Not a Chapter: Cut off “for the time being”

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

So…as you can read from above, the issue about the website? I am technically paying a premium for this site without getting any premium benefits. Isn’t that great?

I was told to wait and they will investigate if most of the traffic is non-human, and IF most of it are actually majorly humans, THEN they will do something about it; if not, I am fucked. No countermeasure was given to me. So I just wait and see, and am basically in a situation where it is more like “hey, you got lost in the desert? It would be great if you had something so you wouldn’t get lost again. Too bad, we don’t do that. Okay, now go back into the desert”.

It is the last straw. I was legit hesitating, not because of them, but because of all the comments and memories we have in this website, which I am pretty sure will be lost if I were to move somewhere else (if you guys have any ideas to bring them along, I would love to know). However, I feel like staying here will only make the wound fester and make it hurt even more when I eventually HAVE to move.

Because of all this, I am increasing the priority of moving. This will definitely affect my release schedule, and I apologize, but every time I press the publish button, I actually feel terrible now.

The moving of websites at first, I thought would be in 2 months or so, and maybe even stay if things got better, so the priority was low, only affecting the schedule lightly…but now…

Anyways, just wanted guys to let you know in case you were wondering why I am not releasing chapters when they are supposed to.

Any suggestions are welcomed!

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0 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: Cut off “for the time being”

    1. I want to know what reason they think you have a bot community. Just reading your comments after the chapters show that the vast majority are not even close to bot responses you can find in YouTube comment sections.

    1. I mean, we can just make new memories, cant we? Its all good my dude, just make sure everything works for you. We really dont want you to feel miserable.
      Much love 🙂

  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

    When I think wp is quite a pro but here we have the victim comes from our beloved translator…

    If it cant be bearable anymore just move right away, Rei-san. Memories can be created again but if motivation that lose it will be bad…

      1. Commenting to pass the turing test.

        I am sparticus, and I have refreshed the page many times to be first poster. Manually, with my man-hours. As an excuse to read the update faster.

    1. Man, if you’re really botting, then please stop. I checked my gmail notification for Reigokai’s blog, and the notif of your comment in this site is almost always a minute earlier than the notif of Reigokai’s new posts itself.

      1. Be sure that Reigokai will always read your comment, no matter when. Comment to express your thoughts about the chapter that Reigokai has translated, like he/she said (sorry even until now i have no idea whether you’re a male/female xd) when Reigokai posted an explanation on why Dragon Knight translation is discontinued (
        Basically, “…when I post and see people comment and react, it feels as if I am reading together with those people. …”
        Reigokai translated these so that he could feels like reading together with everyone. It’s just like in school, you’re studying with your friend, talking about how to solve certain question, or just having a casual talks. Certainly some talks that we had back in school are fun, even just remembering about it sometimes could makes us smile.
        Uhh don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that you should leave more than “Thanks for the chapter~” etc. It’s completely fine to do that. I’m saying that you should comment by your honest self, not by a scripted bot that says the same thing every post. There’s no way that we would want to comment the same thing forever. There would definitely be the time where we want to add more words than just a simple gratitude, where we want to share our thoughts on possible or new theory, or anything that is related to the story.
        I get it that most of us wants to be recognized by people by commenting early so that our comments is easier to find and be noticed. Back then i also would refresh the page like every second to comment early, just to find out that there are like 4 bots who commented first. I mean i’m fine with that, back then i thought that they’re just people from the west that won countless draws on a gun duel. But there will always people who scrolls down to read newer comments, and sometimes to like them (there are more than 5000 people that followed this site, not including those who don’t have wp account to subscribe). I sometimes (even though rarely) do that too. Not gonna lie, it has its own fun factor. Maybe finding people that has the same thought with you, so you liked that comment and perhaps even replying it with further thought of yours.
        Well, if you happens to have problem that makes you can’t comment by yourself and must use a bot, at least don’t make the bot refreshes the page like every tick. Maybe make it refresh every 5 minutes or so. Just make it as humanely as possible.
        (Also TL;DR) Anyway, what i’m trying to say is, if you want to use bot to express gratitude because you don’t have the time to open net, then it doesn’t have to be as soon as Reigokai posted new chapter, right? So you don’t need to make the bot refreshes the page as often as possible.
        Sorry if in any way what i’m saying offended any of you. I don’t have the intention to do that.

