Tsuki – Chapter 329: The rampage of youth

One young woman appeared in front of me while I was trying to head to the class.

She doesn’t seem to be a student.

She is looking at us with a serious expression.

Maybe she intends to confess to Shiki?

Or does she plan to reignite my nightmare?

I wouldn’t want either of those. 

“If you are going to confess, we refuse. Excuse us.” (Makoto)

I promptly express myself.

I don’t need a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.


“Looking for Shiki? He is currently busy. Come back some other time.” (Makoto)

Specifically, at a time when I am not around.

“Uhm, I am married.” 


“You are the temporary teacher, Raidou-sensei, and the assistant, Shiki-san, right?” 

“…Yeah.” (Makoto)

So there’s this pattern too.

It is very embarrassing that I thought I had cut her off ahead of time.

I want to writhe in shame for a bit.

Damn it, Rotsgard!

How many traumas is this place going to etch in me before it is satisfied?! 

“I apologize for my late introduction. I am Daena’s wife, Kuria. I am currently taking a leave of absence, but I am a student in this Academy.” 

“I should be the one apologizing for my rudeness. Sorry.” (Makoto)

To top it off, the wife of a student I am looking after?!

Of course I would instantly apologize.

Please don’t think ‘What kind of misunderstanding is this temporary teacher having?’.

It was a paltry mind guard of mine…

“No, I have heard a lot of things about you from my husband, Raidou-sensei. Please don’t mind it.” 


Heard a lot about me?

Don’t mind it?

This error of mine that’s making me explode in embarrassment?

What does Daena say about me with his family? 

There were a whole lot of questions I couldn’t digest and were floating around me.

Like algae filling up the surface of a lake.

My brain also had algae floating around.

“*Cough*. So, what business brings you here at the Academy, wife of Daena-kun that’s supposed to be on a leave of absence? Is it something we can help you with?” (Shiki)

Shiki takes my place while I was collecting myself, and asks for the business of the wife.


“Yes, about that, my husband has been acting weird recently.” (Kuria)


I heard that you have become interesting, so I was looking forward to it…

I hope you are not being suddenly suspected of cheating on your wife.

Weren’t you the type that would be frivolous and aloof?

“He has been coming back home late too.” (Kuria)

Oi oi.

“He said that he is reading through books at the library till late.” (Kuria)

That Daena?

From my eyes, aside from the fact that he is married, he is the closest to the image of a modern japanese student.

In other words, he is not that motivated, and isn’t the type who would be studying.

“That he is training together with the students that are taking your class.” (Kuria)


Honestly, I have no intention of tagging along with a matter of cheating from my students, so I can only say do something yourselves.

“Now that I think about it, it happened after he had left for a short term training camp, so I thought that maybe you two would know something about this.” (Kuria)

Short term training camp.

The matter about being sent to Kannaoi that I didn’t concern myself with at first.

It happened after that, huh.

On that event, Misura and Yuno ended up going out and Rembrandt-san went slightly crazy from it.

Izumo also had a sudden growth from it too.

I even think that he might return with him having already married Iroha-chan.

With that, I would have two married people within my students.

I don’t think Izumo would be doing something like cheating in that frame of time though.

With how flirty they both were, even if he were to return to the Academy, he wouldn’t be playing around with other girls.

“Aah, about that matter.” (Shiki)



“Do you know something?!” (Kuria)

“It seems like he had a lot of things to reflect about after returning from that training camp. He wanted to consult about his career path with Raidou-sama. I think it is most likely related to that.” (Shiki)

“Career path? He was saying things like he would just do his best in a place that gives him the most salary though.” (Kuria)

“Yeah, he had been giving that sort of air until now, that’s for sure.” (Shiki)

He also said jokingly that he would live in a way that doesn’t bring any disputes with the Kuzunoha Company.

“And so, he began to return late, study, and train even more than before? Does he plan on remaining in the Academy?” (Kuria)


His wife, Kuria-san, doesn’t seem like she was suspecting him of cheating?

…It is not like I have been watching too many morning dramas, but I always end up assuming it goes in that way.

I should be careful about that.

I did hear about him wanting to consult about his career path, but the details are not clear at all, so I don’t know exactly what it is he wants to ask me.


I am in teacher mode, so I just go ‘umu umu’ and nod randomly a few times as if knowingly.

“Since you are here already, Kuria-san, how about checking the class?” (Shiki)

Shiki proposes.

Well, she is the wife of Daena after all.

There’s no real problem in having her watch the lecture.

