Chapter 76: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 76: 1st Nightmare Battle – 4


“Okay, back to where we were.” 

“So it seems-de chu ne.” 

I won against Zaria and was moved to the space made for the sake of preparing for the 3rd round…the quarterly finals. 

The reason for moving is the same as before. 

“My next round opponent…has not been decided yet, huh.” 

I personally felt as if my battle with Zaria lasted for a decent amount of time. 

But thinking about it calmly, it was a match that ended in the second Poison Demonic Eye – 1: Taruwiveno. It only took around 1 minute.

It is natural for my next round opponent to not be decided yet when put into perspective. 

For now, I use the spectator system to watch the two that might become my next opponents… I watched the fight of I_am_Bear and Ondoria as I investigated the bulletin board. 

“The fight between a plushie bear and a rooster human is a pretty bizarre sight…” 

That said, I_am_Bear is a human-size bear plushie, and Ondoria has a rooster head and white wings coming out from both of his arms, hanging down like the clothes of old rock stars. 

It may sound weird coming from me, but they both have really unusual appearances. 

It seems like they are equally matched, so it is going to take a decent amount of time before they manage to settle the fight. 

“And I actually found it, huh…” 

“Chu? Taru, what’s this bulletin board?” 

“It is a bulletin board for countermeasures against me…” 

The title of the thread is: Preliminary Match Individual Player Thread @1 [Boob Fairy].

The first half was about my movements in the preliminary match. There’s a lot of good comments to a degree where I could say they are my fans. 

But the direction of it changed in the latter half. It has turned into a thread about discussing how to defeat me. 

“Well, I am most likely the only one in this event that’s going wild with Sorcery, so it can’t be helped that they would want to make countermeasures.” 

I observe the bulletin board. 

It seems like there’s other Sorcerers aside from me, and a number of them were confirmed in the preliminary match.

However, they were in the middle of learning them, or were only at the level where they only served to assist in battle. They haven’t brought about as much results as me. 

And so, that basic information of Sorcery circulated from them, and that apparently led to people finding my Demonic Eye unbelievable. 

“It seems like the other players couldn’t choose their chant keys and motion keys. Is it the difference between the players that created the Sorcery themselves and the ones that were taught them?” 

There was interesting information too. 

It is about the NPCs that were teaching the players Sorcery. It seems like it takes 1 month in game time to learn it and, on top of that, the activation key is set and they need a catalyst in order to activate it. 

There’s a lot of difference to my Sorcery. 

But considering the certainty to obtain it and the safety of it, it might be natural for there to be differences like this. 

“Found it.” 


I successfully found out about the white smoke that Egiaz 1 and Zaria used. 

There’s also the result of the item appraisal. 


Curse Repelling Smokescreen

Level: 1

Durability: 100/100

Effectiveness: 100

Erosion Rate: 100/100

Monstrosity Degree: 1

A ball that explodes if it collides on a hard object and packs a great deal of smoke inside. 

It can block the vision of the target better the stronger the curse they have, so it is rumored to have a curse repelling effect. 


“So it really was that.” 

The name of the item is Curse Repelling Smokescreen. It looks like a black ball. Its size is that of a ring made by my index finger and thumb finger. 

As for the effect to block vision, this is just an estimation, but it apparently can block around 40/(Curse Degree + 1) meters. 

It seems like it can narrow my vision to 2 meters, but…it clearly felt like my vision was more limited than that. 

In that case, maybe there’s also the influence of the Curse Degree in the surroundings. 

Now then, about this item, it seems like it is an item that’s used when an NPC has encountered a powerful monster outside the city. It is pretty easy to make and has spread around at a decent degree.

That’s why Egiaz 1 managed to obtain a good amount of them in the brief period of time between the preliminary matches and the tournament.

“Well, it may have served as a countermeasure, but it didn’t work as a decisive move.” 

“It is thanks to Zarichu-de chu.” 

“Yeah, that’s totally right.” 

With Zarichu by my side, I can tell my approximate distance from the enemy by their smell, and even if they are really close to me, as long as I can see them, it isn’t that fatal. 

If it is just smoke bombs, I should be able to manage somehow even if they use them in the future. 

“Looks like the match has been set.” 

This is where the match of I_am_Bear and Ondoria ended. 

The winner is I_am_Bear.

He is raising both arms and pumping his fist. 

“So I_am_Bear is my next opponent.” 

I immediately searched for the bulletin board of I_am_Bear.

I check the video of its preliminary match and the 1st round of the tournament as well as the details of the bulletin board. 

“…This might be a rough one.” 


I_am_Bear is a silly name, but his battle prowess is the real deal. 

He barely interacts with other players. There would be times when he is seen PKing solo, but he apparently has almost never been defeated. 

The curse on him makes his whole body into a bear and it is speculated that it also turned him into a plushie.

He barely has any equipment, and it seems like his main weapons are his claws and his physical strength as a bear. 

I don’t even see him wearing a tool pouch or carrying potion flasks, but…it seems like he has them hidden somewhere. I see him bringing those out every now and then. 

“What’s rough-de chu?” 

“This is purely speculative, but if I am right here…he might even become my natural enemy.” 

“Natural enemy-de chu ka?” 

The most fearsome possibility of my battle against I_am_Bear would be…how much of its body has been made into a plushie. 

At worst…

“There’s the possibility the Poison Demonic Eye – 1 will be completely nullified.” 

I might not even be able to put a hand on him.

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