Tsuki – Chapter 335: Misunderstanding

“Sensei, we understand now!” (Jin)


Today is not a part-time job day. 

That’s why, I won’t nag you about this or that…but I have to find it questionable that you would suddenly come crashing into my place shouting out loud.

This is a store! 

“…Come up. With how many people are you planning on coming with?” (Makoto)

Even the second generation is here, so…hm? There’s a few missing?

So there’s some who endured the petrification the other day, huh.

There were some who noticed that they would have died if they were left as it was, and those that were sketchy have also left, which helps me out though.

“Eris!” (Makoto)

“Wassup, Waka.” (Eris)

The mysterious Eris that appears whenever I call her.

Her voice rang within the group of students and she came out in front of me.

Even though she was attending a customer just a while ago…

Her actual vocation might be a store clerk. 

“As you can see, these students that don’t understand the space of a store have pushed their way in. I will be dealing with these ones, so I am counting on you with the store.” (Makoto)

“E-Even though there will be a whole lot of customers coming and that’s why you are here too, Waka?” (Eris)

“Damn right. Have Jin and Amelia treat you to something with their pay later.” (Makoto)


“…Prepare yourselves, newbies. I won’t be fooled by a place like Gotetsu anymore!! Welcome~~!!” (Eris)

The exasperated Eris disappears into the customer section.

Yeah, have them treat you to some good food.

Please get rid of your banana addiction if only for a little bit.

Jin and Amelia who were bending dejected ended up being at the tail of the group as the students went up the 2nd floor.

As if taking their place, a whole lot of customers were in the store now.

Eris’s forecast of customers is quite accurate.


I will try my best to return as fast as possible.

I followed them and went to the biggest room on the 2nd floor.

…I said big, but…with more than 10 students in it, it doesn’t feel as spacious.

This is mostly used as a reception room for negotiations, so it is natural though.

“Aah, Jin, I can tell that you are itching to say something, but wait for a bit.” (Makoto)

“…Yes.” (Jin)

I have to confirm who from the second generation are here once more or I won’t be able to calm down.

I sit at my desk that’s slightly smaller compared to the one of Rembrandt-san and Zara-san, and take out the information of the students, flipping the pages.

Not the one that was provided to me by the Academy, but the Kuzunoha Company’s version that was given to me by Shiki.

It has the background and environment of the students as well.

In other words, the ones that might be problematic or could bring problems in the future.

We had someone like Rona before after all.

“Samilla Tolstoi.” (Makoto)

The girl that struggled hard in undoing the petrification.

She is not from a branch school.

Hmm, a scholarship student.

She has a similar environment to Jin.

“Y-Yes?!” (Samilla)

“I am simply confirming if you are present or not. It seems like there’s some that are not from the 2nd generation after all. Next, Yunker Stendhal.” (Makoto)

The young man that has an energetic name.

He is from Gritonia…and was born in Robin.

The son of the lord there.

But the third son.

He is probably here to survive with his own strength.

Even so, for him to be specialized in support even though he is a mage, that’s interesting.

So it is not like he is trying to solve everything through his own strength.

He is literally trying to obtain the strength to live on, to earn a living.

An interesting boy.

“Here.” (Yunker)

“Ainim Isyu.” (Makoto)

“Here!” (Ainim)

Oh, from the branch school.

Uhm, the warrior branch…Ropa. 

The one that was beaten up by Jin and the others at the vacation before the Academy Festival. 

Aah, so the ones who created the grudge were the 1st generation, huh.

“Lido Seitan.” (Makoto)

“Lido Seitan is not here?” (Makoto)

“I think the girl that looked like she couldn’t keep on had that name.” (Sif)

Sif answered instead.

Today I brought out drinks, but no desserts. 

Even if you peek at the kitchen, I won’t be giving you any, okay?

Hmm, a noble from Limia.

The one that was suspicious, huh.

I don’t know from what faction she was, but she seemed like she entered my class to investigate us or something.

The Limia Kingdom…is not only a wealthy land but also way too vast.

Just looking at the distribution of land by nobles in the map made my head hurt, yet, on top of that, there’s a complicated noble faction situation there.

I went there once and understood this, but honestly speaking, Hibiki-senpai trying to reform that place while doing war made me think she might be a heavy masochist.

It is definitely more difficult than winning the war and unifying the world.

“Next, Rasei Akagi…Akagi is not here either.” (Makoto)

Transfer student of Lorel. 

This one was also suspicious.

Did Sairitz-san want to send someone here too?

But there’s Izumo here.

You said that you would be supporting his marriage, so isn’t that similar to having a go-between already?

What a greedy person.