She could even tag along in the career path consultation.

They are husband and wife, so obviously talks regarding his career and future involve her as well.

“That’s a good idea. If you wish to, how about being present in his career path consultation too?” (Makoto)

“Is that okay?” (Kuria)

“If it is about his career path, it is something that would impact the two of you… If I remember correctly, you two have a child, right? Are you okay in time?” (Makoto)

“Yes. My parents are currently present after all.” (Kuria)

“Your parents, huh. That’s indeed reliable then.” (Makoto)

Meaning that the parents of his wife have come to Rotsgard?

Daena, I’m surprised you can stay in the Academy and return late at night everyday in a situation like that.

I do understand that it is a stressing situation though.

“A gruesome incident like that happened at the Rotsgard Academy that was thought to be completely safe, so they got worried. It brings peace to my heart, but it might have been suffocating for my husband. The city has already been restored and it is about to launch back into form, so my parents said that once their worries are gone, they will be going back. Just that, it looks like they are pretty fond of their grandchild, so…” (Kuria)

I feel like the story is going to get really long.

I glance at Shiki and we both nod.

If we press Kuria-san and head to the class, there should be no worries in lost time.

If the flames of war suddenly fall into the school of your daughter that’s supposed to be completely safe, of course your parents would want to come check out for themselves whether you are okay or not.

And if there’s a grandchild in the equation and they look after it together…I now feel like it can’t be helped that they would end up staying for long. 

Well, if that’s the case, if the parents of Kuria-san don’t think her husband is coming back home late because he is cheating, then I guess they would instead actually welcome him coming back late.

Now that I think about it, what kind of student is this girl?

From what I can see, she is a mage?

She doesn’t look like the close combat type… Yeah, I can’t really picture her in combat.

Is she a researcher?

It doesn’t feel like she could become a student in my class.

Now then, let’s check the class, and then have this so-called career path consultation of Daena.



Just when I was about to use the Magic Armor to deal a hearty chop on Daena’s head to make him sleep, Shiki was one move faster.

He used his black staff to deal bludgeoning damage into his head.

‘That’s why…I’m sorry. I was made to marry and I just went with the flow, so—’, we didn’t let him say anymore than that.

There’s no doubt the room reserved by Shiki would be submerged in a heavy atmosphere like that of the deep sea! 

Putting it bluntly, Daena currently has an illness.

The illness that all people that talk about ideals and have decided on what to challenge with their whole life on the line have.

It is the kind that is hard to know how to deal with because it is not exactly something bad.

You could call it a rampage of conviction.

They end up being unable to see anything else, and their vision tunnels completely.

They would suddenly lose sleep, pour every part of themselves to it, and get reckless.

It seems like he has awakened into the greatness of teaching.

He was teaching the students in a hot-blooded manner.

Not only that, it seemed like Daena himself had polished himself up and had become a lot stronger than before.

He is clearly pushing himself and it made me a bit anxious.

The impressive thing is that he said passionately with a straight face: ‘I want to become the Academy Principal in the future and change this place’.

He has gotten pretty high in this state.

Academy Principal?

Daena who doesn’t have any connections and is simply a scholarship student?

He is not even a temporary teacher or a full-time teacher, and yet, he is suddenly going for the very top of the chain, huh.

You are definitely going to remember this night and writhe in shame in the future, you know?

On top of that, he began a fervent speech about the plans for the future lectures and the current state of things, and by the time I began feeling a headache…he was about to speak out a monumental problematic statement.

With how things have been flowing until now, there’s no doubt it would have been a bad statement.

You went with the flow of things and ended up marrying. I found a dream, so please break up with me. I don’t care about the child. I will give you the money.

I am sure he was about to say something in that vein.

It is good that you found an objective. 

I also have archery.

No matter what kind of relationship I have with anyone in the future, I won’t throw away the bow.

But dashing off and completely ignoring your surroundings in your high state is questionable. 

There’s no doubt there’s the need to cool down your head for a little bit.

For now, we should calm down Kuria-san somehow, and have Daena understand that they need each other, no, that the three including his child need some time to think things thoroughly.

A big dispute because of this is a no, a definite no.


Shiki and I check the state of Kuria-san.

More precisely, we watch over how she will react.

“So he has decided to become a teacher, huh.” (Kuria)



Kuria-san said in a tone different from that of her carefree image, and she had a smile on her face.

I don’t know how this will develop.


I look at Shiki.

It seems even Shiki can’t predict what’s going to happen. He is shaking his head to the sides.

