Not a Chapter: Ran into issues

Heya guys, Reigokai here!

As you can see in the title, I have run into some issues IRL as well as in the website…

To go into a bit of detail in regards to this, it seems like some things happened, and I will end up losing 2 months pay of my work. Of course, I am going to try my best to reverse this, but the prospects are grim. It was just unreasonable and something completely out of my control, so I want to try my best.

The other issue I ran into was with the website. It seems I got blocked out of some functions because I got suspected of botting… I have absolutely no hand in any of this, and maybe it has to do with people refreshing the page more often lately. I have been translating a lot for a while now, so that probably “inflated my numbers”. I have nothing against people refreshing my page and it actually makes me happy to see people that passionate. Commenting the very second I post a chapter does bring a smile to my face. Them taking this as an issue when I truly feel blogs naturally have these kinds of people is just silly, and I can’t take that either. 

Because of all these issues stacked, I am being hit with a good degree of stress. I can tell that it won’t be healthy for me to translate while resolving these issues, so I will be putting aside translation for a bit. I am truly sorry for this…

I will try to resolve this in 1 week or so. I really hope it gets wrapped up by then. I won’t say ‘solved’, because they might actually be issues I have no power in… 

Sorry about this…and I hope to come back as soon as possible. Most likely 1 week! Don’t worry guys! 

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