Tsuki – Chapter 377: Evolution – Awakening of ma power

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Sea Kings possess a special ability since birth.

I have heard about it from Serwhale-san, but because every single point of their race is filled with retortable stuff, the contents of it didn’t remain much in my mind.

Just like how an adventurer gets a Job and obtains special ability, a Sea King can achieve explosive growth from the experience they themselves accumulate. 

The two that are standing upright with their head lowered, An and Chovy, reached the explosive growth of evolution while training the adventurers, and as a result, the anchovies of the whole world are coming in droves to Koran. 

I see.

I don’t understand at all.

I can understand that it is bad that they are gathering from the whole world.

But why does it end up that way from evolving? 

At times the adventurers would cut in and say weird stuff like the anchovies are like blades or short sharp arrows.

It would be one thing if I were able to use the magic words of ‘I see, so that’s how it is’ to just push it away, but it looks like it has surpassed the level where it is feasible to fish them, and it may turn into a catastrophe, so it feels like there will be a need to deal with it. 

By the way, the reason why the two anchovy Sea Kings looked like the all-purpose tool -the crowbar- was because they had their heads lowered. 

I will say this with all my might here: the body of an anchovy definitely doesn’t bend in such a way.

It is pointless to retort at this when they are standing on two legs to begin with, but I couldn’t not point out that way of bending. 

“I see, so you became a king-like existence for the anchovies because of your evolution, but you didn’t notice that and activated your ability.” (Tomoe)

“It was a mistake from inexperience. Our familiars have already begun moving, and this may be embarrassing to say, but it won’t be stopping regardless of what we say.” 

“But at that time the adventurers were getting to a pretty good part, and it felt as if the evolution couldn’t be helped anyways, so…you could say it was how things flowed.” 

Looks like within all the excitement from fighting these strong opponents they consider their rivals, they reached a new evolution, and ended up using the highest summon ability they had in the spur of the moment. 

The male one that is talking while mostly apologetic is An; full name: Andre Sus.

The female one that looks like a gyaru and is meekly leaned on An is being called Chovy in short; full name: Chovyre Pence. 

By the way, the one who became red is An, the one who became black is Chovy. 

The male being the flashier one I think is something that happens normally in the animal world.

“Fumu, Sea Kings are in nature the rulers of the sea, so when they grow, they can even obtain such powerful abilities, huh.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe being able to have a serious talk here is impressive. 

The influential people of Koran have caught on to the fact that a troubling matter that surpasses a big catch is unfolding here, and it seems like they have thrown the matter to the Kuzunoha-sans who they normally rely on. 

“We just awakened the ma powers, so we didn’t have a proper grasp of it… Once this situation gets resolved properly, I promise that I will devote myself to master it as soon as possible.”

“If it is with An, I can do my best~. I also promise it. If there’s anything I can do, I will do anything.” 

What’s ma power? 

Is it some kind of power that’s different from magic power? 

“Umu, leave it to us.” (Tomoe)


Aren’t you taking the job way too fast?! 

“You have already thought of a countermeasure? As expected of Lord Waka and Tomoe-sama…” 

Including me in that is troubling, you know.

“The Kuzunoha Company hasn’t formed a friendly relationship with the Sea Kings just for show. Waka-sama has resolved himself to become the bridge for the sea and land a long time ago. So, An-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Yes!” (An)

“What’s ma power-ja?” (Tomoe)

Oi, you don’t know either?

I don’t mind making me look bigger with some hearty words though. I have already prepared myself for that one after all.

“Excuse the lapse of mind. I ended up shortening it out of habit. It means Magnet Power, Tomoe-sama.” 

“Magnetism?!” (Makoto)

It was that one?! 

I ended up retorting. 

Why magnetism when you are a sea species…? Geez.

Might as well evolve into a cyborg. 

Why do Sea Kings have the term magnetism as if it were common knowledge? 


“Magnetism… I see. That’s why the bodies of you two are embodying the N pole and S pole, huh. Ha! Sounds like an evolution that would make Shiki happy-ja no.” (Tomoe)

Red and black.


No, is it really? 

I think it was red and blue though…

“The one that attracts and repels, huh. It certainly does sound like something Shiki would like. Repulsion and attraction, was it?” (Makoto)

The love for studying that Shiki has is far above mine. 

The other day, I don’t know where he reached, but he was mumbling about wanting a carbon nanotube. 

According to my memories, it is some incredible fibre. 

Shiki most likely knows about it in more detail and thus wants it. 

If explained to Mio or the Arkes, they might be able to unexpectedly make stuff like that. 

