Tsuki – Chapter 403: The taming revolution begins now

“And well, that’s how it is. He is a good boy that can do most of anything, so I leave the rest to you, Baretta-san.” (Makoto)

Raidou-san was standing by the side of the wild animal that wasn’t in a cage. 

Just by knowing how dangerous of a beast that is, the amount of nerves you need to stand by its side differs, but most likely everyone including me were shocked by this outrageous courage. 

And then, in the next instant, he said something unbelievable to the jet black bear. 



“Other hand.” 



The Moon Grizzly followed and obediently placed a hand on top of his, sat cutely, placed his other hand on top, stayed in place silently, and for the last one, he jumped and smashed the iron ball Raidou-san threw.


No, what do you want us to do aside from being at a complete loss for words?

We are not people who are intimate with animals in the first place. 

I thought that maybe Baretta might have a different reaction, but he had his mouth open like an idiot and his eyes were wide open. 

He was in the worst state amongst us. 

Aside from the last one, they were all things that you would teach a watchdog, but I didn’t feel like retorting about that. 

But well, Raidou-san suggested we first get accustomed with things today in the Tinarak Forest, and deepen our understanding with each other, and so while still feeling uneasy about the bear that had obediently been sealed in a crystal with the special Skill of Baretta, we arrived at the Tinarak Forest. 

‘If you are going there, then there’s no need for me to go with them’, is what the cleaner Letter said as he left swiftly. We have properly exchanged contact information but…he is also one hard to get along individual.


Just in case, we went to a place separated from the areas with a lot of adventurers, and had Baretta summon the Moon Grizzly. 

“Wait, Baretta, you are already using more than half of your magic power just for that one summon.” (Ranai)

Ranai who was wearing black clothes pointed that out to Baretta in a baffled manner. 

We have already shared the fact that Ranai has the special ability of seeing the stamina and magic power of others. 


No matter how strong of a demonic beast you summon, it would be impossible to have successive battles.

I felt like holding my head in pain.

“The summoned party is willingly being summoned here, so this is actually already after the cost has been reduced. The magic power that it demands to summon and undo it is originally close to 80% of my magic power.” (Baretta)

“What terrible consumption!” (Git)

“I do admit that it is an ability that’s basically a win if you bring it out, but…” (Akos)

Git and Akos were making clear faces of people that have been pushed a pain of a job.

I think the same. 

Anyways, a big bear has been summoned in the forest. 

When I looked at Ranai, she nodded.

I see, so she can see the stamina of the bear too, huh. That’s important information.


“What a bad attitude too!” (Git)

Just as what Git said without holding anything back, the attitude of the bear was awful.

He wasn’t sitting properly like the time when Raidou-san told him to sit, but was sitting all slovenly and looking at us with muddy eyes that were unlike those previously. 

His gazes are mostly directed at Baretta?

“H-Hand!” (Baretta)

“The hand order came!” 


Baretta approached the bear with strengthened resolve to test out whether the bear could do what he did before, and a clear loud voice came back, then, the right hand of Baretta was grabbed by the right hand of the bear as if it were scooping it up, but the momentum didn’t stop and was hit with what’s basically an uppercut.

Baretta had no chance of opposing it and disappeared in the green of the big trees. 

Of course, together with a pretty loud hit sound and many leaves falling. 

Or more like…I certainly heard ‘the hand order came’ though?

“Did you hear that? It feels as if the bear talked just now.” 

“‘The hand order came’? If that was what you heard, then I did too.” 

“Me too.” 


What’s going on? 

When you form a party with a beast tamer Job, you can understand the tamed beast? 

No, I have never heard of such significant information.

Ah, Baretta fell back down.

Ranai took a look, and it seems there’s no issues with the damage. 

I have the heavy feeling that the future prospects have turned totally grim though.

“Aah, Baretta, I have a feeling that this demonic beast spoke just now.” (Bir)

I go ahead and ask Baretta who is in quite the special circumstances here.

He was secured by the bear just before he crashed onto the ground, and was now in between the stretched legs of the languid bear. 

In other words, he is being hugged lightly by the bear with his back around his crotch and stomach. 

You could even say his life is in that bear’s hand. 

If a situation like that were to happen in the middle of battle, we would have to run away prepared for injuries at the very least. 

If it is Git and Ranai in the backline, they would have to resolve themselves to death. 

“I-I also heard it. But my Job has no such Skill. Also, I feel like this one isn’t obedient at all.” (Baretta)

“We can tell without you pointing it out.” 

