Tsuki – Chapter 334: A new wall

I heard from Shiki that the second generation was unexpectedly doing their best.

It seems like there’s around 10 who are still coming to the class.

He chose a number of good ones and had them fight the Blue Lizard-san.

The result wasn’t that much different from the time with Jin and the others, but Shiki said happily that Jin and the others got motivated after seeing that.

Praising the growth of your underclassmen and motivating your seniors.

Shiki is a good teacher, really.

I have been asked to give some rough treatment to the second generation today though.

“And so, I am thinking about showing you guys a new world today.” (Makoto)


I say that, but it is not Asora.

Jin’s group had fought the Blue Lizard-sans and, at one time, a Highland Orc.

It was to teach them that, even though Mist Lizards are normally mamonos underestimated by hyumans, there are some who are clearly superior to that.

To teach them that there are battle strategists like Ema and Agares who can utilize tactics on the level of hyumans or even better.

And most of all, had them hold back plenty enough so that Jin’s group could properly obtain experience and could connect it to growth. 

We will be adding one extra point to that.

That’s what I mean by ‘new world’.

The moment I said ‘new’, Jin and the others from the first generation got tense.

The second generation were more like children who were looking forward to seeing something interesting like a sleight of hand.

I see. 

Leaving aside their ability, they still have the impression of being guests here, huh.

“The opponent of today is completely different in disposition from the Blue Lizard-san and the Orc that came here before as an exhibition match.” (Makoto)

Thanks to Zara-san, I have a general view in regards to the matter of the appraisal team in Rotsgard -as well as the matter with Seiren Garmena.

Since the day we exchanged apologies, it seems like her treatment in the Academy and the town has been slowly getting better.

On the first day I brought Izumo to her place, she directed happiness and gratitude towards me and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Before entering the talk about motion aria, she gave me a simple explanation of her research. Honestly speaking, it didn’t have much meaning to me.

Izumo who was present there too seemed to have found meaning in her research, and saw Seiren in a different light now.

Because of the jumbled power that the Goddess pushed onto me, I can understand most effects of spells by just looking at them, and I can also form them decently easily, so I am normally told a lot of things like: my Bridd is already not a Bridd anymore, or that even though it is chantless, the firepower of it defies that logic.

Modifying the arias of a spell is a field that only specialists within mages can even touch upon.

I got confirmation of that in the Rotsgard Academy.

Izumo probably got influenced slightly by me and began to think that arias are not some form of inviolable territory, and as a result, the motion aria was born.

And with that, the three of us had a lively talk about arias, and the things regarding the Academy were already resolved.

As such, I thought that it should be about time to have the first generation experience a powerful opponent that has special skills which I discussed with Shiki before.

“And so, I will have you watch me fight them once. After that, Jin’s group will be having a mock battle…no, you will be introducing yourselves.” (Makoto)

“Introducing ourselves?” (Jin)

Jin was bothered by my way of saying it and asked.

“Yeah. You guys will most likely be wiped out before being able to do anything after all. It wouldn’t even be considered a mock battle. It won’t even be a fight.” (Makoto)


“Is what Shiki and I think. But well, that in itself will be a learning experience.” (Makoto)

“But Sensei, you will let us watch one match first, right? In other words, strictly speaking, we would be able to see their moves beforehand.” (Sif)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

Sif, it is true that I will be showing you a fight once.

You will be able to find some patterns and form counter-plans in that short time. 

But the opponent this time around…the Saber Cat and Gorgon are not opponents that you can deal with just by doing that.

“And yet, it won’t be a fight?” (Sif)

“That’s right. It is not that you are lacking in ability. It is just that there’s special fighting styles that won’t be merciful to their opponents and will slaughter them all. Etch that fear properly in your body.” (Makoto)

“…Understood. But is it okay for us to do our best, and if that ends up with us winning…” (Sif)

“I don’t mind. But that’s harder than even defeating a serious Blue Lizard-san on your first time.” (Makoto)


The first generation understood what my example meant and opened their eyes wide.

“You of the second generation, watch for a bit. I will personally teach you after that.” (Makoto)

It must have been unexpected for the second generation, they also opened their eyes wide.

“Well then, Hatsuharu, Kuro!” (Makoto)

When I called out, the two girls came out from the Mist Gate into the field forest for practical training we are in after just a few seconds.

As fast as always, Kuro.

Nothing less from the one that has been properly training with the Gorgons.

The ones I see are mostly sleeping, basking in the sun, or walking around the city as if they owned the place, so I was a bit moved by that.

Kuro is working hard too.