      2. 1st thing 1st is what I do is not a botting, I just use normal notification app, and if there is a new post I will read the title first then comment manually, this what I do over the years.
        And that after I do a little research on the net, the notification system didn’t even open the site so that it will not impact the site.
        For the notif speed is the notif from WP is always 1 or 2 minute delay after author post it on there but the notif app receive the post notif faster than WP notif.

          1. Actually sometime ago occur to me to try auto comment using whatever app available, but it seems I wont enjoy comment the post like that and not worth it…

  2. I’d make sure whatever site you decide to move to doesn’t utilize wordpress as they are starting to become greedy and sloppy with code. Since IIRC wordpress isn’t just but also a bootleg some sites use
    I’d suggest weebly or wix

  3. It will be really sad to lost all the funny coments and memorys. It was the same when bakapervert have to erase Mob sekai. Good luck and i really hope the problem get fixed it will be awfall to lose all this.

  4. Do what you have to do, if WordPress if being too troublesome let’s just dump their ass. The fact that you’re paying for premium and you’re not getting your money’s worth is bad and it’s better to leave now rather than later

  5. Don’t worry about us, just do what you have to. It’s only just moving, as long as the people who love your translations knew where you are, they would sure to follow.

  6. Unfortunately, unless you have access to the domain servers for this website and the one you are moving to, there is no way to transfer the comments. You can however save each webpage individually, but you likely wouldn’t be able to upload them to another website and have them work as intended.

    Also, if the guys running the domain hosting this website have no way of telling humans apart from bots, they’re rather useless, as there are website hosting protocols that can test whether the connection is from a bot or not. An example would be that captcha “I am not a robot” test.
    Simply counting a single ip connecting as a single view regardless of the refresh count would also fix the issue.

    1. You can actually there’s an import/export settings on the menu that he can use to transfer all pages,post, and comments over other sites like blogspot. Don’t tell me it’s impossible cuz I’ve already did it before.

  7. This is a way:

    I recommend you to do it first in another wordpress site if you can, because most certainly you going to need to troubleshoot, hosts are different after all.

    For example: a common error like “build interrupt” can be caused by a timeout, it usually happens because the website is very large, normally reaching out to your web host you can extend the time of the host, things like that.

    I recond you to check YouTube videos and tried yourself in a dummy
    wordpress site to practise different methods.

    Good luck friend, I have follow you since the time you made the ToC of Tsuki ga Michibiku, since then I was very interested in the novel but nobody had had it translated at the time, I wish you the best.

  8. Thanks for the heads-up!
    Most readers don’t really mind moving sites as long we get great translations from great translators like you 🙂 I’m honestly excited for the new site

  9. As someone who in a past used both WP and Blogspot, it’s easy to transfer your pages and data of all comments intact.

    Just find the import/export data in the menu and export it, all will be saved in that file including the pages, comments and post you had made. Then you can import it on blogger as easy as transferring files from the usb to the pc.

    A sample is this abandoned website of mine
    It was originally on WP but I transfered to blogspot and it was imported easily so you should give it a try. Also on blogspot you can change the html structure unlike on WP for free so you have the freedom to put your own ads of your choice.

  10. Honestly, I’m more worried about you losing the chapters instead of the comments. While it’s sad to lose those many comments, it would be more sad to lose all your work.
    Even if the idea it’s crazy, there will be some people that will re-read or just go to the chapter they remember about and comment all over again. You can be sure that those of F5 cult will be going chapter by chapter writing there. haha

  11. i am always gratefull since i m not a patreon, enjoying free meals wherever, but i m very love this translation of tsukii~ there an fb page you can try if you willing to look.. i may be able to be a patreon by then 🙂 even if only a small account..

    thanks for the great work always ~~

  12. Paying premium but not getting premium????

    I would rage if thats my case! What kind of shit did i pay for is what im gonna say if its me

  13. Hi, reigokai.

    I will follow u, wherever u go.

    Do rmb to tag me if u decided to move.

    In fact, I am curious abt how long u have being on this website.

    I can still rmb myself chasing after the release of tsuki since chapter 70+.

  14. Have you tried installing security plugins? I’m sure you have but have you tried all in one security? It’s a great security plugin that I try to use on all websites I do.

    Morning even wordfence to toddle (not sure spelt right) page view and refresh if I remember correctly.

    So if its ‘bots’ causing damage or even human, security plugin should be able to help.

  15. Where you will move is if you have to is the question. For as many said, to lose all those hard work, from 2016 (I was here from that time checking updates and commenting), until now.

