Tsuki – Chapter 320: The shocked Rembrandt

When it comes to spider nests, there’s a lot of types.


The webs of Mio have a lot of types.

All the Arkes use their own kind of thread, and their methods are varied.

Their knowledge may be shared to a certain extent, but it is easy to show your peculiarities in your way of using the thread.

Hokuto would train daily in polishing his twisted thread.

When he began to learn knitting, I was wondering what was happening, but he must be walking forward in his own way.

Minato is researching cocoons, and has a whole lot hanging around.

It reminds me of a purse web spider nest and I felt pulled back by it. 

Well, there’s also other uses like using it as armor or adding it to weapons. 

If Mio wanted to, she could do practically all of them.

When hearing about spider nests, most would imagine the ones where they would spread from the center like an emission and would get bigger the further outside it goes. That kind of net has been spread.

…Taking around one day, and not removing it even after night came.

The thread of Mio had been set in the whole Dusk Street without anyone noticing.

Tomoe is planning on making a 4 story building and is currently buying the land. When she asked me permission for those two things, Mio had already made it so that we could get every single piece of information for incidents that occur in the Dusk Street.

“So, how is it?” (Makoto)

“If it is poisons, we could get quite a lot from here. There’s rarely any of those kinds of ingredients circulating, so it was a pain.” (Mio)


Mio is treating them as being the same thing, but they should normally be two different things, you know.

There’s exceptions like the puffer fish, but it is rarely the case.

Hearing Mio’s opinions of poisonous mushrooms and poison in general as being delicious was quite the experience.

Because of reasons, most of the poisons I eat would get negated. 

It is not like I can’t eat them, but the taste of poison is still in a dimension I can’t really get.

But I was pretty happy to know there’s many varieties of poison.

If we bring a new poison to Asora, there will also be medicines with a variety of effects showing up as well.

“Hoh, that’s nice. I think people like Minato will be happy about that. We don’t know what might happen, so it would be better to secure as much variety as we can quickly. Together with people that might hold routes for them.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it was a good harvest.” (Mio)

“What about the cult? Was there any specific moves to spread information about us?” (Makoto)

The forces here are mostly tilted to one side or another, so they are dispersed.

It would be the easiest if we could first get a grasp of the central spot, and finish them off all at once, but I wonder if it will go that well.

“That’s…” (Mio)

Mio falls silent.

That’s rare.

“There’s only enemies?” (Makoto)

Like in, we are already surrounded kinda way?

“No, Rio himself is spreading it.” (Mio)


That piece of shit.

I thought he was done for after I heard from Tomoe about the regular kidnappings he did, but even though he talked about the Anti-God Cult as if he didn’t want anything to do with them, he had already fallen.

Not only that, he is on the side that propagates it.

“In other words, we were being set up from the very beginning?” (Makoto)

“…I don’t know. In the people that are spreading the rumor about the Kuzunoha Company and the Anti-God Cult, there’s also spies of the Aion Kingdom side.” (Mio)


The Aion Kingdom?

If many believe in the information that’s being spread about us, the Kuzunoha Company would end up being seen as the ally of the Mist Town, and be comrades of the owners that are the Anti-God Cult.

The cult is helping the revolutionary army.

In other words, the Kuzunoha Company is on the revolutionary army side. That will be the understanding that will be going around.

The Kingdom’s spies are involved in that?


I can tell Mio is also confused.

It feels as if the more we know, the more we are sinking in a bottomless swamp.

“Kingdom spies, huh. It certainly doesn’t make sense. There’s nothing they can gain from that.” (Makoto)

“I thought it would be wrapped up immediately. I am sorry, Waka-sama. It seems like it will take a bit more time.” (Mio)

“If not for you, Mio, I would be walking around here while feeling unpleasant, so I am grateful to you.” (Makoto)

It is on the level where, just by walking lightly around here with the front that we are here to investigate, makes me want to have a flamethrower with me.

After learning about Rio having a warped inclination to kidnapping, even more was put on the plate.

Kanta is a torture freak.

Say no to the Dusk Street.

“Want to kidnap a few of the Kingdom?” (Mio)

“…Yeah, let’s hear what they have to say.” (Makoto)

It is not the same as Rio, okay?

We are simply going to be hearing what they have to say.

…I think it is different.

People trafficking is obviously profitable. 

But for him, money is just an extra, and he is just a super pervert that gets excitement from seeing the faces of hyumans, demi-humans, and especially children who are treated as slaves.

What we are doing is information gathering.

“By the way, about this room.” (Makoto)

The out-of-place suite room provided by Rio.

We are making it so it looks like we are sleeping and waking up from here, but we obviously don’t use it practically at all. 

It is a room that there’s no knowing if it had something set in it and the suspicious gauge is at max.

It is pink and the bed is round.

There’s only a shower and no bathtub.  

Since it is like that, I tried asking Mio implicitly if there’s anything set in it.

“There’s odorless gas filling this place. It paralyses your reason, enhances your feelings, and it is highly addictive in both body and mind.” (Mio)

“Woah.” (Makoto)

The whole room, huh.

