Not a Chapter: Ran into issues

Heya guys, Reigokai here!

As you can see in the title, I have run into some issues IRL as well as in the website…

To go into a bit of detail in regards to this, it seems like some things happened, and I will end up losing 2 months pay of my work. Of course, I am going to try my best to reverse this, but the prospects are grim. It was just unreasonable and something completely out of my control, so I want to try my best.

The other issue I ran into was with the website. It seems I got blocked out of some functions because I got suspected of botting… I have absolutely no hand in any of this, and maybe it has to do with people refreshing the page more often lately. I have been translating a lot for a while now, so that probably “inflated my numbers”. I have nothing against people refreshing my page and it actually makes me happy to see people that passionate. Commenting the very second I post a chapter does bring a smile to my face. Them taking this as an issue when I truly feel blogs naturally have these kinds of people is just silly, and I can’t take that either. 

Because of all these issues stacked, I am being hit with a good degree of stress. I can tell that it won’t be healthy for me to translate while resolving these issues, so I will be putting aside translation for a bit. I am truly sorry for this…

I will try to resolve this in 1 week or so. I really hope it gets wrapped up by then. I won’t say ‘solved’, because they might actually be issues I have no power in… 

Sorry about this…and I hope to come back as soon as possible. Most likely 1 week! Don’t worry guys! 

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0 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: Ran into issues

  1. Stay safe and wear your mask when you’re outside. Thank you for your translations so far. I’m looking forward for more.

    1. Well, good luck with the issue, in my opinion you should take as much time as needed since you know rl is important.

      Sorry I am definitely one of those people who refresh to wait for a chapter.

    2. No problem. If I’m honest I’m disappointed because you are one of my favourite translators your speed, quality everything is awesome. No wonder there are people who keep hitting refresh just to read your chapter even a moment faster.
      But I can understand your circumstances. Thanks for all the great work and hope to see you back here soon. Take good care of your health too.

  2. Aww that sucks D:
    I can’t do anything 🙁 except hoping that this issues could be resolved with little to no problem, and asap

  3. Don’t worry Rei-sensei! I hope everything gonna be alright! we can wait no problem here! you can even take longer if you want, what important is your own health before everything else! Take care!

    1. Take all the time you need buddy. I really hope you’ll walk out of this fine. Please don’t feel guilty or stressed out if you need more than one week, your life and wellbeing are far more important than our desire for Tsuki.
      Hope to see you soon.

  4. Dude you take all the time you need, I think I can be patient regarding high-quality low cost entertainment when real life comes first (you know, which should be always.) Get your stuff figured out as you reasonably can, and take some time to do something you enjoy just for you, Dr.’s orders.

  5. If need a break take one, no matter how long it will last. Especially involving financial issues. Most of us are reading the translations for free, this won’t feed you. Real life sucks but it’s more important than the internet.

    1. I think, i speak for eveyone when i say:
      Your mental and physical health is way more important, and that inludes eveyone here as well.
      And personally i’d rather know you are doing well rather than gettin another chapter for the rest o my life.
      And let us know if we can help with anything.
      Not just moral support, if we could i’d love to actually help

  6. Tu relájate Tío Reigokai. Resuelve tus problemas primero, es lo mas importante. Si esperamos casi dos años por un capitulo de Tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu, darte algo de espera es bastante soportable y necesario pensando en tus circunstancias.

    You relax Uncle Reigokai. Solve your problems first, it is the most important. If we wait almost two years for an episode of Tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu, giving you some wait is quite bearable and necessary considering your circumstances.

  7. We will wait as long as we need, take a break and relax as much as you want, hopefully everything turns out for the better

  8. Dammit. That sucks.
    Take all the time you need my man. Ill miss you with all my heart, but your wellbeing is more important.

    1. 1 week only? It is easy peasy dude…take your time more if you need it…in this crazy situation me you and rest of the world need to take care about ourself more…i hope your problem solved with a win win solution….

