Tsuki – Chapter 321: Raidou and Shiki’s love countermeasure

“Ooi, Yuno, got a bit of time?” (Makoto)

I feel like it has been a crazy while since I have been in Rotsgard.

Tsige and here are the places where the Kuzunoha Company took root, and my notoriety is decently high.

The sparks of war suddenly hit Rotsgard and a lot of deaths happened, and in that event, the Kuzunoha Company and I had our names known in an instant.

1 or 2 months after a big disaster, storm, earthquake, fire or anything like that where there’s many victims, a city would normally be showing a pitiful appearance, and the people who took refuge would normally still be living in temporary residences.

But this place is almost completely revived.

The suppression of the people involved in the incident, the materials for the reconstruction, the support to the residents, and participating in the construction work; the Kuzunoha Company contributed in all those areas, and with that, the favorability points increased drastically, and it also applied to me since I am the representative.

On the other hand, due to the Academy Festival, many guests from large countries came, and after the incident, I ended up in the surroundings of the major powers.

The results of that are…well, decent.

The number one result would be our favorable connection with the feudal lord family of Kannoi which is the 2nd biggest power of the Lorel Union.

It was a country I didn’t originally have plans on going to though.

“Delicious! Sensei, what store was this from?!” 

I arrived at the Academy while feeling a lot of eyes as if looking at a rare creature (and a number of them that directed admiration and gratitude), and then, using the information I was given by Shiki beforehand about the whereabouts of the students, I made contact with the little sister from the Rembrandt sisters, Yuno.

A call from a temporary teacher should be a normal thing, but the gazes of the other students were filled with curiosity.

At this point in time, she has probably begun going out with Misura, so they won’t be assuming anything here with me…probably.

I can only pray that’s the case.

Now then, my temporary teacher room has become -to my surprise- a private room.

More accurately speaking, Shiki and I, even more accurately, it is mostly Shiki using it.

And what I have brought out is desserts.

For girls, it is gotta be sweet stuff.

This is effective when hearing them out. 

My basis is my mother and sisters, and also my archery club in highschool.

The Rembrandt sisters both love sweet stuff, so I had Mio prepare a good amount.

“It is handmade from Mio.” (Makoto)

“..Uwa, super rare stuff. Aah, even though it is a taste I have never tasted before, it is way too delicious! Mio-sama is a genius!” (Yuno)

“I will tell her. If she is in a good mood, she might even prepare more and send them here.” (Makoto)

“Definitely! Please do tell her! Haah…even though it is creamy, it is refreshing to the mouth, and there’s a peculiar taste to it. So wonderful…” (Yuno)

Yeah, I do think it is tasty.

But is it so tasty that it would give you ecstasy?

Does sweetness have a different effect between men and women?

What we have in today’s catalog is matcha bavarois, roasted green tea jelly, and two types of beans for accent. 

We were eating from white plates, but we brought them here from transparent glass containers.

They must have prepared plates that wouldn’t be weird to find in Rotsgard.

Mio has been influenced heavily by Lorel lately.

She bought quite a lot of green tea and oolong tea, and quite a lot of it is used on the daily in Asora.

Not only food, she even began entering the world of confectioneries.

For beans, she would practice with black soy beans, making them sweet or salty. 

She said she was investigating the compatibility of things like soybeans, adzuki beans, and red peas.

Honestly speaking, I personally would have considered being able to make anmitsu <syrup-covered bean jam> as the goal.

But if I were to thoughtlessly speak out the highest point I look for, I might end up reducing the possibilities for Mio.

I think Mio going ‘this is delicious, that’s also delicious’ is her optimum shape.

The derivation of salted bean rice cake was quite delicious, and Tomoe also enjoyed it. 

By the way, Shiki likes the bavarois of today.

Yeah, cream.

And well, the roasted green tea jelly that serves as a supporting role is something that Tamaki and I like. As always, Tamaki suspiciously likes what I like.