“It perplexed me when you were talking about this magne-something, but thanks to the explanation of Waka, even I could understand it. Learning that it is not something that should be dealt with immediately is really big.” (Tomoe) 

“I am glad to know that I have been of help. So, what’s the countermeasure?” (Makoto)

“? Isn’t it simple? This is about how the school of anchovies that are coming here aiming for An and Chovy will be filling up the coastal waters, right?” (Tomoe)

“It is because it won’t just end with that that everyone is troubled, you know.” (Makoto)

“They are their familiars, so isn’t it just a matter of having them control their movements to a certain degree, and have these two go to them to greet them in order?” (Tomoe)


“C-Could it be that you will use a gate for our mistake?!” (An)

An was using a tone as if saying this is too much of an honor as he stared at Tomoe.

Chovy was looking at this with worry, and the Birgit people were watching as if they couldn’t believe it. 

Due to their relationship with Tuna and the Sea Kings, and from the exchange of just now, they must hold some degree of connection to the Mist Town. 

Even so, as long as that place holds clear worth for them, there’s not much to worry. 

It can’t be helped that new developments will occur to a certain degree when information is disclosed. 

It should be safe to reveal to them that Tomoe and Mio are even higher than the top of the Asora Ranking. 

“Well, it can’t be helped. It won’t go as far as being Waka himself, but I will accompany you guys. It feels like we will be going around quite a lot including the open sea-ja ga, but I won’t let you collapse in the middle of it, okay?” (Tomoe)

“Those words are wasted on us! Thank you very much!!” (An)

Looks like the problem of anchovies coming to Koran will be solved by our side teleporting to them and going around greeting them.

As for the people of Koran, they were saying ‘it seems like things are going well’ ‘damn, the Kuzunoha Company is the best’.

The Birgit party was showering us passionate gazes. 

Well, the Birgit party is being sponsored by the Couple Company, so involving ourselves too much with them would go against the unwritten laws of merchants.

We will be staying a bit more in Koran, and when An and Chovy have calmed down, we will have them return to Tsige.

Looks like it would be best to keep in a corner of my mind that the Aion Kingdom might pull something at the sea.

If I remember correctly, someone in this party should have a job that specializes in the sea and is comparable to an army on their own.

The Aion Kingdom even tries to infiltrate the fan clubs of Tomoe and Mio, so who knows what they would even try to pull. 

“Now then, people of Koran, a plan to resolve the problem of our Sea King friends has been reached.” (Tomoe)


“I heard that there have been preparations for a feast. Let’s have the remaining talk in a relaxed manner when we have loosened our mouths with liquor. For a better future as friends.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe directed her gaze at me and I nodded.

“I would be really happy to hear about the shipbuilding and fishing that has its eye further into the ocean directly from the mouth of Koran. Please let us and the companies you are close with help you. First…” (Makoto)

Giving some moderate lip-service, I summarize things and move with everyone including the people of Koran.

They seem to have a favorable view towards us, and aside from the anchovy matter, there wasn’t anything really noteworthy, and we managed to hear about a variety of requests and stuff.

Things regarding us directly, and even things that should be asked to Tsige. 

Fortunately, An and Chovy moved Birgit away from us. 

It would just bring unnecessary difficulties. I didn’t want them retorting here. 

Our meeting and lunch took exactly 2 hours. Tomoe and the two Sea Kings had left for the sea. 

Well then, I have bought souvenirs for Shiki and the students, so…it has been a while, but let’s go to Rotsgard.

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      1. Most likely yeah. But if that “sea summoning” happened for the anchovies, I think it is safe to assume that it might happen to the other sea species as well. In other words, the Asoran Sea Kings might involuntarily gain control of all sea animals in Bug-world which can thus create a conflict…
        Well that’s just baseless speculation on my part…

        1. Gain sea summoning: yes, summon crossover Asora to bug-world: no. My assumption is as long as the lord of Asora didnt grant the access then only God class being can come and go to Asora…

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    Remember that the author from the beginning of his story there is a term that is constantly repeated directly or indirectly with the actions of Makoto.

    Here are some examples:

    About Rembrant’s revolution.
    The first time they exposed the situation that Tsige lived under the control of the kingdom of Aion to Makoto.
    Makoto just thought it was the logical thing to do, leaving Rembrant and Morris stunned and speechless. For Makoto at this point in the story, it did not seem like much of a problem as he was tsige before because despite everything tsige continued to grow and his people could live normally. And what does it matter if merchants and other organizations are exploited by high taxes and insane laws, for Makoto some pain for the hyumans is appropriate.