“Due to circumstances, I can’t give any details, but the girl is Hatsuharu, and the cat is Kuro.” (Makoto)

“Looking forward to working with you, Students~.” (Hatsuharu)

Hatsuharu gets down from Kuro and greets the students with a whole lot of affection.

Kuro is yawning.

The two long tails waving around that don’t fit her body are nice.

Cats really are great.

While I was thinking that, Jin nervously raises his hand.

A question, huh.

“What is it, Jin?” (Makoto)

“Cats are not that big.” (Jin)

“Kuro is the boss after all. They get around this big. She also has 2 tails. Cute, right?” (Makoto)

“…Uhm…” (Misura)

“What is it, Misura?” (Makoto)

“That girl there, Hatsuharu, is a prostitute, right? I remember seeing her at a brothel in a certain street.” (Misura)

Prostitute, brothel; when those words came out from Misura, the Rembrandt sisters twitched in reaction.

Yeah, I can imagine what will happen to Misura after this lecture.

“You are right. I -Hatsuharu- am an employee of the Kuzunoha Company, but I also work at a brothel on the side. Come if you want, okay?” (Hatsuharu)

“Try to restrain yourself from pulling students into your business. Well, the person herself is like this, so even if it is not something that can be hidden, it is not something to talk about either. There’s no highs and lows in jobs. Whether you are a priest or an assassin, all jobs exist because they are necessary. Make sure not to look down on it.” (Makoto)

Even so, it is clear that Jin and the others have gotten more relaxed now, and I could tell from the slight motion of Shiki that he is dejected by that.

The only ones who have not lowered their guards are…Amelia and Daena.

Good grief. Jin, you have experienced a whole lot of painful experiences in Kaleneon, so you have a lot more near death experiences than the others. Be more cautious. 

“Well then, let’s begin. Hatsuharu, Kuro, no need to hold back.” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama being a teacher is also lovely~. Ah, yes, of course. It is incredibly rare to have the chance of clashing with Waka-sama full force after all.” (Hatsuharu)

Kuro is slightly not into it, but it she seems to have agreed.

“Everyone, analyze to the best of your abilities. Second generation, make sure not to only spectate the battle, but also do your best in gathering as much information about Hatsuharu and Kuro. After the class, you can meet up with your seniors and begin to learn about the awareness and ways of gathering information.” (Shiki)

Shiki takes my place in instructing them.

And so, a mock battle of Hatsuharu and Kuro against me.

But well, I won’t be attacking them.

I will simply deal with the attacks of Hatsuharu and Kuro.

If those two mess up real big somewhere, I do plan on lightly counterattacking, but there was no need for that. 

Gorgons use a variety of weapons, but what they originally specialize in is blunt weapons and poles.

…There’s others, but they mostly use weapons that can be useful even when turned into stone.

It was when they came to Asora that Gorgons who used swords, spears, axes, and bows began to appear.

Hatsuharu is the traditional type. She specializes in the pole.

However, her ability in it has elevated greatly through the mock battles with other races, so her technique along with things like her movements have grown to an extent that cannot be comparable to her old self.

And proof of it is how deftly she is swinging around her pole that has a design that was copied from the black staff of Shiki.

It is actually pretty heavy. 

The heavier a weapon is, the stronger it hits. Though that’s only if you can freely utilize such a weapon, that is.

Heavy weapons are in a sense the basics of the basics.

“Kuro being able to fly in the sky was pretty unexpected, and her speed is also quite high, but…” (Jin)

“Yeah, regardless of Hatsuharu being a prostitute, I can tell she is strong. But is it to the point that we can’t fight her?” (Misura)

Jin and Misura seem to have taken this mock battle as slightly peaceful.

Alright, you fail.

Your score isn’t even 0, it has already gone to the negatives.

Even though the two are warriors, they don’t notice the weight of Hatsuharu’s pole.

They don’t seem to have noticed the racial special ability of a Gorgon at all.

Even though I am showing that I am using magic in a noticeable manner so that they can tell I am dealing with it though.

“I think she is holding back a lot of her speed. Her speed when she first appeared was nasty. No one of us managed to notice her presence, so if she were to do a surprise attack when we are in that state, we would have been wiped out at least once for sure.” (Amelia)

“Yeah, also, the moves of Sensei get strange here and there. Hatsuharu and Kuro must be doing something. In terms of speed, I can barely catch them with my eye, but the second generation can’t keep up at all. It would be bad to think of our opponent as just a rider.” (Daena)

Amelia and Daena get a slightly passing grade.

The speed she appeared with was one of the things we did to have them gather information.

However, even though Amelia uses mainly magic, she hasn’t noticed an important thing.