“What’s this? This is truly a mystery. It feels strangely familiar…but I can’t pinpoint what it is…” (Yuno)

Familiar…is she referring to the green tea flavor?

It is similar to regular tea, but I think it has a completely different taste though.

Maybe there’s a common taste in their roots. 

In that case, she is sharp.

“And so, I think you already understand why I came here. It is about Misura. First of all, are you going out?” (Makoto)

“Papa… I heard from Mama that he was looking cool doing his work… I am truly sorry for making you come in such a rush because of him.” (Yuno)

“No, I understand the worries of your father…to a certain extent. It is about his important daughters after all. And so?” (Makoto)

“Yes, I confessed to him and got an okay from him just recently. I am going out with Misura-senpai.” (Yuno)

Maybe she finds it saddening to finish eating it, her spoon would sometimes get slower as she answers my question with her lips that have loosened thanks to the power of the sweets.

The answer wasn’t ‘it was a misunderstanding’ which would have been the most peaceful of the answers…but it can’t be helped.

The spoon didn’t stop and Yuno ate the final piece of jelly.

Her spoon had been going up and down from plate to mouth all this time.

There was no relax time for her.

“I see, you are going out.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, lovey dovey.” (Yuno)

L-Lovey dovey.

It is a word that only idiotic couples would say, but in Yuno’s case, there’s the chance that she said this after calculating it.

It is because it is her that it looks as if she is cheerful and innocent. 

She actually has a pretty calculative side to her.

Did Misura win the lottery here? Or did he think about his future and decided to go for her?

“It is good that you both feel the same way. That’s what’s most important. But why Misura? I feel like a comrade taking the same class as you is a way too close of a place.” (Makoto)

“The trigger was at that time in Lorel. Misura-senpai is a person worthy of admiration.” (Yuno)

…It was a more decent answer than I expected.

I am sorry for selling it low.

“So it is serious to a certain degree?” (Makoto)

“Of course. Also, it is not ‘to a certain degree’ but serious serious.” (Yuno)

“My bad. It is just that your father has asked me to investigate this seriously. Want to eat one more of what you had just now?” (Makoto)

As if it were a sleight of hand, I summon one more.

Sorry, Shiki.

But Shiki has already eaten it, and he can eat them again in Asora.

“That’s not fair, Sensei. If you add more, I am gonna end up forgiving you. Thanks for the meal!” (Yuno)

“About that Misura, wasn’t he planning on working for the church? Because of family matters or something.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, he did. But there’s no problem. When that time comes, I will bring him to Tsige.” (Yuno)

The future plans of Misura don’t seem to match with being in a relationship with a daughter of the Rembrandt Company.

Rembrandt-san calling Misura as a hoodlum or a squirt might have to do with that…I hope so.

But Yuno said she would bring Misura to Tsige as if nothing.

“H-How?” (Makoto)

“I said before that I admire senpai, right?” (Yuno)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

“It is not like I approve of everything about him. I do love him though. His career path is honestly him being dragged by the flow. It is not something you should be doing with feelings like that. For what sake did he work so hard in Rotsgard and reached to this point? That’s why I will be talking to him as many times as it takes, and I am thinking of instilling him the choice of coming to our place.” (Yuno)


“My sister and I have to think about the successor of the Rembrandt Company after all.” (Yuno)


“We clearly have no chance with sensei. This is the first time we see papa take a liking to a man aside from Morris, so if sensei had wished for it, my sister and I would have accepted you.” (Yuno)

Ah, my second cup is empty now.

But I have no words

I am speechless.

I thought they were passing their days in the Academy by just riding relaxedly with the flow through their talent, but they are properly thinking about the future.

And she is thinking about her marriage in a dry manner.

If I wanted to, I could take one of them.

Whether it be her older sister or her.

This must be the thought pattern of an incredibly rich person?

