Tsuki – Chapter 330: Forbidden special concentration

Nechikitos Appraisal Team are famous appraisal specialists that have made a name around the world.

This is bad, no matter how famous something is, when it is a topic that I have little interest in, it makes my information gathering lack.

I kind of understand why they would send an appraisal team to us in Tsige since there’s the Anti-Goddess Cult and all of that involved over there, but…what’s their objective in appraising our goods in the Academy Town? 

I don’t know their objective.

Also, an appraisal team. 

When the word ‘team’ is in it, it just feels like they are amazing.

There’s like a strange pressure in that word. 

Honestly speaking, if most of the appraisal results say ‘Kaleneon Origin’, I think it would make for a good chance to make that country more widely known, so it might be a thankful opportunity.

Even if they were to know there’s actually a country like that, it is not like they can make contact with it immediately anyways.

It goes without saying that it would be difficult to reach that country that’s in the demon territory.

Even if Limia and Gritonia were to mobilize, who knows when they would reach Kaleneon.

“I now understand that you people are a well-known appraisal organization. And so, what’s the reason for appraising our goods?” (Makoto)

“…Oh? Is there something you want to hide?” 

“No, none at all. I am simply interested in why the people of Rotsgard nominated us, the Kuzunoha Company.” (Makoto)

“I can’t divulge information about our employer.” 

“Is that so. That’s a shame.” (Makoto)

Y-You have an employer? 

Uhm…is it okay for you to tell me that?

It means that you came under the orders of an individual to appraise us, right?

“I ask once again. There’s no problems with these products, right?” 

“Of course not. We are always confirming their quality. Rather, if there’s a faulty product that doesn’t perform well or there’s a wrong description, you people will be telling us, so I am instead grateful and won’t hold a grudge.” (Makoto)

“Hoh, that’s quite the confidence there. Then, show us the ambrosia first.” 


The Nechikitos Appraisal Team’s middle aged man that seemed like the leader, for some reason, designated a product that’s not in our normal lineup.

See? Jin and Amelia who are working part-time here have their mouths wide open.

Of course they would react like that. We haven’t dealt with that medicine in front of them after all.

Who is the one here who could know about the ambrosia?

Is this actually connected to Tsige in some way?

I would like to be spared from that already.

The possibility that they might be aiming to attack all our stores.

That Rio is such a pain.

“What’s the matter? You have that medicine in your catalogue, right? Show it. We will confirm if it is the real deal or not.” 

“….I am sorry, but we don’t have it.” (Makoto)

“You ‘don’t have it’?” 

“That’s right. We did have in stock before though. I am truly impressed that you have such a splendid information network. But that’s medicine that has special ingredients and has even disappeared from the annals of history for a long time.” (Makoto)


“If you request for it, we could try to prepare it, but it is not something that we can readily make and bring out. Please understand this.” (Makoto)


It is such an obvious thing that I can easily say this with extreme confidence.

There’s no way we would just have those readily with the medicines around here.

“None in stock? I learned from hearsay that you immediately provided the required ambrosia to that certain merchant.” 

“I had a request for it in the past and managed to obtain the ingredients for it, but…it looks like you have heard the story in a warped manner.” (Makoto)

Good grief.

He seems to know about Rembrandt-san, but at that time, the request was to obtain the raw ingredients of it.

The information seems to have leaked, but does he know that it was a request to obtain the ingredients for the ambrosia?

Is this a sad case of the information from the source being accurate, but the messenger messing up and relaying it inaccurately?

“There’s no assurance that you are not just hiding it.” 

“Proof that I don’t have it? You are taking this joke too far.” (Makoto)

He is being quite forceful.

“Then, we will have every single thing in this store appraised!” 

“I refuse.” (Makoto)


“It goes without saying. Because it would be a hassle for our customers.” (Makoto)

All of you would be going around my whole store using your Skill, right?

If you were like Rembrandt-san or the merchants of Tsige just doing pure appraisals, it wouldn’t take too much time.

But even if our store in Rotsgard isn’t as big as the one in Tsige, it still has a decent amount of merchandise. There’s no doubt the other customers won’t be able to do their shopping properly if they did.

A bunch of people that came without an appointment from early morning, as if I would just let them go ahead and get in the way of my business.

Even if you are famous, there’s things you can and can’t do.

…Or more like, I would like you to understand simple manners the more famous someone is. 

“Are you refusing us, the Nechikitos Appraisal Team, Kuzunoha Company?!” 

“I am simply telling you that we won’t allow you to interfere in our business operations. If you want to appraise all of our products, go ahead and do so after purchasing each of those products.” (Makoto)


“It seems like you know about the ambrosia, but do you have the money? Of course, even if we of the Kuzunoha Company know that it is a rare product, we won’t be placing an unreasonable price tag that surpasses the worth of it. There’s patients who require it after all. But as long as we are preparing it, we will be taking the required pay. Even if it is for appraisal, the price will be the same.” (Makoto)

If…and just if…this person or the people surrounding him did all this stuff as a roundabout way because they needed the medicine, I don’t have any issues with selling it.

It would have to be quite the terrible disease or curse disease after all.

