Tsuki – Chapter 373: Tacit Consent

The fan club of Mio was quite different from Tomoe’s.

As expected of Mio’s fan club, or more like, it is natural since it is Mio’s…the food factor is strong in this one! 

What’s apparently the biggest faction currently, the Mio-sama Fan Club, is composed mostly of cooks, and their culinary pursuit is a big objective of theirs. 

There were no gophers in the Tomoe Family, but it looks like the expensive ingredients and rare ingredients are serving the purpose of eliminating the worries of a difference in standings between members. 

For good or for bad, it is chaotic. 

And the Mio-chan Fan Club that is competing with that top is more of a normal idol fan club…I would say it is more of a normal idol fan club than the former. Rather than food, they clearly worship Mio herself more…no, they are dead drunk. Hmmm…despite being maniacs, it is a gathering of people that show admiration. 

In terms of a fan club, I would say the latter one fits the fan club bill more -that’s my impression.

The interesting part is that reservation tickets of the establishment that Mio has made at the store of the Kuzunoha Company are extremely popular in both fan clubs.

It is a bit different from reservation tickets, but since there’s the chance, I gave a number of invitation tickets to them through Lime. 

Both had conceived deep fan layers, but they were mostly harmless, so this was in a sense a way of telling them that we will be watching over them for now. 

It seems like Lime understood well what I meant and was talking about connivance and stuff. He really likes using words Tomoe would use. 

“Anyways, they are really passionate.” (Makoto)

My impression of them leaked out while I was skimming through the book ‘Mio Stands’ that had the compiled food stands that Mio has eaten at, and her evaluations of them. 

She wasn’t interviewed about it, and of course she didn’t supervise the making of it. 

This was pure steady work in gathering information about the impressions Mio had of the things she had eaten at the food stands, making articles about it, and compiling them. 

It is fun to see the difference between the explanation of the stand owner and Mio’s impressions, but you could say this is borderline the journal of a stalker. 

Mio is the type that has sharp instincts. 

But at the times when she is concentrating on food…it wouldn’t be strange for her to not notice a stalker who is also interested in food as well. 

Because they have no intention of bringing harm, have no animosity, or ill intentions after all.

On top of that, they are tasting the food -she herself had an eye on- with serious expressions.

Yeah, it is no surprise she would ignore them. 

“Right now, when talking about gourmets in Tsige, the name of Mio-neesan would show up no doubt. Rather than having an idol-like popularity…it might be more accurate to describe it as her being popular as an information source.” (Lime)

“Mio, huh. Ah, I have been brought to this place before. Haha, it is evaluated highly.” (Makoto)

“…Reality is that the places that Boss would be happy with or would most likely say it is tasty have high evaluations.” (Lime)

“In other words, if I were to look at this, I would be able to tell which places I would like. I should have bought at restaurants as well instead of just going for food stands, huh.” (Makoto)

“In my personal opinion, I would like you to go out with Mio-neesan more often. On the day she learns that you rely on such a book instead of her, my hair will turn all white, you know…” (Lime)

“Hahaha, I will be careful of that. I will try to keep it as only a time waster when I am bored.” (Makoto)

White hair, huh.

I feel like that would look good on Lime. 

But I think Lime wouldn’t be spared with just that much…

“At any rate, with this, the weight in my shoulders has lessened. Getting consent is a grateful thing.” (Lime)

“Trying to stop them just for liking something would be a bit… There’s no real harm, and I think most of them are regular customers of the Kuzunoha Company.” (Makoto)

“Of course-ssu yo. Most of them are the type that first try to get it at the Kuzunoha Company before going to other places-ssu.” (Lime)

“I am grateful to hear that.” (Makoto)

Quality and price are of course important, but having a lot of customers who are going to the Kuzunoha Company solely because it is the Kuzunoha Company is a grateful thing. 

Even if the trigger was Tomoe and Mio, it isn’t something to worry about. 

I say that, but making merchandise of Tomoe and Mio and selling them is a no though.

“…Uhm…Boss…” (Lime)

Early afternoon after we finished checking the top fan club of Tomoe and the two biggest fan clubs of Mio, Lime and I went into a random cafe. 

It is a cafe, but it is the pure kind that has a calm atmosphere. 

We were talking about the results of the inspection as we had cold coffee.

The conclusion is that as long as Lime and the others can properly keep and eye on them, it is okay to overlook them.

There were peculiar stuff like the Mio★Stands of before within the varied goods, but they were mostly peaceful stuff. 

