Not a chapter: Update, coming back soon

Hello guys, Reigokai here!

Man, this has been one rough year… I want to update you guys with the state of things right now. 

First, about the 2 months of pay. As expected, it was out of my hands. Even so, I consider showing the will to fight back an important thing to do. My life was taking a nosedive, but…thanks to the overwhelming support of you guys and my patreons, I can survive this month! I really don’t know how to express this gratitude. You guys are the best! 

Second, regarding the “botting” issue with the website, I have to clear up something… You guys don’t have to apologize for refreshing my page. I find the whole fault to be with this web hosting. If you guys have been refreshing my page in the past, I invite you to continue doing as you have been doing until now. I really love a lively comment section and I don’t want that to die just because of a phantom fear. It is silly to suffer from what’s just a natural thing to have in a website. That’s like telling people on youtube to stop refreshing their site to check for video updates. 

However, if there’s actual bots out there, please do stop. I did say it is okay to refresh, but if the refreshing is excessive, that could cause some issues.

Anyways, I just have to say that the customer service here was horrible. I don’t know how much I can disclose of this, but they presented me with an issue on my website, took away key features from me, and told me what was equivalent to ‘wait for the botting to decrease, and then we will tell you the next step of the process’. I questioned them several times that what I wanted the most is a HOW to solve this ‘botting’ issue, and what they tell me is ‘we have no way to stop it from our side’. So…they are basically telling me to ‘wait and pray’. How lovely.

I am actually a bit reluctant to even continue posting on this site now. They were so sudden with all of this, so silent until I actually pressed for the matter, and so apathetic about what’s most definitely a glaring hole in their system that I am appalled. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly went nuclear on this site out of nowhere. It is that level of fear. 

I really don’t know what to do. Should I switch to another web hosting service? If you guys have any recommendations for a new one, please tell me. I don’t mind if there’s a price tag for it.
If you guys have any suggestions to resolve this issue, I would love to hear them, as I can’t consider myself savvy in this area.

Anyways, I will be resuming chapter posting in 2 days! I am really reluctant to even post new chapters with the current state of things, so I want to have a few days of breathing room and see your responses. It will also help me calm down a bit and think for myself. 

And…that’s all! I can’t really say things have completely wrapped up, but I would say it is on its way to a conclusion. The routes have branched, and I would like to know what you guys have to say on this.

Looking forward to your input! Also, stay safe and stay sanitized!

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0 thoughts on “Not a chapter: Update, coming back soon

  1. Glad to hear an update from you (|:

    And people, i have an idea regarding the bot issue.
    To avoid another suspected bot, what if, lets all of us subscribe to Reigokai and always check the “notify me via email for new post”, “notify me for new comments”, anything that will help notifying us.

    This way, we can just spam refresh on gmail or wordpress reader. So the system doesn’t count the refresh as inside Reigokai’s blog.
    Well, it would hinder us a bit from commenting early but if that could avoid anymore suspecting bot, then i think its for the better.

    1. About the botting.. Do you guys think it has something to do with Seinvolf or any kind? because that account always has the first comment with the same comment every chapter… But he sometime reply the other comment, i suspect that he has a bot to do that or he is a bot… So is this has any relation with rei’s problem?

    2. I live in a wrong time zone so I have gave up reading the chapter the second it’s out. I just check the novelupdates site instead. and I think that resolves the situation for casual readers.

  2. its really great to have another post and update on the situation. seems like things have gotten better but still far from perfect. can’t say I have much advice since im not very wise when it comes to online matter but happy your situation has at least improve since the previous post. as far as you maybe moving to another site, if that does happen ill follow whenever as im a fan of your work. take your time as you decide to do what is best for yourself. take care.

  3. Welcome back Reigokai and sorry WP are being useless. I agree with what Azuka said and ask everyone to subscribe to email notifications. I always get your new post alerts via email and it should slightly stagger the visits to your site as well. Keep your head up Reigo and don’t let the ******** win lol.

    1. I’m glad to know that you’re better

      to avoid the issue of bots you could use cloudfire or some captcha (not very annoying please) in case someone is using bots

    1. I can’t delete the comment but apparently there are a lot of problems with the suggestion I made, it’s looks like there are security problems with wordpress in that platform, so ignore my comment.

