Tsuki – Chapter 331: At that silent night

It has been a while since I have been here.

The outside still has light remaining.

In the past, I would come here when the night deepened more than this.

“It has been quite a while, Raidou-sensei. Today you came on your own, at an unusually earlier time.” 

“Yes, I finally got the time to. I thought that I should come by here at least once since I am here.” (Makoto)

“Thanks. I am happy to have become one of the stores that Raidou-sensei remembers in this Rotsgard.” 

“Haha, please bring me one drink and fish for a side dish. I will be taking my leave at the second glass, so no need to be too thorough.” (Makoto)


“I have been trying to finish up work as fast as possible lately. My number one objective today was to check up on you, Master.” (Makoto)

“…It is an honor.” 

In reality, dinners and the time after that, I would pass them all in Asora recently.

After coming to the Academy Town, I remembered the bar Shiki and I would come to every so often, Rabidoll.

I have already gone to the Gotetsu restaurant a number of times at noon to greet them.

Just as the Master said, it is still pretty early to come to a bar.

Rabidoll has quite the dense menu, so it can be used as a place to have a meal in, but right now there’s no other customers aside from me.

Or more like, I am the only one here aside from the Master.

The small glass prepared for me…ooh, looks like he plans on having me drink a pretty thick one today.

He had already prepared a dish and nuts, and the glass that had already been poured with transparent liquor had been placed in front of me.

I had a chat with the Master, and was told about the things that have happened recently in Rotsgard as well as Jin and the others who have become regulars recently. 

I don’t think this is the type of establishment that would be the talk of people though.

The Master seems to be happy, so that’s good I guess.

They have also become regulars in Gotetsu.

Luria has gotten completely into her job lately. 

The Boss seems to think she is dead already which pained my heart a little.

She has been missing since then, and it was almost at the time of that incident after all.

“This is the first time I have this.” (Makoto)

It has a soft taste, but it feels hot once it passes down my throat.

The aftertaste isn’t bad either.

I’ve had mostly sweet liquor lately, so this feels fresh. 

It is tasty.

“Yes. It seems like you have some other business this night, so I have prepared a lot of things to lighten your mood.” 

Because I am leaving soon, huh.

This is his way of saying ‘you will be having fun tonight, right?’, isn’t it?! 

“Thanks for the consideration.” (Makoto)

“Someone like you, Raidou-sensei, must be free to choose whoever, right? I am jealous.” 

Coming from the mouth of a person that, when he and I are lined up, the women would gather more at his side…

The Master of a bar or a restaurant have their own charm. 

I wonder why.

“No way. I don’t have the ability for that.” (Makoto)

But maybe that wasn’t the right answer.

What kind of response one should make while having a drink?

In my case, I feel like those kinds of topics don’t relate much to me. 

Even so, giving out the mood of someone reaching for higher than what they can get might be more fitting for a drunkard…?


“What’s the matter, Master?” (Makoto)

“Raidou-sensei, I may be a bit rude here, but I will be asking something out of line.” 

“? Go ahead.” (Makoto)

The Master suddenly made a serious expression.

“I have been told that you have been confessed to in a special way by a lot of girls in the Academy for a period of time.” 

“…Ah, yes.” (Makoto)

Must be that.

The one event that has left a scar on me and deals damage to my mind every now and then.

I am sure that this is the one event that has caused me the most constant damage in this world. 



“It seems like you have confessed to someone in that popular phase of yours.” 

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Me, confessing?

That’s far pass like or dislike.

It was no popular phase at all either.

I had no such brave soul to confess to someone in that traumatic past of mine!

“Do you know about a girl called Seiren Garmena?” 

“Seiren…? No, it is a name I have no recollection of. I was being pushed quite a lot, with girls saying ‘I don’t mind being your 2nd or 3rd’ and stuff like that, so my memory might be a bit fuzzy…” (Makoto)

“You had it rough, huh. Sorry for bringing out this topic.” 

The Master was truly apologetic.

“No, I don’t mind. And so, what’s the matter about that Seiren-san person?” (Makoto)

“You really don’t remember? That’s surprising. Even though it is the girl that you apparently told her that you would grant anything she wishes for for one night with her.” 


Who was the idiot who spread that shitty lie?

Lies, rumors.

Hasn’t it been all about that lately?! 

Who would make such a pathetic advance?! 

Grant anything she wishes for one night?! 

There’s a limit to messing around…!


One night?




“…Looks like you remembered. That’s a relief. Yeah, it is truly a relief.” 

“If I remember correctly, that girl is a researcher in the Academy…and her name is Seiren-san?” (Makoto)

There is one.

No, it is not like I did something like using a roll of money to slap the girl in the face and have her listen to me with that money.

That’s definitely not it.

But…one night.

I remembered those words.

Every single one of them was pressing me so much to become a mistress or something similar for my money and power, so one time, I tried doing the exact opposite and went the piece of shit route. 

