Tsuki – Chapter 332: Atonement must be fast and plentiful (1)

“Eh…ah, W-Waka-sama?!” 


I turn towards the direction of the person that suddenly called me in the way that only I am called with.

Several women in sensational dresses were standing there.


“Hatsuharu, huh. You came to Rotsgard?” (Makoto)

“Yes! Are you doing your teacher work, Waka-sama?” (Hatsuharu) 

One of the girls in the group lightly walks to where I am.

It was one of the Gorgons that came to this side from Asora.

These girls are working both at the brothels and the store in this town.

“Something like that. You are not causing trouble to Ester-san, right?” (Makoto)

It is not only Hatsuharu, the Gorgons in general are doing well in this hyuman settlement.

In the past, they had no choice but to stay cooped up because of their ability, so now that they have obtained permission to go out, they are mostly social and curious, and are enjoying their life over here as well.

I am happy that they are fitting in properly.

They are also getting better at taking care of the animals in the Asora side.

“No problem!” (Hatsuharu) 

“As expected of you, Hatsuharu. I am relieved.” (Makoto)

“Won’t you go play, Waka-sama?” (Hatsuharu) 

“Here? Don’t plan to. Looks like my free pass will be going solely to your income.” (Makoto)

“Too bad! Eventually when Tomoe-sama and the others give the permission, please please come!” (Hatsuharu) 

“Don’t say something ridiculous as if nothing. I am glad to see you are having fun.” (Makoto)

“Ehehe.” (Hatsuharu) 

The little sister of the Gorgon’s Matriarch.

This girl that I named Hatsuharu for when she went outside is a cheerful girl.

But it is a bit different from being wholly naive. Her words, expressions, and gestures properly have their allure.

I don’t know if it is a racial trait, or  her own personal trait though.

Ester-san says the Gorgons are terribly popular.

Of course, as hyuman girls.

It seems no one has seen through their race yet, and they would sometimes nonchalantly speak badly about demi-humans and mamonos, and the Gorgons would chuckle internally at that.

They think that Hatsuharu and the other purple haired girls are a group of beauties that came to these lands from faraway to earn money. 

As if there would be such an unnatural trope of beauties.

There’s even hyumans that would carefreely say they would want to check out their village.

It is deep in the wasteland. Go ahead and pay a visit.

“…Right, Hatsuharu, do you know a girl called Seiren?” (Makoto)


“Yeah. A hyuman woman of the Academy.” (Makoto)

“Seiren Garmena?” 

“Why full name? Do you know her, Hatsuharu?” (Makoto)

“I heard that she is the girl you confessed to, Waka-sama.” 

“That’s a complete misunderstanding. Well, it is not wrong.” (Makoto)

Tomoe and Mio gave me quite the straight stares and I suffered a pretty intense questioning. 

Saying they would go finish her off.

“I am not acquainted with her personally, but is it a job that we can help with?” (Hatsuharu) 

Hatsuharu’s eyes narrowed, and a ghastly aura flowed out from her.


Erase, or end; these girls must be thinking along those lines.

They are completely taking it the wrong way.

“Sadly to say…ah, right.” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama?” (Hatsuharu) 

I ponder for a bit.

If they know her name, maybe we could have them move like we are doing with the rumors of Tsige.

“About that Seiren, it seems like she isn’t in a good spot in Rotsgard.” (Makoto)

“Right. She rejected Waka-sama after all. She is being pointed at behind her back in all places.” 

Hatsuharu nods as if it were a matter of fact.

It troubles me that she thinks that’s just the natural conclusion.

Alright, I will have her help out.

“And so, I am troubled by this. The confession is a misunderstanding, and I have no intentions of hurting that girl. I don’t mind if it is at the time when you are working and taking a break in Rotsgard, can you spread the word that Seiren and I are simply in a healthy friendship?” (Makoto)

“You are helping her?” 

“Of course.” (Makoto)

Please don’t look at me with that surprised face.

