Tsuki – Chapter 374: Tomorrow Morning

After the night I spoke to Lime passed, I was drawing some sweat out with my everyday early morning bow training.

Lime’s mouth had loosen up from the alcohol, and he spoke in great detail about his feelings of the orphanage, his feelings for Asora, and his impressions after watching the lectures in both the Rotsgard Academy and Asora. 

On top of that, he has been an orphan himself, so he knows about the unreasonableness of having your options narrowed. Most of all, he confessed to me that rather than seeing Asora as a different world, he saw it as a new land that’s filed with possibilities.

“After being told that much…” (Makoto)

If I were asked whether all my doubts about hyumans have been melted away in the talk of yesterday, my answer would be no.

But I am now fully aware that I was actively taking a stance that rejected them no questions asked without even giving them a single chance. I also understood that accepting hyumans doesn’t always equal to bringing the fetters of the Goddess’s world.


In the end, I allowed the migration of hyumans into Asora -with conditions, of course.

Even if it won’t be right this instant, there will be hyumans joining Asora in a not so far future. 

“Well, overthinking it right now won’t be doing anything. Kaleneon is doing well with hyumans, so Asora might be able to manage somehow too.” (Makoto)

We already have precedents in what kind of city and society demi-humans and hyumans form with Kaleneon and Tsige.

And both of them do look like successes to me.

It may be obvious, but it is not like they will definitely mess up things just because they are hyuman.

“…Lime did mess things up though.” (Makoto)

Finishing the cleaning up, I felt a wry smile on my face as I thought of Lime who was acting separately as morning arrived.

I wash off the sweat in the shower, and change clothes. 

When I head to have breakfast, he…was not there, as expected.

It was the usual sight of my four followers welcoming me. 

Lime had been seized by Tomoe and Mio with scary smiles on their faces as morning rose, and he is nowhere to be seen now.

The air being as usual is instead scary right now.

Tamaki seemed to be as normal, but the expression of Shiki was slightly stiff as if he knew something. 

I should at least confirm the safety of Lime…

The result of reading the atmosphere of the dining table where there’s warm steam wafting about and the four people around it was…that I should avoid the topic.

“Good morning.” (Makoto)

““Good morning.””

It is truly the usual morning sight. 

Lately we have had a lot of japanese-style meal mornings, and that was the same today.

There would be one or two changes here and there which would be just Mio adding things she has been working on, but there’s nothing of the sort this morning.

There’s no night without end and no unending storm.

The karaage chaos is over now. 

By the way, we end up having western style meals on weekends often.

For some reason, the Misumi households custom had been taken in here as well. 

Not only Mio, I don’t remember telling anyone.


There was no raising of the voice, and we began a normal meal.

Tomoe and Shiki began to talk, and Mio was checking herself and seemed to be satisfied.

Tamaki ate her food with a smile and with good manners, and when conversation was thrown at her, she would join in with an expression as if she were really into it. 

The breakfast became a place to talk about the plans of today.

Tomoe’s was mostly related to Tsige, Mio was about ingredients and a check of the place as a whole, Shiki will be going around the Academy, and Tamaki would give and listen to reports regarding the shrine in Asora and the sea. 

Thought transmission may be a convenient spell, but this kind of information exchange meeting has become a daily activity of ours. 

(Meeting face to face everyday like this was actually something pretty recent… It was after we returned from Lorel, I think? Everyone was moving around a whole lot after all.) (Makoto)

Be it matters of the company, research, the relationship between hyumans and demons.

We would actually just wrap things up through thought transmission, and we would all gather only a few times a week. 

I don’t really hate the times when we are working around busily, but I personally prefer how things are now.

I can discover things like how Shiki unexpectedly has a hard time using chopsticks. 

Maybe due to hard work, Tomoe has mostly mastered the use of chopsticks.

Since Mio has been learning cooking, she has learned to utilize tableware properly. 

I am used to chopsticks to begin with, so I would say I am average.

Tamaki is on a whole other level.

If there were tests on how little you dirty the tip of the chopsticks, she is on a mastery that would let her take a 10th dan black belt. 

The way she drinks the miso soup, and eats the natto rice and fried fish is beautiful.

And then there’s Shiki who would sometimes use the chopsticks like a fork, and would get scolded by Tomoe and Mio.

Even though I told Shiki it was okay to not push himself since there’s forks, knives, and spoons, he is the type that doesn’t want to take the easy route. 

