DCFM – Chapter 225: Ozawa, Hikaru, and The 3 of us

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Why is this guy here? 

—I don’t get it. 

And most of all, why is he lying about being the boyfriend of Nanami when he was the one who killed her? 

“You are the one who killed Nanami! Not only Nanami…even her father and mother…” (Hikaru)

“Huh? There’s no way I would do something like that. Don’t push the blame of what you did to others. You really are horrible. After killing your childhood friend in such a gruesome manner.” 

The true culprit said this with a defiant face. 

I don’t understand why he is saying that at this point. 

His mouth warped in a mocking one as if looking down on people. 

Why can he say something like that with a smile? A contradiction after calling himself the boyfriend of Nanami.

Or could it be that he hasn’t noticed that he is not even pulling off an act here?

“Is your memory a mess after you got transferred, Kurose Hikaru? You killed my girlfriend, Souma Nanami, you know?” 

“Why would I kill her? You are the one who killed her.” (Hikaru)

“No, you are the one who did it. You stabbed her multiple times with your knife. This is something every person in the world knows… I am here for revenge. I am here to take vengeance for my girlfriend.” 

The eyes of the true culprit were filled with hostility. Maybe he actually believes what he is saying? 

Anyways, talking to him is getting us nowhere. 

Nanami didn’t have a boyfriend.

I was her childhood friend, and we were thinking about many things together just before the transfer, so the chances of her actually having a boyfriend are practically zero. Most of all, there’s no way Nanami would go out with a guy like this. 

Also, that day he certainly did say ‘I am sorry for killing your girlfriend’ and laughed. There’s an even lower chance of him being Nanami’s boyfriend.

“…Nanami must have come back to life, right? Isn’t it already known far and wide that you are the true culprit? Even if you lie like that now…” (Hikaru)

When I said this, the face of the man warped and began laughing. 

His body twisting and turning as if finding it truly amusing despite both of his arms being held by the Dark Knight.

“There’s no testimony.” 

“What…?” (Hikaru)

“Souma Nanami has not said anything. No…she can’t say anything.” 

She can’t say anything…?

Is it really because she was stabbed from behind and didn’t see the face of the culprit? 

But I finally get it now. 

If Nanami couldn’t testify, there would be a reason for this guy to lie.

If the fact that this guy went to Nanami’s house on that day and at that time has been found out by the police…

—I went to her house to say farewell because I am her boyfriend.

—She said she wanted to spend her last moments with her family, so I returned to my own house.

—To think things would end up like this! 

If he testified like this, wouldn’t I be labeled as the culprit since I got transferred and disappeared?

The reality was that I got completely treated as the culprit even after 10 days of the transfer. 

Isn’t this evidence that his excuse worked? 

Ferdinand and this guy must have wanted to kill me together. 

His desire to want to kill me must have been simply to seal my mouth. Even if he has come to an isekai, he has a family and relatives, so he wouldn’t want to carry the stigma of a murderer. That goes the same for me or anyone else.

 If he were to kill me, ‘the enemy of my girlfriend’, he would be rocksteady. 

Even so, a lie is a lie. 

Who cares if I am still thought of as the culprit at this point? 

It is enough for me as long as Nanami has come back to life.

“What, being so calm. That’s annoying. Do you know how Souma Nanami was revived?” 

“How…?” (Hikaru)

I didn’t go as far as thinking how she would be revived.

It did say she would come back to life in the place she died, so she should have been revived in that room. 

“……She should have come back to life. The Resurrection Gem did say she had come back to life.” (Hikaru)

“Do you really think that God would do something as straightforward as that? …You are one piece of work, seriously… She certainly did come back to life. Her body, that is.” 

Her body. 

Those words made my body heavy like a creepy curse. 

Just as he said, would that God -this so-called God that is beyond human comprehension really revive a human in the form they desire?

“…Then…what happened to Nanami?” (Hikaru)

Why is he lying with such conviction? 

If it is because there was no testimony from Nanami…it would make sense. 

If she had come back to life properly, even if she didn’t see the face of the culprit, Nanami would still have testified that I am not the culprit. There’s no knowing if society would believe it and how the police would take it, but there’s no way there would be no testimony at all. 

