Tsuki – Chapter 402: Quite the normal hobby


He comes out from the building while letting out a satisfied sigh.

Seeing that state of his, I thought he is quite the big deal in a sense. 

The beast tamer that luckily managed to tame a Moon Grizzly and seal it in a crystal.

He was the type that would go through a variety of parties without staying in a specific one to match the objective. 

…No, beast tamers are not that demanded, so unless it is quite the special situation, it is more of a leisure post that you don’t get called on too often. 

I personally think that tamer type Jobs are strong though. 

The knight from the Adventurers of Origin flickered in my mind. 

I know that that person should be considered an exceptional case, even so, it is without a doubt a show of their potential even in this world. 

It is by no means a Job that should be getting the treatment of a hobby Job or a luggage carrier Job.

“Then, next is tea cups—huuuuuuh?!” 

“What are you doing taking a break all elegantly?!” 

“Don’t increase our work!” 

A young androginous face that could be taken as a man or a woman.

According to the report, he is apparently a man.

This is most likely what people call a *shota*. <a young good looking boy>

The next instant he said ‘let’s go check out the tea utensils’, he received a staff uppercut from below by Eris, and a fist from above by Akua.

“To think he would go from oil aesthetics to searching for cups. He is quite the individual.” (Makoto)

The place he was brought out all rolled up and carried by Akua and Eris was a popular beauty salon.

It is a pretty high class place that requires quite the amount of gold for the full course. 

It is not a lewd store, but it goes without saying that it is an establishment that doesn’t suit his age. 

Thanks to the profitable sale of the Moon Grizzly seal crystal to the Rembrandt Company, he must have leeway in his pocket. 

When thinking about how much that bear contributed, you could even say it was cheap.

“We contacted him and told him to stay in his home at noon though. It seems like he is a whimsical person.” (Akua)

Akua says. 

“I am grateful…I mean, he is a fool and a tasteless person that doesn’t understand the tastiness of bananas.” (Eris)


Apparently, the shares of bananas that were meant to be for him have disappeared into the stomach of Eris. 

“And so you have finished capturing this pain of a person. That boy is the Beast Cruiser that tamed and brought out the Moon Grizzly, Baretta?” (Makoto)

“Usu!” (Eris)

“No doubt.” (Aqua)

“Birgit is waiting. Let’s hurry back to the company.” (Makoto)

The two nod and we immediately go back. 

We heard that he had gone out and we hurriedly chased after him, and here he was, in a beauty salon and shopping. 

The future is bleak. 

“Sorry for the wait.” (Makoto)

When I open the door of the reception room, there’s all of Birgit gathered. 

I can tell everyone is nervous. 

Now that I think about it, this is the first time I call them. 

Talks about Birgit come pretty often from Tomoe since they are people she had to keep an eye on. She would often talk about them to me at meal time, and when in bed at night. 

I personally feel a sense of closeness with them. 

But that’s solely a one-sided thing from me. 

For them, being called to the Kuzunoha Company must be a tense event.

It must be a happy yet teeth-clattering moment. 

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting us this time around. I am the leader of Birgit, name is Bir!” 

“I know. I have also heard of your achievements. I myself as well am honored to finally be able to meet you.” (Makoto)

“Why have you asked f-for our presence today?!” (Bir)

“Right. It is regarding a request from the Mist Town. It is about your first meeting with the related Beast Cruiser.” (Makoto)

Leaving aside the nervousness, Bir doesn’t seem different from usual.

Same for Akos and Git, but…the state of Ranai who had come back from the dead was a bit different. 

She had taken off her priest clothing, and is now standing there with nurse clothes, moreover, a conspicuous black nurse outfit with a pretty short miniskirt. 

The current Job of Ranai, Black Nurse, has a special requirement of needing to have a black nurse outfit equipped in order to increase the effects of her spells. 

When I learned about this, I went ‘what’s with those stupid conditions?’, and ‘who would even wear that?’.

But Ranai showed no hesitation.

She asked me if there was a specific material it had to be made of, so I answered honestly that there was no such thing, and then she asked me for pattern paper…and now she is wearing it all the time. 

That’s an adventurer for ya. 

It is probably the mindset of ‘if an outfit is going to make me stronger, then I welcome it’. I have complicated feelings of admiration at this. 

“I have spoken to Alpine as well, but they will mostly be serving as backup. We reached the conclusion that they will be cooperating but mostly focused on support, and we who are close in ability to Baretta and the Grizzly should be the ones to move together.” (Bir)

“Got it. I will properly report this to the Mist Town.” (Makoto)

“We heard you were a company that promptly made a connection with that town, but…I see, you are quite reliable.” (Bir)

“Hahaha, I am happy to hear that from the Master Samurai Bir that Tomoe has an interest in. Then, once again, I am the representative of this company, my name’s Raidou. This one here is the Beast Cruiser for the request this time, Baretta-san.” (Makoto)

I had Berretta freed from his rolled up state, had him come in, and presented him to Birgit. 

