Chapter 78: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 78: 1st Nightmare Battle – 6


“As if I will be baited by that-kuma!” 

I_am_Bear raised its arm and rushed my way. 

So I jumped backwards to avoid it. 

And then, I moved my wings and drew distance in one go. 


“What will you do-de chu ka?” 

“What should I do indeed.” 

Between me and I_am_Bear, I am the one who has the faster movement speed, can manage tight turns, and have a better grasp of my surroundings. 

As long as I am concentrating on escaping, my opponent not only won’t be able to defeat me unless he pulls something, he won’t even be able to catch up to me. 

“Honestly speaking, he is worse of a bad match against me than I thought.” 

Poison doesn’t work on I_am_Bear.

My flail was broken. 

Even when I threw him the bola, I can’t really expect much from the damage. 

Even if I attack him with the tooth knife…it would be one thing if I were to get hit back because of the difference in reach, but if I were to hit a vital, I feel like it is possible that it wouldn’t even be fatal because he is a plushie. 


I_am_Bear is chasing after me with full power. 

He mowed down the obstructions with his claws, and kicked the remains of desks and chairs as he ran straight towards me. 

But his leg must be getting caught in some wreckage, I can see him stumbling every now and then. 

For now, it should be safe to assume that I_am_Bear doesn’t have viable methods for long range attacks he can use. 

“Turning into a plushie must mean that he was originally flesh and bones, right…?” 

“Of course-de chu yo.” 

“Meaning that he has the sense of sight and smell just like you Zarichu who can smell and see things, right?” 

“He wouldn’t be able to chase after you if he didn’t-de chu.” 

“Zarichu, what do you eat?” 

“The curse around. But that thing’s different from Zarichu-de chu yo.” 

“Fumu fumu.” 

Then, let’s organize the situation swiftly and form a countermeasure. 

I do have a confidant in Zarichu after all. 

“Hmm, it is worth aiming for that.” 

When I find a good location for what I am about to do, I break away vision of I_am_Bear and head there, swiftly preparing the setup.

“You really scurry around restlessly…-kumaaaaaaa!” 

Just when I finished setting it up, I_am_Bear destroyed the wall and rushed in. 


“As if such a thing would work on I_am_Bear!” 

I threw my flesh flower fern bola at that moment.

It hit the arm of I_am_Bear and wrapped around his body, but there’s barely any damage to the surface of his body, and he easily shook it off.


“I am telling you desperate measures won’t work on I_am_Bear!” 

I threw even more. 

I continue throwing them to the upper body of I_am_Bear.

I_am_Bear is raising both arms to guard against my attacks, but he continues going forward without breaking much of his momentum.

“Woah woah woah…ouch!” 

And then, he crushed the rubble in front of me and tried to advance, but…got caught in flesh flower fern vines. 


“So underhanded…” 

I see I_am_Bear begin to tilt his body towards me, so I kick the ground with all I had and approach I_am_Bear. Of course, I am already swinging the hand holding the Tooth Knife. 

That’s when I_am_Bear fell completely, and just in that 1 second I was about to get him…

I see the back of I_am_Bear which I have never seen until now. 

At the back of I_am_Bear, there’s seam in the location where you would find the spine of a person. 

The moment I saw those seam…



Zarichu warned me and I had a really bad feeling. 

That’s why I moved my wings at full power and stopped my advancing body in place.

Right after that…

A bright red arm with black claws swept just by my peripheral. 

“Tch. To think you would read the special attack of I_am_Bear.” 

“You have quite the wonderful thing.” 

“T-That was really close-de chu…” 

I immediately take distance from I_am_Bear and check him scrutinously. 

At the back of I_am_Bear…there’s a red arm growing out from the seam. 

No, rather than calling it an arm, it is more like a tongue that has claws growing out from it? 

I can also see something resembling teeth from inside the seam. There’s also something dropping from the arm that looks like saliva. Considering all those factors, I think that seam is a mouth. 

And I could also see tool pouches and potion flasks inside the seam depending on the angle. 