    But I think some or the free security plugins should be able to help.

  16. We will miss you kami-sama. . . . again
    Hopefully you can stack you chapters even you don’t plublish. Reminder 6 chapters on lockdown. The sooner the release the sooner the money flows in again.

  17. Hi Reigokai, I have some suggestions for you migration plan.
    1. Migrate to Github Pages, or
    2. Migrate to a markdown-based blogging CMS (ex:
    3. Use Disqus for comment
    Github Pages is usually an HTML static file while markdown is an easy to understand and learn format. And Disqus has a feature to import comments from WordPress.
    The downside for my suggestions is they need some technical know-how to start. But, if you have already know the technology, it will be easy to start.
    The upside is, it will be easy to backup your blog if you encounter another problem in the future.

  18. Lurker here just to say that you’re dedicated to the releases and you kept with Tsuki even through it’s 2-year hiatus, you’re definitely in the clear to have bumps in the release schedule. think of it as cashing in your sick days.

  19. Bit like renting you a storefront and then preventing you from stocking merchandise because you have “too many customers”. Sounds like they’re unsubtly making life difficult for you so you’ll leave before someone falls through their server floor into termitopia.

  20. Je vous suis depuis longtemps et vous avez tous mon soutien. Honnêtement je comprend pas cette situation où personne vérifie quoi que ce soit et ou on accuse la victime du crime.

  21. If you’re moving, don’t forget to link us!

    With regards to comments, maybe use Disqus or suchlike? I’m not sure about how it works, but separating the hosting of contents and discussion should mean easier preservation of discussions in case you need to move again. Hope you’ll find a better service to host your translations, because what happened to you sounds like the sort of shitty move done by shady brands. Moving definitely sounds like the proper action. Don’t forget to check to see if you can get compensated for the trouble too, at least for the remainder of your subscription’s worth. Though with how things has unfolded, you might need to write off the remaining subscription you have as a loss, not gonna put much hope to the customer service.

  22. As a constant lurker of the site and a grateful reader, I want to first say thanks for all the translations you provide.
    As someone with sysadmin background I would like to offer the following advice.

    1) [!IMPORTANT!] Migrate your domain to your own registrar. This is the most important thing to do as it will allow you to maintain ownership of the domain for whatever hosting provider you choose to move to.
    I personally use https://Domains.Google (and others) and would suggest it as it has a pretty easy to use interface, but it is up to you. Many people use godady or others.
    Note that when you transfer your domain out, you will have to pay for at least 1 year at the new registrar; Google charges $12 for com domains. I do not know if WordPress charges you extra for the domain, but this will be a (new?) yearly bill you will need to pay, but it is better to own your domain directly than let another company hold you hostage.
    See the following for how to transfer your domain out of This does not mean you will stop using, but it will give you complete ownership of the domain name.

    2) Once you have your domain under your control, you will need to remap back to WordPress.
    WordPress provides instructions to do so, but they take over as your name servers, which is annoying.
    I would just create the required A Records:
    @ A
    @ A
    see the following if using google domains:

    3) [Optional] Setup CloudFlare as a DDoS protection and CDN (this might help you with the current issue you are facing with You can use others, but CloudFlare is free for personal use and has a very good track record. Also note that this will take over the name servers as well, making step 2 moot, but a required step anyway.

    4) As stated above, if/when you migrate off of, if you are still going to use a WordPress site hosted elsewhere, then do your backup, restore, etc.

    Lastly, if you do decide to proceed with the registrar migration and other steps and wish for help, I can make myself available; be it email, google hangouts, google meet, etc. I am on Pacific Time, but can make most times work regardless as covid-19 has me working from home.

  23. Really sucks you are dealing with issues when you are paying for the site. Don’t blame you for wanting to move and when it happens I’ll follow to the new site. Sucks the releases will be effected but sure most people will understand.

  24. How about asking out LNT(
    A handful of other translations I’m following migrated and have their translations there.