“Touma Stram.” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Touma)

Second one of Ropa.

He was also beaten up by Jin’s group though.

The mage that was together with them at that time…hm? He is not here.

He didn’t stay, huh. Or maybe he didn’t come to the main school in the first place.

Well, he is not here so who cares.

“Nerin Mandy.” (Makoto)

“Here!” (Nerin)

This girl is…ah, from the branch schools.

Ropa, Mazul, Britto…not any of those?


This is the first time I have heard of this one.

What branch school was this one specialized in?

Scholarship…major field: history. 


“Nerin Mandy.” (Makoto)

“? Yes!” (Nerin)

“You were brought from the branch school to the main school, and you entered my class?” (Makoto)

“That’s right.” (Nerin)

‘That’s right’, she says.

Even though you came to this Academy because of your grades in history and your written exams…

“My lectures are, uhm…related to battle. You entered my class knowing this…right?” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Nerin)

Instant reply.

A girl that is studying history -which has nothing to do with battle- is taking my classes?

Begs the question of how she has come out fine until now.

Rather than suspicious, this is scary.

Does she have battle experience, or is her family situation dangerous… There’s nothing?

“I will ask you a simple question here but…do you need to be in my class?” (Makoto)

“Actually, I found out I had aptitude in battle and magic since coming to the main school.” (Neire)

“Fumu.” (Makoto)

“‘It seems like you are decently good on both sides, so if you are interested in battles, how about trying it out?’, is what I was told. And so, I thought about taking the class of Raidou-sensei that’s said to be strict, but is famous for showing good results. I didn’t expect to experience turning into stone though!” (Neire)


You are pretty cheerful there.

“I see.” (Makoto)

“I’m looking forward to future classes!” (Neire)

“Ah, yeah.” (Makoto)

I was overwhelmed there.

What’s with this girl?

“…Right. What did you understand now? What compelled you to suddenly come to my store and shout?” (Makoto)

Shiki passed her, and it is kinda like I have given her an okay after confirming her papers, so…yeah, if the person herself is fine with it, then it is alright.

It is as if she properly studied and entered a prominent university, but suddenly entered a club named Battle Champions…

And so, back to the matter with Jin’s group, I have learned that when they are like this, it is mostly them missing the target, so I will just listen to what they have to say and comfort them.

“It is about Hatsuharu-san the other day!” (Jin)

“Aah, you were wiped out real good there.” (Makoto)

I was 90% sure that would happen, and it went exactly like that.

Even though in a corner of my mind I thought they might be able to pull off a battle.

“Guh!” (Jin)

“And so, what did you learn about Hatsuharu?” (Makoto)

“She is our graduation test, right?!” (Jin)


So endearing. 

Nice, Jin.

“There’s no way that’s the case.” (Makoto)

“…Eh?” (Jin)

“If Hatsuharu and Kuro were to team up, depending on how they do it, they would be able to bring down a country. I am not so heartless as to tell you to win against someone like that.” (Makoto)

Like, seriously. 

If Hatsuharu were to activate her ability at full power while utilizing the speed of Kuro, it would be a massacre. 

Even if you were to know beforehand, you would probably be wiped out.

Also…in the case of that girl, even without petrification…

“Is that…so?” (Jin)

“Yeah. Also, Shiki and I reduced the effects of the petrification a whole lot, and yet, not a single one of you managed to endure it.” (Makoto)

I had slight expectations for Amelia who has unexpectedly high magic resistance, but it was no good.

We had them undo the petrification with Yunker and Samilla on the 2nd Generation, and Amelia and Sif on the 1st Generation, but even that, Shiki and I tested it out who knows how many times beforehand with the Gorgons in order to make it easy on them. 

It was in those testings that we adjusted the petrification output suitable for the 1st Generation and the 2nd Generation.

Your Sensei has been working hard too in the background, you know?

“That was subdued…?” (Daena)

“…That’s right, Daena. Holding back is truly important. We adjusted it to a degree where students could properly treat it; one for Amelia’s group, and the other for Samilla’s group. You probably don’t understand the extent yet, but that girl can petrify magic power and your very soul too, so if you can’t endure it at that very moment, it is already too late for anything, no treatment will bring you back from that.” (Makoto)

“No one could endure it in the first place anyways. Wiped out without any means to treat each other.” (Jin)

“Sif alone seemed to have been on guard for abnormal status effects, but with a countermeasure on the level of insurance only, it didn’t serve you for anything.” (Makoto)

Sif was happy that she was praised, but was soon shot down, so she was vexed by it. 

If Sif and Amelia had placed strong countermeasures for petrification, I think they could have resisted it.