After feeling like I finished a field trip of deep society, Lime spoke to me with a serious tone. 

“? Is something the matter?” (Makoto)


In this unrelaxing space of time, Lime was silent as if finding it hard to speak. 

But he is the one who wants to say something, so I can only wait. 


“Actually, I have a request-ssu.” (Lime)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“About the rumors of the Kuzunoha Company that the Dusk Street was involved in…” (Lime)

“…Ah, there was that. The one where the reasoning was all over the place, yet the answer was miraculously correct?” (Makoto)

One of the schemes to tie us up with the Anti-Goddess Cult in order to divide the Tsige.

In the end, rather than saying the instigator was the Aion Kingdom, it was more the Apostle of the Goddess, Alte, who they were siding with.

She did seem like the type that specialized more in scheming than in direct combat. 

If she had the proper subordinates, I feel like it would have become an even more problematic situation.

Fortunately, it was simply warriors and mages with special traits, so we managed to deal with it. 

You could say it is a rare instance of luck for me. 

The rumors have already turned into stuff that you would go ‘there was that, right. So stupid’, so there’s no problems.

“We had a variety of people move in that matter. Comrades, adventurers, former adventurers, and also…” (Lime)

“Yeah, we were helped out a lot by your connections.” (Makoto)

Lime, who had worked far and wide as an adventurer having come from Tsige, was truly moving here and there in a dizzying fashion, and showed great work at that time.

“T-The Weitz Orphanage also helped out from the big to the small as small as it may have been!” (Lime)

“Y-Yeah…” (Makoto)

There’s no need to state it so powerfully as if you had resolved yourself. 

I have received the reports of the Weitz Orphanage employees and orphans moving around the city, and I also know it has connected to results. 

“…I know that you have your thoughts regarding hyumans as a whole.” (Lime)

Lime took a deep breath, lowered his volume, and spoke in a calm tone.

His face had gotten so serious that it is hard to believe that this came after a talk about fan clubs.

They talk about this every now and then, but it is not like I hate hyumans that much… There’s times I do, but have I discriminated against them…?


“But despite knowing this, I -Lime Latte- have one thing I want to ask of you, Boss.” (Lime)

“…Speak.” (Makoto)

A request involving hyumans, huh.

“With the small services of mine until now, and the hard work of the Weitz Orphanage this time around, could you please allow them to migrate inside as a reward?!” (Lime)

Inside? Migrate?

Is he…talking about Asora?

Is Lime asking me to have hyumans live there?

He must be referring to the orphans of the Weitz Orphanage. 

Lime is coming and going from there, and there’s times when he would spend his days there. 

But that’s…

“I haven’t heard yet why you thought this up, but right now the Weitz Orphanage is serving as a new model case for magic constructions, and if we were to move them from there, it would put that plan to waste.” (Makoto)

There’s not a single trace of this being a joke in the face of Lime.

He may be speaking in a low volume, but he is asking me to please let hyumans move to Asora with strong resolve. 

“I am not asking for it to be right this instant. Being given such good treatment like the Weitz Orphanage’s reconstruction is something that I can’t give enough thanks no matter how much I were to try.” (Lime)

Ah, he has returned a bit to the usual Lime. 

Maybe he has said what he found hardest to say, so his tension has gone over the peak?

I am going to reach my peak here myself after being told that though.

“So…what is it that you want me to do then?” (Makoto)

“After seeing Jin and the others being trained by Boss and the people of the other side at Rotsgard, one -you could say- ideal of mine had been born. That I had gotten a peek of what I would like the world to be.” (Lime)


“The thought that maybe hyumans can be let inside the Kuzunoha Company and inside the heart of Boss.” (Lime)


“Shiki-san being proactive about it might have helped out in creating this miracle, is the kind of temporary hesitation I had. But…uhm…I wondered that maybe, in that case, the children of our place could be shown that same dream.” (Lime)


“I was pretty tucked up and worried about it a lot, and it is actually something that I had been thinking about a lot for a long time-ssu! I am lost…I am at a loss here. When I am in the real deal, I can’t bring out the words.” (Lime)

“Yeah, I understand that feeling. Well, there’s no need to hurry. I will listen to how you feel, but try to explain to me first about what it is you wish to do in a clearer form.” (Makoto)

“…Yes. Form… In that case, I want to make a branch of the Weitz Orphanage inside, and then allow the children that have accepted the rules there to live there. Something like that-ssu.” (Lime)

An orphanage branch in Asora, huh.

Doesn’t sound like an orphanage anymore.

In Asora, not only are there no hyumans, there’s no orphans. 

