WG – Chapter 219: Endless Battle

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The Evil God Great War recording’s last chapter began from the continuation of the last battle against the Evil God.

Not the fragment we fought, but the actual Evil God.

The one standing at the front is Hero Alex.

He was brandishing two swords in both hands. The weapon with the highest specs in Nekomimi Neko, the absolute Divine Sword Ultihate, and the sword that his most beloved person, the Light Princess Ciel sacrificed her life to create, the Knight Sword Ciel.

The heroes called the Top Ten: master swordsman Luden, Reaper Fin, and God Archer Loden have fallen, and the Light Princess Ciel transformed into a sword, so they are now half their numbers.

But even with that…no, it is exactly because of that that the human side was overwhelming the Evil God.


Horrendous tentacles extend towards the heroes as that cracked voice echoed.


“Don’t underestimate me!!” (Alex)

Just from Alex raising the Knight Sword Ciel in his right hand and swinging it, the tentacles were sliced like paper.

But that’s a given.

The Knight Sword Ciel he is swinging has two lives -that of the demon Richter and the Princess Ciel- and has the power of two high level characters in game terms.

The weapon attack power should be proportionally high, and the main stats of Alex with the Knight Sword equipped are at least double because of the modifiers.


“I will use the trump card! Assist me!” (Nameless)

The tides turned again.

The great mage Nameless, who maintained silent until now, began to chant.

Of course, the Evil God wouldn’t allow that.

It turned to Nameless immediately and looked at him with its wicked eyes.

“Kill Beam.”

The one-hit kill attack, Kill Beam, was shot as the name was chanted.

That light of death traveled straight towards Nameless, but it didn’t reach his body.

“As if I will let yooooouuuu!!!” (Alex)

Hero Alex got in between it while raising a war cry.

The beam hit him and scattered as if it didn’t exist to begin with.

That’s the special ability of the Ultihate in his right hand.

An overpowered ability that nullifies all the long range attacks against the wielder.

It is ironic that Alex can now bring out his full potential thanks to his comrades falling and there being less targets to cover.

I shuddered at the hectic exchange that didn’t leave room to breathe.

I also trembled at how my mind dropped the dramatic letters Slaughter Flash when the Kill Beam showed up because of Sazan.

And finally…

“Excuse the wait! [Time Stop]!!” (Nameless)

The incantation of Nameless ended.

A pyramid field was created as if sealing the Evil God inside, and the movements of the Evil God stopped clean within that transparent space.

“This spell only lasts 10 seconds! Within that time—” (Nameless)

Nameless shouted this while his hand faced the Evil God.

The one who moved with those words was Alex.

“10 seconds is enough!” (Alex)

He fixed his stance with his two swords, and looked back at his comrades.

“Luna, please give me the best support you got!

Giyamon! Shizuru! We are attacking all at once the moment the spell dissipates! Match my timing!!” (Alex)

And then, he rushed towards the Evil God without looking back.

“L-Leave it to me! [All Rise]!!” (Luna)

The Moonlight Princess Luna’s support magic rained on him as if chasing after him.

“Oh my, even though I am a backline. You are one slave driver Hero-sama.”

“Fuh, I will show you the true form of the Hisame Sword Style.”

The macho healer Giyamon and the cat ear swordsman Shizuru follow after that back of his.

“Guh! The spell is about to get undone!” (Nameless)

The field imprisoning the Evil God dispersed just as Nameless said this, and 3 shadows jumped in right then.

“I will be taking the first hit!” (Giyamon)

The giant body in midair tore off the tentacles that barely managed to react, and created a path to the core.

The one who slipped into that opened gap like a cat was the swordsman Shizuru.

“It is not over yet. Hisame Sword Style: [Clear Stream]!!” (Shizuru)

The sword trail slipped through the tentacles and gouged the Evil God’s core with precision.

“…Too shallow, huh. But the path has been created.” (Shizuru)

And then, the one who jumped in from the shadow of Shizuru was of course…

“This is…the end!!!” (Alex)

The hero brandishing two swords, Alex.

“This is the power of us humans! [Eternal Heaven Soaring Blade]!!” (Alex)

Alex hit the center of the Evil God with his two swords, the core pulsing bright red!

The bright red core and Alex’s swords clashed but just for a moment.

“Good job.”

Cracks formed on the core and…


And the core broke into pieces.

The body of the Evil God crumbled as if mirroring it and changed into light particles.

And then, by the time a few seconds passed, only the fragments of the broken red core were left.

“We…defeated it… The Evil God…” (Alex)

Alex muttered with a lethargic voice.

Of course he would be.

Even though they won, what they lost was big.

Close to half of their comrades were killed, the city was destroyed, and he even lost his most beloved person.

But even so, they won.

They defeated the Evil God.