      Thanks for your great work btw.

  4. Maybe if it’s doable for you, make a fixed hour to post a chapter, so probably the ones that will be refreshing like crazy are those who need to say “First” in the comments.

  5. Thanks for the update. I haye this but I suggest you slow down WM’s release rate, start a third novel (I recommend Shingan no Yuusha), open up Douchuu’s patreon once more and open a DK patreon.

    You’ve worked long and hard. It shows in your HQ translations. If you keep working at this speed you’ll catch up to WM’s author by March at the latest. The faster you drain your sponsor chaps the faster they will refill. Sadly NU’s SnY raw link is dead and I was unable to find a new one. Hoping you have better luck and the manga is available if you want to preview the novel. Most fans arent talkative and DK’s loyalists will pay if they want more. I only ask you give them a way to do it. Leave Douchuu at 1/week and let the chapter count grow.

  6. Glad to hear you’re back man! Hope you also had atleast a little time for yourself. In any case, i’d follow you to a new site. You are what I read here anyway and if they don’t treat you well screw them!

  7. I’m reading another book over at Nyx and it was stuck on WP, but in that site they’re quite a bit further along. So it’s a suggestion to check it out. Glad you’re doing better.

  8. Hi Reigokai, this is my favorite ongoing webnovel! Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Regarding the second one, I’m a web developer — even botting should not be an issue for a website like this set up the right way. If you’re still having issues, feel free to reach out to me and I can help you fix or migrate your hosting. Thanks for translating!

  9. Well no matter the dicision you made like changing website I would approuve it, because thank to you I discover Tsuki ga, and then in return all those web/light novel translation, which also make me love reading. It no exaggeration to say you greatly affected my life with your translation. So even if you change your site I will come, if you want to take a break no matter how long it is like a year I will be waiting, even if you wish to stop then I will cry and thanking you with a smile for all you did to me! I am not good in any way to support you but know that here waiting and accepting any decision. So cheer up, good hard so far and good luck in the future! Thank you for everything so far and I hope to see more of your translation while hoping you find a resolution! Though I recommend changing website if this come from WP even though that may be a pain.

  10. Gracias Reigokai SENSEI…!!!
    Cualquier decisión que tomes estaremos ahi.
    Solo dinos a dónde sera la nueva página web y ahí estaremos.


  11. Try getting a plugin from WP or try and migrate your wordpress hosting into squarespace platform or you can compare your current web host to other hosts in terms of customer care service and hosting speed.

    Don’t get hostgator if you aren’t the technical type as you’ll have to do things manually

    In the end, it depends on your preference 😀

  12. I’m not sure how fast you update it, but I do want to mention that I just refresh Novel Updates to see if you’ve posted a new chapter for Tsuki/WM along with some other web novels I’m reading. If you just make an account and add the series you’re to your reading list, it makes it easy to see what things have been updated past where you’ve read them to, plus I’m sure their system is better equipped to handle mass refreshes since they’re basically a database/catalog.

  13. welcome back reigo dude, …. mann you are one of the best in my list. i dont really mind if you just take a break for a while longer you know, your fast pace really make me wonder sometime, can this guy really sleep or take a rest XD.. your life come first, you dont really have to push yourself too hard, i will always support you.. so do your best out there.. sorry i dont have any suggestion regarding that 🙁

  14. Ok, so if you do switch to another website, no one is gonna blame you.

    And if you don’t want to post on this site anymore, just make a stockpile of TL’d chapters and mass release, or gradually release, once you find an acceptable website.

    All in all, just don’t let other people’s bull••••• get to you. Keep doing what you want, and if you can’t here, then do it somewhere you can.

  15. Thanks for informing us. Please take your time. Sorry for not being able to help/suggest for your current situation. .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

  16. Take your time, your wellbeing comes first. As for the site stuff while I have no clever ideas I can confirm that your not the first to want to leave due to issues with it, and you likely won’t be the last.

  17. I belive blogger is similar to WP but can’t say for sure. Depending on the price you,’d be willing to pay i’d consider looking up “One” as a webhosting provider. If i remember correctly they charge like 8$ a month for hosting a website and whatnot.

    I”d gladly build the new website for you for free as thanks for all the countless hours of joy you’ve provided C:

  18. My 2 lurker cents, just in case make a backup of everything, and make a new website or something like twitter, facebook so that if something happens you can tell us readers what’s going on and then share with us the new website or something.