“Sensei.” (Kuria)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

I ended up straightening my back and asking back.

“Daena is someone that can do it if he tries.” (Kuria)

“Y-Yeah.” (Makoto)

He got a scholarship for the peak school that is Rotsgard, so he is far more competent than your average ‘people that can do it if they try’.

The fact that she is strangely all smiles is abnormally scary.

Ooh, could it be that it is already too late?

“‘That child can do it if they try’ is a praise that’s mostly used for people that you can’t find something to praise them about, so they just say that to hide it.” (Kuria)


Well, that’s true.

This is something I understood after standing in the teaching side, but the ‘that child can do it if they try’ is normally not used as an actual praise most of the time. 

It is harsh, but just as Kuria-san said, that’s just a convenient phrase for the times you can’t find anything praiseworthy aside from what they could possibly accomplish.

“But Daena is the real deal.” (Kuria)

“Yeah, he is a competent person after all.” (Shiki)

Shiki is doing hard work, trying to bring out as many words from her as possible.

“At first, I was observing him thinking ‘what kind of monkey lost its way into the Academy?’ and was wondering when he would quit.” (Kuria)

Kuria-san is so ruthless. A monkey. 

“But he passed me in an instant. I was shocked. It would be one thing if it were a barbaric fighting lecture, but a monkey that didn’t even know any decent manners had passed me even in the classes of knowledge. It seems like he eventually got bored of it, all classroom lectures returned to average grades though.” (Kuria)

“That’s his weak point. He is fixing that now, but he is the type to get bored of things fast. He likes to tackle only the things he is good at.” (Shiki)

“Yeah, and that Daena is saying he wants to become a teacher? Ufufufu.” (Kuria)

She is laughing, but I can’t tell what is the meaning behind it.

She doesn’t seem to be drunk or anything.

“Are you happy?” (Shiki)

“Of course! That Daena that’s so skilled and has unlimited potential is aiming for something seriously! It is the very sight that I wanted to watch from the front seats!” (Kuria)

“Daena as of recent has been working hard indeed.” (Shiki)

“A teacher, to top it off! He is aiming to become the same thing as I am. Can you believe that miracle?!” (Kuria)


The wife of Daena aims to become a teacher too?

That’s quite the coincidence, yeah.

It feels incredibly ominous here, but I feel like the flow of things isn’t bad…

“Me, who truly fell in love with him because I wanted to watch that amusing creature, having the same dream as that creature! Isn’t that the best?!” (Kuria)

Well, students marrying each other is something that doesn’t normally happen unless it is pushed forcefully after all.

So she was the one who pushed it, huh.

Also, she fell in love because it was so amusing?

I don’t understand even a single millimeter of that.

She is not gonna be saying that she will be observing the child and the amusing Daena from outside the cage, right?

“If you become the Principal of the Rotsgard Academy…it will definitely remain in history.” (Kuria)

“Yeah.” (Shiki)

Shiki, I understand how you feel.

It must be exhausting, right?

But a divorce end would be sad, don’t you think?

Endure for a bit longer.

Somewhere in her heart, she seriously believes that Daena can do it.

You have married an incredible person, Daena.

“Daena as a teacher, and the Academy Principal. Then, I will have to work hard in becoming the Vice-Principal! I am different from him, I am a normal person after all!” (Kuria)

Doesn’t look like there will be a divorce here.

She is an incredible wife, no, an incredible married couple.

What part of you is a normal person? You are plenty crazy yourself.

I regret worrying.

These two are birds of the same feather.

There’s no problem in them dashing off with their delusion.

Even if Daena tells her to break up with him, Kuria-san would answer with ‘let’s work hard together as a family’ and smile.

And then, it will go full circle and end up with Daena just giving it up.

He already has a past record of being pushed into marriage after all.

All’s well that ends well. 

It is to the point that I am slightly worried about the future of the child that’s being raised by this couple. 

Daena becoming a teacher and changing the Rotsgard Academy, huh.

I don’t think I can do much for him even if I were consulted about it. 

Because we forcefully broke the statement of Daena that would normally be fatal, he is currently ‘sleeping’.

Jin and Amelia at our store, Izumo hasn’t given up on the construction work side even when at Kannaoi, Misura is going out with Yuno; the first generation is slowly changing and growing.

Even though things haven’t changed much, it makes me feel like work is certainly progressing.

But Daena, don’t go saying ‘it was all due to youth’ in the future, okay?

I will definitely laugh. 

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