Tsuki – Chapter 372: Tomoe Family

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“It is a gambling den?!” 

What was reflected in my eyes was a sight like that of a hideout of gamblers. 

Gentlemen and ladies sitting on a tatami-matted ground around a table with their hands occupied. 

Truly a gambling den. 

There’s no deck of cards or the like, but the atmosphere is the very same. 

Where’s the fan club? 

“Lime, is this a casino wearing the skin of a fan club? The looks seem to be made in the liking of Tomoe though…” (Makoto)

“Aah…no. This is not a gambling den. I see, so there was this today as well. No wonder the box was big.” (Lime)


“Boss, this place doesn’t allow cheating at all, and it is a one shot match that relies solely on luck… A game spot-ssu ne.” (Lime)

“…No no no.” (Makoto)

That’s just switching words.

“Well, just watch. That place, well, if Sis were to describe it, it would be even-or-odds gambling though.” (Lime)

“Even in my eyes I think so as well. They are clearly rolling the dice inside the bowl…” (Makoto)

“But what they are betting isn’t money-ssu.” (Lime)



I can see quite the legit-looking coin there though?

It is basically a chip, right?

“Those coins are made by the fan club themselves and are called tomoemon. They are distributed by the tops every month, and it is one of the methods they take to make it so that the fan club doesn’t deal directly with money.” (Lime)

“T-Tomoemon…” (Makoto)

What a name.

This is already on the level of Kaiji. <gambling manga>

“Due to the unwritten rule of definitely not allowing this fan club to become a place where rich people can take all the goods with bags of coins, they thought of something that I would say is pretty nice.” (Lime)

“Everything with bags of coins, huh.” (Makoto)

Well, but it is the natural course of society that the rich people get the most. 

Even if you make adjustments to that, it won’t change that principle. 

Also, even if you are not rich, the amount you get would be different depending on how much money you put into it. 

I feel like fervent fans giving out money instead of rich people crushing everything with their money is vaguely different… I should think whether there’s clean and dirty money by using a merchant perspective.

“There’s not many places with as much difference in economic states as this city after all.” (Lime)

“True.” (Makoto)

“Here, by giving information and goods regarding Sis, you obtain tomoemons depending on rarity and distance. By using those, you get other goods, can save it for later use, and well, it is like pocket money between the fans.” (Lime)

“Then, what’s with that gambling-looking sight there?” (Makoto)

“That’s a kind of auction.” (Lime)

“Auction?!” (Makoto)

“5-10 mons is mostly the participation fee, and the one who is the most loved by lady luck can get a Sis good that day. It is a repeat of double ups, and the one who stands at the top of the tournament will receive a prize that is equal to the total amount of tomoemons.” (Lime)

Tomoe goods…

“According to all you have said, the only time you put coins into it is at the participation fee.” (Makoto)

“Exactly-ssu.” (Lime)

“…You moved on as if nothing… I understand rarity, but what’s that about distance?” (Makoto)

“The hair clip of Sis would be zero distance, right? The moment an item like that were to show up, the heat of the auction would not be like this one.” (Lime)

That’s what distance means…?

Eh, aren’t these people maturing nicely into maniacs? 

There’s no ‘nicely’ about it, huh.

They are already far gone. 

Lime was nodding constantly as if it were natural. 

“So you are saying the closer they are to their bodies, the higher the value?” (Makoto)

“In regards to tomoemons, yes.” (Lime)

“Then, if there’s a cup that Tomoe used to drink alcohol at the food court…” (Makoto)

My words are beginning to get weird, but I am still maintaining my sanity here.

“…Yes?” (Lime)

“If it is a disposable cup, of course she would throw it away, but…” (Makoto)


“Are there moments when those kinds of things are brought here and treated as rare items?” (Makoto)

This is to see whether they are an organization that should be crushed in its entirety. The scales are currently shaking. 

“Boss, that’s quite the taboo case-ssu. There may be hardcore people like that, but this place filters those stuff out. However, the minority that dive underground might have those kinds of items.” (Lime)

Lime gave an instant response with a straight face. 

He said the last part with a really low voice and with a regretful tone. 

“So there’s proper delineations in that front, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Things like a hair clip, a katana’s hilt, and a sash fastener for an obi were apparently given to someone from the Tomoe Family by Sis. That they were given it after asking for them when she was going to throw them away. It was from person to person. Well, it may be somewhat in the gray zone, but they don’t do things like rummaging the trash just as you mentioned before, Boss.” (Lime)

“…I see. By the way, this…” (Makoto)

“?!” (Lime)

“Tomoe’s handmade miniature carving. It was something she made pretty early in the times she began to practice it. Are you saying stuff like this is a rare item here?” (Makoto)

“…I think it would be around 2,000 mons.” (Lime)

“…As expected of the Consultant. You know a lot.” (Makoto)

But I don’t know how much that’s worth.

“How about presenting that and becoming member number 0?” (Lime)

“That’s a terrible joke, Lime. I don’t think I will be coming here again, so give this to the management of the Tomoe Family later. Just say it is a greeting from a scholar.” (Makoto)

That way the position of Lime should increase slightly. 

I will leave the surveillance of this place to him. 

I feel like if I were to come here on the regular, the chivers on my back that I am currently feeling will become chronic. 