  25. Huh? how do they even make sure the traffic is human? i re-read a lot of tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu, not just once in a while, but whenever i have free time

  26. Hello, I don’t really know much about it, but I think you can move the whole website to bluehost for “free”, it requieres a subscription plan I think it is 10 dollar per month, I don’t know if it was suggested before but here a link anyway

    I am one of those that don’t comment normally, but I been reading you for almost 5 years, it will be a big loss for us if this places desapears, I hope that even if this doesn’t help, you can find a solution that is suitable for you, thank you for your hard work (お疲れ様でした)

    1. Sorry bro i have problem with blue host that you need to know they have bad costomer service and down time if you not a pro or try ing new hosting i suggest you chose another provider i love hostinger cheap and reliable most importantly they have good costomer service that will response in Less then 3 minutes guarantee but you need to buy service first and they will do set up for you or fix you trouble trust me they are very provisional just one minus they usually have hidden cost for free stuff like ssl and cludflare integration but overall they still cost lest then most providers

  27. As always thank you so much for what you do reigokai, please do whatever you feel you need to do. Been reading for years and I certainly thank you deserve all the income they arent providing.

  28. I mentioned it before but i’d be willing to help you set up/vreate your own site and then you’ll just have to host it somewhere. I’d recommend One as they are pretty cheap.

    If you do it this way you’d get complete control over everything and won’t have to worry about ashats like WP.

  29. I would be sad, as WordPress is my go-to as a consumer, but you should do what you like.

    How about Blogspot? I have an account to post comments with so I can comment on chapters.

  30. Thanks for your hard work till now and know that we will follow your wether you move or stay. 🙂
    As for the website, I came across one called squarespace that can be used for blog too and work in blocks or code if you use it. Not sure if it will be good for you but it is a trail you can try to follow.
    We can wait till you sort things out! 😉

  31. Do what u have to do rei sensei. We will follow you. Where ever you will go…… memories can be recreated as they all mention.

  32. Do what you feel you have to. While it will be sad to lose all the comments if that is not possible, as long as the old chapters are available you will not see any major complains …
    So I am rooting for you ..

  33. I support whatever solution you end up taking!!

    as for saving old comments… a super jank way to do it would be to divvy the duties up amongst volunteers and have the community go through all the posts and either screen shot them all or otherwise compile their contents. while I don’t expect a lot of people to volunteer I think a dozen serious people and maybe another dozen people who only sort of help out would be able to move them all into a shared google doc or discord or whatever, over the course of a month. from there they would be stored in case we ever need to jump websites again, and would hopefully be able to be uploaded to whatever new website you use in an easy enough manner.

    I am sure people more experienced with web hosting know better techniques, but I figured I should bring this up anyways

  34. It would be good if they check in person rather than using weird algorithm in this case,

    For every single page i read, i never forget to click ‘like’ and.. atleast leave a ‘thank’ word.
    Thanks for that, once i get a warning for spamming LOL,

    If the sama sentence is the issue, ‘Thanks for the chapter’. Now i will have to say it in another language~

    And if we talk about traffic, they who not onto this will not understand why every single days (not really) is crowded with visitors.

    This is the best Inggris i can offer (~_~) , don’t mind my grammar~

  35. Hey! It’s been a while!

    I dunno what is happening but say the word and I go to where you will be at!

    There are ways to backup stuff. Don’t worry.

    PS: I’m thankful for everthing!

  36. Yo reigokai. I think u can use either blogspot or wix for ease of making. Or u can copy the website and use it on wordpress with other domain. Though the risk is you can get idiotic strike like now.

  37. I usually rea the chapter, then enjoy myself reading the comments. I haven’t commented on any chapters yet because I didn’t want to make an ID. But’ I guess I just wanted to say this that I’ve been your loyal reader for the past 1.5 year. and I did refresh your page very often like 4-5 times a day(in the hope of a surprise extra chapter.)
    But what I wanted to say was that I’m following you and so are most of your other readers. So when you change sites just remember to leave a link here so we can follow.

    P.S, after the event I switched to refreshing novelupdates page everyday So’ it wouldn’t happen again

  38. If you have back-end & Database access you can back up everything.

    If not you can save each page from the browser (right click save page as) it will save the entire page and pictures to a file which you could upload later. old comments would be static, and if the site allows new could be added below original page/comments.

  39. Hello i suggest you to try hostinger buy new host + domain or migrate your domain try hosting with good costomer service i suggest you try hostinger they cheap and have good costomer service i suggest you to buy the longest service they have i can give you guarantee that the costomer service will helping you out it’s from my personal experiences they always help when i ask longest procest my mest is 15 minute’s 😂

  40. hmmm could it be the fault of visitor that using vpn without closing it before coming to this site? i had this weird page when i forgot to close vpn when watching youtube

    here is what it written

    Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot.

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