Tsuki – Chapter 336: The work of people is deep

“Then, are you going to be ordering an ambrosia?” (Makoto)


“Okay. I think you’ve already been told by the Guild Master, but I will be receiving the 400 gold payment in advance.” (Makoto)

“I have also been told that the usual process is to pay half first then half later though.” 

“…You are a first time customer and also tried something akin to threatening us, so in terms of trust between us, you are unfortunately on the negatives. If we don’t receive the payment for the acquirement of the ingredients and the manufacturing of the medicine, it will trouble us greatly. Please understand.” (Makoto)

“We used Zara as an intermediary to clear the interests in that matter.” 

“Hahaha, that’s only a formality. This is a matter of trust. Please think of the Guild Master accepting this method of advance payment as us having explained everything to him.” (Makoto)



“If you had properly listened to our conditions and moved, we wouldn’t have had to bring out the Appraisal Team.” 

“It seems like you guys were suspected as being window shoppers since you were even hiding the matter about the ambrosia.” (Makoto)

A conversation that had sparks flying.

I was facing the man that seems to be the top of the Nechikitos Appraisal Team at the reception room of the Kuzunoha Company. 

A business discussion.

I tried asking about the matter regarding the Appraisal Team to Zara-san, and it seems this person did moves here and there extensively, but he ended up misfiring.

Trying to be stealthy, and then utilizing his most powerful card that is the Appraisal Team to create a connection with us to drag me out, was it? 

That’s stupid.

Why do the hyuman big shots have so many nutcases like this one?

If he had come to ask us straight without hiding anything, depending on the importance, it would have reached me properly.

And yet, within all those ‘extensive moves’ he did, not a single one entailed him telling us the details of his situation.

He intended to tell me everything though.

If he doesn’t trust my employees, I have no obligation of listening to his request. 

It seems Zara-san actually pointed that out to him too.

That if he had business with our place, he shouldn’t hide stuff.

He even said that if he doesn’t, he wouldn’t be his intermediary.

And so, he went and did this and that by his own effort, and ended up resorting to threats.

How would I be able to do a normal transaction with a person like that?

I feel like there’s the possibility that, when we give him the medicine, he will complain and shirk on paying the remaining amount. 

That’s why I won’t take a single step back.

“And so, Chiback-san, we have taken your request in this manner. Isn’t it about time you tell me the details?” (Makoto)

“There’s one other thing I want to ask you.” (Chiback)


He said it is to provide medical treatment to a certain aristocrat. 

I wanted to shout ‘what part of that is detailed?!’.

I told him calmly ‘whether you tell me everything, or leave’, and he told me that if I were to accept, he would tell me.

This guy, that’s supposed to want to save the patient, was acting as if he were taking that very same person as a hostage.

He is annoying me a whole lot.

In other words, it is not a person he wants to save from the bottom of his heart, but a person that he wants to save because of the benefits. 

“When will it be ready?” (Chiback)

“…1 week.” (Makoto)

When I said this, he made a vulgar smile.

“I see!” (Chiback)

“Yes. Also, there’s the need for transportation, so if you wait for 10 days to 2 weeks, it will have arrived.” (Makoto)

“10 days please.” (Chiback)

“We will try.” (Makoto)



“…Got it.” (Chiback)

You have a patient that needs it, right?! 

Damn it, shall I bring out Tomoe?! 

Should I make Tomoe peek in his mind?! 

I already don’t care at all about this guy, but I am worried about the patient! 

I rarely hear about people with incurable diseases and curse diseases, so it bothers me even more! 

“Once it arrives, I will contact you. Where should I notify you?” (Makoto)

“…At the church.” (Chiback)

“Church, huh.” (Makoto)

So he was from the Goddess’s side.

…No no, an ill person is an ill person, regardless of faction.

“Right. I heard that the Kuzunoha Company had connections with the church before. I will have a person serve as the messenger as soon as tomorrow.” (Chiback)

The potion matter, huh.

I certainly did go there together with Shiki before.

I remember that the person with the highest position there was a woman with a husky voice.

I properly told them the manufacturing method as they asked, and wrapped it up in a relatively peaceful manner.

The church hasn’t harassed us or anything.

“Understood. Then, the ambrosia will be delivered, and the transaction will be over, right?” (Makoto)

I will get proper confirmation. 

Of course, I have no intentions of bringing out a fake.