“…I will accept it with honor.” (Lime)

“Okay. And so, after checking out the actual goods going around here, I want to go to Mio’s too.” (Makoto)

“Understood. Over here.” (Lime)

I walked through this place where bizarre enthusiasm was swirling while following Lime.

Fumu..the rats of Aion were kicked out, but…I see…

I could hear words like Tomoe-sama, Nee-san, and Sis thrown around here and there. 

Also, when it comes to the topics, it would be centered around Tomoe or Mio.

It doesn’t seem like they hold antagonistic feelings towards Mio, and it is simply a gathering of people that like Tomoe more. 

It doesn’t seem like they are dissing Mio either. 

They are not raising Tomoe while lowering Mio.

Yup, that’s great as a fan club. 

Also, because it is among people that are so dyed in this world, the people that are trying to fit into this place temporarily stand out. 

There’s the ones who are fans but are still not used to the atmosphere of the place after all.

Of course the rats would have a hard time too. 

Most would end up getting filtered. 

And the remaining ones were washed off by Lime. 

Next is the goods. 

It would be one thing if it were unnecessary stuff, but when it comes to goods, it feels like it would be easy to go wild. 

If there’s stuff that looks like oppai mousepads…should I put that in the barely acceptable level?


Hmm, this is tough.

“Drawings, huh.” (Makoto)

At the merchandise sales corner that I was guided to, there were postcard size drawings of Tomoe lined up there.

It is truly healthy. Stuff like her striding the streets of the city, her slightly battle suited mode when she is about to head off to the wasteland. 

They haven’t drawn her in a swimsuit or anything like that. 

“This is what’s most popular-ssu ne. It is normally stuff that’s in a size you can keep hidden. Normally, you would exchange with the tomoemons I told you of before, but there’s a few that can be bought with money too. They get a pretty good amount in donations for the management fee, so it is not like they have monetary problems… This is the fervent demand of the rich people, who don’t have luck and want more goods than the tomoemon they get, taken form-ssu ne.” (Lime)

“…I see. Now that I take a good look, considering the size of this corner, the money section is on the low side in the amount of goods it has.” (Makoto)

“I think the balance will slowly change in the future, but it is currently this state.” (Lime)

“I feel like it can’t be helped that it will be turning into a 50-50 in the future. Managing a  gathering of this scale and making events like this must be really difficult after all.” (Makoto)

“I am sure they must be feeling relieved that you are saying that, Boss.” (Lime)

There’s also a slightly big medal with Tomoe as the motif, various types of postcard size drawings, dolls of varying sizes, wooden swords in the semblance of a katana. 

Pins? No, button latches? Well, that kind of small metallic thing as well. 

There was no specially dangerous stuff. 

There was one close to life size statue of Tomoe, but…I saw nothing. 

It was made out of mythil and seemed like it must be worth quite the coin, but I was a little scared to confirm whether it was for sale or not. 

“Doesn’t seem like there’s any problems.” (Makoto)

“Me and a number of others are keeping an eye on this group in case anything happens, so don’t worry.” (Lime)

“Alright. Then, let’s go to the Mio one too, Consultant.” (Makoto)

“Leave it to me!” (Lime)

We leave the storehouse sector and into the streets. 

The Tomoe Family seemed to have an event so they were at the storehouse sector in the suburbs, but I see…they normally gather in the city where it is easier to gather at. 

I nod at this, and then tried asking something that suddenly popped in my mind. 

“Hey, Lime, about the Tomoe Family…” (Makoto)


“Why is it that, even though they are fans of Tomoe, they don’t do ceramic art? I feel like she would go to the fan gatherings with glee if it were about ceramic art. You can teach them how to do ceramic arts, right?” (Makoto)


“Lime?” (Makoto)

“Boss.” (Lime)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“You are a genius, Boss.” (Lime)

“…What part made you think that?” (Makoto)

“Of course! Sis is really into ceramic arts!” (Lime)

“Yeah, Tomoe and Beren as well. I think it has become a popular hobby in Asora. You are also one of those, right?” (Makoto)

“…I see. So it isn’t really something that has to be hidden.Then, it should be fine to have a meeting with Sis and the ceramic arts people once and see, huh…” (Lime)

“Yeah, there might actually be people who get into it in Tsige too. For now try it out with the Tomoe Family people first… The period to monopolize it has passed. Instead of that, it would be better to lay the groundwork for the birth of what might be incredible artworks, and it could serve as a stimulus for Asora.” (Makoto)

“…And then, for the works that Sis has approved, we can have her name a few… Right, how about just using the name Tomoe itself…” (Lime)

“? Lime?” (Makoto)

It seems like Lime-kun isn’t listening. 

“The Tomoe Family will become the immovable top fan club!” (Lime)

“…Lime? Just asking but…you became a Consultant to keep an eye on them, right?” (Makoto)


“Hello?” (Makoto)

“…O-Of course-ssu!” (Lime)

“…Got it. Let’s leave it at that.” (Makoto)

“Boss?!” (Lime)

Wonder how’s the Mio one. 

It is a fan club about her, so maybe it is mainly cooks? 

I want to provide something that will make the presence of Lime in the fan club of Mio stronger too. 

Now then, first I gotta go check it out or I won’t know. 

Also, that Lime, is he also seriously being a Consultant for the Mio side too?

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