In that case, it would mean Nanami came back in a state where she can’t testify…

“Souma Nanami…did get revived, but everything inside her head is a blank. In other words, she has to restart as a baby -with her body alone being that of a healthy highschooler. She is apparently being taken care of by your little sisters right now -a 16 year old baby, that is… Hey, can you really say that’s coming back to life? Isn’t that basically you killing her twice?” 

“L-Lies… Something like that…” (Hikaru)

“As if I would go out of my way to make a lie like this. Well, your little sisters most likely didn’t message you the truth… You should know the truth.” 

Nanami…being in a state that’s basically a baby… Is that even possible…?

I can’t say…it isn’t possible…

This God is a paranormal being, that’s why anything is possible. 

It is not like I have confirmed it with my own eyes. 

Ferdinand also said something that felt off the first time I met him.

—Even though you worked so hard, it ended up like that, so that’s a given, huh.

I think he said something like that.

‘Ended up like that’…wasn’t referring to me being selected as a Chosen? 

“…Then, why did Ferdinand lie about Nanami being selected to be transferred?” (Hikaru)

“To tie you up to this city. If he said that, you wouldn’t leave the city for a while. The reality is that you were this close to being murdered by the Great Spirit after all. Well, that Fer is an idiot, so he failed though.” 

“Idiot? Aren’t you comrades?” (Hikaru)

“…As if a bastard like that can be a comrade of mine. I simply used him a bit because it was convenient.” 

What is the truth and what is the lie?

I don’t get what’s going on anymore. 

But if what was said about Nanami is true…

I would kind of understand why Celica would ask Ferdinand to kill me. 

The brother that carries the stigma of being the murderer of Nanami. Their house was apparently burned down and they left overseas. Even if it is those two, it must have been hardships over hardships. Those parents of ours are useless. 

Their last lifeline was Nanami, but she had no power to testify, and so they ended up having to take care of her…

“Lies… You are full of lies…” (Hikaru)

Those words came out from me weakly to a shocking extent. 

In the end, I am still suspected as the killer of Nanami…no, as the actual culprit. 

Not only did I fail to revive Nanami, but added more troubles for my little sisters…?

…Of course, it is possible he is lying. 

Nanami might be alive and on Earth, he may have been a murderer that was serving his sentence but got transferred, the millions of viewers might have simply been watching me purely because they enjoyed the isekai lifestyle, and my family may have had to move away but are living happily…

(Fufu…that sounds a lot more unbelievable.) (Hikaru)

“You are a person that should be better off dead! I simply came here to represent the people on Earth and bring the hammer of justice on you!” 

The student I don’t even know the name of was roaring. 

Even though he is lying about being the boyfriend of Nanami.

For him, me dying would mean his footing would be reinforced.

There would be no way for anyone to know he is the culprit, and the viewers would acknowledge his actions if it is to take revenge for his girlfriend. 

If this were to be leaked out, the other Chosen might target me just like Ferdinand. I might have feared this. 

In that case, the reason he was wearing a mask was to hide his identity in order to kill me? 

“……At any rate, you already can’t kill me.” (Hikaru)

There should be no way to overturn this situation as a 2nd group Chosen.

“Really? Even if I can’t…you are a person that would be better off dead, right? You are hated by viewers and hated by all the people on Earth, so why can you be so sure? Won’t you be causing trouble to your companions too? The people in that world are making a big ruckus about tearing you away from Jeanne Collet, you know?” 

“…Is that so.” (Hikaru)

“Jeanne Collet is famous after all. Seeing a criminal like you getting along with her, there are a lot of other Chosen who have been requested to kill you. And they won’t be coming with toys like me. There’s even people carrying rifles. Won’t Rifreya Ashbird be caught up in the crossfire?” 

“……Maybe.” (Hikaru)

This is the reason why I feared the eyes on Earth being directed at me.

And the reality is that I was targeted.

There’s no assurance that these guys are the sole exception and it will end with just this instance. You would rather need to be wary about a second or even third time now that it has happened once. And they would come with more intricate methods, at a different angle. 