    1. Though I use my novelupdates reading list to let me know when with when translator-sama updates links to new chapters there. So wherever they are posted as long as Rei posts new links there we can find the chapters.
      If you have to abandon WP completely it could be a major chore to post new set of links to relocated old chapters. If you do relocate old posts I’d volunteer to help with updating novelupdates, lol 😉
      Hate it when can’t find translations want to reread or worse missed chance to read 😭
      Thanks for your efforts with many great light novels 👍

  19. Keep doing you thing, man! You are awesome for blessing us with all these chapter and quality translations. And your consistency is nice! Maybe you shouls save your data or something just in case they decide to fuck you over and close this site.

    PS: fuck your webproviders, they sound awefully unprofessional!

  20. A shame you couldn’t resolve your salary issue, it is unjust if your deserved work isn’t been properly repayed. The other issues I have no diea, I would just love to get a heads up if you change. I am glad you are still helathy, I hope things get better.

  21. From my experience, DreamHost and SiteGround were pretty good for web hosting. You might also want to look into using VPNs ONTOP of your hosting such as Cloudflare (which is free and very good from my experience), which can help reduce the burden on your host quite a bit (and maybe stop them from hassling you about the people refreshing a lot on your website).

  22. if you open a discord server, it will be better for everyone in terms of communication and support, so I’d advise you to open one, but still do as you please and know all of us will support you anyway.

  23. Thanks you. Well i alway refresh for the update, why don’t has issues and this website has? Sound suspicious from this WP site. All the best for you.

  24. No rush continue at your own pace(with raisingthedead around no one can be slower😂). But if u feel like it then do a mass release when things get smooth on your end.

    Well if u are switching i think wordpress is a good option as i see a lot of TLs using them.

    And for good sites I’ve seen, the TLs
    Rubymaybe, graverobbertl ,fuyuneko and brokenjinsei all have good ones. If u can contact them it may help u

  25. Ah Rei sensei I am sorry to hear your 2 month pay is missing
    And Sorry I or we your loyalty (extremist) fans reader cant do anything beside refreshing the page
    I hope things will always get better for you soon
    Love you and all of your works

    Note : please, try not to get summon to isekai okay…

  26. Gracias por tenernos en consideración, yo andaba actualizando la pagina de novel update dos veces por día para saber si había capitulo nuevo haha. Pero al saber lo que paso lo primero seria que se encuentre mejor, ánimos master. ^_^

  27. Welcome back!
    If you are a good client and they treat you like this that means its time to say good bye.
    I hope you have backup of all translated chapters because this host is not trustworthy anymore.
    Whatever you do I fully support it!

  28. As always “Thanks you for your hardwork~”
    What I can say for your situations is “Stay strong Reigo-sama”… Regarding your website, there is some good advice in these comments but in the end it’s up to you… And this is just a suggestion, IMO the comments section here is not user friendly so I suggest changing it to something like Disqus. This might help in reducing F5 sect in the comment section and of course not only that, but as I said, it’s up to you Reigo-sama…
    And not forget stay healty~

  29. That’s not how you treat a customer, really I’m disappointed in WP, the decision is up to you Regiokai, no matter which hosting you’re using I’ll be sure to read and comment as always and I’m certain that I’m not the only one with this kind of idea in mind

  30. Hello cap!!! Just take it easy~~~ this Humble servant of yours shall follow you even through the seven sea (like for real you already translating very much, so take it easy now) and what can I say? it’s just WP being jerk. Name the new place or whatever your choice we as fellow reader will accept it. Love u (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    1. There a saying in my country , it’s sounds “Alon-alon asal kelakon” means something like slow but steady, everything who has been done with rush will never give a good result, so just take it easy and don’t forget watch some Hololive (It will take all Ur pain(*´ω`*) ) anyway have a nice day !!!!

  31. Hi, my friend,
    I have been in this kind of situation before myself. Choosing the right web hosting service is vital. Still, in regards to your situation, if you are looking for a hosting that provides excellent customer service and performance, I would highly recommend either Siteground or Bluehost. After using both web hosts, I have discovered how efficient and reliable they are. They are both great web hosts so I would definitely take a look at both of them.

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