“Even the food I tried asking for didn’t have much that was decent. It doesn’t have immediate effects, but if you were to continue eating it for several days, it would be harmful for your body.” (Mio)

“Can’t trust a single thing, huh.” (Makoto)

‘We are having a trustworthy chef make the food, so there’s no worry of there being anything put in it by a third party’, is what he said.

Since you would be the one putting the stuff in, it is not really a lie, huh.

“The bugging has also been done skillfully.” (Mio)

“The full-course.” (Makoto)

“All of them are set in such a sly way that your regular adventurer wouldn’t be able to notice. A normal hyuman wouldn’t have anything remaining of themselves after this.” (Mio)

Mio giggles.

Meaning that there’s no problem for us.

“Everything has been dealt with, is what you are saying then. I am counting on you, gracious deity Mio.” (Makoto)

“I left the parts that there wasn’t any need to do anything to, and also put dummies for the ones that were to fake it. Also, the fact that we are being observed all the time including the time when we were outside. There’s no doubt they were called purposely.” (Mio)

Rio is a friend that negotiated with Rembrandt-san. 

What is Rio trying to do to the point of turning Rembrandt-san and his company into enemies?

I wanted to put an end to this in the time Tomoe and Lime were buying us time, but it looks like it won’t work that way.

How considerate do we have to be? Just how much of our force should be okay to put?

I met Rio through an invitation, so I can’t decide this by myself.

“…Gotta talk to Rembrandt-san once. With both the Kingdom and the rebellion army being involved, I can’t tell what can happen.” (Makoto)

“By the time you return, I will strip this place down. Have a safe trip.” (Mio)

Mio isn’t exaggerating when she says that.

The information gathering power of Mio who has finished setting her web is exceedingly powerful.

Not only how to deal with the things set in this room, she probably could tell who is walking where, and even what kind of conversation they are having.

It is like having security cameras, infrared sensors, and sound collecting mics everywhere bringing information to Mio. 

Rio probably doesn’t even imagine that they are being one-sidedly listened to and looked at in their own territory.

This is the result of Mio diligently appreciating great thief series. 

“I will be leaving it to you for a bit.” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Mio)

I teleport close to the Rembrandt Company.

I will ask a messenger to tell him, and it would be great if I were to be able to meet him at night. 

He is the type of person that’s rarer for him to not be absent when there’s no appointments after all.

For Rembrandt-san and Morris-san.

His wife can be contacted decently often, so I have left her messages for him a good number of times.

But I can tell an employee and it is mostly resolved with that so I normally come here pretty carefreely.

That’s no good.

I should make appointments beforehand as much as possible.

“Excuse me~.” (Makoto)

“Isn’t that Raidou-sama?!” 

“Hm? Ah, Morris-san. What’s the matter? You seem to be in a hurry.” (Makoto)

It was rare for Morris-san to jump out from the front door in such a flustered fashion.

I ended up meeting him while I was trying to enter.

“Good timing. Danna-sama wants to meet you! I see that you have a bit of time. Please, come in! Over here!” (Morris)

“Okay…excuse my intrusion?” (Makoto)

Did something happen?

I was going to leave a message, but I got lucky…is what I want to say, but I feel like it wasn’t lucky.

The matter of the Dusk Street hasn’t been dealt with yet. Just what’s happening now?

I was guided to Rembrandt-san’s office room urged by Morris-san.




The consultation about the Dusk Street and especially the way to deal with Rio ended up with no problem.

Tsige is about to face another big change.

That’s why there will eventually be a need to disassemble and reassemble dark sides like the current Dusk Street.

He told me that ‘if it is a pain, you can leave the aftermath to us, and it is okay if the Kuzunoha Company takes care of it. Do whatever you want’.

About the matter of Aion and the rebellion army’s spies, there’s no problems.

Currently, the existence of spies from both sides in the negotiations is being tacitly accepted.

If I learn something about them, he would want to be notified about it, but he wanted us to not interfere with the spies.

There’s no problems with the Weitz Orphanage.

He has no idea what kind of 4 story building it will turn out to be, but he said that it sounds interesting, so he wanted to check it out the day of the inauguration.

I didn’t plan on going on that very day, but if Rembrandt-san is going, I gotta go too.

Even though he should be busy, he is coming to the orphanage that he has already pulled his hand off, just because it is connected to us.

He is like a father to me as a merchant and as a person, really.

There’s no problem with buying the land around for both the Rembrandt Company and the Merchant Guild.

Or more like, Morris-san had already heard about this, and was about to confirm our intentions.


And so…

The talk of Rembrandt-san is about that guy who I shouted in my heart about.

This is only from my perspective, but I could only say this is so pointless at this damn busy time.

I remember that time when the Rembrandt Company got hit with a new problem.

“Hahaha, I am happy that you are moving actively, Raidou-kun.” (Rembrandt)

“Thanks. We are doing business in Tsige as well, so this is not someone else’s problem after all.” (Makoto)

“Yeah yeah, you really make me happy saying that… And so…” (Rembrandt)

“…Yes?” (Makoto)

“I told you before, but our Yuno has a man she is interested in.” (Rembrandt)

She is interested in? 