If we gauge the plus and minus of their evaluation, I would give her a 0.

Daena gets plus points.

“That Hatsuharu-san somehow resembles me. Her body movements will really help me improve a whole lot. Being able to move like that despite riding that cat-like animal, she is really skilled.” (Yuno)

“I feel like Sensei is keeping up some sort of spell at all times… From what I see, it is not Kuro. In that case, that girl is doing something continuously? She is not just your warrior type? Maybe we should deploy a barrier for illusions and abnormal effects just in case…” (Sif)

Sif gets a whole lot of plus points.

“There’s no aria at all. Is Hatsuharu the same as Sensei? The type that always has something activated? The tail attacks of Kuro are standing out a whole lot, but the number of slash-looking attacks are not matching. In that case…is that pole a disguise? With that technique?” (Izumo) 

Izumo noticed the strangeness of the number of moves, and maybe because he has been in that area lately, he began by talking about the aria.

Hatsuharu at a glance looks like a cheerful short haired girl, but Gorgons have the natural ability to freely control their hair.

They would sometimes pass magic power into their hair, and if it can be useful in battle, they would release magic power from the tips of their hair, and use it as invincible hair.

Hatsuharu is the one that’s trying to pioneer this new path of the Gorgons.

That’s why she is dedicating herself daily to train in her weapons, mounted skills, and everything related to it.

I heard that cutting her hair short was also to train until she could manage to fight as if she had long hair. 

I was truly sorry when I casually told her that she looked good with short hair without knowing the circumstances behind it. 

She is a warrior and a woman, so when I praise one side, I feel like I am looking down on the other, which is why it is difficult to praise Hatsuharu.

She gets happy whichever is praised, so I might simply be overthinking it though.

I am still not skilled enough to read how much of that amiability is just her being considerate. 

Now then, Izumo…barely gets a passing grade.

It seems like he has noticed the slashes of her hair extensions after all.

Okay, this should be enough.

“Alright, that’s enough!” 

“Aah, didn’t get a single hit in!!” (Hatsuharu)

Hatsuharu with light armor that doesn’t lack in fashion sense says vexed at the side of Kuro.

This is a lecture, you know?

I did say ‘do our best’, but at least have a bit of awareness that you are on the teaching side, okay?

The mock battle that at times was in the air, and at times on ground jumping around -which at a glance looked like a high speed battle- has ended.

“Now then, Jin’s group, you go over there. After you have finished getting into formation, we will begin the mock battle.” (Makoto) 

“First generation, move back a little. Let’s try to properly check the current situation and your current objectives.” (Shiki) 

I divide the students into 2 groups. 

“Shiki, I leave that side to you.” (Makoto) 

“Understood.” (Shiki) 

And so, the current ability of the second generation and the style they should be aiming for, the magic and physical balance, as well reconfirming the elements they can use.

It seems there’s quite a lot of students here who have come from branch schools of Rotsgard that are specialized in one area, so a lot were tilting to one side in their strengths. 

And there, I told them about the importance of having different elements just as I taught Jin’s group in the past, and that it would be a waste to just stick to one element exactly because they are in this Academy…and they were all petrified.

Aah, it has begun.

And it has ended.

When I look back, I could see that everyone in Jin’s group has been petrified, too.


The barrier that Sif deployed was of no use, huh.

“Oh well, I expected this to happen. I did have a bit of hope that they might suddenly be able to put up a fight.” (Makoto)

Shiki was also shrugging his shoulders.

Hatsuharu and Kuro have not moved at all.

But Hatsuharu might have been sure this would happen, she waved her hand here as if saying she finished baptizing them.

I undo the petrification of one of the second generation.

…Only neck up.

“…Sensei? What happened?” 

It seems like she hasn’t registered what has happened to herself.

If I remember correctly…this girl is from the summoning specialization branch school.

Her name is Samilla.

“Samilla, calm down and try to confirm the situation.” (Makoto)

“? Okay. Uhm…?!!” (Samilla)


“S-Stone. I-I have turned into s-s-s-stone!! E-Eeeh?! I…no, everyone?! Eeeeeh?!” (Samilla)

Aah, even though I told her to calm down.

She has fallen into complete panic.

I don’t know what she learned in the branch schools, but she should have been taught by Shiki and Daena here…

No matter the role, a mage should not lose their composure or they are done for, you know?

“It is okay, Samilla. You are currently alive, right? You can also talk.” (Makoto)

“But…but…eh? Wa?” (Samilla)

Yup, she is done for.

In this situation, is treatment for panic attacks the correct measure?

Wait, I unintentionally was thinking individually. Must be because I was listening to talks about arias from Seiren-san for an eternity.