“Rembrandt-shi is my benefactor. You two are my benefactor’s daughters, and that vision of mine towards you two doesn’t feel like it is going to be disappearing.” (Makoto)

“Looks like it. That’s why I am interacting with Sensei as a benefactor too. I don’t want to trouble you.” (Yuno)

“I am sorry for troubling you.” (Makoto)

“No no, I have been presented with a splendid dessert, so we are even now.” (Yuno)

“Now that we are even, I would like to ask you something. About Sif, what does this mean?” (Makoto)

Without that, I would have originally come 2 weeks later to Rotsgard.

“…Aah, so you came here after hearing that too.” (Yuno)

“That’s right.” (Makoto)

“That’s…according to my sister…” (Yuno)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“Ah, I shouldn’t be talking about my sister and father. My position as a little sister would be in danger, so please spare me from this, Sensei.” (Yuno)

“…And the truth is…?” (Makoto)

“I want to talk about this crazy delicious dessert with my sister, so can you meet with my sister too?” (Yuno)

“Got it. I will do that.” (Makoto)

“Then, I will call my sister! Thanks for the meal!” (Yuno)

The little sister that plays the contrasting personality of the elder sister, huh.

You would normally end up warped by doing that, but for some reason, Yuno seems to be enjoying that.


According to Jin, the Rembrandt sisters were really infamous before they were hit by the curse disease.

Yeah, he said the two sisters were the worst.

They warped because it was a sensitive time, but they got ill in that sensitive time and changed.

Even now, I still really hate illnesses and curse diseases.

But the fact that there’s people who can use this as a learning experience and grow is honestly something I am impressed about.

“Growth, huh. Have I grown since coming here? I am looking at myself all the time no matter how far I go, so I can’t tell…” (Makoto)

My eyes fall to the two plates that were left on the table.

Even though she wasn’t showing any bad manners in her way of eating, she ate in such a clean manner as if she licked it up completely. There’s two of them on top of each other.


Sif would most likely want to request seconds too.

If there were my share, I would give it to her, but I already ate mine.

Well, when that time comes…that means your share will be gone, Misura.

I used my deft magic trick to clean up the two plates.


“In other words, you are telling me it is a misunderstanding?” (Makoto)

I was internally glad but confirmed this from Sif in a calm manner.

The matcha bavarois and the other already mentioned things were showing great effect on Sif too.

The elder sister went ‘could this possibly be tea?!’ and saw through the identity of the sweets.

But when she learned that this is tea that’s different from black tea, she asked me for the production.

You were a few days in Kannaoi, so you guys should have drank it too, is what I thought while I taught her it was from Lorel.

She was surprised.

It seems like they were pretty busy over there, and they were treated as foreign guests, so they were mostly given food that matched the taste of foreigners to be safe.

The drinks were black tea, coffee, or juice, and there was one time they brought sake.

I see.

If they were thinking they were foreign guests that came for an urgent business, it is plausible.

It seems she is pretty sad that she couldn’t drink the tea that served as the base of these sweets.

“Father-sama only listened to the middle of what I was saying, and said ‘I get it, don’t say anymore!’ and didn’t listen at all. Probably what Father-sama said, only the beginning has been transmitted accurately. I received a response telling me that he has told everything to Mother, but to think that it would turn into a situation where Raidou-sensei would be coming hurriedly.” (Sif)

“…I see. Because of the contents, he must have tried to protect his heart. But this is a relief. With this, I can return without worries.” (Makoto)

“How about showing up once or twice in the class? The new ones are looking forward to your teachings, you know?” (Sif)

“Don’t you mean they are just showing respect there? I heard from Shiki that they are already going ‘hooof hooof’ by your training and it was heartwarming to see.” (Makoto)

Ah, Misura.