  9. Yo! I’ve been reading you for years now, first time commenting. I think I could probably arrange you a new hosting if you ever run into trouble with your current one. It might not be as fast but it’s the least I could do after leeching for so much time

  10. Take care Bro! You’re one my favourite translator out there. High quality, super quick, and really really consistent. Always looking forward for the next chapter that, yes, sometimes I just refresh the main page.

  11. Take care and take as long as you need. Amd if you meed someone to rant to just post jere and we will give you backrubs and headpats

  12. Takes good care of you heath and don’t stress out too much especially in this times.Well, i’m not that much into managing website, but i can only make some minor suggestion. Can’t you translate not on the web immadiately but on the notepad or wordpad and when you’re done just copy paste them, so you can have a copy of your work on hand. Its just a suggestion cause i don’t exactly knew the problem and how to manage a web.

      1. Haha, sorry. when i read again that’s exactly not the case. I’m confusing the first and second problem and i makes my own conclusion. That’s that two months pay is heavy man. I don’t know if i can live without the two months pay. I can only say be strong, and be healthy.

      2. @BCAs – Yeah, sorry if I sounded harsh too. It was just when I was read your comment, I was like “what are you talking about?” XDDD

  13. As much I feel that waiting for some of my favorite translations to release, what is important is your situation being resolved and being stress free as possible. I hope things get better for you. Like always thank you for what you do.

  14. Fuuuuuuck. I’m half convinced there’s some sort of ancient evil curse floating around at this point. Stay safe; keep your windows locked and salted.

  15. Is Sainbot fault!!! Nah just kidding, I hope it all goes well and be strong man, like a comment about has said, if we waited for almost 2 years for Moon Bro to return we can wait 1 or 2 weeks more

  16. Aww man no chapters for a while
    But it cant be helped,
    Reigokai-sensei has stuff he has to deal with, Reigokai-sensei is trying his best!!
    Goodluck Reigokai-sensei!! We hope you can solve all your issues!! :DDDD

    1. You’ve been spoiling us rotten with you quality and fast translation
      You need to take your well deserved rest from time to time
      Even if there’s no chapter
      Just knowing that you gave us a heads up made us feel relieved
      I admit I’m one of those people that check your web every half a day or something to see if there’s any update haha

  17. No worries, you’re doing amazing work by doing at least one chapter a day and waiting a week is nothing in comparison to all you’ve done.
    I wish you good luck with everything.

  18. Dude, you have given us years of quality translations practically for free. Take as long of a break as you need, because your health is much more important than forcing you to pour out content in a difficult time. Here is to the hope that your problems can be alleviated soon.

  19. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, in hopes things work out better than you expect. Enjoy some time off, you deserve it (and more)!

  20. Who had someone laying a curse on rekogai for september?

    In all seriousness, take as much time as you may need, we don’t deserve you.

  21. Take care of yourself, I don’t know about the others but I won’t blame you for taking a hiatus to get your things sorted out, so yeah don’t stress yourself and take all the time you need

  22. Your health and rl issues come first. Take all the time you need. The relentless refreshing brigade should take note already; it ultimately hits Reigokai sempai in the wrong way.

  23. Take your time. You’ve been doing great with the translations thus far, so nobody could begrudge you some downtime. Looking forward to a triumphant return though.

  24. It actually became a fun tradition to see whether Seinvolf or Nepu or some other new guy got the frist comment for every chapter =) Hope this gets resolved soon for your sake, Reigo.

  25. Don’t worry about us… first take care of irl issues; i hope you’ll be able to solve all issues and come back to us sound and healthy

  26. Nooo……!!! Por que solo a los buenos les pasa esto… 😭😭
    Admito que soy uno de los que actualiza la página muy seguido todo los días pero es por que nuevos capítulos lo siento comunidad…. (T_T)
    espero que se solucione los problemas…

  27. Hopefully it clears up. If we need to sign a petition for the site let us know. Please stay safe and healthy. Keep us up to date and don’t drop off the face of the earth. We will worry. You don’t need to face this alone.

