Tsuki – Chapter 380: The world tossed about

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“Fuuh…this time around it is the Great Lily? Just what’s happening?” 

“Was that a secret ceremony of the church? I thought for sure that was just gossip.” 

“It is a lost secret ceremony of the church. It is almost correct to say it is just gossip.” 

“The records remained in the olden Elysion, huh. The church that moved to Limia obviously—” 

“It was a lost technique since before they moved. The current church doesn’t even have historical records of it.” 

“In the Academy Town of Rotsgard there’s the most prominent library of the world. Then it would be normal to think that there was an old record of it sleeping there.” 

“It is a tradition of a long time ago after all. It is not even certain whether the church treasured it and passed it down. It wouldn’t be strange that it has been reproduced by a completely different line…” 

“Impossible. It must obviously be them, right?” 

“The Kuzunoha, huh. I would like them to bring back the Demonic Amber Kudzu, Maris Amvine, as well if possible.” 

“It is true that if both poles of the demon killer techniques were to be brought together, the situation of the war would turn around. The demons who showed the ability to even fight back against the Blessing of the Goddess must be reminded of their long past nightmare.” 

“But that man should have gone to a port town called Koran with a close aide of his, right?” 

“Raidou himself had been confirmed to have been in the Academy -not with his female close aide, but together with the long haired man teaching the students.” 


“Ha! We are being made fools of thoroughly.” 

“Not good at all. We are simply being tossed about, and not a single person is able to get close to the true abilities of the Kuzunoha Company.” 

“It seems like it is not only Aion but all four major powers who are being beaten up completely.” 

“It is because the idiots of Aion are only doing unnecessary stuff that it ended up like this.” 

“…This isn’t the time to be arguing about that, right?” 

“Even so, we can’t just not gauge them. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they are a threat to the world right after the demons.”

“The Anti-Goddess Cult was basically dealt with thanks to them though?”

“Those guys will be popping up again after 100 years. Also, they may have brought harm to the world, but they haven’t changed the world once.” 

“Well, the Goddess is in good health after all.” 

“But we can’t have everyone stay in Tsige. Once the demons get warmed up, they will be moving annoyingly again no doubt.” 

“…You will suffer if you underestimate the demons, you know?” 

“I agree.” 

“The Kuzunoha Company, the Rembrandt Company, and Tsige; what a pain they all are.”

“It has been proved that even if we were to make a hurried move, it won’t prove any good. It may be trite, but let’s have the Academy get information from the Kuzunoha Company about the Great Lily. That should be the safe move.” 

“We can’t leave this city be either. We will use all the four major powers to strip them naked. I have a bad feeling about what this place can turn into.” 


“Yeah. We can’t let the framework that’s the major powers crumble. There’s the need to pull some moves in order to make sure the surrounding countries don’t eat onto the weakened Aion.” 

“Aah…my head hurts.” 

“This state is okay until the demons are annihilated. I don’t care what happens to Aion after that.” 

“But it is joyous to see that the resolve of everyone gathered here hasn’t wavered. At the very least don’t forget to extend a helping hand.” 

“It seems like we have one absent though.” 

“…The elves. The fact that the successor and the representative can’t be contacted sadly must mean that.” 

“Estranging? Putting their hopes on the demons?” 

“Don’t think it is that. But there’s no doubt they don’t share our views.” 

“It is painful that we are missing the long living race, but…rather than filling up the deficit, it is better to keep stability.” 



“Then, let’s close it here. The next time, let’s talk about the future of the world.” 

Influential people were gathered for the announcement of Tsige as a nation.

There was a time in Rotsgard when the demons aimed for that chance to cause an incident, but these kinds of moments are normally perfect for meetings.

People from other countries of different organizations are gathered, so they can take that to their advantage to meet up.

In one of the few places in Tsige that even the eyes of the Rembrandt Company don’t reach, a meeting that goes beyond the borders of countries has taken place.

It isn’t as old as the Anti-Goddess Cult, but it is a gathering of influential people that live in the world of politics and put great importance in the inheritance of knowledge.

By the way, the Hopelace household also participated in this, but they have already been removed.

Anyways, the ‘pretty’ spell that Makoto used in Rotsgard had given them a new topic of discussion.