Me exposing Jeanne and Rifreya to danger can be considered true even if we managed to get through this incident. 

It is the unshakeable reality that even Ferdinand managed to move a Great Spirit. 

“And so, what will you do? Are you going to kill me? Me who came here to avenge my girlfriend! Tell me!” 

He must think I can’t kill him.

Has this guy forgotten, or is he acting as if he hasn’t noticed?

This guy is literally the killer of my childhood friend…and killer of the family of my childhood friend.

Even more so if Nanami wasn’t revived properly. 

There’s no reason to let this guy live.

—At that moment, an out-of-place cheerful voice rang in my head all of a sudden.

<<Sorry for the wait! The message system has been unfrozen! The use of it has been changed a bit, so be careful. For details, please confirm in the message screen.>>

*Pikon Pikon*

I heard the sound of messages arriving.

The sound I tried to cut off from my heart.

This thing that stopped ringing by the time the messages reached 999 were now echoing again. Is that what it means by changing the use of it?

“I see… So it has already been 10 days.” (Hikaru)

Jeanne said she wanted to journey off before the messages came back. Once the messages come back, our location would be known by the 2nd group after all.

That’s why we made our schedule before that.

“Open them! How about confirming whether I am lying or not?!” 

Provoking words.

It is probably because he knows I haven’t been able to open the messages this whole time. 

“Souma Nanami will testify for your innocence? She resurrected with the mind of a baby and can’t speak at all, so there’s no way she would be able to testify or do anything.” 

“You…You are the one who killed her…!” 

“Fuhahahaha! I didn’t kill her. Did you go crazy? Did you want to push your sin onto me and seal my mouth? Do it! Once you do, you will stay the killer of Nanami for the rest of your life!” 

The true culprit was laughing out loudly with his eyes alone blazing while still being held in place by the Dark Knight. 

He most likely knows just how much pain the messages have inflicted on me. 

He underestimates me, thinking I can’t open them. 

On the other hand, that means there lies the truth I am seeking. 

I opened the Status Screen.

If I open the message box, it will open in the order of the oldest one first. 

If I don’t open it now, when will I?

I have to open this and face the truth. 

This is not for the sake of my little sisters, Nanami, Jeanne, or Rifreya.

I have to do this for my own sake. 

Even though I understand this, my finger was not moving forward as if it had been frozen by magic.

—There you are, enjoying the isekai life after killing your girlfriend. You are the worst. Die already. Why are you still alive? 

—Is the isekai air you obtained by stealing away the future of Nanami-chan tasty? 

—How does it feel to become the most wanted dead in the whole history of humanity? That’s the extent of what you did. Get it through your head. Get it and kill yourself.

—Your parents and your twin sisters couldn’t stay in Japan and moved overseas, you know? Well, they would be exposed over there immediately too though. Wouldn’t it be better to die as an apology? 

—Your house burned, literally. 

What happened in the plains flashed in my mind.

Me receiving those messages 10 days after being transferred here is truly what happened.

If once I open the messages, all of them are filled with those kinds of messages…what do I do?

“—Seems like you are in quite the pickle.” 

That’s when an incredibly out-of-place calm voice rang in the dilapidated house. 

When I looked at the entrance, I saw Jeanne and Rifreya. 

Looks like they safely managed to get away from the Great Spirits. 

“Fumu, I see. So this is the last assassin. Is that the masked man?” (Jeanne)

“…That’s right. This guy is the true culprit that killed Nanami. And so…he attacked me with a gun, but I managed somehow.” (Hikaru)

“I am impressed you managed to come out safely.” (Jeanne)

“No, it was thanks to the Scapegoat Ring.” (Hikaru)

When I answered with this, Jeanne made a surprised face.

“Kuro, why are you letting this guy live if that’s the case? You were almost going to die…no, you technically died once. No one would blame you even if you were to kill him. Moreover, he killed Nanami, you know? At the very least…I would have killed him in a heartbeat.” (Jeanne)

“………I was trying to open the messages. I am apparently still being treated as the culprit over there, so I wanted to confirm whether what he is saying is true or not.” (Hikaru)

“The messages…? Can’t you do that after killing him? Reya, what’s your opinion?” (Jeanne)

“Eh? Kill him, obviously. Why don’t you kill him, Hikaru?” (Rifreya)

“You got it now? What you are doing is weird. A guy like that deserves death. You going out of your way to keep him alive like this is weird in itself.” (Jeanne)

That might be true. 