  28. I think, i speak for eveyone when i say:
    Your mental and physical health is way more important, and that inludes eveyone here as well.
    And personally i’d rather know you are doing well rather than gettin another chapter for the rest o my life.
    And let us know if we can help with anything.
    Not just moral support, if we could i’d love to actually help

  29. Damn dude that suck, u know what? Just take it easy, I really hope this matter resolved as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to stay healthy and wear the damn mask ‘Kay? And don’t forget to get some rest, you really deserve it, btw damn F5 sect getting crazy isn’t it LOL

  30. Take all the time you need mate, you’ve already given us so many chapters so fast that I cant thank you enough. hope this all ends well for you and if it doesnt, I’d take your work to court over this if you can. hope this gets better and thanks for your translations.

  31. For me, you’re one of the best translator who always keep his quality to the peak with awesome pace and fast update between 2 novels.

    So, take your time to take a break for one or two weeks. We will understand…

    Thanks for your hard work~

  32. Well for me, waiting 1 year for a translator’s problems to get fixed in real life to get fixed is better than the translators continuing it while problems keep getting larger and burning out of translating. Please, rest as much as you want. Your health and life is important

  33. Stay safe and take your time, one weak or two or a month even, work issues are TRULY stressful and even more in our current situation in the world. We might miss ya a lot so if ya can leave some posts or messages so we know you’re doing well.

  34. As everybody else already said: please, take care of you, your life came first! And man, that really sucks… I’m so sorry to hear about those issues.
    Even if you know sometime shit happens you don’t have any control of, it’s still sad and frustrating!
    Please tell us if we can do something to help but first thing first, take your time!
    We’ll be waiting for good news!

  35. At this point Reigokai, all I can do is repeat what others have said. Take all the time you need, your health and safety is of paramount importance.

    We can, and will, wait for whenever you are ready. If you need a week or even more it is fine. Just focus on sorting out what you can.

    And thank you for all of the amazing and wonderful translations you have done.

  36. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to drop us or slow releases, we are only leeches anyway.

    I hope you get the pay you have earned.

    Take care of yourself and thank you for letting us know!

    Best, a lurker.

  37. As I have written before your health comes first and translation second, so if you need a week or more to get into a healthy state of mind do so, wish you best of luck.

  38. hello, I advise you to make a discord server in which you link your releases in order to prevent thing like having to much people refreshing the page from happening again.

  39. Take care reigokai. Hope everything gets resolved soon. U can have some well deserved rest as much as u need to deal with all your irl issues

  40. Take a break from translating and solve your IRL issues first, they are more important.
    As for the website issue, if it can be delayed from being solved, than take your time and solve your paycheck problem first.
    I shall hope that your issues get solved and await some good news.

  41. Let that be a lesson for all these guys botting for first comment.
    Hopefully you manage to recover from that situation properly. Good luck.

  42. Don’t worry about us here, though I will miss you and your translations…

    Thanks for all the chapters and I hope for your success or your problems to be resolved easily!

  43. Well, take it easy Rei-san, your wellbeing is important after all. You informed us about this is a prove that you treasure this blog and us, your readers. And as one of the reader, I hope your problems resolved sooner and easily. Take care 👍

  44. I hope you can solve these issues asap and take some rest.
    no need fret about the translatoins. we all understand and will be waiting for your return.
    thanks for your hard work!

    1. That sucks. When problems occur they always come at once. Take care of your problems first, everything else is secondary. Fight on!

    1. Your translations are top quality. Take all the time you need. I guarantee you, the people here appreciate you enough that even if you took a month off you’d still have support.

  45. Sir, take all the time you need to get things back in track, and i wish you good luck!
    And thank you for giving us the heads up, we, your “isekai victims” (better known as your infamous leeches), really appreciate it.
    Good luck for solving this stuff at your job.
    And greetings fromout the netherlands!

  46. Acá el que solo habla español. Te sigo desde como hace 2 años, muchas gracias por los capítulos y espero que todo se solucione.
    Pd. Leo todo con traductor de google

  47. Honestly dealing with your real life issues is far more important than translating stuff unless this a way for you to let off steam. Take your time with those issues and hope next time you post something you will be free from those problems. I wish you luck and hope things will turn out well for you and that those issues will be solved with the best possible outcome for you.