But that would be a gamble. 

Putting up a defense for abnormal status effects while fighting against an opponent with that speed is a do-or-die move.

You would be quite good if you were to properly observe and reach that conclusion, but that’s a tough thing to do.

“The classes of Sensei are really good experiences, but at times, I feel like the dangers surpass that of a class.” (Daena)

Daena is biting onto that.

I have actually made it as safe as possible for the students, but if that were to be discovered, it would reduce the effectiveness.

It is because you struggle hard that you grow more.

I will continue keeping the safety matters vague, so good luck with that.

“Daena.” (Makoto)

“What is it, Sensei?” (Daena)

“It is good that you have awakened to teaching, but if you get too heated into it, you might end up attracting the eyes of Shiki or a pervert somewhere, so you gotta be careful.” (Makoto)


To be specific, the name’s Root.

That guy came over with a smile saying ‘there seems to be a student that has awakened to teaching and has had his eyes change’. Where did he even hear about it?

He is the type of guy that doesn’t care about gender, so I think he wouldn’t even care if the family of the person in question was present. 

You seriously have to be careful, Daena.

“Hatsuharu’s petrification is originally far more dangerous than you think it is. As long as you have etched into your body how dangerous of a weapon abnormal status effects are, I would say the base objective has been fulfilled.” (Makoto)

“We indeed have all been traumatized.” (Daena)

I am saying ‘dangerous’ here.

There’s no need to rephrase it as ‘trauma’.

“…Fumu, you most likely assumed Hatsuharu would be partnering with some other mock battle enemies you’ve had.” (Makoto)

The reason why they thought Hatsuharu would be a graduation  task was most likely that.


Bullseye, huh.

“You guys have been making only one countermeasure for each individual race. If you had been trying to deal with the ability of Hatsuharu while fighting the Blue Lizard-san, Agares, or Ema, it would have only brought out a despairing result.” (Makoto)


I am not thinking too much about making them have a mock battle with mixed races.

The difficulty would spike, and it would be too difficult to adjust it.

I honestly have no intentions of having Agares and Ema fight in pairs.

Even when I had them hold back, it was still way too overkill.

I should have made them have a gallant battle with the new techniques they thought up. I have reflected on that.

“You couldn’t bring out their full power at all, right?” (Makoto)

“…Yeah.” (Jin)

Everyone from the 1st Generation groans as if affirming this.

The 2nd Generation is most likely desperately thinking about a countermeasure to begin with.

“I actually wanted you guys to notice by now. That’s the environment adventurers live in.” (Makoto)

“Adventurers…” (Jin)

“They prepare themselves for a variety of situations, and they make sure to never fail in their observations in order to survive.” (Makoto)


That’s actually something recent in Tsige, and before that, they would drop like flies from carelessness.

“Ring any bells? That’s one of the first things I taught you guys in my class. This was an incredibly effective attitude to elevate the strength of an individual, so I have implemented it here. And so, it is not like I called her as a graduation task or anything. I simply had her come as one of the many outstanding threats.” (Makoto)

“Then, Hatsuharu-san won’t be coming to our classes anymore?” (Yuno)


Hm, I don’t think there’s much reason to be so taken into her though.

“For a while.” (Makoto)

“I have taken quite a liking to her movements. I feel like I can learn a lot from her! That’s just my instincts speaking though!” (Yuno)

So that’s where she is taking it, huh.



Actually, there’s a point in common between Yuno and Hatsuharu that makes my head hurt.

The fact that they are users of a certain equipment.

It is that, the ‘suit’.

Against opponents that can’t be finished with petrification, Hatsuharu would use that dangerous full body equipment to fight. It is only her for now. 

She is strong to begin with, and there’s practically no restrictions in the use of magic on Hatsuharu. Rather, she has her magic power hair that is similar to the Arke Hokuto and also pretty different. 

That technique still works even when using the suit, so maybe she is a compatible partner for Yuno.

Also, what Yuno has is a prototype.

Hatsuharu’s one is a mass produced one.

The one with the better performance is of course the latter one.

The prototype may have more care put into it, but in base terms, the mass produced one ends up having a better performance.

Leaving aside the cases where the pilot is just way too incredible though.

Like certain Aura Battlers. <Ref. To Aura Battler Dunbine>

Fighting at the endgame with early prototypes…no, let’s stop that.

Once Yuno grows a bit more, she could change into the Mk II that Mio adjusted, but who knows how much of a fight she could put up against Hatsuharu.

“…Well, aside from the petrification and mounted combat, you could say her battle style is similar to yours.” (Makoto)

“Right?! I would like to have a mock battle with her again without the petrification, Sensei.” (Yuno)

The suit equipment of Kuro is pretty cool, but Kuro herself doesn’t really like it, so she dislikes having it on for too long.