Pacify, calm, and fix their mind disarray; I should just do all of those at once.

“…Have you returned to your senses?” (Makoto)

“Yes… Uhm, did you do something there, Sensei? Even though anxiety and fear are welling up like crazy, they are all being crushed the moment I actually connect to them.” (Samilla)

“That’s right. You were panicking plenty there after all.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much. Uhm, so…what’s going on here?” (Samilla)

“You must be referring to the petrification, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. I can somewhat understand that part of me is healed thanks to Sensei.” (Samilla)

“I see. This petrification is a special skill from the girl you saw in the mock battle just a moment ago, Hatsuharu. She can petrify everything around when she fights.” (Makoto)

“…Is that so. Aah, so that’s why Jin-senpai’s group have all been…and even us who are far away. Ah, and even the ground?” (Samilla)

Samilla who can’t fall into panic is analyzing the situation bluntly. 

Even if she has a calming effect on her, it is simply forcefully restraining a part of her emotions, so the person herself must be feeling really weird right now.

Oh well, wait for a bit more.

You can shout as much as you want once this is over.

“This is the scary part of an enemy with a special skill. There’s no knowing what will happen one second in the future, so even if you think it is pointless to always be on guard, you need to put your greatest guard and countermeasures.” (Makoto)

“I have experienced it myself now.” (Samilla)

“Shiki over there must be explaining the same thing to only a portion of the seniors he has undone the petrification of.” (Makoto)

“? That seems to be the case.” (Samilla)

“Can you tell who has had their petrification undone?” (Makoto)

“Sif-senpai and Amelia-senpai.” (Samilla)

“Correct. And?” (Makoto)

“? And…what?” (Samilla)

“From that side, it is those two; and from this side, it is you. From here on, I will be waking up one more…with Yunker-kun being the next.” (Makoto)


“Can you tell why you were the one chosen?” (Makoto)

“Me and Yunker.” (Samilla)

Yunker-kun is a name that just by hearing it, you would get energetic, and he is a healer and support mage, mostly leaning to healing.

In my opinion, he brings shame to his name.

“Well then, one more hint. Hatsuharu’s petrification skill is more powerful and on the level of a curse, but it is currently quite suppressed. To an extent that even an average adventurer might be able to deal with it.” (Makoto)

“C-Could it be…” (Samilla)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“You are telling us to undo the rest of this ourselves?” (Samilla)

“Samilla…” (Makoto)


“Well done. I am impressed you could reach the answer.” (Makoto)

“Im—” (Samilla)

“It is not impossible.” (Makoto)


“Shiki and I won’t push you guys. We won’t ask for anything that you won’t be able to do. Don’t assume your own limits. That’s a bad habit of you Rotsgard students that has spread like a disease. ‘The higher I go, the more I notice there’s even higher heights. This is all I amount to. I am just an ordinary person’, those kinds of words fly around on the daily.” (Makoto)


“You can do it. That’s why I chose you and Yunker-kun. It is fine for your limits to be known by me and Shiki. If you wish to be stronger, train, encourage each other, learn, and think. You will be reborn today. That’s what I have to say today to you of the second generation. Tell that to your comrades that will be learning together with you from now on, the both of you.” (Makoto)

By ‘the both of you’, I am talking about Yunker-kun who has been cured from neck up too.

“…Sen…sei.” (Samilla)

“Hm? I will have to explain the situation to Yunker-kun too, so make it short.” (Makoto)

“…I will get stronger. To the point I would be able to pass as someone from the main school.” (Samilla)

“That’s a low bar, Samilla. I wanted you to say something strong like ‘I will defeat Jin’s group’ there. I pray that you don’t betray the expectation of Shiki and I.” (Makoto)

After saying that, I went to Yunker-kun’s place. 

I had to say almost the same thing.

I should have just carried the stone statue to where Samilla is and had her explain for me.

And so, with this, the baptism that Shiki-sensei asked for ‘Raidou-sensei’ to hit on them and what had to be said has been done. It was troublesome in a way. 

If they still come to the lectures of Shiki and I, they will be the real deal. 

They probably won’t break by just anything, and if they have some reason in them that makes them want to become stronger…they will stay. 

Jin’s group will most likely be racking their brains thinking of ways to conquer this Hatsuharu battle. 

Growing stronger in this way is also a privilege of the students in the Rotsgard Academy.

Work hard, young uns. 

Kuro can run freely through land and air, Hatsuharu scatters petrifications; if they can conquer this, they will finally be able to get slightly stronger and will have an easier time with the Blue Lizard-sans. 

That path is still incredibly far though.

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