Makoto doesn’t know the meaning of the Great Lily spell.

It supplies magic power to others in a relatively easy manner which was something that one of a team of two, that managed to completely crush the army of demons in the past, used. They didn’t expect it to actually be a spell or skill.

These legendary two that are called the Two Pole Miracles were actually Ginebia and Haku Mokuren, but the people in the meeting don’t know that.

Great Lily is a spell that Ginebia created, and Maris Amvine is a Unique Skill of Haku. They basically managed to drive away the demons into the icy fields and were called the Two Polar Miracles, but that’s a story of a far past. 

It has already gotten hazy whether it actually happened, and now only the name of the two special moves remain in a few who pride in their knowledge. 

Also…there’s truly few who know about these people who watch over the world while maintaining it a secret, but there’s change showing within them as well.

“Now then…” 

The executive that finished their meeting and returned to their surface social position went back to their living room in Tsige, and held a staff that was left in the room.

Then, she spoke the keywords and disappeared from that place in an instant together with that staff.

“How was it, the Meeting of the Nameless Ones?” 

“It was the usual. They wished for the future of the whole world.” 

“Any penalties on me?” 

“I moved the flow to defeating the demons first, so it should be safe until this war is over.” 

“Sorry, I owe you one.” 

“No, it is a joyous thing that we can have a friendly relationship with the elves. There’s no doubt that it will contribute to the development of Lorel as well. Don’t worry about it. This is apparently called give-and-take in Tsige.” 

“Tsige, huh. The core of the archery techniques that Louisa brought over were supposedly from there. Sairitz, how involved are you with the Kuzunoha Company?” 

“I admire them to the point that I would be willing to tell them all about the organization.” (Sairitz)

“! That’s quite the big betrayal there. Not like I am one to talk when I abandoned them though.” 

“A connection with them would have been of use in normal times, but in these times…what’s needed is power and resolve. Knowledge and prudence has the possibility of making it too late.” (Sairitz)

“But the participants of the assembly need to clear the hurdle of the prided thought reading from the church before being able to join the meeting. If you go against it, they will obviously get suspected. I would like to know how you passed over that for future reference.” 

“Oh my, a long living elf would do something as boorish as shamelessly trying to sniff out the secret of a woman?” (Sairitz)

“I have never thought of you as a woman. But it is true that it was disrespectful to demand you to show your cards. You only lent us the elf treasure because you wanted my cooperation.” 

The secret meeting of the absent elf and Sairitz.

It is a suspicious to the extreme composition.

The organization that the woman that’s basically the one who manages Lorel was participating in gives out a dangerous and problematic scent to it, but she is defecting. If Makoto were to hear about this, he would say he is fine not hearing any further and would desperately want to leave.

She was currently at a deep and silent forest where the elf was waiting at a corner of it. 

The elf is a man and there’s no way to tell how old he is from that young looking appearance of his.

He is the same as Sairitz who managed to hide her will of betrayal in some way and managed to participate in the assembly. 

“Fufufu.” (Sairitz)


Eventually both of them make smiles that have no emotion in them.

There’s no assurance that the enemy of their enemy is an ally. 

The two knew that plenty well.

It could be seen as a place where they are showing their wills implicitly. 

“…If possible, I pray that you are on the side of Tsige the next time we meet too. I don’t know the will of you guys in its entirety though.” 

“Yeah, let’s meet again one day.” 

Sairtz speaks out the keyword again and disappears from in front of the elf. 

“Lorel’s witch…no, the ones who are clearly stirring around the world these few years is the Kuzunoha Company, huh.” 

The man had seen through the central part of this wildly changing world and muttered this.

On top of the information until now, it is true that Aion, which may have only existed for 200-300 years but managed to obtain the standing of major power, was easily shaken.

It is clear that they are outside the norm.

This is not the first time he witnesses the fall of a big country. 

But this is the first time he witnesses a major power be tossed about without being able to do anything against it. 

“I must make sure of it; the conclusion of the hyumans and demons, or maybe the conclusion of the Goddess’s era.” 

His words would simply be a monologue that would disappear into the forest.

But it was also foreseeing the maelstrom that would be shaking the world.

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