“Boss told me…” 


“Boss Raidou said that it would be inconvenient, so he…educated me.” 

“…A-About what?” (Bir)

I feel like I get it but at the same time don’t. I try asking while having a really ominous feeling from the tone of the bear. 

“When a demonic beast and a tamer make a pact, they can communicate. You know that, right?” (Grizzly)

“Yeah.” (Bir)

“He said it would be troublesome for Birgit and Alpine, so he said it should be fine if I learned the common language.” (Grizzly)



It would be one thing if it were a demi-human, but a demonic beast learning the common language?! 

If it were a specially intelligent dragon, maybe, but a bear?! 

“If you could manage something like that in the process of the taming, it would certainly be incredible…no, it would be revolutionary.” (Baretta)

Baretta’s tone was implying ‘but that’s impossible though’.

Or more like, if that were possible, the existence of demonic beast tamer Jobs would be shaken.

They are the type of people that get the most money out of taming cute rare demonic beasts to sell to rich people after all.

The children and women that would like to play around with a cute and obedient demonic beast would simply get disappointed with demonic beasts that can talk after all.

“Ugh!” (Baretta) 

“Oi!!” (Bir)

The bear twisted the chin of Baretta.

Even if he intended for it to be light, for a hyuman, it could break their neck! 

I raised a shout to the bear in order to stop it. 

“You must have your thoughts about this. You obviously get me here, right, Master?” (Grizzly)

“Y-Yeah. I tamed you while your guard was down. But the burden in the magic power was big, so after brooding about it, I sold you at a high price in the end.” (Baretta)

Baretta sincerely apologized for what he thought  was making the bear angry. 

He found an injured and super weakened Moon Grizzly by coincidence in the Mist Town, and when he tried to tame it, it succeeded. 

But because there was strong opposition against the tame, just maintaining the pact was taking away his magic power continuously, so he had no choice but to let him go. 

Baretta said that his heart hurt when he heard that he was used in the war against Aion, but there was nothing he could do anymore. 

Baretta gave what looked like a sincere apology in our eyes mainly centered about how he was still unskilled to keep the Moon Grizzly. The bear didn’t completely calm down his anger, but he nodded a number of times, so I think he has accepted part of his apology. 


“Is that all, Master?” (Grizzly)

“Y-Yeah. This is what I could think of for what I have been rude about with you…” (Baretta)

Baretta was still being held. 

“You are still missing two important things. You see, I was scolded by Boss and have prepared myself here, but…it is shocking that the main issue that is Master doesn’t seem to notice at all!” (Grizzly)

This is bad.

The anger of the bear was increasing to the point where it is just like the time when he was fighting us. 

Tinarak is lush in precious vegetation, and it is an important forest for adventurers and Tsige. 

It is a place that we must not let the Moon Grizzly trample down in his anger. 

“Guugh… I-I’m sorry. I am sorry, but can you please tell me what I am lacking?” (Baretta)

“First is obviously that crystal.” (Grizzly)

“Crystal?” (Baretta)

“Using inferior stuff that has bad quality and color! Can you even tell just how cramped and bad of a place I am being trapped in?!” (Grizzly)

“W-Wa?!” (Baretta)

“Listen here, I will tell you something important here that you definitely must take note of in the future, Master! Bring me back to a crystal that’s properly spacious and pleasant. At the very least, stock crystals with the same quality as the one of today. Got it?” (Grizzly)

“How can I tell that apart?” (Baretta)

“I can. Begin getting an eye on this from today on. Don’t be frugal about the price, got it? Definitely don’t.” (Grizzly)

“Uuh…” (Baretta)


The ones sealing the demonic beasts, huh.

It is completely outside our expertise, but if I remember correctly, those can rise endlessly high.

I see, so the more expensive they are, the bigger and more pleasant it is for the demonic beast. 

I didn’t know that. 

If anything, I thought that a difference in price would come from how many times it can be used instead though.

“And for the other one, it is the worst that you can’t even remember it, but it is definitely an important thing, Master.” (Grizzly) 

“Just what’s getting you so angry? Please tell me.” (Baretta)

“Why did you name a young and strong male like me…Tiara! I can’t even change it! Depending on what you say here, I might even make a move here with the resolve of being beaten up by Boss!!” (Tiara)

Wait, Tiara? 

The biggest and most desperate shout from the bear was about quite the unbelievable thing. 

A despairing silence that no one could speak in fell on us. 

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