I told one of them that if they do anything I wish for one night, I would grant any wish she wanted.

If I remember correctly…she darted off in an instant.

The sight of her lab coat waving side to side surfaced fuzzily in my mind.

Aah, so that girl was Seiren-san.

It happened, it did happen, it so happened.

“Here. A fizz arc.” 

“Oh, I love this one.” (Makoto)

“Actually…Seiren-san is a customer that comes here often. She is one of the few customers that orders this drink.” 

“…I see. Maybe we have missed each other pretty often then?” (Makoto)

“It is a miracle that you two have not met here once.” 

That’s…just like me.

And at the same time, not like me.

“…I see.” (Makoto)

I don’t know how to respond to that, so I just nod.

In the first place, I haven’t heard about this girl Seiren till now.

I don’t even know if she survived the variant incident.

“Actually, she has been in a rough spot since then. If you have no issues with her, Raidou-sensei, can you help her out? Is what she asked me to tell you.” 

“I don’t really mind it. No, acting like that after she confessed is questionable in itself though.” (Makoto)

Rough spot?


I really have no issues with her. 

But if that Seiren person is suffering because of that confession, I do feel I am somewhat responsible.

I also feel like the Master led the conversation in a way that it would feel that way.

He does give out that sad atmosphere of pitying Seiren after all.

“You were exactly the type of person I thought you were, Raidou-sensei. Please help her feel better even if for a little bit more.” 

“Is it such a big deal that you would have to lower your head, Master? Also, about Seiren…-san, what happened to her?” (Makoto)

“She is being treated as an idiot for rejecting your confession, and she is facing quite the stressing experience outside the Academy. To the point that the alcohol here tastes more bitter…” 

An idiot that is using…



I don’t understand the meaning of those lines of words.

“You have might, assets, connections; you are a high catch that has everything aside from looks.” 

“…Oooh.” (Makoto)

Even though I only had two glasses, I feel like puking.

“Not only did you take the initiative when assisting the Academy in suppressing the variants, you also used your own funds to help out greatly in the reconstruction of Rotsgard. If you weren’t in front of me right now, I would doubt if you actually exist. Thinking a person like that couldn’t even be real.” 

Yeah, that was out of my own convenience.

So that’s what it meant when I was told to keep the good acts to a minimum?! 

That’s why Seiren-san is being made fun by the others as a top class failure of a gold digger, huh.

Then, the more light is shone on the Kuzunoha Company and I, the heavier it must have been for her.

…That’s sad.

I kinda feel bad about it.

“Seiren-san was sulking a whole lot. She is wise, and she is a girl that researched mainly magic. She did her best in it.” 

…Master, please don’t stimulate my guilt any further.


There’s a lot of companies that don’t look favorably at the Kuzunoha Company that have been cornered quite a lot or have been crushed altogether.

My impression in Rotsgard is scarily good.

Way too good.

If you are suspected of being an enemy of the Kuzunoha Company, you end up having a terrible experience.

In those days, I worried quite a lot as a merchant too…no, my field of vision was so narrow that I couldn’t see at all the things that I should have looked at.

I didn’t have any leeway in my heart.

“To think that I made her have such a bitter experience… I didn’t notice at all. Looks like it has turned into a pitiful situation.” (Makoto)

“It is a person that you don’t get involved with directly, so it is not your fault, Sensei. I am sure she also understands this.” 


I feel like that girl should be having a real big grudge on me.

I didn’t even know her name after all.

“Got it. I will think of a way to regain her honor.” (Makoto)

“Please do. She is an important regular customer.” 

He bowed splendidly at me as he asked. 

Maybe I should ask the cooperation of the staff of the school, Jin and the others, and the Academy Principal. 

The Academy Principal owes me big from that incident, so I gotta ask him to pay me back properly or he will get the wrong idea that we are the type of people that do favors because we like and can be used as he wishes.

Even if he already thinks like that, this is a chance to clearly define our relationship.

It seems like she is from the research department, and since it is affecting her work there, the power of the Academy Principal should be effective.

I should also investigate how exactly she is being treated…

What should I do about the matters outside school?

Zara-san, maybe?

I don’t think Ester-san from the brothel and the demi-human leader Bor can be of much help here.

Also, maybe the customers that regularly come to our store?

“I may be lacking, but I will try. Thanks for the meal.” (Makoto)

“No need to be modest. I look forward to your next visit.” 


I forgot one other important name.

Even though it was a complete misunderstanding, there’s no doubt I messed up.

I should confess to Tomoe and Mio tonight and explain to them.

I see…

I don’t want to count that. I really don’t, but…that’s probably my first confession in my whole life…?

I have a lot of scarring experiences in this world, but this ranks pretty high within those.

Once I wrap this up politely, I should seal this memory and put it into the deepest corner of my mind.

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