Of course, if I didn’t know about it, I wouldn’t have minded just leaving it be. But I know about it now.

We are just going to be moving a bit anyways.

“Understood. If it is Waka-sama’s order. Right, about participating as a guest in the lectures of the students that was requested of before, will it be possible to do so in the time you are still here, Waka-sama? Shiki-sama said he wanted to do it when you are here if possible, Waka-sama.” (Hatsuharu)

“Right. It is about time…they learn how scary it is to fight an enemy that has a special fighting style… I haven’t decided who will come yet, but I will have one come soon. I will notify about this as soon as that happens.” (Makoto)

“I will go~! Together with Kuro-chan!” (Hatsuharu)

“Hatsuharu and Kuro? …The opponents will be students, so if that happens, make sure not to bully them too much.” (Makoto)

A Saber Cat and a Gorgon.

I immediately understood what Hatsuharu wanted to do. 

Even at the illusion experience not that long ago, many retired, so I wonder if it will be okay?

I heard that a number of people have retired because of the hot-blooded teachings of Daena, too.

It wouldn’t be funny to have the second generation wiped out.

“Okay! Then, Waka-sama, take care!” (Hatsuharu)

“Thanks. You too, Hatsuharu.” (Makoto)

That was an unexpected meeting.

But that’s impressive.

They have pretty much mastered their control of their petrification ability.

She did have her glasses in her pocket just in case.

But from what I saw just now, those glasses are already simply serving as a good-luck charm of sorts.

I should check out how the other girls are doing as well.

And so, I hurried.

There’s no harm in finishing this matter as soon as possible.

“That’s unexpected.” 

“Izumo.” (Makoto)

“You are a man too, huh, Sensei.” (Izumo)

“Nice timing. Give me a bit of your time.” (Makoto)

I drag Izumo to one of the establishments closeby.

“Are those kinds of girls your type?” (Izumo)

“As if. I do think Hatsuharu is an attractive girl, but we are not in a customer and prostitute relationship.” (Makoto)

“…Really?” (Izumo)

“That girl is an employee of the Kuzunoha Company. In other words, a female subordinate.” (Makoto)

“The Company. I see. She is a different type from Seiren after all.” (Izumo)


Why is it that even you know about Seiren and can easily mention her name in this situation?

Could it be that she is more famous than I thought?

It can be wrapped up by today, right?

I don’t want to take several days for something like this.

“Seiren… I see, you also know about her.” (Makoto)

“Probably everyone related to the Academy knows about her. The fact that the type of Sensei is Seiren Garmena.” (Izumo)


No way…

No one said anything to me. 

And yet, everyone knows her full name as if it were common knowledge.

It feels like a nightmare.

“A hobbyist noble daughter of the Empire that has remained in the Academy specializing in the basic foundations of arias. Well, she is a bit old to be called a daughter though. She is unmarried and is unrelated to her family. She is an uninteresting woman whose sole purpose is research and has no additional points of interest.” (Izumo)

Izumo, even if you talk about age when you are a lolicon yourself…

It is Iroha-chan, you know?

Anyways, from what I hear of Izumo, I can see some malice towards the girl.

I thought that there wouldn’t be any inconveniences in having the impression of the Kuzunoha Company and mine get better, but it looks like that was shallow.

I learned that, as a result, many minute problematic things and situations can unfold because of us without being aware.

“I think she is plenty beautiful though. Well, I do admit that she would look old compared to your fiance though.” (Makoto)

“…Sensei.” (Izumo)

“What?” (Makoto)

“I am not a lolicon.” (Izumo)

He read my mind.

“…You know that excuse won’t work on me.” (Makoto)

Just how many people do you think would be convinced by that statement of yours after being introduced to Iroha-chan?

“It is just that the girl I fell in love with was by chance young!” (Izumo)


But you know, when you two are lined up side by side, there’s definitely a lot of people who would think you are brother and sister —and ones that are pretty far apart in age. 