The current Asora has no need for an orphanage in itself.

Wait, the function of the facility is of no importance right now, huh.

Lime wants the people who wish to move from the Weitz Orphanage into Asora to be allowed in. He wants that choice, that path, made possible. 

Hyumans to Asora, huh.

It is not the orphanage itself, so it is fine to continue what we are doing at that place, and he doesn’t want to get in the way of that. 

But…hyumans in Asora, huh.

“Even if I were to accept, you understand right, Lime? It means that once they move, even if they wanted to come back here, they won’t be able to, you know? It is true that orphans have lighter connections to the world, but…do you think they can make that decision themselves? Or more like, is it even okay to let them make it?” (Makoto)

Orphans have lighter feet in the decision. For good or for bad, there’s little they would look back in regret to. 

That trait is even more pronounced for orphan children than it is adults that were orphans…

I feel like having them make a choice that they can’t go back from isn’t fair.

‘Then it should be okay to just let them come and go from Asora and here’, at this moment I didn’t have that thought at all.

I was worried solely about the orphans who would have to be placed in such a position. 

Or maybe…I was searching for the kindest of reasons I could find to not let hyumans enter. 

“Even with that, I can’t help but feel like there’s more of a chance for a future there. Be it here or there, there’s not much difference for us. Of that I am sure. It is a mere difference of one being surrounded by hyumans and one that isn’t. It is just that difference, but who knows just how many possible paths there are over there. I want to share this dream-like chance with them. I think so from the depths of my heart.” (Lime)

“The children of the orphanage are like a family, right? Wouldn’t we be instilling hatred towards us by doing something like separating them?” (Makoto)

“Boss, ‘when I leave and come back, their numbers are fewer each time they gather, as if it were natural’. This is what Sis told me, and they are wise words.” (Lime)

I have to question what wise words are for you…

You are saying ‘as if it is natural’ with such a grandiose tone, oi.

Hyumans, huh.

It is true that they are questionable in general because of the teachings and pampering of the Goddess.

If I were to be adamant in not letting any in, it would certainly be because of my views. 

Leaving aside an immediate answer, the time to think about it has come. 

“No matter what?” (Makoto)

“Please.” (Lime)

Lime placed both hands on the table and lowered his head deeply. 

“I can’t give you an immediate answer.” (Makoto)


“But I can tell that you are still not in your best state of mind, and with this being such a sensitive topic to talk about here, your words are being limited. How about we continue the talk at the other side without having to mind the wording?” (Makoto)

“…Y-Yessu!” (Lime)

“I would also like to hear since when and how you ended up thinking about this. We are often relying on you, so it is hard to refuse a request of yours. Let’s have dinner together as well with some alcohol, and have a good long talk. Don’t worry, I will properly decide it tonight.” (Makoto)

I feel like I would end up postponing it for a long time otherwise. 

I should think about these kinds of things properly, but I am sure that it would be better to give an answer quick. 

Pushing aside a decision and continuing discussion forever wouldn’t be fitting of a merchant. 

If we are going to discuss it, we should do so with the thought of reaching a decision and moving forward.


“And so, meeting adjourned for now. Let’s resume tonight.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Lime)

“Well then, there’s still some work left, so I am counting on you.” (Makoto)

I leave the establishment and part ways with Lime. 

Lately, I have been with Tomoe and Mio after dinner, or with only Tomoe or Mio. It has been a while since it has been a night with only men. 

It is a shame it is more of a serious conversation rather than just hanging out. 

Anyways, I head back with hurried steps to the company in order to make calls for the sake of that, and to finish up a number of matters left. 


Seeing off Raidou, Lime felt the nervousness that had been gone for an instance come back in full force once again.

It is finally that time. 

The migration of the orphanage to Asora that he had wished for.

Whether this will happen or not will be decided tonight.

What was in his heart surprisingly didn’t come out as he wanted to, so this time around, he has to tell his master Raidou slowly and properly without messing up.

“Ah, right. I too have a job of cleaning up the rats that have infiltrated the fan clubs.” (Lime)

Many are from the Aion Kingdom, but as expected from inviting many important people from other nations – even if it wasn’t as much as the Rotsgard School Festival- there’s no knowing what approach they will be trying. 

It also wouldn’t be strange if a company in Tsige were to be swallowed and turned into a pawn of some country. 

Tsige aiming to shape up as a completely new country makes the openings equally as big. 

There’s plenty of a possibility that they will try something with the Kuzunoha Company too. 

There’s still a mountain of work for Lime.