Geez, I thought he was just a bear plushie, but he was hiding quite the outrageous monstrosity. 

“Is it a curse that allows you to change the tongue of your second mouth into an arm?” 

“Almost right. I_am_Bear has judged that this is a convenient curse that allows me to enjoy sweetness while fighting if I get used to it.” 

“I see.” 

I fix up Zarichu and wear it deeply…and then, smile. 

“What are you smiling for?” 

“Nothing big. I have exposed the secret that no one knew. I am simply happy about it.” 

“Then, give up. I_am_Bear is beginning to get bored from chasing you around.” 

“Fufufu, sorry about that.” 

Why am I smiling? 

It is of course in part because I managed to see the unknown that was hidden in I_am_Bear.

But that’s not all. 

In the eyes of I_am_Bear, this might have looked as just mere chatting or bragging, but I_am_Bear had a slip of tongue there. 

“You are so stubborn!” 

There may be the question of whether I can do it, but I have found a method for breakthrough. 

That’s why I direct the fingertip of my right arm towards I_am_Bear who is coming at me on fours. 

“Poison Demonic Eye – 1: [Taruwiveno].” 

And then, shot the Poison Demonic Eye – 1.

But I didn’t shoot it aimlessly. It was pinpoint accuracy towards the seam on the back of I_am_Bear.

I make all of my eyes shine dark green. 


The effect was dramatic. 


I_am_Bear raised a loud voice while covering his mouth with his 3 arms and writhing intensely.

What did I do? 

What I did was simple. 

I directly created the poisonous liquid produced by my Poison Demonic Eye – 1…this extremely stinky and bad tasting liquid…into the mouth which can taste things. 

It was only that, but as long as I_am_Bear has the sense of taste, he can’t escape it -not a shadow of a doubt. 

There may be no damage to the body, but the damage mentally must be incalculable. 

“K-Kuma… What just happened…?” 


And if he continues writhing around without caring about the situation around him, even if it is a game avatar, it would still get tired, and will end up stopping. 

I jumped at I_am_Bear at that moment. 

“I will take those pretty glass balls, okay?” 


I didn’t show a single moment of hesitation and grabbed the glass ball that’s most likely the eye of I_am_Bear with my left hand and gouged it out with my Tooth Knife in my right hand. 

Did the same for both the right and left eye. 

This is really easy compared to carving the eyeballs of rats. 


“My eyes! I can’t see! What did you do to I_am_Bear—ouch!” 

And then, after gouging them out, I take distance, open my left hand, and expose the glass balls to light. 

When I did, I_am_Bear immediately found me. 

Looks like he can still see even when they have been gouged out thanks to having been turned into a plushie. 

That’s why I put one of the glass balls of I_am_Bear into my mouth, and the other one I dropped it to the ground and grabbed a piece of rubble in my hand.

“W-What do you plan on doing?!” 

“What, you ask? …This!” 


I break the glass ball at my feet with the rubble. 

I grit my teeth and smash it until it turns into dust. 

When I did, the glass ball inside my mouth also crumbled for some reason. It cut the inside of my mouth and filled it up with the taste of iron. 

“Hihi, I have managed to take your vision away with this.” 

Blood leaks out from the corner of my mouth. 

Aah, I can’t stop smiling. 

The unknown of chewing the glass ball he uses as an eyeball and swallowing it is just irresistible…

Right now I_am_Bear can’t see it, but I am currently making a really nice smile. 

“Now then, next is the sense of smell? Hearing? Going for the taste might be a nice option too. As for the sense of touch…maybe I can take it away if I rip out the skin on his whole body?” 


And I have also learned the method to defeat I_am_Bear.

I just have to dismantle him.

If I do that, regardless of whether he is a plushie or alive, I can kill him. 

It is enough with just one knife and the Poison Demonic Eye – 1.


I fade out my laugh and take distance.

I make sure that I_am_Bear can’t feel my location with his vision taken away. 

And then, just when I was about to attack after waiting for a while…

“Give up! I_am_Bear gives up!!!” 


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