“Also!” (Izumo)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“It was privately wrapped up, but we have finished with the engagement gift and the ceremony! Iroha is already my wife!” (Izumo)

“…Eh? It hasn’t even been 1 week since you two met in person though. Seriously?” (Makoto)

“If you meet your fated woman, you would want to be together with her as fast as possible, don’t you think?” (Izumo)

“But the Ikusabe and the Osakabe are pretty influential households, right? Is it something that can be wrapped up in such a short span of time?” (Makoto)

It is an unbelievable speed even for normal households. 

“I served the Empress of Lorel, Sairitz-sama. Because of that connection, she moved strings to help me out.” (Izumo)

“Sairitz-san did?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Thanks to that, Iroha-chan and I are officially married. However, a public announcement of it will be left for a while later, and I was thinking about telling Jin and the others to celebrate somewhere, but we might have to leave that for a while later too.” (Izumo)

“I-I see. No matter the case, congratulations. May you two be happy.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much. Iroha and I are also grateful to you.” (Izumo)

Helping out in the marriage of a subordinate, huh.

Sairitz-san is a pretty chivalrous superior. 

I want to be like that too.

“You and Iroha, huh. Thanks for that wholesome remark. Despite your way of saying it, what you did was pretty devoted though.” (Makoto)


“You acted as an agent at that execution, right?” (Makoto)


“Secretly, silently, sharply; Tomoe and I were impressed about how skilful you were.” (Makoto)

“…Even my father saw through it, so I was sure that if you were watching, you would have seen through it too.” (Izumo)

“You were good. The aria that you made a weapon of yours in the Academy, you have completely mastered it now.” (Makoto)

Motion aria, was it?

A method to reutilize the fleeting remaining fragments of aria that have just fulfilled their role. 

It shortens the time of an aria, and the longer the fight, the more spells you can shoot with reduced cost. 

Even though he began developing that technique because he wanted to maintain his arias while he was moving, there’s an even broader horizon in long battles. 

It seems like it has served in a good amount of short battles just as Izumo wanted which is amusing.

It is no doubt a useful technique and that’s the important part.

“Yes. I could use it as if it were a part of my body even at Kannaoi. That battle changed me in a lot of ways.” (Izumo)

“…Be sure to thank Shiki. I personally didn’t want you guys to come along after all.” (Makoto)

“No, if Sensei hadn’t been there, we may have grown, but we would have died. You saved our lives, Raidou-sensei.” (Izumo)

I could somewhat tell that his ‘we’ referred to him and Iroha-chan. 

How passionate of him.

Well, fine.

I request Izumo for his help with Seiren-san and…


Today is a day of good encounters and ideas.

I thought of something nice.

“Hey, Izumo.” (Makoto)

“What is it?” (Izumo)

“You said you have already made motion aria your own, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Izumo)

“Then, it wouldn’t be a hidden trump card, but a regular technique of yours now.” (Makoto)

“…? Yeah?” (Izumo)

“This may sound sly right after being told I am your life savior, but…” (Makoto)


“If I were to ask you to explain in detail about motion aria to a certain girl, would you be able to do it?” (Makoto)

Seiren-san is a researcher, and she specializes in the basic foundations of arias. 

That’s what I heard from Izumo.

I heard from the Master of Rabidoll that she specializes in something about magic, so the information should be right. 

Then, the motion aria of Izumo should be of use to her research in some way.

Something that isn’t as abnormal as Shiki, Mio, and the researches of Asora should serve just right.

“Sensei, do you have lingering affection for Seiren or something?” (Izumo)

“None! In the first place…no, it is nothing. I heard that she is in a painful position because of me. That’s why I wanted to help her out for all the troubles.” (Makoto) 

“How praiseworthy. But…that’s an important technique of mine, so disclosing it all of a sudden for study is a bit troubling. Also, I am not as kind hearted as you, Sensei. I honestly hate her for how terrible she was to the teacher I respect.” (Izumo)

“Everything is a tragic misunderstanding. I understand that you have an attachment to the technique you yourself thought up, but please think of it as saving someone.” (Makoto)

I lower my head to Izumo who is at the other side of the table.