However, with his objective being medical treatment, if the ambrosia doesn’t work, there’s the chance that he might continue demanding our cooperation.

We have to properly delineate the specifics of the transaction.

“? Of course. On that day, me and a number of appraisers will be present, and after we have appraised it, the request will be completed.” (Chiback)


“What is it, Raidou?” (Chiback)

“No, I understand. Now then, tell me all the details regarding this time’s matter.” (Makoto)

“…That was part of the deal, right. Alright. I will have you promise not to disclose this.” (Chiback)

“I will keep the secrets of a customer. Please don’t worry.” (Makoto)

“…Fuuh. The one who needs the ambrosia is a certain old family of Gritonia…” (Chiback)

Tell me everything…that was the deal, Chiback-san.” (Makoto)

‘A certain old family’, he says. Are you messing with me?

“As long as you understand the circumstances, there should be no problems. And so…” (Chiback)

“…It seems like proper conversation is impossible with you. Go ahead and leave. Please bring your business somewhere else. Of course, I won’t be divulging the little you have disclosed here. Now, godspeed.” (Makoto)

“Wait.” (Chiback)

“I won’t. I myself have been enduring quite a lot of your beating around the bush as I wasted my time with you.” (Makoto)

“There’s some national secrets that can’t be disclosed to a single merchant!” (Chiback)

“Then…!” (Makoto)


“Don’t rely on that one merchant. It looks like you are good friends with the church, so lower your head there, and I am sure they will be glad to waste their time with you.” (Makoto)

He acts like he is above others, and yet, he is just a proxy through and through.

I don’t feel like it, but…let’s step forward a little bit.

Let’s go with the feeling of being in the front lines.

This person, who came to the Kuzunoha Company because he knew nothing would come out from the church, will most likely come again if the situation gets truly dire.

It pains me to have Tomoe come every single time, but I am worried about the patient. 

However, I don’t want to make a deal with a brick wall.

If at times of need, a guy like this is the only person who would move for their sake, I am sorry, but I will just consider that person’s lifespan over.

“You bastard…I even came forward with you, and yet, who do you think you are?” (Chiback)

“Right back at you. Even though you are a mere errand boy, what high horse do you think you are riding on? I don’t know who is at your back, but the Kuzunoha Company has no intentions of undertaking important matters that we don’t have a full grasp of. If things can be resolved with the normal products of the store, then I won’t say anything regarding that, but going through the trouble of making a rare elixir when you are a stranger, that’s a different story.” (Makoto)

“So you will be greedily chewing every piece of meat you can get out of it, huh?! That’s a merchant for you!” (Chiback)

“Sorry to say, but you are the greedy one here.” (Makoto)

“Spitting nonsense now!” (Chiback)

“Chew on every piece of meat possible? I am saying that you as the person who managed to reach such a disgusting thought is the greedy one.” (Makoto)

“You…! Just because you are being fawned over by the people of the town a little bit, you let it get over your head! I will definitely make you regret it! Remember this!” (Chiback)

“Yeah, I will remember.” (Makoto)

He got angry real nicely there.

The one at his back will most likely move with this.

As if I would sign a contract with a bunch of holes.

I don’t want to be connected to a political influence somewhere without even noticing it. 

In this time when we are putting our efforts in Tsige and are busy, geez.

I watch the retreating back of Chiback who spits out curses, and I sigh at that.

Now then, an ambrosia alone might not be enough.

A situation that requires a powerful elixir must mean they are pretty cornered.

If the church is involved, it must be quite the big deal.

“…Shiki and I should see if we can do something about it.” (Makoto)

I will list a number of elixirs and magic medicines that excel against a variety of symptoms, and then add them into the production requests.

We will make as many of those as we can within the 10 days.

There will most likely be a move from them before that time.

“Excuse me.”

“Ah, Beren. Weren’t you in Tsige?” (Makoto)

The eldwa Beren entered the reception room. 

I heard that he was in Tsige for the matter of the magic constructions.

“I had some business here, you see. That man just now was visibly angry.” (Beren)

“Yeah, if you are going to ask for something, no secrets. Looks like he didn’t like our rule.” (Makoto)

“…He is definitely gonna be coming again.” (Beren)

“I think so too… I am surprised you could tell.” (Makoto)

“There were signs of desperation in his face as well.” (Beren)

I see.