He may say otherwise, but he actually hates losing. 

There’s no real rule when it comes to the tableware in Asora.

We go by the policy that each race can use the utensils that fits them the most, and there’s no complicated table manners at the times when the races gather. 

I am the one at the top after all.

Even if I were to throw some table manners that I myself don’t even remember well, it won’t be benefiting anyone. 

“This is a point of interest-ja no. It is true that we need Waka to put the Academy into place too.” (Tomoe)

“Just as Tomoe-dono says, it seems like it would be best to show our faces in Koran as well…” (Shiki)

The port town Koran that announced they will be joining Tsige to Rotsgard.

Looks like Tomoe and Shiki are talking about my plans for today.

I didn’t really have any special plans today.

In that case, I can move as I wish in the morning and the afternoon, and there’s no problem no matter what plans end up added.

There weren’t any calls related to the Merchant Guild, and the companies are currently desperate in investigating their own position in the new Tsige, and are trying to create footholds for themselves.

Meetings are being done on the daily lately no matter if it is big or small companies.

Me participating as the Kuzunoha Company is big, so I do attend a number of them, and the remaining ones I have other employees attend. 

At the places I have to participate in, I would show up at least once, and have the situation explained, so there’s not as much friction and misunderstandings as before.

This is most likely what a lull state is.

No matter what decision Tomoe and Shiki come out with, I will be able to deal with it. Come at me.

“Has there been no new ingredient found at the sea?” (Mio)

Mio looks at Tamaki and throws a topic to her.

These two would sometimes argue when it comes to cooking, but their relationship is decently good.

That’s how I see these two, but with those ‘ufufu’ and ‘ara ara’, I am not really certain.

“It may not be suitable for our usual meals, but it seems like they have found a giant shellfish.” (Tamaki)

“Shellfish?” (Mio)

“It is a species that doesn’t move much, and it is rooted at the bottom of the sea with its mouth open.” (Tamaki)

A shellfish that roots itself at the bottom of the sea.

Is it like a *Tairagi*? <Japanese Pen Shell>

The abductor muscle of it was crazy tasty.

I have only eaten it once, so my memory of it may be beautified here, but I remember it being tasty. 

*Isobeyaki*…oops, I ended up remembering it. 

“Another unusual one.” (Mio)

“It goes chomp. It has high battle power, and if you get close and end up getting caught by it, there’s no way of getting out, apparently.” (Tamaki)

Mantis Shrimp? 

“If getting sandwiched gets you checkmated, is it the size of a person?” (Mio)

“No, it is as big as a house. I am going to be guided to it today, so how about accompanying me there too, Mio-san?” (Tamaki)

Ah, right. 

This is Asora.

“…What about the taste?” (Mio)

“It is a troublesome ingredient to get, but it is apparently an extreme delicacy. The Sea Kings and Lorelais were giving it high praise.” (Tamaki)

“I’m going.” (Mio)

Tamaki and Mio will be going to the sea of Asora.

A shellfish the size of a house, huh.

Even if a cooking method was to be established for it, it would have to be for banquets.

Speaking of big, it has been a while since I have eaten the land crab of the wasteland… I want to eat some of that too.

I should try asking whether there’s some race out there that’s planning on hunting some as training.

Each race has their turn in cooking.

The people at the kitchen are most likely eating the same as us.

I was fine with preparing a big table and having everyone eat together, but all the races declined respectfully. 

Eating at a family size table with few people is nostalgic and I like it, so I don’t really mind though.

The people in the kitchen that were trained by Mio will be returning to their groups later and devote themselves to cooking.

The cooking has become Mio style as a result, but that can’t be helped.

There will most likely be a lot of variations born from it eventually.

I am truly happy that the job of a cook has finally been established in Asora.

 “Waka, it seems like you were moving somewhere yesterday, but do you have any arrangements today?” (Tomoe)

“…No, nothing special today. Only thing I have is teaching a bit of archery tomorrow at the orphanage.” (Makoto)

“Ah, now that you mention it, you were fulfilling the request of a girl named Ates.” (Mio)

When I answered the question of Tomoe, Mio joined the conversation as if remembering that.

This feels so weird when thinking back to yesterday checking out the fan clubs of these two.

Aah, I haven’t told the two about the matter of the fan clubs.