“I-I am the Beast Cruiser, Baretta. I intend to master the path of the beast tamer! I am 16 years old, and my level is 220. My hobbies are tea and polishing myself. Looking forward to working with you!” (Baretta)

…Polishing oneself is a word that’s used pretty often in this world. 

Rather than internal things like studies and training, it is mostly about polishing their beauty.

For Baretta’s case, it would of course be beauty. 

A level 220 is a low number in the eyes of Birgit that they wouldn’t even consider, but the fact that he is a Beast Cruiser is pretty big. 

To be specific, he would be the second strongest amongst the beast tamers in Tsige. 

It couldn’t be helped that Birgit would have a complicated mood around them on various sides. 

Even after reuniting the bear and Baretta, and managing to advance things to the point of being able to stay by their side for a while, it is clear that he will simply stick out in a bad way within Birgit. 

It will decrease the power of the party as a whole and even increase the chances of being wiped out. 

In other words, it is an issue of the balance. 

That’s why there’s one more. 

A dextrous one that’s stronger than the ones of Birgit here, and on top of that, will be taking the job of being the bodyguard of Baretta. 

The one that everyone at our place had an eye on as a pawn was the freelance assassin that targeted me. 

He has a decent degree of ability, and he is a professional, so it is easy to negotiate with him in a sense. 

Of course, I don’t mind him joining Birgit just like that, or we have given him the considerate option of even leaving once this is over. 

And so, that’s how we have resolved ourselves to release the bear into Tsige again.

“Your level is too far apart from both Alpine and Birgit, so we are thinking about bringing out a bodyguard from our side for the foreseeable future. Place the increase of Baretta-san’s ability and the growth of the Beast Cruiser Job as your current objective, and begin from the shallow parts of the wasteland as if you have returned to your roots. I will be counting on you.” (Makoto)

I lower my head. 

The freelance professional killer Letter, no, Letter of the cleanup store.

When I searched for his presence, I could see that he was silently standing at the back of the sofa where the Birgit party is sitting. 

What a bad personality. 

Even though he is in the room, he is erasing his presence in that way. 

“If he can become the strength of that demonic beast, then I think that’s a good idea. Count on us. Alpine will be capturing demonic beasts and securing the route. We will be having a cooperative relationship for a while in regards to the various parts of the guild, so I think we will be able to manage somehow… And so, what was that about the one other thing?” (Bir)

“He is right there. Letter-san of the cleanup store.” (Makoto)

I directed my gaze there and, when I presented his name, he clicked his tongue lightly, and a small man revealed his presence. 


“He will be mostly serving as the bodyguard of Baretta, but he will also be doing his best cooperating in battle. Take care of him.” (Makoto)

This one here also looks pretty young, but his tone and his presence is completely that of a veteran. 

“Letter, you say… The cleaner Letter? That’s an outrageous bigshot.” (Akos)

“A legend of Tsige. If you write a secret code on the billboard at Iron Park, you can make contact with this freelance cleaner that’s in a sense sacred.” (Ranai)

Akos and Ranai seem to know about Letter, they were visibly surprised by him being here. 

“…When forming the party, I will be calling myself Ruki. Don’t call me Letter.” 

It is as if Letter was ashamed that his name had become famous. 

Looks like he plans on calling himself Ruki as if it were a fake name. 

I personally don’t care. 

I have already had a proper talk with him after all.

With this, we will be having an eye on them the whole time. 

“We of the Kuzunoha Company will also be cooperating to our best extent, so please come over whenever you want. Ranai-san, how’s that costume? I have been told that it is a special formal dress that brings out the power of a Black Nurse, but I personally am not sure about it.” (Makoto)

The serious talk is over, so I try throwing a lighter topic. 

If the information is not wrong, it should have had some effect on her Skills.

“…Thank you very much for the incredibly important information. I have to go around Mist Town and give my thanks too. My healing, support, and attack Skills have around the same cost, so their power has increased by around 50%. As long as I am in this Job, no matter what rare material we get, I won’t be able to change my equipment unless I dye it black and make it exactly as that patterned paper though.” (Ranai)

“Is that so. It is a coincidence that there’s a large amount of those types of costumes in Lorel. I am glad that was of help.” (Makoto)

“…I really can’t thank you enough. From now on, when I want to turn information into money, I will go through the Kuzunoha Company first before doing so. Anything that isn’t convenient for you, I will keep my mouth sealed. I promise. You have really been helping us out a lot.” (Ranai)

“No no, I would be fine with you just continuing being a frequent customer. I am looking forward to everyone’s good work.” (Makoto)

After pushing Baretta and Ruki on Birgit and the others, we will only be watching over them. 

Now then, I will have you show us the potential of beast tamers. 

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