I should kill him -rather than being led astray by words I don’t even know if they are true or not. 

It can be done by just killing him.

Not wanting to kill a human or being from Earth too doesn’t matter here. 

This is to take revenge for Nanami, and most of all, her mother and father… He killed Nanami’s parents.

If I don’t avenge them, who will take that duty? 

I just need to give one order to the Dark Knight. To ‘kill him’.

And yet, why can’t I do that?

“Kuro, even you yourself don’t know why? Then, I will tell you. In the end…you really do want to know the truth. You say you don’t want to see the messages, but the reality is…you want to know the truth that lies beyond it, right? Doesn’t it mean that the truth is more important to you than even you almost getting killed?” (Jeanne)

There was sincerity in the words of Jeanne. 

Her kind eyes were looking straight at me. 

Rifreya was also looking at me in worry. 

Only the true culprit was biting his lips as if frustrated while facing down.

“Kuro, I told you to forget about it. Now that you have come to a completely different world, you won’t be able to know the truth from Earth after all. At the very least, that’s the mindset I have had when living here. I wanted you to be the same. But…your wound was deeper than I imagined.” (Jeanne)

“That’s right, Jeanne-san. Even my seduction wasn’t working on Hikaru after all.” (Rifreya)

“True. Even mine didn’t work. It is a mortal wound… But this might be a good opportunity. Settling your past would make your steps lighter in our journey anyways.” (Jeanne)

‘Looks like you need encouragement to face it’ -is what Jeanne muttered and began to take off her armor. 

“You come too, Reya. Take off your armor.” (Jeanne)

“Eh, take off my armor? Well, I am fine with that though.” (Rifreya)

The two began to take off their armor while saying this. 

They are wearing a thick tunic below the armor called a gambeson, but what are they thinking, taking off their armor inside the dungeon?

The true culprit is also taken aback by this.

“Hey, Kuro, if your soul is still taken over by that world, even more the reason to open your messages. You either live as a person of this world and forget it completely…or face it. Also, no matter the result, Reya and I know something as simple as you not being the culprit. Come on, Reya, you too.” (Jeanne)

“Eh?” (Hikaru)

“Aah, I see.” (Rifreya)

“Eeeh?” (Hikaru)

Jeanne and Rifreya; I was hugged from the left and right by the two. 

A distance where their breaths reach me. 

A distance where I can feel their soft and warm temperature. 

I was confused by the sudden action of Jeanne and Rifreya.

“No matter what happens from here on, I will not separate from you. I love you, Kuro.” (Jeanne)

“Awawawawa, I will also be with you forever, until death do us apart! Even after death! I love you!” (Rifreya)

And then, the two of them kissed me on the cheek, and my confusion reached its peak. 

The true culprit that’s completely an outsider here must be even more confused. 

That true culprit, who was still being held by the kneeled Dark Knight, had his mouth half-opened, and was looking over here with a face that had a mix of shock and envy. 

“Now, Kuro, we are with you. Don’t be scared…and open the messages. It is just a string of words anyways. Even if you are flamed, remember that, in your reality, there’s us.” (Jeanne)

“That’s right. You are being loved by two beauties like us, so isn’t it okay for the whole world to hate you?” (Rifreya)

“…That high self-awareness of yours is nice, Reya.” (Jeanne)

Them being by my side is the unshakeable truth in front of my eyes. The messages are the truth, but are also a faint illusion…like the moon reflected in the surface of a lake. 

But that certainly is there and has brought me suffering. 

The strength of the two’s arms increases. 

They clung tightly to me as if we have become 1 person, and were providing me courage.

Saying I am not scared would be a lie.

But this is something I must face in order to move forward.

My fingers tremble.

The messages were still showing 999+.

They are most likely increasing even now.

The messages are being shown by the oldest first. 

In order, from the last message I read at that hill.

I tap the <<Message>>.


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Please enjoy it!  

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