ready, but the two of them have their share of peculiarities and lack common sense in some areas, so I am a bit worried. 

Let’s tell them just in case.

“Aah, this exploration is to investigate the island, but there’s obviously people living in it, so we can’t go troubling them. 

First, Mitsuki, even if you see a stranger, don’t challenge them to a duel, okay?” (Souma)

“So rude. Even I wouldn’t just challenge a random person to a battle.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki’s cat ears stood up and waved around as if showing her displeasure, but I want you to remember when we first met. 

I then looked at Ringo who was showing enough determination  she was pretty much crumpling the graph paper. 

“Also, Ringo, there’s a number of points I want to warn you about when mapping.” (Souma)

She has recently begun to speak in a reasonable manner, but her outstanding lack of life experience of just a few months really is an issue. 

I should warn her properly as her senpai in life. 

“First, don’t enter the houses of others without permission and check their drawers, or break their vases.

Entering locked houses is also a no! Let’s only check the houses that are not locked!” (Souma)

“…Hn. Got it.” (Ringo)

I feel like I was a bit too strict there, but I was relieved by the unexpectedly honest response.

“Right. If you are worried about holes in the map, I can use Infinite Mirage Prison to—” (Souma)

I felt good at her receptive response and was about to continue speaking, but…

“No no, wait, you! Even if it is not locked, you can’t just enter!” (Sazan)

“Eh?!” (Souma)

Sazan suddenly came in and spoke nonsense. 

…Now that I think about it, she is just as weird as Mitsuki and Ringo…no, even weirder. 

I tell Sazan who doesn’t have common sense.

“Listen here, Sazan. The breaking and entering verdict is only triggered when you enter a locked building without permission. 

That’s why not being locked means it is okay to enter…no, it is recommended to explore it!” (Souma)

I spoke with such strength a bass drop sound effect might have fit me at that moment, but Sazan for some reason groaned. 

“T-This guy is hopeless… We have to do something about him quickly…” (Sazan)

She began to mutter this. 

When she did, the parents of Sazan who were watching from afar began laughing. 

“Hahaha, my daughter has been introverted since long before, so we were worried that she would be shut inside the house and write weird stuff the whole time, but she becomes like that in front of him, huh.” (Shud)

“Fufu, this is the first time I see Mitia being thrown about like this and showing so much emotion.” (Nadia)

I personally have the image of Sazan, so it didn’t look weird for me, but for the two who only know Sazan in her priestess days, it looked different. 

Also, this father of hers just said it all casually, but he just exposed that he knew about the dark history note of Sazan.

“Ah, uuh…a-as I said, I…t-that’s not it…!” (Sazan)

Sazan was completely having trouble with her two personalities here, and for some reason, Ringo stood before Sazan’s parents instead. 

“…Hn. Sazan is…weird. But…” (Ringo)

And then, she showed pride within her expressionless face and puffed her chest out. 

“Compared to the weirdness of Souma…she is just…small fry!!” (Ringo)

“No, wait! That logic is weird!!” (Souma)

I am the most normal amongst you guys!! 


And well, we used around half of our stay on the island to explore the place. 

That said, it is a place where the initial Sazan with her low stats could take morning naps. 

Only enemies that even Ina could defeat easily were showing up, and there were no difficult enemies, but there was a species of Stray Slime I have not seen before (one that was really uneven and one that had its body turned into a machine. I named them Uneven Slime and Slime Vogue), and I had a good amount of fun. 

There were also unexplored dungeons deep in the island, and you could say I managed to have an orthodox adventure in a long while. 

We enjoyed our time in the island in that way, but my comrades really are peculiar, so there were cases where the residents would be surprised (mainly because of Sazan). According to Sazan’s father, there were apparently a number of complaints.

“I know you are the priestess-sama, but it is scary to have a masked person in black clothing walking around.” 

“There was a weird masked man hugging weird gloves and going ‘fufufu’. Please do something about that.” 

“When I was cooking dinner, an unknown man was standing in front of me. He muttered ‘ah, wrong place’ and disappeared like a mirage the next instant. What was that? Have I gone crazy?” 

“I have been seeing a mysterious shadow moving fearsomely fast recently. That abnormal speed is definitely not a creature from this island. What was that?” 

“I saw a person running outside. No, those weren’t the movements of a human! T-That is definitely the incarnation of the Evil God! The Evil God really didn’t die!” 

“I peeked out my window and was surprised. To my surprise, there was a super giant…G <cockroach> moving around. But…no, it is nothing. There’s no way there would be such a giant G. Just what in the world…A-Aaah! At my window! My window!” 

There’s some hard to decipher ones, but the common denominator is masked and black clothes, so it should be safe to judge them as all being Sazan. 

It is pretty interesting how, within the many party members, the one who is being feared the most is the resident of this place, Sazan.

Or more like, ‘not the movements of a human’? Just what were you doing, Sazan?

I should warn her quickly. 


That said, the exploration of the island and even the stay in the island was in a way just an extra.

It really didn’t matter where as long as time passed. 

Our real target is in a different place.

—The Evil God Great War recording. 

The record where the whole truth of the battle between the heroes against the Evil God, the sealing of it, and the truth of the Evil God were laying at.

Because the rewind happened right before I could see the last chapter, the stone slate has returned to its initial state. 

I have continued watching this thing that I can only watch once a day, and our current objective is to watch the last chapter which has the most important information. 

Fortunately, by seizing the Sky City, we can now teleport to the Monolith at the entrance of the city. 

By using that, we called Leila who was staying at home as well, and we were once again watching the recordings from the beginning. 

And then, 2 weeks passed in the blink of an eye while exploring and watching the recording. 

And finally, that time came. 

“I-It is finally time.” 

“Y-Yeah. That’s true.” 

Even though Sazan is always late, she was the very first to show up to the rendezvous point. 

Moreover, she was wearing her priestess uniform for some reason. 

“Y-You, that appearance…” (Souma)

“Fuh! We are going to be witnessing a historical moment of the past, so we can’t be rude here. 

Ah, it is okay! I have also bathed already, so there’s no mis—achoo!” (Sazan)

Sazan sneezed while saying that and her body trembled. 

However, her eyes were blazing. 

“J-Just how motivated are you just for watching a recording? Or more like, at least dry your hair…” (Souma)

Being baffled by this, I wiped her hair, and our comrades appeared one after the other. 

It seems like Maki didn’t like how I have been overprotective of Sazan lately, she was making ‘hmm’ ‘hooh’ sounds in a bad mood, but there was something that bothered me more. 

“…Hey, Maki, you were the only one that watched the last chapter before the rewind. How was the battle against the Evil God?” (Souma)

The moment I said that, all the expressions on Maki’s face disappeared.

“…Even if you ask me, I don’t know how to tell you.” (Maki)

She told me this expressionless.

It felt like she was trying to hide any emotions she might end up showing here. 

“Argh, geez! It would be faster to just watch it! Come on!” (Maki)

That’s when Maki raised an unnaturally cheerful voice and forcefully grabbed my finger, moving it towards the stone slate.

“I-I get it! I got it, so no need to hurry me that much!” (Souma)

It may bother me a bit, but it would be bad to start like this. 

I give up pursuing the topic, and look at my comrades around. 

“N-Now then, everyone, ready?” (Souma)

Everyone there nodded at my words. 

After confirming this, I moved my finger close to the last chapter button of the record. 

Then, just before my finger touched the letters of the stone slate…

“—Souma, please…don’t despair because of this, okay?” 

That whisper of Maki jumped into my ears, and…

—We faced the truth of the Evil God. 

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