“Jin and Amelia are really into it after all. Daena is unexpectedly the one that is serving as their stopper. It seems like he also thought about things when in Lorel. Of course, that goes for Yuno and I too.” (Sif)

“Yuno, too? Isn’t she lovey dovey after going out with Misura?” (Makoto)

“Ah, it is about that, Sensei. That’s the misunderstanding of Father.” (Sif)

Amelia…no, Jin, sorry.

“I am worried about Yuno as her sister. She may say that she is serious, but the trigger was at that night where we were face to face with death. You know, when you are together with someone in a dangerous situation, even a commoner can look splendid, you know? There’s scammers that use that method too.” (Sif)

So there’s the concept of suspension bridge effect here, huh.

It is known in this world, moreover, used as a technique in scams.

That’s a bit unexpected.

“And so, I was in that situation as well. I certainly did think that Misura was decently good as a relationship partner, and said that I do like Misura too.” (Sif)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

Wasn’t it a misunderstanding?

“And so, I baited Misura by telling him: ‘would it trouble you if I liked you?’. If he were a person that would be fine on two-timing us sisters because of a misunderstanding of the moment, I would have had to deal with it to a certain extent.” (Sif)

What an evil nature!

“And then, he said with a serious face that he wanted to go out seriously with my little sister.” (Sif)

Well, that’s normal.

Or more like, is there a situation where the other party would go ‘it would trouble me’ and go into the two-timing route aside from games and dramas?

There’s times when girls would even bring out knives for that, you know?

There was one game where they brought natas or saws.

…Man, that’s nostalgic.

There was one friend in my archery club that was like that.

The kind that, rather than being the protagonist of a love game, he was more of a character you would try to conquer in a girl’s game.

He was the kind of guy that would nonchalantly say ‘It doesn’t trouble me, and I won’t trouble you either. I will treasure the both of you’.

In those two-timing scenes in games where the man is killed, he would go ‘why wasn’t he satisfied with only one when he is such a weakling?’. Or ‘Understand the characteristics of the woman first’.

Aah, right.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t encountered any gigolo-like people in this world.

Only pieces of shit that deserve to be slaughtered.

What would that guy say to Sif, I wonder.

‘You really treasure your little sister’.

…No, that’s not it.

He wouldn’t think it is distasteful like I do, and he would most likely spit out words I wouldn’t even be able to think up.

I was reminded of that nostalgic past of mine.

Ah, sorry, Amelia.

“In other words, you are saying it was just a series of events to confirm the feelings of Misura.” (Makoto)

“Yes, sorry for causing so much of a stir.” (Sif)

“…Hey, what would have happened to Misura if he was into it?” (Makoto)

“…Who knows.” (Sif)

Don’t ‘who knows’ me! 


The face you are making is scary, Sif! She feels like the stabbing kind!

Rembrandt-san, this girl is a bit on the dangerous side.

She is the type that would make her parents cry several times.

I am not at fault in this time’s incident, so I would like to not be caught in them.

Go ahead and resolve it between the family.

“By the way, Sensei.” (Sif)

“What is it?” (Makoto)

“Can I ask for this again in the next lecture? I can pay for it.” (Sif)

“…It is one of the things Mio is trying out from a variety of things, so I will try asking her, but if you are okay with something different from this, I could prepare it.” (Makoto)

“Then, please. Next time, a share for everyone…for around 20 people. I will do my best to prepare the money.” (Sif)

Hearing that it is from Mio, her expression changed slightly.

But to think that she would remain stout-hearted and not worry for her wallet as she ordered for 20 people.

She is courageous.

Well, it is just sweets.

Did she inherit that courage from her parents?

Yeah, Daena as well. Sorry, everyone.

The share of matcha bavarois and everything else has been wiped out by the Rembrandt sisters. 

Next time, I will bring an amount matching the people…no, for 20 people.

Looks like I was underestimating girls—no, the Rembrandt sisters.

At any rate, this was tiring. 

It is a bit of a saving that this isn’t as tiring as the time with the Dusk Street.

At any rate…teacher mode, end!

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