“I think he doesn’t have a personality suitable for this kind of work.” (Makoto)

“Wahaha! If Waka can see through him so much, there’s no doubt that’s the case.” (Beren)

“And so, what brings you here, Beren?” (Makoto)

“Oh, right. I had a meeting with the dwarf group here. But I came here as a messenger.” (Beren)

“Tell me.” (Makoto)

“Seiren and Hatsuharu have come and are waiting below. Akua asked if it is okay to let them through.” (Beren)

“…That’s a peculiar pairing there. Okay, let them through.” (Makoto)

“Then, I will be taking my leave now.” (Beren)

“Thanks for your hard work.” (Makoto)

“Everyday is so fun that it just doesn’t feel like hard work.” (Beren)

The heart of an artisan.

He says that, but there’s days when he would suddenly run out of battery and collapse.

Mostly at the bar.

I have been receiving complaints.

“Ah, thanks for the hard work, Waka-sama.” (Hatsuharu)

“Sorry for the intrusion.” (Seiren)

It really is Hatsuharu and Seiren-san.

How are they connected?

I don’t think that Seiren-san is working on the side as a prostitute after all.

“This is a pretty strange pairing I gotta say.” (Makoto)

“We coincidentally met at the store front.” (Hatsuharu)

“I was invited to come together with her if I had business with Sensei.” (Seiren)

So it isn’t that the world is small, huh.

“Uhm, then, let’s hear what you have to say first, Seiren-san. What brings you here?” (Makoto)

“Why only Izumo-kun?” (Seiren)

“Huh?” (Makoto)

I have spoken with Seiren-san a number of times, and I gotta say, she is a straight person in the bad sense. 

She thinks a lot in her mind, and in that one point, she is considerate to the other party, and yet, after endlessly running simulations in her mind, there are times when she would say something that makes no sense. 

Right, like just now.

“At first, you two came together, and yet, lately, only Izumo-kun alone has been coming to my lab. Why?” (Seiren)

Even if you ask me why, explanations about motion aria can be done with just Izumo. 

Since I introduced them, I was present with them a number of times, and participated in the talks. 

I felt like it was enough, and so I had Izumo go alone now.

Was there a problem with that?

I have already given the money to the Academy on the pretext of supporting her research.

“Why, you ask… The motion aria is something that Izumo himself made practical on his own from zero, and I myself wasn’t that involved in it. I think him alone will be plenty enough in your research.” (Makoto)

“That was truly impressive. The more I heard about it, the more ground-breaking it was. I have felt that with my advice as well, his motion aria has been brushed up, and we have formed a really good relationship!” (Seiren)

Then, isn’t that a win-win?

Since my plan worked out, you could say it is a win-win-win.

“That’s good.” (Makoto)

“But! You are not coming, Sensei!” (Seiren)

“I was just a tag-along for Izumo after all.” (Makoto)

“If you are there as well! We will be able! To go! Even further beyond!” (Seiren)


What’s even further beyond?

I don’t understand scientists…

“Even if you tell me that, I may be somehow going to my classes, but I am a pretty busy person.” (Makoto)

No lies at all there.

Since the moment I came to Rotsgard, I have been hit with an outrageous amount of paperwork, meetings, and classes. 

Also, there was the group of students with unknown objectives, and the matter of the appraisal team, so I had no time to be sitting there and listening to the research talk of Seiren-san.

“Please, one time! It is okay if it is just one more time! Come to the lab! Please!!” (Seiren)


“Sensei!” (Seiren)

Shiki is in a sense busier than me.

If it is only one time, I could try.

“Then, I will go with Izumo sometime.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much! Sorry for intruding!” (Seiren)

As if saying she was definitely gonna make me nod, she said what she wanted to say, and after getting my agreement, she left. 

What was that?

“…Ah, what’s the matter, Hatsuharu?” (Makoto)

“Kufufufu, that girl just now was Seiren-san? She likes Waka-sama. Real into you.” (Hatsuharu)

“There’s no way. The misunderstanding is slowly being cleared, but I would say we are acquaintances.” (Makoto)

“I wonder about that. A woman that secludes herself in the depths of the Academy doing research all the time came all the way to the Company to complain about you not coming.” (Hatsuharu)

“Yeah, she would. She did just now. If she were in love with me, she wouldn’t say ‘just one more time’, right?” (Makoto)

“…Be careful about getting attacked and tying the knot so you can’t escape, Waka-sama.” (Hatsuharu)

“You are saying that fully aware of the meaning, right, Hatsuharu?” (Makoto)

I am not trying to brag here, but I am sure there’s no realistic way to forcefully do something to me.