That’s because they are unofficial, so I thought there’s no need to tell them about it. 

Lime will be telling Tomoe about spreading ceramic arts in Tsige, so she will most likely notice their existence eventually. 

…That’s if Lime is still alive.

“Then…can you accompany me for a bit? I will be going to Koran to exchange some greetings, and it would be convenient if Waka were to go with me. I think it will be done by noon.” (Tomoe)

“Got it. Then, let’s have lunch at Koran. Is that okay, Mio?” (Makoto)

“Of course. I will be making dinner mainly with meat then.” (Mio)

“Thanks. So, judging from your talk, it will be the Academy in the afternoon, right?” (Makoto)

I switch my gaze to Shiki.

Ah, now that I think about it, Shiki also has fan clubs.

I know that it is crazy at the Academy too, but I didn’t investigate the view the people of Tsige had of Shiki.

The evaluation Rembrandt-san and Morris-san had of him was good, so I didn’t bother too much with it. 

“There’s the lectures, but also calls from the executive office and the higher ups every so often. Also…” (Shiki)

“?” (Makoto)

“There have been moves regarding the church.” (Shiki)

“Aah, now that you mention it…” (Makoto)

There was the matter of the Bishop-san.

“No, it is not about that, it is about the patient…no, the former patient.” (Shiki)

“…Ah.” (Makoto)

The Aion Kingdom’s one.

There was that.

Something about the son of a General or a noble. 

“Both are small matters, but I think it would be best if Waka-sama were to come once and wrap those matters up.” (Shiki)

“Got it. Then, in the afternoon. If there’s time, I will also attend the lecture.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much.” (Shiki)


Will the mess from the independence be finished with this? 

And then, I can take it easy…doubt it.

Tsige will be accelerating. 

I will do my best today as well to, at the very least, have enough leisure to maintain these mornings.


Going back a little bit in time.

Finishing speaking overnight, the two men welcome morning.

One of them headed to his daily archery training as if not feeling the fatigue of passing an all-nighter and no hangover of the alcohol. 

Then, what about the other one?

He was joking about having flowers in both sides and was dragged into an underground room.

“…Monopolizing Waka for a whole night? You have become quite the big shot, huh, Lime?” (Tomoe)

“Pocky, hair plucking, scourer, mop…what shall I do after?” (Mio)

“Hiiih!” (Lime)

“We have told you to leave the nights of Waka open as much as possible.” (Tomoe)

“We have told you plenty of times, right?” (Mio)

“Today was…today couldn’t be helped!” (Lime)

“Haah? Something like the path of the orphans can be spoken about tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, at whichever other time!” (Tomoe)

“There’s no way it has enough worth! To take away my nights! With him!!” (Mio)

“…No no no, Boss didn’t seem like he had any problems with that… This may sound rude, but…it was just one night. There will be another night today, you know-ssu yo?” (Lime)


The explanation of Lime while prostrating to the two flowers, Tomoe and Mio. The two looked at each other’s face and shook them to the sides. 

It is not the reaction of acceptance.

Even though he had managed to safely achieve the biggest desire of his life,  why have things turned out like this?

He was currently in chaos.

“What about last night?” (Mio)

“…Huh?” (Lime)

“Last night won’t ever come back-ja ro.” (Tomoe)

“Exactly-desu wa. You don’t have the ability to turn back time, and you have the gall of saying night will come again. The night of yesterday won’t come back. It can’t be returned…” (Mio)

“H-Haha, come on, you two. Things with Boss have just started, and you are all new in this, so…let’s calm down a bit. Take a deep breath first, and just pour all your feelings of yesterday tonight…okay?” (Lime)

Lime was wondering from the bottom of his heart just what is it he was saying here.

His two superiors that are normally strict but wise were completely crazy right now.

“Can’t reason with you.” (Tomoe)

“Guilty.” (Mio)

The two had expressionless faces.

Even though it was only one night.

Even though their master Raidou was the same as usual.

Lime was stunned, going ‘seriously?’.

Tomoe looked slightly above Lime’s face.

“?” (Lime)

“Umu, first we begin with the hair.” (Tomoe)

“Got it. I have things to do, so let’s vent this anger quick.” (Mio)

“Lucky for you…that it was before breakfast.” (Tomoe)

“How lucky he is.” (Mio)

“P-Please spare me!!!!” (Lime)

It is said that no one in Tsige saw Lime that day.

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