“…How much?” 


He must have noticed that I won’t be budging, he asked me the price with a bitter face.

Or did they really have a patient and they resorted to something similar to blackmail?

Haaah…if that’s the case, I am truly amazed…

“…Let’s see. Acquirement of the ingredients, securing a mage, safe transport; putting all those together…” (Makoto)


“1 ambrosia would be around 400 gold coins.” (Makoto)

“Huh?! Cheap!”


Maybe because, even if rotten, he is the leader of the appraisal team, he was shocked about how cheap the price I spoke out was.

Jin and Amelia were most likely purely surprised by the high number.

At times, medicines are unmatched.

With it, you can cure illnesses; and at times, it is the only way to cure them.

There’s a whole lot of people that would desire a medicine even if it were to cost several millions.

Well, it is true that I gave it a price that is really close to the cost.

When thinking that there might be the chance that it is for someone that probably needs it no matter what, I just ended up doing it.

I get soft when it comes to illnesses. It is a bad habit of mine.

“N-Not 4,000?” 


I simply nod at his confirmation.

4,000 isn’t that strange of a number.

If it were to be sold in Tsige, it could go for 5,000 depending on the merchant. They might even see it as an opportunity and go for 10,000.

“…Potions, fruits, and a number of equipment.” 

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“I want to purchase them for appraisal. I was pushy on the ambrosia. I will come another day.” 

“…Jin, Amelia.” (Makoto)


“Procure the items at your discretion.” (Makoto)


Another day, huh.

There really might be a patient.

Jin and Amelia begin to serve a number of the people in the appraisal team.

Instead of the employees that know about the things, it would be better for those two to do it. They would be showing the merchandise without any hidden feelings after all.

Well, with that one act over, the Kuzunoha Company managed to get many customers to buy a lot of merchandise.

There wasn’t any big problem with the appraisal team…no, it is actually not a sure thing yet.

“By the way, why are you two here?” (Makoto)

Sif and Yuno.

Misura is not here.

“I thought that maybe those delicious sweets would be showing up today.” (Sif)

The little sister nods to the older sister’s words.

Around the time when classes ended, a bit before night, the Rembrandt sisters came to the store. I don’t want to say the word dawn for a while in my life.

The response I got from them was an amusing one of wanting something sweet and delicious.

How troublesome these two are. 

Did they take such a liking to the tea and sweets of Mio?

The selection of Mio today was syrup covered anko and red bean soup, so there was no stuff for a tea party. 

We do have cold green tea.

The first time we had red bean soup, Shiki placed cream as topping without restraint and was smacked by Mio.

Cream red bean soup exists, so it is not like that’s completely bad, but the fact that you went and poured cream all over it without even having a taste first was grounds for a slapping, Shiki.

Can’t you just have the cream on a different plate to taste them separately?

“If possible, use that tea…!” (Sif)

In the end, Sif ate like a beast, but the little sister seems to have liked it quite a lot too.

Is it to the taste of the girls in the Rembrandt household? Then, maybe I should try sending a number of them to Rembrandt-san’s wife, Lisa-san.

Even so, the two of them are making slightly dangerous eyes.

Is it okay to give them more tea parties?

There should be no addictive substances to it, and yet, my back has chills running.

I should trick my way out with fruits—

“Waka-sama, good work today. How about partaking in my new creation, green tea ice cream and parfait, together with me?” (Shiki)

“R-Right now?!” (Makoto)


You had cream red bean soup at lunch, right?!

You are going for creamy stuff again.

Why is it that that’s the only type of cooking you make, and yet, you do something as blasphemous as putting topping to things you haven’t even tasted first?! 

But that was quite the timing…the worst kind of timing…

I knew the result already, but I still look at Sif and Yuno.

They were already not looking at me.

Their eyes were sparkling at the things that Shiki had in both of his hands.

They are barely managing to not drool.

That’s a relief. They are managing to keep their lady-like manners.

“? Rembrandt sisters? W-What are you looking at?” (Shiki)

They were pressing their hands in prayer.

Right now it felt like the sisters had the guardian angel Rembrandt-san showing at their backs, so even Shiki and I are finding it hard to oppose.

So I gave them the wrong food at that time, huh.

Reminds me of the reason why we are told not to feed the animals at the zoos…

In an instant, Sif secures the parfait, and Yuno the ice cream.

The moment they take a bite of it, they both made blissful faces and travelled to a much better world together.

…You react way too much to the word tea.

Even though it is a dessert, it is a vivid green, and yet, they ate it without a single shred of hesitation.

They are quite the challengers.

“Ah, sensei, thanks for the hard work!” 

“Thanks for the hard work!” 

Jin and Amelia appear there.

They end up seeing the Rembrandt sisters eating a green something while they were tired.

“…Haaah, Shiki, can you prepare shares for Jin and Amelia? I don’t need any today.” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes, of course.” (Shiki)

“Then, provide them with a fulfilling meal.” (Makoto)

I don’t want to watch them greedily devour those and get a second-hand heartburn from it.

Shiki must have a massive amount of cream stocked, so he must have plenty enough for 10 each person.

I leave the rest to you!

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