Wasn’t it ‘going out with’?


I was trying to remember that pointless thing.

“Ah, Misura, was it?” (Makoto)

“! Yeah, that Misura hoodlum that’s trying to work at a temple.” (Rembrandt)

“Danna-sama.” (Morris)

“! Fuuh… About this guy, who is in a party with my daughters and the others, I was wondering if you had some information about him, Raidou-kun.” (Rembrandt)

“Information. Right now they haven’t reached the main lectures yet, and I am currently putting importance on this side, so I am having my helper, Shiki, take charge there.” (Makoto)

“And has Shiki-san told you about any developments—I mean, the state of my daughters in the lectures?” (Rembrandt)

When it involves his daughters, Rembrandt-san really becomes a worrywart.

Those two did their best in Kannaoi, and they already have plenty enough ability as daughters of the company.

The girls themselves seem to not be satisfied with just that, so they continue the lectures.

Shiki hasn’t given me any problematic reports.

I was thinking about showing my face over there when things calmed down here… There’s already a countdown till Rotsgard returns to normal.

“No, nothing special. About the contents of the lectures, honestly speaking, their abilities as company daughters are already… They are competent enough that there’s no problem if they were to graduate from my classes.” (Makoto)

“You really haven’t heard anything from Shiki-san? Really?” (Rembrandt)

“…Yeah, no real change.” (Makoto)



Rembrandt-san suddenly hits the desk in front of him with both hands.

“Sif implied that Yuno had fallen in love with that squirt—I mean, a nobody called Misura!” (Rembrandt)

“Y-Yeah, you told me that before.” (Makoto)


“Right, I did give you that information as well. I was truly in your care at that time.” (Rembrandt)

“Don’t mind it…” (Makoto)

“But!!” (Rembrandt)


“What is this about ‘maybe she has fallen in love’, Raidou-kun?!” (Rembrandt)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“What does it mean?! Isn’t it weird?! The idiot Zara doesn’t bring the letters quickly! This is weird!!” (Rembrandt)


Rembrandt-san has gone mad.


When I look, the guy that should have a wry smile as he heads to calm down his master…is not doing that.

He is hardening his face into a smile while his whole body is trembling.

What’s this?! 

“Raidou-kun!” (Rembrandt)

“Yes?!” (Makoto)

Rembrandt-san put a foot on the desk and jumped.

He lands at my side.

H-He is unexpectedly deft.

“I have a request.” (Rembrandt)

“Yes, what is it?” (Makoto)

“I want to know the situation over there as fast as possible. Risa is telling me not to go. She told me not to move from Tsige right now. Even when I told her I would return in around 3 days, she didn’t let me. I thought about having Morris do it secretly, but she got me beforehand. She is saying we can’t go.” (Rembrandt)


Who knows how the situation will move if you were to leave this town.

There isn’t even a need to think about it. 

Even I can’t leave.

Or more like, 2-3 days from here to Rotsgard with teleport?

It is as crazy as saying you are going to Brazil for the weekend.

The wife is completely correct.

I was wondering what was getting Morris-san so heated up. It was about Rotsgard…?

No, even if he did, what do you plan on doing about Misura?

In the first place, I feel like I had a terrible experience before when you learned about Yuno having feelings for Misura.

“I feel like that’s just natural. If you leave Tsige right now, it would be pretty bad. I heard before about Yuno having feelings for Misura, but what happened now? Did she confess or something?” (Makoto)

Did they have any progress?

I don’t think they have done any further than that after all.

If it is something like holding hands or kissing, I do understand that it might affect his working mentality, but I can’t understand what it is he would want so much that he would need to call me.

If he tells me to break them up, it would trouble me.

“That’s not it!” (Rembrandt)

“W-What?” (Makoto)

“I said ‘she might have fallen in love’!” (Rembrandt)


I heard that before! 

Even though we are sober here, the conversation is looping!

“Sif has!” (Rembrandt)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Even Sif! She said that she might have fallen in love with that bastard too, Raidou-kun!!” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-san is crying.


Not only Yuno?

Both sisters?

Meaning that they are fighting for Misura?

A whole lot of question marks appeared in my head.

I don’t understand.

Shiki didn’t tell me anything.

…Ah, I see.

It is not like the love matters of the students has anything to do with the lectures.

It doesn’t matter who the Rembrandt sisters fall in love with, it wouldn’t have any effect in the classes.

He might have omitted that part.

“This is my first time hearing about this.” (Makoto)

“That’s troubling, Raidou-kun! I was relaxing because I thought I had left it in your hands, ye know?!” (Rembrandt)

“I-I’m sorry.” (Makoto)

His speech pattern is getting weirder.

“I want to know more details about this at once. Just pulverize that Dusk Dawn or whatever, and check the state of those two! Please please!” (Rembrandt)

He is being unreasonable here.

But Rembrandt-san probably won’t be returning to normal for a while now that he is like this.

And if I don’t nod at this, he won’t be letting me go.

My choice was only one.


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