“…Well, damn. I can’t refuse after you have lowered your head. Fine, it is the request of Sensei. Also, I already have an idea for a new trump card anyways.” (Izumo)

“Sorry about that. But I can’t allow that soul shaving technique you have thought up in your head. Think of something else.” (Makoto)


Before Izumo and I met, he was trying to put his hands on magic that would cost the caster their life. 

Izumo was trying to forcefully activate several life-risking spells at the same time.

It is an act that’s clearly to try and surpass one’s own limits.

Of course it would come with a price.

A day may come where that power might be of use, but it would be a one-time thing.

It isn’t something to be perfecting right now.

“Even if you manage to use that, I can’t advise you to concentrate on a technique you can’t confirm its viability of.” (Makoto)

“Got exposed, huh.” (Izumo)

“Of course. I don’t mind if you get to the point of being able to do it, but you finally managed to marry. It might be the time when you begin moving in ways to protect the person you want to protect.” (Makoto)

“…Right. It is a point of view that I didn’t have not that long ago.” (Izumo)

“But I had no intentions of just having you one-sidedly help me. Accept this as payment for the motion aria request.” (Makoto)

“…A video? Can I watch it?” (Izumo)

Minerals with carved seals for video watching are spread around more prominently in Rotsgard than in other places.

Izumo could tell in one glance what was the thing I brought out.

It is actually pretty rare for people to be able to tell immediately what this is, aside from here and Tsige.

“Yeah. It is not something that would help you out in battle, but I am sure you will be able to enjoy it.” (Makoto)

“Hoh, I wonder what it is. Well then…!” (Izumo)


“Eh?! Uooooh? What’s that? I didn’t know that was possible! You can do the plumbing in this phase?! The material division is crazy!!” (Izumo)

I would expect nothing less from the work of Elder Dwarves.

Izumo was spellbound by them in an instant. 

It seems there’s something in it that pulls like-minded people.

Izumo must understand more of the good parts than me who can’t even understand more than half of it.

He is a bit noisy though.

We are in an establishment here, you know?

In the middle of it, he was watching the video while letting out weird ‘hoa hoa’ sounds as it safely ended.

The attention we are getting from the surroundings is painful.

“Sensei, are there anymore of this?! As in, a series!” (Izumo)

“This is the only one in existence for now.” (Makoto)

“This is Tsige, right?” (Izumo)

“Yeah. As you can see, it is an orphanage.” (Makoto)

“Orphanage? …Not a fortress?” (Izumo)

“There was a subtitle at the beginning that said this is the reconstruction of the Weitz Orphanage, right? Well, there’s actually one last element added to it, but that one isn’t recorded.” (Makoto)

“The completed product is in Tsige… I want to see it.” (Izumo)

“Once you have the time to, go ahead. On your honeymoon, maybe?” (Makoto)

“I have decided. We will go to Tsige on our honeymoon.” (Izumo)

…I wonder if Iroha-chan will be fine with that.

I was wondering if to retort to that, but I was the one who said it in the first place, even if it was just a random thought.

I should have stayed silent, huh.

I don’t think that’s a pretty romantic place to be going to on a honeymoon.

But there’s married couples like Daena.

I pity their child.

I pray that its grandfather and grandmother are good people.

“Sensei, if there’s a 2nd part to this, please show it to me. I am willing to sell another trump card for it!” (Izumo)

2nd part.

Trump card.

…Why do you assume that’s how it is going to be working from now on?

Even though I asked something unreasonable of Izumo as exposing a battle technique of his, he left the place in a merry mood with ore in hand.

What’s left is Zara-san and the staff members of the Academy.

I would also like to ask Zara-san about the appraisal matter if he has any information about it.

Let’s hurry.

I want to finish all of this while the sun is still up.

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