Chapter 77: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 77: 1st Nightmare Battle – 5



“Cramped-de chu ne.” 

I was warped to the stage of my fight with I_am_Bear.

If I had to describe the map briefly, it would be…the ruins of a school. 

I can see concrete, the naked floor, the ceiling, support beams, the dredges of chairs like those used by children, and the metallic lockers. 

As for the walls dividing the classrooms and the blackboards, there’s big holes someone could go through if they were to crouch. 

But there’s no windows, and from what I can see, there’s no stairs. 

The distance from the floor to the ceiling is 2 meters and a half. It is a height that you would need to think about before swinging a long weapon or jumping high. 

“I_am_Bear, nice to meet you.” 

“I am Tar, nice to meet you, too.” 

There’s a bear plushie around 180 centimeters in size 5 meters away from me. 

It is my opponent this round, I_am_Bear.

He has the appearance of a giant bear plushie just like I saw in the bulletin board, and he already looks like someone who is stuffed with cotton inside their fabric like Felt. 

The clear glass-like eyes and the button at his belly button looks extremely cute if he were to just be silent. 

But there’s black claws at the ends of both hands contrary to its cuteness, and it is clearly the type that’s bad news. 

They are shining a dangerous metallic light, and he was using those claws to slice down his opponent in the previous match. 


The countdown begins. 

I ready my flail like usual and I_am_Bear lowered his body lightly to take a fighting pose. 


<<Third Round of the Main Tournament: Taru vs I_am_Bear. Begin.>>



I jumped backwards greatly the moment the battle began. 

As for I_am_Bear…he is slowly approaching me. 

It is not letting go of his battle stance, and with sliding feet, he slowly but surely closes in. 

The fact that he is taking that battle style means that my prior worry is correct… It might be a bluff too.

That’s why I should test it out. 

“[Poison Demonic Eye – 1: Taruwiveno].” 

The moment I went through the big hole of the blackboard, I shot out the Poison Demonic Eye – 1 on I_am_Bear.

The result was…

“Poison doesn’t work on me. I am a bear after all.” 


“It has been completely nullified-de chu ne.” 

No effect. 

A dark green light surged and my HP was consumed, but the status ailment effect didn’t show and it has been completely negated. 

“It is not because you are a bear, but because you are a plushie.” 

“No, it is because I am a bear that it didn’t work. I_am_Bear is a strong bear.” 

And the reason it doesn’t work?

It is because being a plushie has pushed him into the non-living category. 

My Poison Demonic Eye – 1 assumes that the target I use it on is a living being, so it has no effect on I_am_Bear who has an inorganic body. 

“You can give up. I_am_Bear is a kind bear, so I will allow it.” 

“Don’t joke around. I don’t plan on giving up just because one of my cards has been taken away.” 

“That’s a shame.” 

Now then, with things the way they are, this is beyond the realm of difficult. 

My biggest firepower has been sealed after all.

No, it is not only the Poison Demonic Eye – 1, but also the flail, maybe? 

“Then, I shall hunt you down without restraints. I_am_Bear is a bear that doesn’t show mercy against enemies after all.” 


I_am_Bear charged at me. 

I reflexively jumped to the side when seeing this. 

I_am_Bear can’t go through the hole of the blackboard with his size and there’s no way he would be able to destroy the concrete wall -but I thought all of this after I jumped. 

But jumping was the right move. 




The wall that was supposed to be made out of concrete was smashed and scattered to dust. 

And the one that showed at the other side of the dust was I_am_Bear with bright red glass eyes. I could see metallic teeth similar to those of his claws from within his opened drooling mouth.

“You won’t escape.” 


I_am_Bear charged on and swung his claws. 

I tried to be careful about not withdrawing into a corner as I jumped backwards. 

At the same time as I did, I also attempted to smash the flail onto I_am_Bear.

“As if something like this would work-bear~!” 


But the blunt part of the flail didn’t deal any noticeable impact despite landing directly on his arm and just fell. I_am_Bear tried to grab the vine, so I had no choice but to let it go. 

“Now, go ahead and surrender. You can’t win anymore now.” 


I_am_Bear drew the flail to himself and the vines tore really quickly. He destroys the flail by bending the handle. 

And then, he threw the bend handle to attack me, but I saw that one coming, so I avoided it by jumping to the side. 

“Taru, what are you going to do-de chu ka?” 

“No idea. What should I do, I wonder…” 

I have no intention of giving up.

But all of my cards are not working at all. 

In contrast to that, judging from how the attacks of I_am_Bear destroyed a concrete wall, there’s no doubt he has enough destructive power to end me. 

“Not planning on giving up yet?” 


What bothers me is how I_am_Bear has been suggesting me to give up for a while now. 

I think it is just because he doesn’t want to deal with my mobility, but I do feel some sort of strange persistence to it or hurry. 

He did fight Ondoria normally just before and finished him off properly after all. 

“I_am_Bear is unbearably disappointed.” 


There’s most likely something to it. 

Leaving that something…as unknown would be unforgivable for me even if I have no chance of winning.

That’s why I unsheathed the Tooth Knife from my waist and directed the tip to I_am_Bear. When I did, I showed a big wide smile as I said…

“The one who should be giving up is you, I_am_Bear. I also have the choice of winning by scoring after all.” 

I show my absolute resolve to fight back. 

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