Some saw the potential of it, and a number of the eldwas began actual production of suits for Saber Cats.

Since it couldn’t be helped, Kuro kept them company in it.

I personally think saber cats would fit better with something that doesn’t cover the whole body -something like armor that covers some parts of the body.

“…I don’t mind, but that’s hell you’re walking into, you know? Like, seriously.” (Makoto)

Suit versus suit.

Yeah, a hellscape.

But now that they mention it…a graduation task, huh.

It is bad that they had to tell me to remember it, but it certainly will be necessary.


Does Rotsgard have training excursions?

Or a custom of doing graduation excursions?

“I want to do it! I have received the okay from everyone!” (Yuno)

…That sounds suicidal. 

Well, fine.

I won’t let them die.

It may be hard to believe, but my class is safe, Daena.

Even if you bite off your tongue or drink poison, we won’t let you di…I mean, you won’t die.


A hellscape like straight out from a bootcamp. 

Jin’s group had a mock battle with Hatsuharu again without petrification, but…

“Yuno’s—DOAGH?!” (Jin)

The shout of Jin resonated.

Even though he was in the middle of shouting, a metallic purple leg smashed into the side of his face.

He was sent flying like a soccer ball.

The third breakdown has begun.

“That’s not the Power Suit I know!!” (Yuno)

Yuno, who was distracted by Kuro with her dance of slashes and couldn’t move, was hit by the pole of Hatsuharu 3 times.

A speed combo.

However, the accumulated damage must have been quite high already, Yuno’s red power suit broke and her transformation was undone.

“They are too fast, and coming from too many directi—!” (Misura)

Misura’s defense had been crushed by the number of attacks, and then, a backhand blow hit him in the back of his head.

Does his technique have a limit to how many attacks it can take?

Or is it that the effect doesn’t activate on attacks the person himself is not aware of?

Against Hatsuharu, Misura has no good points.

It was clear that he is currently being treated as ‘a shield that can be crushed anytime’.

Affinity, huh.

But with the personality of Misura, I doubt he will be giving up.

I am looking forward to what countermeasure he will be making for that.

“What are you telling us to do against an opponent that magic doesn’t work against?!” (Izumo)

“Seriously! We can only provide support, but with the frontlines always like this…!” (Sif)

Izumo and Sif were trying to put up a fight, but the attack spells that they shot to Hatsuharu were obviously repelled.

Their faces were as if praying, but they were mercilessly sunk.

“My trump card…what horrible treatment!” (Daena)


He multiplied.

Buffing and clones.

What a skillful and high general purpose frontline he has become.

He has quite the high attack power.

Kuro and Hatsuharu crushed the clones, so I couldn’t see much of its good points though.

It is still lacking precision against strong opponents, huh.

However, the 2nd Generation that was watching this were dumbfounded.

They must have suffered quite a lot from the buffing and cloning of Daena.

It is an incredible skill, but there’s a good amount of holes in it, so I would like the 2nd Generation to be able to deal with something of that level at least.

“That pole is several times heavier than it looks! Even when deflecting it or blocking it, the inside of my body makes strange noises!! Aah geez—” (Amelia)

Amelia was hit by an unavoidable sweep attack, and became the number 2 soccer ball.

Yeah, she swings it as if it is really light.

The 1st Generation is fighting Hatsuharu.

The 2nd Generation is fighting Blue Lizard-kun.

An afternoon of being beaten up to a pulp.

A peaceful day today as well.

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    1. I mean jeep archery and close combat bow techniques, makoto training was also really Spartan compared to modern day earth

  22. sad, jin and amelia being the only ones told to treat eris even though the rembrandt girls barged into the shop too lol

  23. patriotism as no power in Raidou’s classroom.
    You have to be as power hungry as a Sith lord if you want to survive there !

    1. The first time the Gorgons were introduced, Makoto had to protect Emma, which goes to show just how powerful they were from the beginning

  24. Makoto: As long as you have etched into your body how dangerous of a weapon abnormal status effects are

    I believe that would have happened after they killed a bunch of people less than a week ago that had been charmed. Though I can believe if Makoto didn’t tell them that as it would have only made them suffer mentally.

  25. I can imagine Makoto just sit under big tree watching the sky
    Meanwhile in background, his student fighting for a live in the stake

  26. Well, fine.

    I won’t let them die.

    It may be hard to believe, but my class is safe, Daena.

    Even if you bite off your tongue or drink poison, we won’t let you di…I mean, you won’t die.

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