    Another example, with the prince / princess of Limia. Makoto explains his altruistic actions in selling medicine and products for life in the most rural areas, where he shows that the Kuzunoha company only sees its customers more than profit, leaving the prince surprised and speechless.

    On several occasions it has been shown that the logic of that world is corrupted by just seeing the advantages and disadvantages and Makoto himself is slowly learning to accept it.

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    For Makoto, the first impression is fundamental and only after a long time he can manage to change the judgment that he has of someone and another great peculiarity that Makoto has is that he does not like change.

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    For the logic of that world, what Lime asks for is excessive and irrational for someone who is technically the absolute boss. Even more so that he knows Makoto and his circumstances with the bad luck, the hyumans and the goddess. It seems to me a despicable move on the part of Lime, please Kuzunoha’s new orphanage is not even 1 year old. And Makoto knows it very well that’s why that little thought of how Lime brought him anguish in the previous chapter.

    Ginebia and the other original adventurers had the best first impression being Japanese and after makoto learned of their history as Japanese in that other world of the goddess, I feel sorry for them and was very optimistic about their reunion for after the matter of Mio san and Rokuya and their war on Makoto.

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    For this reason, he does not feel proud as a teacher since he never wanted to be one and as merchants Zara and the other merchants ended up eliminating any desire he had to be a merchant, now he only accepts that position but without motivation, the author gave us a big spoiler with the arrival of the 3 gods to Asora.

    “I hope there is no order to eliminate that world”

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    1. it just thought, its pretty normal to think approached by women assistant is more nice than man assistant. but even that has a limit, if unknown woman start immediately with indecent approach in public, even if she pretty or a beauty i don’t think someone will like that(well, except weirdo(?)). and makoto has his fair share of beauty from his family too. so i think it’s complately normal

    2. >Makoto’s patience will run out
      Actually, it probably wouldn’t be as bad like in other timelines.
      He could just hole up in Asora, close the gates and don’t concern himself with Bug’s world anymore.

    3. Oh I see we where diverge on Ginebia’s actions now. You had expectations of it, but I never entertained any such thoughts from that Picnic Rose Garden battle royal and general conclusion from the Lorel arc. However, Ginebia is different from Waterfall because she’s not actively seeking Makoto’s removal, just some petty resistance or inconvenience for making her work.

      Makoto came to Lorel after his falling out with the Hibiki and Tomoki, so in my opinion his expectations of people with Japanese origins are abysmally low at that point. Iroha’s unfiltered innocence probably lifted his mood a bit, but Picnic Rose Garden’s battle made it stronger again. Makoto originally went there as a merchant to negotiate for their services on Tsige’s behalf, but ended up as a conqueror. Considering those events, Makoto probably expects a certain amount of dissatisfaction from Picnic Rose Garden & Adventurers of Origin to remain. Ginebia has only one task which is to safeguard Toa’s party and nothing else (she’s not being employed unlike Rose Garden, but requested strongly). Her actions are kind of petty but not unaccounted for. I and probably Makoto never really considered them true allies from the start. Makoto has not really praised them in his internal monologues very much either.

      Lime and Rembrant on the other hand Makoto had connections for a few years (at least 3 years by now). For me, Lime’s request was long overdue from Makoto’s actions in Kaleneon to now. That was his parent’s country in BUG’s world. It’s similar to how Makoto delayed giving responses to Tomoe and Mio for so long. Kuzunoha has been supporting that orphanage much longer than 1 year, but only started to actively administer it these last few months. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem since this orphanage is not run by the BUG’s nuns and it follows Tsige’s ideals such as you can only rely on your own skills to survive here. I would agree with you about Lime’s request if he requested after nearly defecting to Hibiki’s group, but a considerable number of time passed already. Lime also received Tomoe’s dragon blessing (the first of such), so he is more than qualified to make it by now. Shiki also wants Makoto to get more attached to his students and was advocating it before this request happened.

      For Rembrandt, Makoto is not going to abandon his hyumans connections. Rembrandt became his acquaintance before his company became famous and he started making a name for himself. He even brought Rembrandt and Morris to Kaleneon’s hot springs as proof of his trust. Makoto would rather trust Rembrant than Aion’s Shogun.

      For Toa, a number of readers remember her due to nostalgia being one of the oldest side characters that Makoto meets. However, she never really interreacted much with him or show any signs that she liked him. Toa probably thinks of him as her and Rinon’s savior, but choose to marry someone else she knows better like Hazal from being in the same party.

      I agree there is a bit of a contradiction in Makoto. Another one is the existence of the Mist Town despite that incident with those adventurers. It’s a clear sign that Makoto does want some connections with BUG’s world.

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