“…You saved us there, Nameless. Is that the new spell you created?” (Alex)

“Yes. All status ailments didn’t work on the Evil God after all.

And so, I decided to create a spell to stop time instead.” (Nameless)

“Haha. That’s crazy.” (Alex)

They forced themselves to smile and congratulated each other’s contributions.

They most likely believed that would also serve as an offering for the fallen.

“Well, this spell heavily relies on the personal mastery of magic, so I doubt anyone else aside from me can use it.

It may be possible if you do it with the assistance of a magic tool, but it doesn’t seem to be needed anymore.” (Nameless)

“Then you could use it in a peaceful manner. For example; maybe a Cooler Box that stops time and preserves food?” (Alex)

“That’s…nice. It sounds like that would sell, and most of all, it is nice how it doesn’t hurt anyone.” (Nameless)

The two were laughing despite being injured.

The one who poured cold water on that peaceful atmosphere was the cat-eared swordsman, Shizuru.

“Please wait, you two. Isn’t it weird?” (Shizuru)


What Shizuru pointed at was the fragments of the Evil God’s core scattered on the ground.

“It is the fragments of the Evil God’s core, right? What about it?” (Alex)

The bright red fragments had completely lost their color and it doesn’t seem like anything will happen.

But Shizuru shook his head.

“We should have defeated the enemy, and yet…why is it not turning into light and staying there?” (Shizuru)

The moment I heard that, I felt as if chills ran down my spine.

That must have been the same for Alex and his group.

Their eyes turned sharp in one go.

But that was too late.

“The fragments of the core are…”

The core fragments scattered on the ground.

They were gathered towards one point.

“Be careful! It is still not over!!”

The fragments of the core stuck together and were forming an even bigger cluster.

The fragments were spinning as if it were a rubix cube, would at times create a shape similar to that of before, and…

“There’s no time to be dumbstruck here! Attack!” (Nameless)

The heroes snapped back at the words of Nameless.

“Roar, [Lightning Rush]!”

“Hisame Sword Style: [Clear Stream]!”

“[Cross Break]!!”

The core that continued restoring itself had no means to resist the attacks of the heroes unleashed at the same time.

After some time of overlapping their attacks, cracks began to form, and it broke the next instant.

Seeing this, Alex and his group sighed again.

“What was that just now? So creepy…” (Alex)

The face of Nameless contrasted that of the relaxed Alex, his expression not loosening one bit.

“Please don’t relax. If my guess is correct…” (Nameless)

And then, the fragments scattered on the ground began to gather again as if supporting those words.

“Just what is going on?!” (Alex)

Alex cursed but didn’t hold back and attacked the fragments of the core again.


“Hard…?” (Shizuru)

“This is weird. This is weird, Alex!” (Giyamon)

The attack of Giyamon that had violent degrees of power and the slash of Shizuru that prides on having outstanding sharpness, and even the Knight Sword Ciel that possesses peerless power couldn’t deal enough damage to the restoring core.

“It is even bigger than before?” (Shizuru)

Shizuru muttered this dumbfounded.

That’s most likely bull’s-eye.

I can tell clearly as a spectator.

The Evil God core shaping up here is getting one size bigger, and it is most likely getting harder too.

—Second form?

Those words surfaced in my mind.

Even though it wasn’t implemented most likely for the sake of a second entry on the series, even the Evil God should have been a boss that the Nekomimi Neko developers thought of.

In that case, it wouldn’t be strange for the Evil God to have the special trait often found in last bosses, a second form.


The gamer inside of me was whispering to me this is somewhat different.

It is more like…

“I have a bad feeling! Use all your power! We have to destroy that thing once more!” (Nameless)

The words of Nameless snap me back.

When I looked, there was Alex and his group trying to destroy the regenerating core while wringing out everything they have.

But it isn’t going well.

Even though it is an enemy that can’t even fight back, it is plain hard.

The attacks that went in easily were being repelled, and even the attacks that worked in the battle of before were being bounced off too.

And then, after a few seconds of not being able to deal a decisive blow…

Right after the red core pulsed heavily in a creepy manner…

That rang.

“—[Absolute Dis Aster].”

That was certainly a voice.

There’s nothing like a mouth anywhere around, with only a tattered orb remaining, and yet, I could clearly tell that was the ‘voice’ of the Evil God.


“No way…”

Groans of despair leak out from the heroes standing in place.

But that should be obvious.

Change happened from the bright red core.

A part of the bright red orb swelled, transformed, and created a head.

A protuberance was born as if breaking through the shell of an egg, and that changed into an arm, then tentacles one after the other.

After a few seconds of this, ‘that’ ended.

What floated in front of Alex and his group was not the Evil God’s core.

—What was in front of their eyes was an Evil God with head and arms without a single wound, lording over the world.


Author: There’s probably people who already got it from this, but the Evil God is what you would find rarely on hidden bosses of RPGs.

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