Is she saying that I myself would tear off my clothes? 

Nope nope.

“Ehehe.” (Hatsuharu)

“Geez, give me a break.” (Makoto)

“Sorry~.” (Hatsuharu)

“And so, today is not your turn to work in the company, right? What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“Actually, I am a bit troubled by something.” (Hatsuharu)

“What?” (Makoto)

“I am working at the brothel of Ester-san, and after the mock battle the other day, the students have been roaming around there since then.” (Hatsuharu)


What are they thinking?

Did they take a liking to Hatsuharu after being beaten up that much?


“At a time when the sun is still up, a large number of students wandering around the vicinity of the establishment would be a minus to business.” (Hatsuharu)

In large numbers?! 

I don’t know if it is Jin, Daena, Misura, Izumo, or someone from the 2nd Generation, but…these Rotsgard students got balls.

In a variety of meanings.

“There’s ladies of high standing mixed in the group after all… There’s a lot of men who get conscious about the gazes of women in places like that.” (Hatsuharu)



It is already not on the level of being courageous. They have even gone and opened the closet to a new path too?

Have they gone astray that much?

“Men and women in great numbers… Prostitutes and students. It must be quite the situation over there.” (Makoto)

“Eh?” (Hatsuharu)

“Eh?” (Makoto)



Time stopped for a moment.

“Waka-sama.” (Hatsuharu)

“Yeah?” (Makoto)

“They are not coming as customers. It seems they are thinking of me as one of their teachers, and it is troubling me.” (Hatsuharu)

“R-Right! Yeah, I had that other possibility in mind too. Looks like I cranked it up a few levels too high there. Sorry!” (Makoto)

“Different from the others, I am working at Rotsgard after all.” (Hatsuharu)

“True. The Lizard Team and Ema were summoned, and they have no relation with them aside from classes. Damn, that was a bit of a blind spot.” (Makoto)


Hatsuharu is the only one they can meet in the town.

And so, they are looking for opportunities to make contact with her by walking around the brothel street. 

What a pain in the ass of a thing to do, you students.

And if this situation were to be warped from mouth to mouth and reached the ears of Rembrandt-san…there will be trouble again! 

Mainly me! 

And Misura too! 

You are also in a pretty dangerous standing yourself, I will have you know! 

“It is the students that Waka-sama and Shiki-sama are training, so I can’t ignore them. But if I were to train them, I would feel bad for the Mist Lizards who were training them first.” (Hatsuharu)

“…Got it. I will consult with Shiki and do something about it. Sorry about that.” (Makoto)

“It is okay. My lifestyle in this town has gotten more interesting in its own way thanks to that. That’s all I have to report!” (Hatsuharu)

“Thanks. Ah, Hatsuharu.” (Makoto)

“Yes?” (Hatsuharu)

“Do you know something about a person named Chiback?” (Makoto)

“Chiback… Ah, the appraiser Chiback?” (Hatsuharu)

“That’s right. What kind of person is he?” (Makoto)

Does she have some sort of information? 

“…I don’t have much details, but is it okay if I tell you what I have heard from other people?” (Hatsuharu)

“Of course.” (Makoto)

“He is a capable appraiser that leads a famous appraisal team. He was originally a merchant, but after becoming an authority in appraisals, he was given peerage and land in Aion, and he has made a name as a noble of Aion.” (Hatsuharu)


…That bastard.

He said it was a certain old family of Gritonia. Was even the country a lie?! 

“I heard that he has been going to the church lately. I saw him being baffled at a close female friend of his having done something that was uncharacteristic of her.” (Hatsuharu)

“Hmm, Aion. Going to the church lately, huh.” (Makoto)

“That’s all I know. Is that going to help you out?” (Hatsuharu)

“It helps me out a lot. I am sorry for bothering you about matters of the Academy when you are in the middle of work. You can go back now.” (Makoto)

“I am always waiting for your orders. Use me as you please.” (Hatsuharu)

When Hatsuharu says it, it feels like there’s a lewd meaning to it. 

Those girls like to act like kunoichis after all. <Female ninjas.>


Work just keeps falling onto my lap.

I should moderately wrap things up here and return to Tsige. After dealing with the roots here to a certain degree. 

How troubling.

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