And so, Lime would have to investigate the ones who infiltrated or tried to infiltrate the fan clubs of Tomoe and Mio, and if necessary, deal with them. 

He has mostly conveyed his desire. 

What’s left is to face this night without any grievances, exchange drinks with him, and speak out his feelings.

“Fortunately, Boss didn’t say anything about his own fan clubs, and it didn’t seem like he minded it. Boss has changed… He must have done what he did today because he was somewhat worried about the surroundings of his women. Eeh, Sis and Mio-neesan are truly loved.” (Lime)

Lime is most likely making a big misunderstanding here.

He is, but…thinking about the mental burden of Makoto, learning about the existence of his own fan clubs, and then going to inspect them would be way too dangerous at this moment. 

There’s the saying that there’s things that are better left unknown, and for Makoto, his own fan clubs would definitely fall into that category. 

Lime is properly aware of the other 3 fan clubs, those being Shiki, Komoe, and Makoto’s fan clubs, and he is properly keeping an eye on them. 

He simply guided Makoto to the ones of Tomoe and Mio under his orders. 

“Seina, things got stirred up, but if it passes, I will have you go there as well. I will properly pay back my debt with you. Prepare yourself.” (Lime)

Lime scratches his nose as he goes ‘hehe’ and looks up at the sky. 

He still doesn’t know…what it is that the drinking session he will have with Makoto will bring about.

The sky was slowly beginning to dye red.

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  26. I’m feeling like Lime’s view is premature, even though he’s been thinking about it for some time now. His desire seems to be based on what he himself experienced/suffered before. As Makoto stated, they just recently finished the rebuild of the orphanage building complex. They’ve implemented age appropriate formal instruction that wasn’t available to them prior. And, the threat of Dio and his human trafficking organization are by and large a thing of the past.

    If the statistics of our world are to be applied, it’s clear that children who grow up in broken families, or as orphans, have a much harder time with personality development, emotional stability, respect for those in authority, etc. I don’t know if the author will touch on these points, but it seems like the lesson being taught so far is that orphans suffer because of (1) lack of basic material needs, and (2) lack of educational structure. If we’re supposed to believe that’s all a person needs, and that the adult staff (Seina, etc) provide everything else, like loving attention and care, I don’t understand what Lime is hoping to achieve with a location change. Does he want Makoto or other residents of Asora to adopt human children? Apart from that, or Lime himself doing so, I don’t see how moving them improves things for those kids.

    1. small corection, Dio is the Aion general’s third son who almost got transformed to a Mutant in Rostgard (and get treated by Shiki with Spine Rip Fatality) , Rio is an elf who is the boss of Dusk Street and later turn to a large tree at orphanage

      1. smaller correction here. Rio WAS the boss of dusk street. Now he’s a grand and beautiful tree that watches over the orphanage.

    2. I think Lime is less optimistic about the employment prospects of the orphans, even with education. Given that this is fiction, it’ll probably all work out to a happy ending, but in their world as it is, there’s no guarantee that the orphans can get out of the adventurer/merchant/dead mold. And with the large population influx that Rembrandt is expecting, it might in the short term get much harder for them before it gets any easier.

  27. I could imagine Raidou having several fanclubs such as;
    Ultimate Golddigger Goal fanclub,
    raidouXshiki BL fanclub,
    We are your sevant Devil-sama fanclub,
    All Hail God of Wealth fanclub,
    Raidou Die You Lucky Bastard fanclub, etc

  28. The fanatics’ level of fanaticism is on the level of worshiping their idols. Watch it become a Church of Edo Otaku Dragon Goddess Tomoe and Yandere Goddess of Cooking, overtaking the Church of Bug.

    Jokes aside, Tsige’s bold proclamation about taking their destiny into their own hands instead of relying on the Goddess to establish the best country will usher in an era of prosperity and immense growth, while also weakening the Church’s influence.

    I’m liking the pacing so far. Many changes to Tsige and Kuzunoha Company are to come. Taking the new information in strides is refreshing.

  29. Haha doesn’t expect that, well if the information about he is being wise – the devil – rostgart tem. Teacher – and merchant is Circulate nothing weird thought

  30. I am really against bringing Hyumans to Asora. It’s fine if there are one of Two, but bringing a bunch of them there, doesn’t sounds right. I won’t trust them to keep secrets about Asora as secret. Also, there are so many different Races living there, Hyumans by nature won’t be able to handle it, even if they are children. And will they be able to accept Makoto as the God of that world. They need to have same amount of Devotion towards Makoto as other races.

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