  48. Dude relax and get things done. We waited what 2 years for more Tsuki and we like all of your other work so we will be happy to wait. Also is this your site or is this still part of WordPress? Because I’m wondering if it would be easier to just make a site of your own and post there.

  49. Take all the time you need to resolve as much as you can. Know that we’ll still be here supporting your efforts in spirit… Man that sounded cheesy. Seriously, just do what you gotta do!

  50. I’ve lurked here for a couple of years now, and I have to say of all the translations I’ve read your work is great. From the excerpts heading chapters, it’s easy to tell that you enjoy this and stay upbeat. If something has come up large enough to interrupt the flow of things by all means pause the translations. The very least I can do as a reader is be understanding and if anything I appreciate the update. Thanks for your work all this time, and take care of yourself.

  51. As someone who loves your work I’m the embodiment of sadness rn… As a follower of your work, thank you so much for everything and it’s understandable that there are problems from time to time, I wish you the best and we will wait for the news, being them good or bad, we are here too.

  52. Man, you’ve done so much that I don’t think fans can thank you enough. I think most of us agree with your sentiments. Blogs should the one site where refreshes is a part of the culture. How do these people not understand that? I hope that you’re able to resolve things and take all the time you need. You’ve been nothing but amazing for how many years now? Everyone who has been or will be a super fan of yours has every reason to be.

    1. Also, what is up with work nuking 2 months of pay? Jeez, that’s a nightmare. I’d be paranoid and double checking my bank account, too.

  53. Yes, deal with your issues as that stress is not good. Especially in this time.
    All the best. Keep telling yourself that it will be well and don’t tell yourself bad things will happen as it will happen.

    Speak positive and remember, there is a God.

  54. Rather than refreshing, people binge reading chapters will be loading tons of ads one after the other. I myself have caught up with WM after binge reading the whole thing in a few days while reading for many hours on end, and if I wasn’t alone then that’s a lot of people with behaviour that is recognized as botting by algorithms. I’ll rot13 the name of the site to be safe, but “JhkvnJbeyq” has had the same issue with ads in the past.

  55. Take your time to solve your RL problem O-translator-sama. Things can get better and it will, without a doubt. Letting out the steam elsewhere is sometimes is all what we need.

  56. Sorry to hear that, please take a good rest health is the most important thing!!
    I can wait no matter how long, I am sure everyone can as well.

  57. I hope you will come back after all your RL issues are resolved, however long it takes, so that you can fully concentrate on something we all love…
    BTW I’m not a bot, leave Reigokai alone!

  58. It’s really regreting that i am ot able to read new chapters but your personal problem comes first. So i wish you luck for resolving your problem ASAP and resuming the translation.

  59. I’m sorry I’m one of those people that refreshes the page daily, I always refresh it before I sleep, hoping that a chapter is already uploaded.. reading this is one of my pleasures in this cursed year.. I even jumping from chapter to chapter rereading it all over again.. thank you for your hard work and take your time off to focus on yourself..

  60. If we could wait 2 and something years and still be here appreciating your work, then we can wait for however long you need to resolve IRL problems. Take your time and do it in your own pace, stress is never a good thing double so in these times. Just know that we love your work and we’ll be here patiently waiting for the good news. How the situation gets better.

  61. Pls take your time, ultimately your body and mind is the highest priority, rest well !
    And I’ve been very thankful of all the translations you’ve done, either in quantity or quality, so take care yourself more, Ganbatte !!!

  62. I finally caught up.. and man! you’re the best! Though this is an unbearable cliffhanger, I want to say thank you for this translation.. Take your time to rest and I’ll be looking forward to your next release..

    When you’re back though, I suggest you add an auto-refresh plugin and announce it to everyone so this won’t happen again… also to everyone reading this.. Please SUBSCRIBE to this blog! you will receive an email notification as soon as a release is posted! and don’t forget to turn off your adblocker if you have one installed… it’s the least you can do for this free translation… also… support the author if you can.


  63. our dear friend
    take your time, we will wait for you and we will welcome you when you will return
    we are grateful for your hard work in translation and we hope that you will return to us soon with good message from you

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